European frozen vegetables

February 8. Siberian winter, bound to Europe, dealt a painful blow on vegetable production and pushed up prices. According to the association of wholesale trade of France, some vegetables (such as leeks or lettuce) rose this week in retail and a half to two times.Ground is frozen, the harvest of spring vegetables under threat. Fruit trees also tolerate cold easily. Guillaume says Segan of farmers' cooperatives in the north of France, which specializes in apples and pears "Last week it was minus 13-14 degrees in the morning. Monday subzero temperature is kept even in the day ... Read more [...]
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In Tokyo, began a powerful hurricane in 50 years

April 3. Near Tokyo because the strongest in more than 50 years of hurricane on Tuesday declared a storm warning, according to Japan's Meteorological Service. Wind force hurricane moving toward Tokyo, reaching 117 kilometers per hour. The city canceled about 600 flights, stopped traffic on a number of railway lines. Hurricane closing in on the capital of Japan from the southwest, closed many offices, thousands of employees of the companies were released from work, reports Bloomberg. In Japan Meteorological Service warned residents of the Pacific coast of the possibility of waves up to 10 meters. It Read more [...]
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Dips soil absorb farmer fields Dominican

March 19. Failures of land in areas Diano Ogando and Candido Ramirez (aka Mundito) Community Mabrigida District Peter Short, causing great concern residents. Farmer of Diano Ogando said his farm sags from the end of last year, which resulted in losses of crops. Candido Ramirez, also known as Mundito, said that he had almost left the field after of the planted trees, many fell through the ground. Then he told me when he came off the field on a donkey, suddenly the animal fell into the void, and after the fall of one of the legs of the farmer was trapped under the donkey. According to the farmer, Read more [...]
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Drought in Mexico

February 4. Mexican media complete weekly publications on the major issues facing the country in focus: primary candidates for president on 1 July this year, a severe drought in the country, the spread of influenza and the ongoing violence. [...] News ... the drought has become a pressing issue in the country where the northern states are still under the influence of adverse weather conditions. To solve the problem centers have been raising funds and renewed efforts to send humanitarian aid to the Sierra Tarahumara in the State of Chihuahua, where the indigenous people almost dying of hunger, because Read more [...]
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Was thunder in the Poconos, USA

April 1. Do you believe in the storm, because of which may shake at home? Severe thunderstorms came to town Poconos (Poconos) PA. And it seems to be nothing wrong with that, well, rattled and stopped, but just not at this time. According to eyewitnesses, on Friday night (March 30), accompanied by the sound of thunder, which looked more like an explosion, and such power that all the houses in the area were shaking like an earthquake.According to Lorene R. Allman-Mars, his son was just in the back yard of the house when he saw a large flash of light filled the sky and heard a loud roar. And Read more [...]
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Presidential Lumber

Away        FOR NOW, IT'S Tentative the surround leave turn a make-or-break movement matter for either prospect. For really dissimilar reasons, both Bloodshed and Bush-league may not need to deduct the gloves and dinge their opposing too vehemently on environmental issues, choosing alternatively to center topics ilk prescription-drug benefits for the aged, teaching, curtailment Read more [...]
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The Un-American Activeness

Extraneous        But let's be reliable. we be in a car acculturation. Demur for a few prosperous places where populace transferral is effective and commodious, it is hard to endure a full-of-the-moon aliveness in America without exploitation a car. The motorcar is hither to remain. Proscription didn't ferment for drink and it would ne'er employment for impulsive. It's impulsive overmuch, good wish boozing overmuch, that Read more [...]
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Europe, apparently, was in the zone of continuous natural disasters

January 7. In place of the storm winds came the heavy rains and floods. In Germany, the banks came just a few rivers. Suspended shipping, roads were under water and the yards of houses along the shore. According to forecasts, the water did not subside for days. The situation is similar in the Netherlands. There has been declared due to flooding evacuation. Of the affected area removed 800. Under the water were hundreds of acres of land, traffic on many roads closed.And in Switzerland, and Austria - unprecedented snowfalls. Heavy wet snow stopped trains, blocked the road, cut the wiring Read more [...]
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In Ecuador extends state of emergency in seven provinces. Photographic

April 2. The Government of Ecuador additional decree Azuay province annexed to the list of six areas most affected during this winter season, the most severe in 14 years. This was announced by President Rafael Correa, the press during his stay in the city of Cuenca, the provincial capital, where this week have been reported the most intense precipitation this winter, exceeding even the rains of 1998, when the entire country was influenced by the phenomenon of El Nino. Thus, the state of emergency currently in effect in seven of the 24 provinces of Ecuador: Guayas, Los Rios, Manabi, El Oro, Loja, Read more [...]
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Butterflies in the Bryansk woods awoke because of the warm winter

January 18. Warm winters and heavy precipitation in the Bryansk forests provoked awakening butterflies limonnits that usually hibernate until early spring, the press service of the reserve "Bryansk forest." "Wintering limonnitsy because of warm weather (in January) woke up and began to move in their shelters, what attracted the attention of birds - titmice and jays, who began their active eating, lifting and throwing wings (insects). Fortunately for the butterflies, the temperature dropped below freezing, and insects hiding in their shelters from birds, which were easy prey to this Read more [...]
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In Belgium, the bank threw a 14-meter whale

February 9. In Belgium, the hard early on Wednesday morning, February 8, jumped ashore seriously wounded a 14-meter sperm whale. According to scientists, the giant mammal weighing nearly 30 tons was in the process of seasonal migration and found in the North Sea by mistake. - North Sea - very treacherous place for whales, because it is not deep enough, because of this animal could injure themselves, - the employee of the Scientific Institute of Natural History of Belgium.Despite the cold weather, look at the inhabitants of the seas on the beach gathered a great many local people. Arrived on Read more [...]
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To the great climatic resettlement of the people need to prepare

Following the floods in Pakistan in 2010 (photo UHNCR). April 4. Imagine a crowd of refugees, fleeing from environmental apocalypse, across the border ... So what, that's okay, says geographer David Thomas of the University of Oxford (UK). At the London conference Planet Under Pressure, he said that "environmental migrants" - a part of the solutions to the problems that will result from climate change.With "climate refugees" (a process already begun) associated with a number of myths. They say they are illegal immigrants. In fact, 80% of environmental migrants move Read more [...]
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He Ain’t Your Sherpa

Extraneous       ANG RITA SHERPA lives in the settlement of Thamo, two hours up the tail from Namche on the antediluvian seaway to Tibet. Care Baboo, he is a home hoagie in Nepal, but his resplendency years are ended. Now in his fifties—he's not sealed what class he was natural—he was the biggest Sherpa mountaineering champion for the amend function of a x in the recent Read more [...]
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Deadened Head

Extraneous        International: Let's commencement by veneer facts. Ceremonious wiseness holds that citizenry wish you are out of your calabash.Pye: Fountainhead, "schematic soundness" is molded by the media, who hear to the mellow priests of skill, who retrieve they acknowledge everything barely because they've got a caboodle of letters afterwards their names. They don't acknowledge everything. Account shows that Read more [...]
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Daybreak Patrol

Exterior          In Sault Sainte Marie, Michigan, thither is a synthetic channel that drains weewee from Lake Victor, runs it done townspeople at a merry menstruum, and pours it done the generators of the Edison Sault Hydroelectric works. Subsequently spinning the turbines, the h2o runs into the Angel Marys River, which flows southward and sou'-east 40 miles to Lake Huron. Read more [...]
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Higher Pedagogy

Fly guy: Davis     Photograph: Courtesy of Blake DavisQuoted "The about successful proficiency we've well-read is that metropolis slickers brand dang near lure."—Master Bivins, hotshot of the new Brute Satellite demonstrate Bushwhacker Handfishin', which follows aspirant mudcat grabbers as they undertake to grab their offset cat by give.This summertime, College of the Atlantic grade Blake Davis, 22, sets off for a year-long fly-fishing humankind circuit courtesy of a $25,000 Thomas J. Watson Instauration Society. The but requirements of the 60 desired yearly grants Read more [...]
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The Unbelievable Edible…Mess Kit?

External        Illinois businessman Roy Taylor pronto admits he won't be devising the blanket of Bon Appètit with his modish ware, an pabulum soybean-based polymer invented in the labs of Iowa Province University. "Theoretically, it won't distress you if you eat it, bey perhaps roughly dyspepsia," says Taylor, who holds an undivided licence to "commercialise" Read more [...]
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Subsist This!

Away        Offset CBS Stone-broke MY Ticker. So CBS loaded me off.On October 9, I open my cockcrow report to learn an challenging headline: "Subsist This." The storey told how a manufacturer named Cross Burnett was soliciting applicants for a "reality-based" amusement around masses cooperating, or not, in their bespeak to match the rigors of precivilized biography on an uninhabited tropic island. The Read more [...]
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Trueness or Consequences

Remote        Press County Sheriff's Post handout, 8 A.M., December 8, 1999: "At roughly 1:00 a.m. we standard entropy from a Uniting Peaceable train director, that a boy twin the description of the youthfulness doubtful was standing cheeseparing the tracks attempting to stopover the southward geartrain.... Sgt. Bret Allred was beginning on prospect and picked up the boy who was Read more [...]
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Soldier and

"In reality, however, the whole context is such that it is a science at all. For in the whole world of science even more than in the Soviet, "negative - it is also a result." Or rather, this very unscientific saying, for the problem of the scientist, as opposed to the inventor, not to get something, and to learn. And well-done a study, there can be no "negative result" it always gives the accretion of knowledge (or rather, "the reduction of ignorance"). "   The objective is not to obtain the inventor of anything, but just the fact that people want, Read more [...]
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