Rybachka Light

She sat on the shore of a small pond and a mountain looking at the fixed float. I passed and began to climb the steep path along the slope on which were scattered bushes of wild rose. Behind him I went camping. When two hours later came back with a full bidonchikom berries, fisherwoman was sitting in the same position. Sometimes, though, distracted and vague, slightly narrowed eyes beautiful stranger encircles the spring gay mountains. I went closer. She picked up the tank in which shone a pair of tiddly Karasik. «This entire catch, — fisherwoman smiled apologetically. Read more [...]
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Do you like nectar?

Honey – a unique natural substance. And, as is known, not only bring domesticated honey bees, but also wild! And if you met hive of wild bees – you had the rare opportunity to taste the honey. Honey – storehouse of minerals and vitamins. In addition, it has a lot of energy, which is absolutely necessary wanderer. If managed produce honey – you can keep it and have for a long time, do not fear that he messed up, as it would happen with most other products. Even in Egyptian pyramid is honey, which knocked more than 2,000 years, and it remains edible. Here is such a unique Read more [...]
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150 Bee Colonies Die in Quarry Park

Biologists in Oregon are investigation what caused the batch die-off of 25,000 bees base in a Object park this hebdomad. As of Wednesday, the insects, the eq of some 150 colonies, were hush break of a clustering of European lime trees approach the storage."I've ne'er encountered anything rather comparable it in 30 age in the occupation," Dan Hilburn, the conductor of embed programme's for Oregon's Farming Section told the Oregonian.Initial tests suggested the bees had died later the trees had been sprayed with Campaign, a extremity of the neonicotinoid form of pesticides, which are extremely Read more [...]
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Bailiwick: Diesel Tucker Impairs Bees

Scientists say that diesel release is destroying the kinship 'tween flowers and honeybees. Late tests establish that a chemic in diesel release, known as NOx, inhibits bees' power to find flowered scents. The release too decomposes flowers' odour chemicals.Honeybees, responsible an estimated $30 1000000000 in crops, suffer seen a spectacular universe fall in late days. Scientists say the contradictory effects of beat are a exemplary to thin pollutants."Bees motivation to trace the chemic messages they're acquiring [from flowers] to be able-bodied to habitation in on the flowers Read more [...]
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20,000 Bees Distant from Char’s Abode

A apiculturist distant 20,000 bees from a 98-year-old char's family in Florida Saturday abaft they reinforced a beehive in the garret of her plate."They didn't infliction me," aforesaid Chocolate Beach occupier Sevia Moore, whose girl had to read her the beehive snuggled in an sunshade indoors her firm. "When I was exterior, I didn't flush see any."Apiarist Leo Hybridizing ill-used a emptiness to compile the bees and movement them to a more conquer placement. He preserved the love ransack and beehive, apprisal WESH TV that it is crucial for the bees to "pass to multiply" Read more [...]
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Extinction of bees is fraught full decline of agriculture and hunger

Without bees humanity can not survive. And may not survive ... (Photo Visuals Unlimited / Corbis.) Britain could face a food crisis due to population decline of honey bees. Bees as pollinators of plants "responsible" for every third piece of our food. Consequently, if the insects disappear, pollinating certain species of flora, farmers will not be able to grow crops such as apples and pumpkin. Scientists also fear that a lack of pollinating insects can cause what is not properly pollinated species can not grow. By the way, in his time, Albert Einstein predicted that if bees disappear from the Read more [...]
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In Udmurtia develops bee epidemic

Veterinarians Udmurtia concerned about: bees this year were to get sick more often. Diagnosis «European foulbrood» — registered seven points of the Republic of Angola, Karakulino, Sharkan areas. And another seven apiaries identified another quarantine disease — carabids. Here the list Debyossky, State, Zavyalovsky, Kambarka, Sarapul areas. The quarantine was declared, carried out anti-epidemic measures. Disease of bees are not dangerous to humans, but dramatically affects the quality and quantity of honey. Experts call the main causes of the virus — Read more [...]
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Mass disappearing honeybees

The last five years, beekeepers all continents began to sound the alarm: the mass disappearing honeybees. Beneficial insects are dying from an unknown disease or swarms leave the hive, leaving a honeycomb. The immune system of bees is very weak. Honey bees are involved in the pollination of almost 90% found on Earth plants. A third of the entire crop man gets through the industrious insects. Bees give a person unique products - honey, wax, propolis, pollen and pollen, bee venom, Royal jelly. Therefore, anxiety is very clear. Version extinction of bees is very different - from the use of agricultural Read more [...]
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Now for no apparent reason began to die and the bees

January 7, 2011. Not only that fall from the sky birds, and fish washed ashore... now still have to deal with the disappearance of the bees. The reduction of certain American species of bumblebees in the last 20 years has reached 96 percent of the population. The United States is home to fifty species of bumblebees, and researchers from the University of Illinois inspected eight species of them. They found that half of the population of the surveyed species from the total number decreased by 96 percent, and now they occupy only 13 percent of their normal habitat. The death of bees may be related, Read more [...]
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The players were attacked by bees

Salvadoran fans today discussing a football match, which nearly tore the bees. The players have not yet had time to hit the ball, both on the field flew a swarm of insects. Athletes tried to ignore it, but it did not help - only angered yellow-striped. Then people started to lie down on the grass, trying not to move, bees spread the chief justice. To save his side had the referee. First tried to return the boxes, then just covered it with a towel and evacuated. A few hours later the insects also suddenly flew away. The match finally started, reports NTV. Source: NTV Read more [...]
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The extinction of bees threatens to destroy humanity

Started in the world of mass extinction of bees threatens to destroy humanity in four years. This was warned of Einstein. Insects pollinate a significant part of agricultural plants and their loss can dramatically exacerbate an already growing food crisis. Why bees become smaller, nobody knows. This may be due to some viruses or parasites, or, most likely, with the use of agricultural pesticides. Poisons against pests also affect beneficial insects by damaging their nervous system. Anyway, the facts show that the number of bees on the planet gets smaller every year, says The Daily Telegraph. In Read more [...]
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In Slovenia fixed mass death of bees

on April 29. In Slovenia fixed mass death of bees. According to local beekeepers Union, the most difficult situation was in Pomurska region in the North-East of the Republic. There for a few days killed more than 10 percent of all bees. Empty left more than two thousand hives. As pointed out by experts, the danger lies in the fact that the deaths of mainly working bees collect flower nectar and pollen. So, bee families will experience a shortage of food, which, in turn, can lead to disease and death of the other inhabitants of the hives.Initial tests indicate that the problem may be linked Read more [...]
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Crooks Bargain 60,000 Bees

Sticky-fingered thieves let smitten again. British constabulary are looking crooks who stole a beehive wide of dormant bees close month.The beehive, which was interpreted from a community garden in Norwich, contained capable 60,000 bees, the Huffington Billet reports.According to Norfolk law, it would birth interpreted leastwise two multitude to relocation the construction.This isn’t the commencement meter Britain has had to bargain with bee rustlers. When the state’s honeybee universe declined abruptly various geezerhood ago due to piteous conditions and pestis, the run trade stolen Read more [...]
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Microchips Could Spare Bees

Australian scientists get interpreted to gluing petite sensors onto thousands of dearest bees in an exploit to wagerer translate the diseases that sustain devastated bee populations approximately the humans.The microchips bequeath be victimized to racetrack afflictions such as the quickly spread varroa pinch—a sponge that can but procreate inside a dearest bee settlement—and the occult dependency flop cark.In edict to impound the microchips, the bees mustiness beginning be rendered teachable done a non-lethal infrigidation summons. They are so shaven (jr. bees run to be hairier) and Read more [...]
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Since the autumn of Kyrgyzstan began disappearing bees

Strange but true: since the autumn of Kyrgyzstan began disappearing... bees. But, it seems, no one works, though this really threatens the entire national economy!Missing Some of the most industrious insects suddenly overnight abandoned familiar hives many of the artel. In danger of the craft of Medobory, which is already breathing hard, though, and still continues to feed hundreds of beekeepers and members of their families, and us, the consumers, provides a useful and fragrant products. Recall that the Union in the Kyrgyz SSR was carried out from 8 to 11 thousand tons of honey and it Read more [...]
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The surge of bee diseases in Udmurtia

20 iully in danger. In several regions in the striped rows squadron marked the outbreak of diseases. And we are talking not about a single disease. A number of them, and they are all deadly to insects. In Udmurtia introduced bee quarantine. Yuri Shirobokov bees has been doing for 10 years. First got a couple of hives — for children, and then himself was involved. Gradually the apiary has grown. The problem of diseases of bees familiar, but still cope on their own. Yuri Shirobokov, beekeeper: \"Now all sorts of diseases appeared different. Treat every autumn from Vratsa, hasimotos Read more [...]
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The death of bees near Kaliningrad

Photo from the site: mordoviatv.ru on July 23. In the Kaliningrad region in pravdinskoye oil district beekeepers complain about the loss of bees due to processing fields with pesticides. In the district administration, however, argue that to compensate for the damage suffered by beekeepers, until there are sufficient grounds. Say, beekeepers were not sent the dead bees on the examination, therefore, it is safe to say that it was the cause of their death, it is impossible. Salazopyrine Pravdinsk district, reported the correspondent of Newspapers online, Amber Edge - Online Kaliningrad, spent Read more [...]
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The death of bees in Turkey

25 yulaw rush to protect the sunflower harvest, Turkish farmers have dealt the fatal blow to the bees. Farmland in Eastern Turkey provide a third of all the rich harvest of sunflower in the country. However, for processing fields are hazardous pesticides that protect crops from adverse events and factors, but kill the bees. Moreover, farmers use pesticides that have been banned by the Ministry of Agriculture of Turkey, since the results of the use of the drug in the past were so deplorable that now. Pesticides affect the nervous system of bees, which leads to loss of sense of smell, Read more [...]
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The Barbaric Lodge

Instance by Jason Holley     Example by Jason Holley POP Test A subscriber with settlin' on his intellect wrote to ask if it's Stillness Potential TO HOMESTEAD anyplace. Not therein nation. In 1976, Coitus repealed the Homestead Act of 1862, which given 160 demesne to anyone who would live and produce it for pentad geezerhood. That aforementioned, thither are opportunities. One anxious Kansas township, Marquette, is bighearted out two-thirds-of-an-acre plots to anybody who moves thither and builds a dwelling. Approximately countries, similar India, crack variable amounts of justify Read more [...]
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A swarm of bees attacked a trading caravan in Sudan, 11 people were killed

on 5 October. Attack of bees on a trading caravan in the West of Sudan has claimed the lives of more than 10 people, wrote on Wednesday Sudanese newspaper «Fortune Telling Lahsa» with reference to the witness of the incident. He said that four people died from the stings of bees on the spot, seven more died later. In addition, according to him, after this incident, about a dozen people remain unaccounted for. They went astray, trying to escape the insects. Source: RIA Novosti Read more [...]
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