Otter and its traces

If your river otter inhabit you for a long time you can not see it, even if it is often visited on the river bankBut if you are observant, you will soon find out about the presence of this animal on the different kinds of tracks left them in their places of residence. Regardless of the season, the first thing you're likely to see is a broad paw prints otters, which are difficult to be confused with signs of other animals. And front and rear paws have five toes otters interconnected swimming membranes. But only on a very soft ground or snow wet otter leaves are crisp prints, which are clearly visible Read more [...]
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I walked slowly along the edge of channels, trying not to make noise. It is managed badly: it was hard to move, even on wide hunting skis, I almost sank to his knees.Wolverine can bypass Putikov fur hunter «collecting» on It lure of samolovov or herself prey to fishers. Ahead was the goal — High brow coast, overgrown with tall willow bushes. These shrubs like a sloppy Christmas garland photographed in black and white, were half a dozen forty pair of ravens, and as the main decoration, as a star in the center of this very garlands at the very top of the Read more [...]
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Drama in the hollow duct

On the river there Gizhiga deaf spawning channel, beautiful and mysterious. Once the river was famous for the abundance of chum salmon, pink salmon, Dolly Varden and grayling. Beach red currant bushes, honeysuckle, wild rose, bird cherry, mountain ash, blueberries, cranberries. One can see why the coastal shingle summer seemed red and blue of the bear excrement. Everywhere with hills stretched stuffed animals heavyweights deep trails. From to the mountains duct adjacent deciduous forest thickets of dwarf and by Gizhiga River grow white poplar, willow, rowan, bird cherry. AT other Read more [...]
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Their most terrible beast

Subject taiga fears inexhaustible. The real and imaginary dangers in the forest a lot, but what's the worst thing I have, in spite of its already considerable experience, I can not answer, because everyone has his own fear. And he can be very unexpected. Photo SHUTTERSTOCK.COM That was long ago, when the country built the BAM, and I'm in its working areas hunters ohotustroitelnoy expedition. AT North Baikal fate made me a present, brought to this taiga hunter Ivan Reent. They in his 59 years remained «light on leg» and not only strong, Read more [...]
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And the beast brother

"The yawning animal a human face" - said Karl Kraus. And today we can see the similarity with the human animals in the photographs Valery Maleev, author of "Wild Russia". In Moscow October 31 December 12 Tverskoy Boulevard open-air photo exhibition of the photographer-traveler named Valeria Maleeva «And the beast brother». The author focuses on the that beast foreign to the expression of feelings: joy, shame, bragging, endearment, and as anger and displeasure.Despite what the weather is more goes minus, still a huge plus Read more [...]
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Chubarov guest

An old tug hard, though with shortness of breath, hooting motor pistons, pulled to the upper reaches of the Amu Darya. Far beyond the horizon in the dusty haze of a large orange sun sank.Photo Sumeet Moghe / WIKIMEDIA.ORG Soft shadows of thick reeds swaying in the muddy water. Itched mosquitoes. AND seagulls, apparently tired of the day, fewer and rarely dived over the snowy crests of waves, snatching snuluyu fish.XO Avdeev, smoking «a cigarette», stood on deck near the tank and «I tasted» welcome cool of the evening. Suddenly on starboard the Read more [...]
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By all accounts, all the huts destroyed the same bear - "suicide"Photo: Greg Smith The site was chosen in the extremely well — from one side of the river valley Malkan up high poplar forest in which lived elk; from another one — rose hillside abundant and berry plantations Fruitful thickets of cedar.Ivan put the cabin on the Ogo high bank just above the floodplain — so windows turned flush with the tops of the poplars that grew narrow strip along the river. It is here that fell into Anmandykan Malkan and striking Read more [...]
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Bear Wilderness

Photo by Mikhail Krechmar Bear – animal special. The meeting with him the majority of people believe that it is forever memorable event, and for obvious reasons, this is not particularly eager. But there is in our country a place where bears are not just a lot, but a lot, and for those who live in these places or work meetings are becoming commonplace.  Every encounter with the beast in its own unique, each stirs the blood. After the contact time with the beast, the distance to it, and other circumstances (the presence of weapons, the behavior of the bear, or bears, Read more [...]
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Bears and humans

How would say one experienced hunter of bears, "if you want to kill him for sure, it is necessary to fire until it has cooled down"Photo: Valery Liushkov To be afraid of the bear is quite natural for human beings. Only fools do not fear. You can not only demonstrate their own beast. And we play a game with him: he pretends that completely ignores me, I – that does not afraid of him and he could see this. In fact the situation is, of course, is not quite like in the game.The man has one feature: it gets used to everything (except the cold and midges). You get used to it and Read more [...]
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Lethal match

The contact person fight with a bear at the person very little chance of not only winning, but also for survival. Drama, a case recently told a colleague at work suggests that in people with a combination of two qualities - self-control and luck he can emerge victorious in mortal combat. Before you tell us about the vicissitudes of a dramatic episode I consider it necessary to tell a little history. Photos from the archives of Peter Zverev Sometimes a man by his appearance and behavior can immediately draw conclusions, learn character set hobbies are more likely to determine what Read more [...]
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Crafty Wolverine

By passing a small hut, which stood on the river Rassoshina two kilometers, two and a half above its confluence with the Left familiar Wolverine comes once a week, plus or minus two days. Wolverine impression of being clumsy, but it is better than any predator moves on deep snow and deftly climbs trees. It was a very large male. Next he looked like a bear, and front right leg left quite bearish toed footprint.Habitat beast was great. I I met him on the tracks 15 kilometers downstream river from the cabin and in 20–25 — above. Read more [...]
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Heavy bullet

When ungulates transoms wounded animal even working dogs will bring you a lot of hassle and takes a lot of time. And for hunting large predators, the most popular of which are in Russia, of course, is hunting for a brown bear, a wounded animal can be for a person (not necessarily for the hunter) mortal danger.Hunters are different ways to the goal — to put the animal in place. Equally important are experienced hunter and shooter skill. When shooting large animals, the live weight of which can exceed one hundred kilograms, the hunter must remember the rule: you have to shoot big game caliber. Read more [...]
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The cunning beast

It would seem that complicated c distance of 20-30 meters to get shot in such a relatively large animal like a fox walking leisurely trot of the pen? Nothing complicatedThe trouble is that the fox is not a target and will likely not give the possibility of Aimed Shot inattentive, inexperienced and lightly tuned arrow. Her amazing ability to literally dissolve in place after the awkward movement of the hunter simply amazing. That was just here — and there is none. The unlucky hunter who made the wrong move or a bad disguise, can shoot the drifts, bumps, in general, anywhere, but the fox, Read more [...]
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I know a red gait …

Fox to me a very interesting subject, which I have given perhaps the most honorable place among the other representatives of the animal kingdom. All I know about this beast, almost 90% built on twenty years analyzing traces of his life. Prints paws on Fox loose snow. Fast trot. Up — trace back paws down — front.Figure Alexey Subbotin Looking back now, I more I agree with the wonderful zoologist of Game NN Rukovskim, said that one of the methods of animal cognition is the study of trace his activities. Here I would like to introduce the reader Read more [...]
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Bad boar

True say beginners luck. Not always, of course, not all. But some lucky somehow, and more than the others.Hunting boars is considered one of the most dangerous, so well-organized economy at driven hunt wild boar with fire low platforms. We bought in the village for a long time unoccupied corner house young family. It is quite nice people. It shows how they sank with interest in country life.Natasha - was the name of the spouse - passionately began to cultivate the land. Often come to us with questions and for advice. The beds, planting, landscape, seedlings ... All Read more [...]
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Broken Spear

«Do I understand correctly that for Masai warrior, morals, there is only one hunting — on lion?» «Yes, to become a real man, a warrior, you must obtain a lion». «A Other animals, such as leopard, hyena, buffalo or an elephant, they do not are in comparison with lion?»  Leo is very wise and dangerous animal, it is superior to all the animals, and to show real courage and strength of a warrior to kill the lion. Get antelope - is nothing. It is necessary to kill the king of all the animals of the world - a lion! Read more [...]
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The shoot larger animals?

In the midst of the hunting season for ungulates. Someone has managed to go hunting and come back with a trophy worthy and someone went several times and came back with nothing. And not because of bad luck. It often happens: you went to the beast you took careful aim, shot, hit, and the beast was gone. This means that the shot not what you need. Here are a few examples from the past seasons.Photo: Anton Zhuravkova Hunter from the tower from a distance of 50–70 m shooting a wild boar. Weapons – carbine «Elk» (chuck 7,62h51). The bullet gets wild boar in the Read more [...]
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Curious to elk hunting

Neighborhoods city of Kovrov. GAZ-66 off-road sneaks Forest rich in game hunting. Many tracks of moose, fresh and old. We leave the car and go on foot. Snow a little bit, go easy. Jaegers leave more time to check the corral, but so is felt by the abundance of trails and numerous "tonsure" moose bushes that many animals and elk in the pen is. Photo by Anton Zhuravkova Jaegers returned, and their excitement parties understood that the pen is not empty. Quiet rooms are arranged. I put on the first issue, on a fairly open area with scattered bushes, in case the beast will break along Read more [...]
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Unpredictable Bear

It is known that bear a very cautious animal. The experience hunting for bait on oats superfluous evidence of this. Knowing the quality of such a bear, very carefully think through every detail necessary to the organization of hunting - placing bait, the construction site of a warehouse, route and time of movement to the storage shed. Still, sometimes the beast manages to show something new. With some experience hunting for bear bait on oats together with my friend in the village this time tried to take into account even the smallest details.On the hunt I asked for my old colleague, Read more [...]
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Safari in Namibia

Even Turgenev said that hunting brings us closer to nature and teaches patience, and sometimes to the danger of composure. To understand the depth of these words should be at least pick up a gun and feel like a real man earner. To do this, there are many unique places in Ukraine, Siberia, some European countries. But such a list would not be complete if you have not yet visited this African safari. One way to travel is not just for the trophies, but to really pass through the entire process, and to compare it with your previous hunting experience.For the first trial, the most Read more [...]
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