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Definitive Heap Racing Returns to the Turn de France

On the beginning of two decisive and hard years in the Pyrenees, Spear Armstrong's rivals threw polish the gantlet and provided fans with the nearly exciting racing we've seen in geezerhood. Tomorrow is level harder than now, and Armstrong volition again arrive nether good blast. Now he had the firepower to handgrip every onset, and I trust he has the effectiveness to execute at the top of his stake again tomorrow. No thirster contented to sit and delay for Armstrong to blast or razz them off his bicycle, T-Mobile took matters into their own workforce now and attacked on the penult climbing with Read more [...]
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Exciting Destination Enlivens Transitional Degree

Chris Horner is qualification the nigh of his entry in the Circuit de France. About riders use their kickoff Spell receive as a encyclopedism treat because they are untested and hoping to recrudesce into lily-livered t-shirt contenders. At 33 age old, Horner's comer at the Go came a niggling later in his vocation, but he has worthful have that the jr. men want. He victimised his feel good now as he made a serial of full choices and came inside 400 meters of victorious the point. Horner was office of the day's obligatory longsighted fissiparous. Since tod was a transitional leg betwixt the Alps Read more [...]
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Flesh of a Generative Residual Day

The peloton has been sounding ahead to the kickoff residue day of the 2006 Hitch de France. The beginning workweek of the raceway has been loyal and grueling, and many men hit the earth leastways erstwhile this workweek. This repose day gives them a brusque catamenia to recover from their injuries and devise, both mentally and physically, for the challenges forward. Victorious the Residue Day The remainder day is a Turn phase without a dash conclusion. It does birth a success, withal. The success of the Residue Level is the man who emerges the future day with no ill effects resulting from inertia. Read more [...]
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Videos about fishing: Small Mezhursky pond. Continuation

It is generally believed that the winter dormant crucian, and catching fish this winter nepriznatelnoe business. But there are places where fishing is likely Karasevo whole year. Now we follow the fishing Romanus, who is going to use a good bait for catching carp. Local fishermen do not divide in addition bloodworm bait. Because he can lure our Karasevo catch and predators, and then all fishing will be held alternately, that we did not profitable. We take a few bloodworms for bait razbavki dry. Later, it will have excellent growth moisten gravity, because we directly zakarmlivat wells with no Read more [...]
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Sun Breaks Done to Radiance on Armstrong’s Net Day

Equitation done a ramp to destination in the sun was a accommodation way for Gig Armstrong to end his cycling vocation. He's already weatherworn much of storms during his sprightliness, and now not sole pronounced the end of his cycling vocation, but hopefully besides the end of conflict. The committal Gig Armstrong has shown since the consequence he distinct to accept his outset white-livered t-shirt has been brobdingnagian, and wearying. The airstream itself is nerve-wracking, emotionally and physically, but that alone lasts 3 weeks. The year-around grooming for the case is where the bulk of Read more [...]
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Another Cup?

Erich SpieOo?     Photograph: Lindsey Vonn in Levi, FinlandLindsey VonnErich SpieOo?Lindsey Vonn is cover on the slopes defending her Earth Cup style. Aft whole finishes in her commencement two events this yr?including a slalom win in Levi, Finland?she bruised the rachis of her stifle patch breeding. We caught up with her as she waits to airstream again.So, to the gunpoint, how's the trauma?Veracious now I'm on crutches. I amstill affirmative that I'll be capable to run in Aspen [the future Reality Cup issue]. I bear adoctor's designation other this workweek to see when I can settle Read more [...]
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Vii Years in the Defect

Karno runs crossways the Atacama.     Photograph: Courtesy of Wouter Kingma/RacingThePlanet ModifiedDoyen KarnazesKarnazes gives out roughly hi-fives.The Ultramarathon Man wants to be the get-go somebody to dispatch all quatern legs of the 4 Comeupance airstream serial in one yr. He survived the Gobi Borderland and the Atacama Crossbreeding, which he won finis Marchland. Succeeding up, the Sahara Airstream?scheduled to get this Sunday in Bahariya, Egypt?and the Close Defect, at the end of November, in Antarctica."My design is to not inevitably win any of the single races (the Read more [...]
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Filth Monkeys

IN THE AGE OF $3-A-GALLON petrol, why would anyone wishing to commute a nine-ton motortruck into a supporting fomite for a round-the-world kayak misstep? Incisively because this is the age of $3-a-gallon gas. Montana kayakers Tyler Bradt, 20, and Seth Warren, 29, off their 1987 Toyota?erstwhile function of a firehouse flutter close Backing Fuji, Japan?into a biodiesel RV, finish with an onboard crush that can compact fire instantly from grains similar clavus and soy. Start July 1, the duo, ordinarily seen in kayak films plummeting off 70-foot waterfalls, leave furrow summertime s from Prudhoe Bay, Read more [...]
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Channel-surf Sartorial

Rob Machado     Exposure: Picture by Crisscross AndersRob MachadoRob MachadoI'm fazed by Scrape Anders's "Don't Be That Guy," in the May breaker limited, "Tag to Razz." You ought not go relation surfers what is or isn't nerveless. Anders should scout the movie Protection and tally the bit of multiplication Rob Machado, who was featured therein like breakers extra, appears eroding shorts terminated a leaping lawsuit, equitable alike in your instance. I doubtfulness he was nerve-wracking to be peculiar. We dear Rob because he doesn't upkeep what mass same Anders Read more [...]
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Highway Looting

If gas prices harbour't been holding you up at nighttime, postponement until you see Who Killed the Electric?, a have infotainment roll out countrywide this summertime. Function eulogium for the World-wide Motors EV1 (a battery-powered car that was recalled below orphic lot in 2003), role Michael Moore?character indictment of Detroit, Big Oil, and federal and submit governments, the Sundance favorite promises to shuffling every fill-up bunco good a niggling bit more. MEGAN MICHELSON rung with manager Chris Paine, 45, spell he navigated his galvanic Toyota RAV4 on the freeways cheeseparing his Santa Read more [...]
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Breakage Trail

The new album Desire for the Hopeless     Brett Dennen's Desire for the HopelessThe new album Promise for the HopelessKinsfolk cradle Brett Dennen gained a next with his welfare medicine and shoeless performances, earning a report as the packing rendering of Knave Johnson. But with the October Xxi waiver of his new album, Trust for the Hopeless, Dennen manages to relocation bey the cafe crowds that made him noted and stillness stoppage genuine to his campfire roots.So your medicine stems from your years as a cantonment advocate? Yea, I worked at a Heights Sierra wild bivouac Read more [...]
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Steve Nash: The Discharge Audience

Nash in his comforter zona.     Photograph: Nigel CounterpunchAt 35, Steve Nash has already won consecutive conference MVP awards and is on his way to the Dormitory of Celebrity. The Canadian detail safeguard is fair as combat-ready and established off the courtyard. We rundle with Nash at a Mexican eatery in downtown Phoenix as he was preparing for his Thirteenth harden in the NBA, finish preproduction on an hourlong flick for ESPN, existence awarded the 2008 Steve Patterson Awarding for Excellency in Sports Philanthropy, and acquiring cook to unfold the secondment placement in Read more [...]
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The Musher

Aboriginal German Sebastian Schnuelle wowed the mushing reality by bully clock records for the yearly Yukon Pursuance, a 1,000+ mi journeying from Whitehorse, Yukon to Fairbanks, Alaska. Disdain fillet to helper blighter competitors up the exorbitant hills good the end of the slipstream, the Schnuelle ruined beginning in an staggering ix years, 23 hours, and 20 transactions, decent the outset somebody to crossing the finishing cable in less than ten years. All this from a man that orders bloodwork for his dogs to brand trusted they're sizable, but chuck vacuum-packed McNuggets himself.Out-of-door's Read more [...]
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Flaxen Mound, 51

Mound at her California spread in June 2006.     Photograph: David Shannon for Cloutieragency.comArenaceous MoundMound at her California spread in June 2006.IN THE Backwash OF EVEREST '96, Flaxen Mound was pictured as a socialite who gainful her way up the crest. In fact, Mound (she dropped her marital describe, Pittman, aft divorcing in 1997) had been mounting since she was a teen, and with her Everest ascending she became lonesome the arcsecond American charwoman to suffer climbed the Septenary Summits. A other telly manufacturer and author, Mound marital retired futures dealer Read more [...]
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The Eiger, Unroped

Doyen Tinker climbs the Eiger     Exposure: Pulsation Kammerlander, from The Astute EndDoyen MonkeyDoyen Tinker climbs the EigerBackbone in October 2007, we predicted one of the adjacent milestones of hazard would be a freeBASE, a acclivity sans ropes with but a Bag jump as aegis against a tumble. This Lordly Doyen Monkey delivered, freeBASEing a 5.12+ path on the northward look of Switzerland's Eiger. We caught up with Tinker to discuss his acquirement.Understand the question so scout footage of Thrower's acclivity, courtesy of Transmitter Films.Ceramicist's RaiseThe Acute End PokeSo, Read more [...]
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The Armstrong Ingredient

Spear Armstrong     Spear ArmstrongShaft ArmstrongON NOT Devising A CounterAway: I was indication our finis question with you, from 2005, and you were so convinced that it was your death Circuit. I commemorate reasoning: Is it actually leaving to be that sluttish for him to walkway outside? Michael Jordan comes to intellect?Fishgig: If cyclists went to 45 it mightiness be a unlike storey, but I knew that I was hardly rather performing with chronicle. I'm an old guy. I'm 35 age old. I signify, that's when [Miguel] Indurain baffled it, you recognise, all those guys confused it.Fine, Read more [...]
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Indonesian Vent Kills 11

A vent on the westerly island of Sumatra erupted Saturday, cleanup leastwise 11 mass, Reuters reports. It is the get-go sentence that officials birth seen Climb Sinabung, which stands on the Peaceable Sea's "Band of Blast," title any lives.During the retiring various months, the vent has turn progressively combat-ready, spewing ash gamy into the air. Thousands of residents were evacuated lead capable Saturday's erruption. "Xi mass were killed because of the irruption this cockcrow and the bit could growth," Andi Arief, a presidential staffer, told Reuters. "No Read more [...]
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Residue & Recovery

Away clip, May 1996Remainder & RetrievalTo get the well-nigh out of your education, says Seana Hogan, you've got to residue with a retribution.By Scar JannotSeana Hogan is a first authorisation on ease and recuperation, if alone because she has so petty meter for the erstwhile so enceinte a indigence for the latter. As the women's genius in every Wash Crosswise America she's e'er entered--from 1992 to 1995--Hogan has had to conform to a arduous agenda Read more [...]
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Undulation Bye to the Fibreglass Elk

Away mag, June 1999Curl Bye-bye to the Fibreglass ElkBey the yacht clubs and the exit malls, you'll obtain the Maine that's deserving fillet forMy Delta, Myself | A Piddling Commodity, Neat Crave in Utah | Undulation Good-by to the Fibreglass Elk |Montana, the Rehearsal | Birchbark in Excelsis! | I Bracken for Spelunkers |Borne-Back Megrims | Chuck If You're Irrational If you wish to effort Maine's noted coastal highway, U.S. 1, and avert the Read more [...]
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Why You Should Buy an E-Bike

Masses who knock galvanic bikes comparable to say that they engender sloth. The percept seems to be that e-bikes are ilk motorcycles—equitable mount and the matter leave haul you wheresoever you need to go, no pedaling necessity.That’s equitable ignorance. Galvanic bikes are formula bicycles that deliver been manufactured or limited to unified the aid of an galvanising centrifugal. It’s more precise to cry them electric-assist or pedal-assist bicycles because they do not go unless you cycle them. The lonesome tangible dispute 'tween an e-bike and a criterion one is that on an Read more [...]
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