Strong wind in Turkey and Georgia

TurkeyStrong wind brought down the top of the minaret of a mosque in the Turkish city of Aksehir of tea in the yard, the publication Hurriyet referring to agency Anatolia. The incident in the town, located in Konya mud occurred on 2 January. As a result of the collapse of the minaret were no injuries.In other parts of Turkey also noted the negative effects of bad weather. Because of the strong wind was interrupted movement of maritime transport in the mud Canakkale. In addition, meteorologists predicted a storm in Antalya and Mugla.In Tekirdağ silt wind speed was 80 kilometers per hour. Because Read more [...]
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70% of buckwheat in the Smolensk region was on the ground because of hurricane

Photo: Site ljplus.ruSerious blow to the yield of buckwheat caused hurricane, held a week ago, wrote on September 13 newspaper Smolensk region Altai "Dawn."Strong wind knocked large buckwheat on uncut fields. Experts say that because of the weather on the ground was 70% Grain.According to the publication, except it will affect crop yields and farmers' incomes, because for buckwheat offer a high price.Source: Bankfaks Read more [...]
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Typhoon in China has killed 13 people, 30 missing

Evacuated because of the rains has 19,000 man Photo: APAt least 13 man killed in southern China because there raging typhoon Fanabe (Fanabi), reported in the local media.Fanabe hit mainland China on Monday after being held on the island of Taiwan. According to the latest reports, the heavy rains brought by them and landslides in Guangdong 13 man were killed and 34 are missing. In the district of Xinyi destroyed 346 homes, the economic damage, according to preliminary data, exceeded 460 million yuan (68.6 million dollars). In another region of the province, city Yanchun, because of extensive Read more [...]
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In Kerch wind storm left several neighborhoods without electricity. Photo

Because of the strong gale huge poplar fell right on the power line. As a result, there was a line break that fueled several residential neighborhoods of the city. Behind a tree fell a few feet. Details about the accident, we learned from the chief of the Kerch Alexander Zabelina RES. - At the moment, there are no light district Mithridates Chkalov Street, Gogol, Turchinsky, Esplanadnaya. All that we can, we are switched, and in the evening in the homes kerchan be light. When the Emergency Situations Ministry will clean wood, we have this line to secure, remove the wires, so no one has been Read more [...]
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Wind storm felled trees and power lines in northern Britain

In the north of England and Wales and in Northern Ireland and Scotland, with the approach of night, weather conditions have deteriorated sharply. Thursday evening in the Welsh county of Gwynedd speed north-west wind, which was down trees and power lines, reached 115 km / h But forecasters predict its gain in the next few hours up to 130 km / h In Yorkshire - the historic district North-East England - already occurred one major incident - a fallen tree fell on the wind car. Two people who were in the cabin, were hospitalized. The condition of one of them is serious.Dealt a serious blow to the Read more [...]
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Summer 2010 in Russia will be the driest

Photo: krsk.sibnovostiThis summer may be the driest in most Russian regions. Is forecast meteorologist, heat will last for at least another 5 days. The situation is exacerbated severe forest fires.A state of emergency remains in many regions in the Volga region, Orenburg, Chelyabinsk, Penza and Udmurtia regions, as well as in Mordovia, Tatarstan and Bashkortostan. Because of the worst drought threatened the grain harvest.Zakamensky-2 - one of the villages of the Chelyabinsk region, where today introduced mode emergency. Because of the severe drought, established in the district in recent weeks, Read more [...]
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Heat in Voronezh coincided with shut-off

June turned out to be very hot in many Russian cities. Indicators thermometers for 35 ° in the last few days have become commonplace not only in the southern regions, but also in Central heating Russia. In Voronezh, for several days, plus 40. On the streets of melted asphalt, farmers are struggling to protect crops from drought, and in clinics queues hypertensives.Summer Resident and gardener Natalia femme because of all the forces trying to save from the merciless sun beds main decoration - alpine slide. The flowers still have a chance to survive. But cucumbers out of luck. "Population" Read more [...]
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Heat and electricity

In Toronto because of a power failure with no light left about 250,000 homesJust two troubles - 34-degree heat and massive violation of electricity - drastically complicated life on Monday evening the residents of Toronto. In the evening peak consumption a major fire broke out at a major substation in the west of the city, and without light were about 250,000 homes, according to ITAR-TASS.Disabling a major impact on public transport, according to the Transport Committee of Toronto, is suspended subway trains on the branch "Blore-Danforth." Trams and buses run, but due to the shutdown Read more [...]
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In Samara region the soil dry out to a depth of 2.5 meters

Currently in Samara soil dry out to a depth of 250 centimeters. And in the coming year soil drought is likely to continue, even if the year is rainy.Due to the heat wave environmentalists prepare disappointing forecasts. Over the last 5 years drought was typical, but this year the situation is extremely acute. That moisture, nutrients to the soil which was burned by the heat of the May, and the summer was abnormally dry, so complex drought has meant that most of the crops were destroyed."This year, there was the death of many plants, - the director of the Institute of Ecology of the Volga Read more [...]
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Black Sea turned red

Vacationers are scared and afraid to swim in strange water.Even the old-timers do not recall this. In the Cossack Bay water near the shore of red, and at the edge of the dead fish swim.- I went into a dip, and then some pink clots - told "KP" Andrew, who came to relax on the beach with friends. - The color of the water do not scare me - on the contrary, was curious what it was, so I got into the red wavelengths. The water was cold, 18 degrees, although these days the sea was 23 ... 25 °. And at a depth of three meters at all legs cramp, where the temperature is a couple of degrees Read more [...]
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Riddle 75 dead starlings in England

March 10, 2010. The death of 75 starlings which have fallen from the sky and crashed to the ground in the driveway in Somerset very puzzled animal advocates from RSPCA. The birds were found on Sunday March 7, at the entrance to a house in Koksli, in Somerset.Animal rights activist officer Alison Sparks, who called police, said: "This is an incredible sight, I've never seen anything like it."There is no evidence that the birds were ill or poisoned before they fell to the ground.The theory of the predatorMs. Sparks said: "Witnesses said they heard a whooshing sound and then the Read more [...]
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Anomaly in Kirov flowered willow

Schoolgirl Anastasia Budko found near his house a strange tree.On the nose already November, but nature played out in earnest. Experts agree on the causes of flowering, but do not have a common view on the future of the willows.- These things happen. Here, the main reason for such behavior of the tree is abnormally hot summer - the director of "EcoFund" Gennady Bakin. - Most likely, pussy-willow soon cease to bloom because of the cold.Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor Eugene Pankratova agreed with the assertion that an abnormally hot summer and told of the consequences of delayed Read more [...]
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Melting ice may lead to starvation

About 60 million people living in the vicinity of the Himalayas, are facing starvation or at least food shortages in the coming decades. This is due, according to the scientists, the melting of the ice, which causes drying up of rivers and drought, and consequently - to crop failure.However, the forecast compiled Dutch research this year, less pessimistic than in 2007, when it was expected that the fast will be at least 100 million people. In any case, the problem will affect the population of India, Pakistan, Nepal, China, Bangladesh and Bhutan.Correction was introduced because some areas in Read more [...]
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Adversity summer 2010 in Kaliningrad

There is little BIRDSIn almost all urban waters killed ducks, from the parks and gardens disappear proteins chestnuts prematurely lose their leaves. In addition to everything in Zelenograd district - the invasion of huge slugs the size of a man's palm. And all this despite the fact that nuclear power is not yet built! If slugs with more or less clear - according to biologists, their growth was bolstered by the warm weather and the abundance of food, then the rest of the flora and fauna of a sad situation.The first reports of dead ducks appeared about a month ago. Kaliningradians found Read more [...]
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Because of the heat in the Rhine dying fish

Because of the lack of oxygen in the Rhine dies fishIn the Upper Rhine was a mass death of fish. According to Swiss biologists, cause a drop in the oxygen content in the river water. This is caused by the high temperature of the water, which has been heated to near 24 degrees.In 2003, temperature water in the upper Rhine reached up to 26 degrees, but the heat wave, steady in Europe this summer, can beat this "record." Because of the lack of oxygen in the upper Rhine mass dies fish. These data led the Department of Environmental Protection of the Swiss city of Basel.Biologists also fear Read more [...]
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Willful to Rashly

The injury of operation and the botheration of physiotherapy can look peanut compared with the psychological roller-coaster of acquiring binding into your mutant. Or, as U.S. Ski Squad Motorbus Jim Tracy so fine puts it: "You'll get much more lousy years than beneficial years." The commencement clock rachis on a bicycle, skis, or snowboard bequeath be frustrative, and peradventure flush traumatic. You'll want fluidness, timing, and, pip of all, the trust to lecture skag to your opponents. Hither are the psychological stairs to rebuilding your intimate genius. 1. Delete all doubts. "Every Read more [...]
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In pastures Naryn region because of snowfall was a massive loss of livestock

Kyrgyzstan.Na remote pastures Naryn area because of snow was a massive loss of livestock. As the governor of Naryn area Turdubek Mambetov, Due to heavy snowfall for the fifth day, the animals are left without food, resulting in massive loss of livestock."From 18 to 21 September feed for animals transported by helicopter, but not enough, and, moreover, very expensive, such a delivery is approximately 1 million soms (about 670,000 rubles). To bring feed on trucks, clearing the way for the Naryn-Torugart, but due to lack of appropriate technology road is still closed. Road through the pass Read more [...]
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Due to the vagaries of climate bears and wolves in the village and got into the habit of Komi

In the towns and villages of the Komi bears got into the habit because of starvation clumsy reached even graves in cemeteries. In addition, as reported by "Interfax" in the hunting department of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food of the Republic, now living in the region, the number of bears half the appropriate environmental conditions digits.As described in the department, the bears are entering to people, but in 2010, these cases are more frequent, as the animals for the second year in a row due to the vagaries of climate change can not normally eat in a familiar environment. According Read more [...]
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Self-mortification: Humility

Self-abasement: HumblenessFreehanded big doesn't incessantly signify outlay big. In fact, it seldom does. Because when you're bent demonstrate that you truly, rightfully consecrate a bedamn, the regulation is to enclose the clip, not the money. Suppose Christmas Eve. She opens the box; interior is a kvetch CD with a bare billet: turn me. She does. You issue her give and, afterwards all these eld, leading her in the topper walk-in/mambo/whatsoever of her spirit. She learns so that you dog-tired the by ten Thursday nights ditching the poker to return lessons. Because it's not the opinion that counts, Read more [...]
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Thermal catastrophe is inevitable

Scientists from around the world have provided strong evidence that global warming continues to worsen and, obviously, can not be stopped by the measures which are now accepted. Not all are sure that his cause - the greenhouse gases emitted by industry and automobiles, but all agree that it is becoming warmer and warmer.80-of the last century was the warmest decade on record at the time. But 90-s been hotter, and the first decade of the new century was warmer 80-ies.The ice around the world are melting and sea levels rising. Scientists say that in the near future will begin to suffer the coastal Read more [...]
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