The Marshall Plan

U.S. began to implement a coherent series of actions, dubbed "plan Marshall. " The title is a myth, because no original plan at all, and was not. This "plan" has grown literally from one short sentence uttered by U.S. Secretary of State George Marshall during the graduation ceremony at Harvard University. President Harry S. Truman, Marshall had become secretary of state in the early 1947 , after he resigned from the post of Chief of Staff of the Army. In a speech in July 1947 , at Harvard University, Marshall said he was confident: the Europeans can and must work together Read more [...]
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Stockholm session of the UN

The concept of a "global problem" was made in September 1972, when held in Stockholm session UN, focusing on international environmental issues. The question itself had to set because it became obvious within a single country with the environmental problems can not cope. Germans are justly proud of "German economic miracle." But like any "miracle" comes with a price. In this case - Environment! In the early 1960's, the one German journalist has done this experiment showed film in water taken from the River Rhine. And he did it! Not as good, of course, as if Read more [...]
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Possible scenario for World War III

Bylo would be stupid not to see the coming disaster, but it would be even more insane to know the possible consequences of the Third World War and did not prepare for them. The modern era in a unique position in the history of mankind. It is difficult to decide when the beginning of modern civilization, but it has clearly delineated the sunset. From the grandeur of this historic moment is breathtaking. Recent generations of the planet live in civilized conditions - is approaching the era of troglodytes. The third world war would be the apotheosis of modern civilization, its latest Read more [...]
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Wood ticks

May - is the time when they start to become more active mites bite which can cause serious infections - encephalitis and Lyme borreliosis. Natural foci of tick habitat in our country ambitious - from the Caucasus to the Far North. Do not think that the risk of being bitten, only those who choose to walk in the woods. Small and dangerous parasites have become urban "residents", after moving to the parks and squares. Ticks raznosyaschie infectious diseases - not only a Russian problem. Parasites invaded forests many popular tourist Western European countries - Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Read more [...]
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3 World War has already begun

3 World War has already begun. But this time the war is not with tanks and machine guns, but by the total destruction of the population of some countries with ordinary food. What is it, I'll explain.All of you know that after the collapse of the USSR the number of drinkers and smokers increased significantly. Russia's population has declined in a natural way, life in general is poor. Our country has become a state in which the population becomes an inveterate drunkard and skurivaetsya swims and fat. And it's not a gift of civilization, and the U.S. plan to destroy our people. Read more [...]
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Production of simple stone tools

Any of you on the forces of good manufacturing, functional stone tools with a stone in his hand. Some varieties of stones, such as flint, slate, chalcedony, obsidian, suitable for the manufacture of fine tools themselves need to work with the stone. Now you may be thinking, "How can I distinguish flint from quartz? For me, both of them - just a piece of the rock! " But to become a good master for the production of stone tools, you do not have to be with a geologist. After all, our ancestors also were not they! Any solid, dense granular stone can have severe side or edge that can Read more [...]
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Investment activities

"Kopeika penny saves." - Benjamin Franklin. Poor Richard's CalendarThis section will not be burning the "market" and those tips to become a millionaire, start with the amount of $ 1,000, as Ross Perot, who took this amount from his own wife. If I knew a similar technique, I would have hired someone to write this book for me! When I mention investing, I mean investing in a durable, useful items that will help you to become more independent in life. It can-be tools, high-quality clothing, educational materials and courses, books on the know-how, non-perishable foods, Read more [...]
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Your Health: Bakers Dozen Recommendations

"Our bodies are filled with the energy of the plant world. Therefore, it would be logical to use natural remedies to treat and maintenance of the body. Wild herbs and miraculous power of human hands - medicine from God as a gift to mankind. It is simple, effective and inexpensive, like millions of years ago, before the advent of modern medicine, public high-tech ». - Peter Bigfoot. School of Mines in RiviseMany foods, spices and herbs used in cooking, are known since antiquity as tonics and medicines. For example, edible sage previously added to the meat to repel flies and other pests. Read more [...]
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Global drought will soon become normal on the planet

Although drought faced by the North America this year, captured not so largeShui area of the country, both in 1930., from scientists coming confident statements that experience similar periods for the garner of the world has become commonplace. It should be noted that, since 1956, the country has not happened so dry periods, as in the month of August the problem of lack of moisture has become relevant for 63% of the southern states. Experts are alarmed at the fact that in such a situation happened a natural disaster and will certainly affect the economy of the region. As the insurance Read more [...]
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 Snow blindness, or snow ophthalmia - a kind of a burn of the conjunctiva and the cornea by ultraviolet rays of the sun reflected from the snow crystals. Very often it occurs in the spring, during the "aurora snow" when the reflectivity of the snow cover increases. First, you will no longer distinguish the difference in levels of the surface, then there is a feeling in the eyes, as if under the eyelids got fine sand. By evening cramps become unbearable. Inflamed eyes, swollen eyelids, and a person is truly blind, becoming surprisingly helpless. What was not treated in the past ophthalmia: Read more [...]
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Drying the skin and visible mucous membranes begins immediately after death, but visually appears after a few hours. The intensity of the drying process depends on the temperature and humidity of the environment. At relatively high temperatures and low humidity, these changes occur soon. Drying quickly appears on the cornea and the tunica eye (with open or half-open eyes) and becomes visible after 2-3 hours after the death of the cornea become turbid, exposed albuginea also lose clarity and become grayish-yellow color. Most clearly, these changes are determined when the eyes half open. At age Read more [...]
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Psychological features of children under school age

And then, finally, came the most wonderful time in children's lives - adolescence. Of yesterday's angular, lanky and awkward teenagers they become slim, energetic, seemingly quite adults. Of course, these changes did not occur abruptly and unexpectedly, as happens in a fairy tale. And you know that your daughter did not immediately become feminine and graceful, and his son - strong and courageous. You know, and more, that with the coming into your home wonderful guests - youth, your cares, worries and anxieties are not over ... You are right in saying: "Little children - small Read more [...]
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Postpartum endomyometritis

Postpartum endomyometritis is an inflammation of the inner lining of the uterus, which arose after birth as a result of the infection. After birth, the internal surface cancer is an extensive wound surface, covered the remains caduca. When an infection in the inflammatory process involved residues caduca surviving the end of endometrial glands and the adjacent surface layer of the muscular wall of the uterus (myometrium). This gives grounds to replace the term "metroendometritis" more accurate "endomyometritis." When postpartum endomyometritis surface layers decidual tissue Read more [...]
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Sex education for children under school age-1

A rare cause of abnormal nocturnal emission is inflammation glans penis, which, in combination with inflammation of the inner layer of the foreskin is called balanoposthitis. The latter usually occurs in the stimulation of these areas draining urine from the urethra, the remnants of sperm after wet dreams, or, more often, we expand the sebum - smegma that accumulates in the skin bag. When inflammation of the skin of his head and a member of the itching, burning, pain; head and the inner layer of the foreskin become swollen and red. In advanced cases, the inflammation involves the whole foreskin. The Read more [...]
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Albania ranks first among the countries where there is complete lawlessness, both in Europe and in the world. It is less than two hours flightand the UK, Albania has the reputation of the country, where there is violence, corruption, crime groups. They are so active that they have spread their tentacles all over Europe. Albanian crime controls prostitution and drug trafficking in Europe, including the UK.One of the poorest countries in the world, is the former communist dictatorship fell in the 1990s. At the beginning of 1997 a wave of violence swept the country when the pension system collapsed, Read more [...]
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The path we choose-one

It is easier to become a doctor, than to be a doctor. In any profession you will not face life in its fullness so, inconsistency, the drama as being a doctor. In the oncology clinic I had to advise a man 30 years old, who was a malignant tumor in the stage when it was impossible to cure. We talked with him for an hour. The patient was asked to do something in order for him to even walk with his five-year daughter on the street. Imagine what could be felt at these words, feeling powerless! I walked down the street and thought, that's where the real sorrow that mean compared to him fleeting Read more [...]
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One set of breathing exercises

1. "Play the trumpet." Become straight, feet together, arms bent in front of him, as if holding a pipe. Make small finger movements, imitating instead of clicking the button, and saying: "Tu! One! One! "Repeat for 15-20 seconds. 2. "Mower". Become straight, legs apart, arms slightly bent forward to lift the fingers clenched. Turn left and right, imitating the movements of mower, make broad, sweeping motions with his hands and says, "F-u-s! F-u-s! F-u-s! " Repeat the average rate of 5-8. 3. "Chasiki." Become, feet slightly apart, arms Read more [...]
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The water cycle is accelerating

The area of the oceans, which have become more saline, marked in red, more fresh - blue. (The picture of the authors.) April 27. In 2000, through the atmosphere was more water than in 1950, which means that part of the salty oceans become more salty and fresh - even more fresh. Darek floor of the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (USA) and his colleagues concluded that the increase in surface temperature half a degree of evaporation increases by 4% - more than the given previous research. Accordingly, the area of the oceans, where evaporation predominates become more saline, and then Read more [...]
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Functional disorders of the nervous system-2

The discovery of these properties of the hypothalamus significantly increased understanding of the central mechanisms of regulation of the reproductive system. Due to the evolution of neurohormones produced by cells of different parts of the hypothalamus, has changed understanding of the pathogenesis and, therefore, treatment of disorders of the reproductive system. However, these important issues require further clarification and study, because the hypothalamic region is linked to the spinal afferent pathways, elongated and middle brain, limbic structures, thalamus, basal ganglia, hippocampus, Read more [...]
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Benign tumors of the jaws

Hemangiomas (Cavernous and capillary) jaws are found primarily in early childhood and adolescence. Cavernous angioma made up of larger blood lacunae lined with endothelium, and lead to deformations of jaws, at first they are tight, then a soft texture, sometimes throbbing, bright red or bluish color, the mucous membrane is not ulcerated. The teeth become loose and fall out, there are heavy bleeding from the wells. Treatment beam, with limited distribution - resection of the bone with a preliminary ligation of the external carotid artery. Osteoma causes minor subjective disorders, grows slowly, Read more [...]
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The Survival in the wild nature - how correctly to behave, it having appeared in an emergency situation. Ability to find a way out from any situation: to kindle a fire, to put traps, to prepare food, to arrange dwelling and a lodging for the night; to learn to knit knots, to clear water, to be guided by districts, correctly to choose equipment, a knife. Also you can download directories to tourists, encyclopedias survivals, video Bear Grills to Survive at any cost (Man vs. Wild).