Their most terrible beast

Subject taiga fears inexhaustible. The real and imaginary dangers in the forest a lot, but what's the worst thing I have, in spite of its already considerable experience, I can not answer, because everyone has his own fear. And he can be very unexpected. Photo SHUTTERSTOCK.COM That was long ago, when the country built the BAM, and I'm in its working areas hunters ohotustroitelnoy expedition. AT North Baikal fate made me a present, brought to this taiga hunter Ivan Reent. They in his 59 years remained «light on leg» and not only strong, Read more [...]
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Autumn on the other side of the Don

There, the bend should be the pit Wherever you look - everywhere autumn. Autumn in everyday clothes, fall outside the window, fall fishing. But I wonder, what is the fall on the other side of the river? For a long time I was planning to pass on the right bank of the Don from the crossing in the village Trehostrovskaya to the place opposite the farm Vertyachiy.And I stare at the road with the help of the Internet in pictures from space to your browser scoring the necessary points forks and a boat ramp. Now, when the low water level in the river has broken every conceivable record, Read more [...]
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Fishing in the mountains

Part two. Abridged translation from Norwegian Natalia Budur, published for the first time.Once again, we tried to throw the rods in the creek below the fasting Mistereggi, but here we do not luck smiled.After a few days, It is in Monday, July 17, I again I went to Mistra. On This time I I took Aasheim bike Kvernnesky drove through the bridge on Cape, where he lived a tailor. I was traveling on the main road and I gave somewhere mile hook. Taylor was in the yard. I I came before he was waiting for me, and because I was invited to wait Read more [...]
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The monument at the crossroads

Professionally Armed with a fisherman standing in a boat and looking at the long-administer the trap that lay side by side on the sand. He seemed puzzled, as fishing gear to be here, because of its location on the seabed? But I was all clear. After all, a fisherman and a boat, and fish-trap is not real, it's just an element of decorative ornaments, commemorative exhibition.In Europe, on which I was traveling by bike, a lot of roads. My path led through the Mediterranean. Here along the sea a lot of different ways. I rolled the bike over a solid edge of the surf, tired — Read more [...]
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This time the two articles in №10 «horn" "Slaughterhouse near Solnechnogorsk" and "Last Bow gon 'forced to take up the pen.Paying for membership in January interdistrict society heard from the distinguished chairman of female phrase, that this year because of the mild winter failed to close a license for elk and wild boar. We would be glad that the animal will survive and game lands will be more, but no. In February, a neighbor to testify could not believe that the hunting of ungulates closes on January 15 after a familiar huntsman promised to arrange everything.I have no doubt that "February Read more [...]
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Violations alleged and determine

In order that the control of hunting grounds is necessary, difficult to argue. In fact, with the illusion of permissiveness prevalent today, many consider themselves hunters in need of supervision. And the protection of wildlife, of course, necessary. But! Violation of hunting rules are different, and punishment should be appropriate from a verbal warning to the seizure of weapons and criminal liability.Photo Natalya Fokina I was surprised to read in One comment on the Online «» the opinion of one of the most active visitors. He was interested to Read more [...]
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The Offspring Americans: Andrew Talansky

Don’t smell too severely if you harbor’t heard of Andrew Talansky. But it’s a epithet you’ll deficiency to recognize in advent days.The 24-year-old Garmin-Sharp passenger is sole in his one-third yr as a pro racer, but he’s already shown himself to be understanding for his age and a gifted all-arounder. Having won the Under-23 Route Racing Championships in 2010, Talansky quick racked up roughly telling results upon signing with Garmin, including outset boilersuit at the 2011 Hitch de l’Ain and indorsement boilersuit ultimately twelvemonth’s Turn de Romandie. Read more [...]
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Everest Climbers in Trajectory

It’s typically Westerly climbers who snatch the limelight when acting stunts on Ride Everest (see: Ogwyn, Joby). So it may be no surprisal that when, in 2011, two indigen Nepalis stood nigh Everest’s crown, preparing to bicycle-built-for-two paraglide from the top, fair the jump of an daring 400-mile risk—and just anyone nonrecreational tending. Exclude, that is, for author Dave Costello, whose new hold, Quick Off Everest: A Journeying from the Tip to the Sea, recounts the unbelievable travel of Sano Baboo Sunuwar and Lakpa Tsheri Sherpa. We lately caught up with Costello to listen Read more [...]
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9 Tips for Avoiding and Treating Ticktack Bites

The Lyme crap's-eye     Photograph: Getty Images/Kallista ImagesIf you subsist in Virginia or Maine (or someplace in betwixt), or in the Amphetamine Midwest, particularly Wisconsin or Minnesota, you’re in Lyme disease state. Infections too pass on the Westward Seashore, mainly in Northerly California. How to annul acquiring hit with it this summertime? Mind the advice of bugologist Kirby Stafford, writer of The Mark Direction Enchiridion.1. When recreating outside, assume foresighted sleeves and drawers, and rapier your drawers into your socks.2. Stick the centre of trails Read more [...]
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Are Calluses Bad for Me as a Offset?

Are your calluses bothering you patch you're throbbing the sidewalk? If they aren't, don't vexation.     Picture: luckyraccoon/ThinkstockA:Repute those bully floater as badges of pureness! "Callosity shaping is a rude answer to clash and press," says chiropodist Megan Leahy of the Illinois Ivory and Join Constitute. "Because runners evidently payoff more stairs than non-runners, calluses may come more promptly."Calluses can be harmless, and a cut stratum can eve pass around shelter against blisters, the elements, and distinctive depreciation, says Leahy—but Read more [...]
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Sound Slipway to Grass: Beta-Alanine

    Exposure: Christopher Kolaczan via ShutterIf juicing isn’t your matter, regard beta-alanine, a course occurring beta aminic dose that has marked effects on high-intensity operation.  When mated with saleratus—alias saleratus—beta-alanine has been shown to climb the quantity of clock that cyclists can drop equitation at their maximal mightiness turnout by roughly 12 pct.Fair don’t reckon a marked survival supercharge. Spell roughly appurtenance makers monger beta-alanine as a brawny aerophilic locomotive aid, its strongest effects can be launch in Read more [...]
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Metalworker Optics

SoundcheckSpy Disagree, Metalworker Soundcheck, Maui Jim Dark Urine     Exposure: Inga HendricksonOutdo FOR: Knock-around street wearable.THE Examination: Aviators with tear lenses deliver been cool-guy sunglasses since the Thirties. Job was, the electrify frames were shivery for activity sports, because they could deflate the wearer in a clang. Metalworker solves that with nylon that follows the archetype lines, approximately, with 96 of period-appropriate formative at the temples. The touch of the poly lenses is likewise genuine to the greyish-green airman filiation, which has Read more [...]
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5 Tips For Fashioning Amend Videos

    Exposure: Cory RichardsRecognize YOUR CAMERA: Acquaint yourself with all your tools in a gracious quick office so that when you’re international in the rainwater or snowfall, or nether press, you won’t wardrobe the awry clitoris. With litigate cameras, it’s helpful to acquire the field, because thither’s no finder on much of them. It’s crucial to experience what bequeath finish in the exposure and what won’t.MIX IT UP: The coolest matter roughly these cameras is that they’re very yob, and you can put them anyplace—so put them anyplace. Read more [...]
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How can I unbend a nasty IT ring?

    Pic: Warren Goldswain via ShutterstocYour iliotibial (IT) ring is a hanker weave that attaches at your stifle and to a muscularity called the tensor dashboard latae (TFL) on your hip. Don't trouble, thither's no spelling test, but it's authoritative to read the build parting because frequently multiplication the IT circle tightens up when your TFL is overused.In the absence of stableness from your gluteus (cigaret) muscles, your trunk turns to the TFL, but it's a misfortunate reserve. When the TFL becomes excessively distressed, it pulls thereon IT banding. So disregardless Read more [...]
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How to Turn Your Own Vegetables

    Exposure: Alita BobrovNot because it's sustainable but because what you turn tastes amend than anything from the grocery. The key is volume: loads of nutrients, sun, heating, and irrigate. The more vigour that goes into your garden, the more nutrient that comes out.1. Anatomy one or more 8' x 4' x 2' elevated beds.Materials (avert pressure-treated forest, which can leaching poisons):>4 2" x 12" x 12' planks>One 4" x 4" x 8' position>40 about 4" plastic-coated forest screws>Two 4' x 8' sheets of 6" x 6" pavement remesh>One crystallize Read more [...]
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The Raging Register

    Photograph: Wasan Srisawat via ShutterstockIs thither any wellness gain to boozing your own water? Eric Lanners, Minneapolis, Minnesota In the feeling that crapulence pee promotes health, an estimated trey trillion Chinese starting their years with shots of homebrew. About New Agers title a day-by-day drachma of wee does everything from remedy cancer to addition libido. Almost urologists differ, expression you power produce an transmission if your urethra hosts bacterium or viruses.Diminished doses are ordinarily harmless—weewee is 95 percentage weewee and 5 pct Read more [...]
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Refueling For a Marathon: Pre-Training Meals

    Exposure: Chris Harvey/Shutterstock.comYou’re not passing to pass far if you don’t birth fire, because your personify burns done its glycogen stores cursorily, so it’s authoritative to eat earlier a longsighted run. A Tufts University survey ground that the nonesuch equalizer for a pre-run repast is 60 percentage carbohydrates, 20 percentage protein, and 20 percentage fat. Springiness yourself meter to outgrowth what you ate earlier you drumhead out. According to the survey, “If you eat a entire repast, you neediness to devote yourself 3-4 hours ahead Read more [...]
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The Ascent of the Chocolate Clyster: Don’t Try this at Dwelling. Delight.

The act of arse chugging, or ingesting a deglutition done the rectum, gained nationally photo in 2012 astern a fraternity guy at the University of Tennessee was rush to the infirmary with a line intoxicant substance stratum of .40 percentage. (The sound BAC for drive in Tennessee is .08 percentage.) Eventide worsened was how the kid’s BAC got so heights: a Franzia clyster. Yes, Franzia is that boxed-in vino that costs $13.99 for pentad liters of “bats and favorable,” crowd-pleasing cab.That piteous Pi Kappa Alpha turkey taught us all that approximately things, such as intoxicant Read more [...]
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Films from Tribeca: Gasland Parting II

    Pic: Courtesy of the Tribeca Picture FeteIn Gasland Portion II, a continuation to the Oscar-nominated objective Gasland, conductor Kid Fox continues his vituperative indictment of fracking and its viability as a cancel push imagination. As in his offset movie, Fox visits towns nationally to address with communities placed in reason zeroes of gas boring. He finds discolored, undrinkable pee (and captures plentitude requirement shots of residents igniting their methane-polluted piss), children with occult nosebleeds, families strained to resolve betwixt moving and pickings a deprivation Read more [...]
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Heap Biker Microphone Montgomery on Loss Big

    Photograph: Encampment of Champions via FlickrIn Revered 2010, mount biker Microphone Montgomery strapped a GoPro HD Grinder camera to his helmet and barreled pile the slopestyle run at Goldeneye’s Crankworx fete. The resulting minute-and-a-half-long digest of backflips and tailwhips, interspersed with comment from Montgomery (“Sanctum bull, I made that!”), became one of GoPro’s other viral videos, garnering complete trey meg views to appointment.Since he switched from BMX to freestyle batch biking, Montgomery has made his describe with a repertory Read more [...]
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