The builder professional

If all mammals of our country taking into account the spread scope of their activities and, as a consequence, the unprecedented scale of the traces they leave in nature, in the first place, of course, would be a beaver.Illustrations author Oddly one animal, these rodents are capable of transforming the landscape for their own needs. Underground burrows, tunnels, surface-dwelling lodges, dams, canal systems, natorennye trails, feed stocks finally dumped and dismembered trees — the whole thing «hands» and beaver teeth.Modern taxonomy distinguishes Read more [...]
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Beaver in belehovski

So, today we are preparing a beaver.Take the sleeve for bakingBeaver meat soaked 12 hours changing the water at least 5 times.Then you can soak another 5 hours a solution of vinegar (optional)Take the cabbage and separate sheets, laying on the bottom of the sleevesSeasonings can be any. I took these:Cut the largest Bulgarian pepper. It will be laid meatDo not forget to salt !!We close the sleeve and put in the oven at 200 degreesBe sure to poke a few small holes sleeve. Otherwise, the sleeve will break par!An hour later, the temperature has lowered to 150 degrees. Next product looks soRemove the Read more [...]
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Beaver stewed

Hello! Today, we are preparing a beaver. Little. Delicious.Soaked meat.Tail thoroughly wash and peel off the skinsPrepare wild boar lard, ginger, garlic, pepper 4 Melenki, parsley roots and roots cardamom and saltBowGarnish is today so. You can, of course, and beans, and rice ... But I chose a young krasivenkuyu potatoesWe put beaver meat and kartohuDo not forget about the tailThe roots of pepper ... salt ... ... ... carrots onions ... (Lavrushka not necessary)Now greens. You can not put, but I decided that would not be too much kartohuNext phoned friends. We come together in Izmailovo Park and Read more [...]
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Malicious architects

By midnight, the moon completely disappeared behind the clouds, the wind increased, drizzling cold October rain. We chilled with his grandfather - was the sixth hour Ambush, and assuming that the guests are not expected, left the wolf bait.Photo by Sergey Mikhailov Returning to lodge with regretfully found that «Electricity ended». Boil on Kettle and gas Cold supper fried pickerel, with the remainder dinner, went to bed until the gale finally blagonosnoe blew warm.At six in the morning went to village. Appealing for help Chief Read more [...]
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What we lost America

During the reign of Catherine II, Russian traveler G. Shelikhov opened the Aleutian Islands, who joined the Russian Empire. Soon after they suffered the same fate Alaska and Northern California. This happened in 1784. Open site called Russian America. For the production of reindeer meat used guns and bows, but many animals were taken into the loops, and crossbows. After 15 years, it was founded by the Russian-American Company, which has become a monopolist in the exploration of new territories. She almost annually to overseas representatives, have the broadest powers. Read more [...]
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“Dismantling” with beavers

When my good friend the huntsman Kuzmich called me and offered this Saturday to go with him to the river Chudinovku, as he put it, "to deal with the beavers," I gladly accepted.Photo Paul Stevenson / (CC BY 2.0) What is this «showdown»I realized at once: it is necessary to disassemble part of the dam there the rodents for the upcoming passage of spawning fish. Beavers has always interested me, and especially in modern times: on background of the ongoing debate about Use and harm these animals.In Russian waters inhabited by two kinds of Read more [...]
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Bobrova opening

Beaver started to open on the far cordon. In the forest on the way to come dawn whistle Ryabtsov. A are mushrooms and poshurshat leaves, mushrooms posobirat. Fortunately the weather possessed, according to various forecasts. At dawn, I walked along the river. The river is narrow but deep. Current weak. The banks overgrown with reeds, and sometimes flat. Beaver on it too. I go, I look after the place for Ambush for future hunts. This soul in the late autumn to ride with friends on Vyachorka for beaver. Here, then, wondering options go on the beach. Began to get fresh beaver utility bills. Twenty Read more [...]
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Beaver: Word Hunter

Many are now writing about the beaver problem. It is advised to offer, remember the past ... And? I have here with this beast is not the last. I have not seen it on our Ussuri. And on the Red River it was not. He? Our new home, and I like the kid, for him to run.Beaver - a large rodent, adapted to the semi-aquatic lifestyle. The length of its body reaches 1-1.3 m, height at the shoulder - to 35.5 cm, weight - up to 30-32 kg. AND exercise such hunting at my age – wonderful joy with incomprehensible sadness. How sweet and sour jam.This beast I have a double feeling. Read more [...]
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Beaver theme

Due to a variety of publications of authors - from hunters to the well-known scientists - readers could get acquainted with the problem of excessive numbers of beaver. It remains to recall the history of beavers. It views over throughout history has been coveted object of hunting. According to Professor Vasily Nikolaevich Skalon, since Neolithic beaver could live next to a man only if the protection of the latter. And he lived! Our ancestors otters hunted for their needs, but in a businesslike way. Age culture beaver farm thousands of years. In Siberia, where the beaver was small because of the Read more [...]
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Victim scientific? Experiment

Beaver, was again in his element, and left me no chance, once again ogrev my tail, he pulled one slave routePhoto: John Kuk By evening the blizzard began, we sat in the hut, reminiscing ... Sipping from a huge mug of hot tea on chaga and kneading cakes, Stas told me the story of how he settled the beaver in Siberia.Brought beavers quickly settled on Black and went up tributaries. Since the early years of nobody worried, they bred and breeding, they build dams, and harvested aspen gradually ceased to be paid to us Valera attention. Interestingly Read more [...]
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Beavers at Bawwabat TEZYANSKOY gateway system

Bobrova catches in a land known since ancient times OUR. Even in the sixteenth century tsar's so patriarchal fur dues paid beaver pelts so kunimi. So it was for many years. But in the middle of the last century, beavers, not only in the Ivanovo region, but also throughout Central Russia almost gone. Their number has dropped to a critical level beyond which there was a question about the disappearance of species. It was necessary to do something. In some regions, resettled beavers imported from Belarus and even from Canada.To save nearly extinct beaver population in the Ivanovo region has been organized Read more [...]
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Sly Beavers

If the beaver dove, loudly slapping its tail on the water, so he raised the alarm relativesPhoto: Ilya Lipin Beaver – cautious and at the same time curious animal. He emerges from home somewhere near the shore, without raising any waves. He sees everything that is happening around; and just looking around, he is sailing on.HUNTING WITH APPROACHAlready dusk when, trekked through the thicket of bushes, clinging to the shore of a small pond wetland forest, I finally got to the water, breaking the 10 meters of felled trees, old stumps and snags, which hides beaver burrows. More Read more [...]
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Autumn that year was warm, but rainy, small frosts began only in mid-November. Trapping marten put on was useless, fur is not yet reached, and bait (it mostly went beaver meat) are perishable, had to change.Photo hehaden / I decided to pass on Vel river, see and set traps. Village I well knew, was a frequent visitor here at fishing, and with a gun was not a dozen kilometers. Snow, especially in forest, there was very little. The first thing checked dam: how is it?Due to frequent rains raised the water so that it seemed no such onslaught Read more [...]
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Beaver Belarus and its use

Recently in the media of the Russian Federation and Belarus appear articles on the value of the beaver in the national economy and its fisheries.Photo AV Grishin I am encouraged by the very fact that different points of view are heard. I also can not stand aside to discuss the issue. I have a wish for a professorship: treat others felt more tolerant, and even more so to the publications of ordinary hunters practitioners. Only in this case we shift the deadlock hunting our two states – Russia and Belarus.Beaver – The original inhabitants of the rivers and lakes of Belarus. Read more [...]
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Do not touch!

Easter fell this day, 2014, April 20, the penultimate day of the Novgorod hunting tenday. Sleep, we, Anton and Natalie went to church in the village Vnuto, prayed and began to think, to go to Vecherka or not. Photo BillDamon / We decided to go to side of the mountain and to stand on woodcock.I went closer to the flooded, have edge of the forest, and I took the position that allows you to view underflooding edge of the forest on the right and passed out, looking out in front of me between the forest and river that flows to the left. Read more [...]
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Holy sources

Photo by the author Away from the village, on a gentle wooded hill where the borders come together Ivanovo, Vladimir and Yaroslavl regions, it has long been clear icy key. From a trickle between trees snake escapes to an abandoned field, where sftremitsya further east, merging with other unnamed streams. Gradually he gets stronger, gaining strength, and at the end of its path empties into the Nerl River.Popular rumor has it that the saint sanctified source Demetrius of Thessalonica, in the name of which in 1801 was built a stone five-domed church with a bell tower on the edge of Read more [...]
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Dreams Come True!

Each held a hunter dreams of mining trophies. A popular spring hunting decoy at drakes, the other - with the approach of autumn duck, the third - only ungulates, someone who likes to hunt in the winter fur. I wish the hunters a lot, but is not always enough. Dreamed I get beaver. One of the largest rodents of our fauna, he settles usually on the banks of rivers, ponds, lakes and quarries. If the river flat, living in huts when cool — in burrows. The beaver diet includes trees and shrubs and herbaceous forage. Beaver swimming and diving is excellent, staying under water 10–15 Read more [...]
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Beavers with traps and gun

In the ambush I come before dawn and sit quietly until it becomes evident fly guns - on the background of water it takes 15-20 minutes earlier than in other directions. But to shoot at this time only in shallow water - in low light beaver is easy to lose, especially when there is over. After dawn is still enough time to catch a beaver on feeding or Return to it. In Beaver no definite patterns in visits to places of feeding: it can be a day or two to go to one place, and then several days another, then return to former place. AND does Read more [...]
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Winter in the woods

Wood met me at five degrees of frost, thick, shaggy with frost on the trees, the lack of fresh snow and strong Ledkov five centimes on the lakes.     As a result, it was possible to "walk on water. Walking on the water ... "(Butusov).Already this feeling I've got a lot of fun. But the day is just beginning. The complete absence of wind, and a deafening crash on the icy steps of the forest did not inspire any hope of booty. But it is easy to walk, not even breaking a sweat, on the ice, I went to the beaver hut, at another time without a boat in any way. Estimate the size of flats ...Previously, Read more [...]
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Accident and beavers – saturated denёk

We have gathered a team of beaver. Early in the morning started. Initially planned to mentally walk through the woods to look ambush, then in the evening to sit in ambush.On the way, he knocked the snow. Road – porridge. Not cleared naturally. Quietly moving for a bus. Gently falling snow. Fun discuss plans and strategies, their bases. The anticipation of the holiday, so to speak. Knock! She pushes back. Padzherik is skidding to the oncoming lane. Turn around at 180. And valimsya into the opposite ditch. I heard only as the windows rattled from the pockets of small change… Lie on your Read more [...]
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