Offset Chinese Passenger Out of Giro

The outset Chinese passenger to introduce the Giro d'Italia, Ji Cheng, has reclusive beforehand of the 6th leg because of a feverishness.Squad dr. Edwin Achterberg told the Associated Jam that Ji matt-up rattling debile and couldn't eat breakfast. "We don't deprivation to contract any risks. Wellness comes beginning."On the 5th point, the 25-year-old Argos Shimano passenger helped actuate mate Privy Degenkolb to triumph. Ji was the beginning Chinese passenger to conclusion the Spanish Vuelta, placing Hundred-and-seventy-fifth close yr. "I upright got cast during the dark, and it Read more [...]
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The 12-Year-Old Kayaking Genius’s Big Program

Salvia Donnelly had a intuition she could debate at this month's GoPro Deal Games in Vail, but she didn't experience fair how big she would go. The 12-year-old came into the challenger with a big win in the women's outdoors freestyle partition at the Reno River Fete in May, but she was too sledding up against reality sensation playboaters similar Emily Jackson and Pathos Gordon, a ruffian gang to heartbeat any day. . "I cerebration I had a middling goodness pellet if I got my drive and all my tricks," says Donnelly, who was the youngest whitewater competition at the games.But Donnelly Read more [...]
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Remote Clip, Mar 2014

    2014 Run Story: Set, Set, Go Cracked!You don't motivation a Ph.D. in envision geartrain. You don't fifty-fifty bear to pay an entering fee. To junction the roaring in weekend racing, good drumhead to the beginning business and let the rivalry commence. Summation: Meals and fittingness plans to service you conclusion beginning.A Boy and His PokeThey're monitoring ice current in the Galosh, function the Matterhorn—and mayhap one day delivering our pizzas. But are we set for abuzz aeriform robots to occupy our workaday adventures? Eric Hansen investigates.Descent in the MoxieI Read more [...]
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The NYC Marathon: A Rejoinder Chronicle

Runners hybridisation o'er the Pulaski Nosepiece into the Queens borough of New York during the New York Metropolis Marathon on Sunday, Nov. 3, 2013.     Exposure: Kathy Kmonicek/APYesterday daybreak I woke up and went for a run in Vista Parkland. It was empty-bellied, the trees red and galvanic white-livered, and I had the berth, which is commonly total of rockers and joggers, largely to myself. A temp wild. Sirens wailed in the outdistance as I ran up a minor grunge lead nigh the ballpark's easterly margin, and as I looped cover toward K Army Mall I headed toward the haphazardness. Read more [...]
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Hohlovka Architectural and Ethnographic Museum, founded. in 1971 in the village. Hohlovka Perm. region. In 1980 received the status of a branch of State. region. Local History. muses. On ter. muses. pl. 42 hectares are 13 memory. Wooden Architecture end of the XVII beg. XX century, incl. memory. Rep. values. Among them watchtower (early. Twentieth century., P. Targovishte), 200-year-old belfry (with. Cheese) Bogoroditskaya Church (1694, p. Tohtarevo), Church of the Transfiguration (the beginning. XVIII century., P. Yanidor Cherdynskii district), and sat down. fire station (beginning. XX century. Read more [...]
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HOLUNITSKY (Belokholunitsky, Glavnoholunitsky) ironworks

HOLUNITSKY (Belokholunitsky, Glavnoholunitsky) ironworks Regular. gene-l-prosecutor A.I.Glebovym on p. White Kholunitsa Sloboda have. Vyatka Province. in 1764 Zd repeatedly passed from hand to hand: Naib. long they have owned S.Ya.Yakovlev and his successors (1769-1828)), A.F.Poklevsky-Kozell and his successors (1874-1902). Enterprise Mfr. sheet metal from imported iron. MY. iron post. increased: in 1770 it was made 19.3 thousand., 1800 107 thousand., 1837 207 thousand. pounds. Products h da great demand in the markets of St. Petersburg. and Moscow, Kazan and Nizhny Novgorod. In the mid. and the Read more [...]
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PHYSICAL EDUCATION h. culture of the islands, the set of results in the improvement of the physical person. achieved through the strategic use of special tools, methods and conditions. Types FK .: base (physical education), sports, prof.-applied, recreational and rehabilitation, sanitary, recreational and recreational. It has long been elements of FK were an integral h. cum. fun and games. In the second floor. XIX century. W. early. formation of structures FK in Europe. sample. There were the first amateur sport on the islands of horse racing and cycling (1866, ECAT.). In 1896 the latter was awarded Read more [...]
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Teachers’ Seminary

Teachers' Seminary Wed pedagogical Account. institutions for teacher training early. school. U. first US was opened in 1876 at the Annunciation s de Ufa Province. US were 3-4 yearly. They were taken with the young man of 16 years who passed the entrance exam for the program 2-Cl. uch-ni. Most US W. were opened in the beginning. XX century. in connection with the growth of the beginning. schools and an increase in demand for teachers. By 1917 in Orenbah. uch. env. operated 14 US, including 1 female. Perm. In US trained Ch. arr. natives of the mountains. classes and a cross. The program US included Read more [...]
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URALELECTROTYAZHMASH a leading company in W. elektromashinostr. The project involved the comb that page. On the same site several. z-ing: turbo hydrogenerator, transformer, hardware, turbine and others. Uralelmashstroya 1932-1934 on the site of Sverdl. was built zd Uralelektromashina two Mfr. hardware and stove. The first products were oil switches voltage 20 kW. By 1941 hardware mfr. incl. Size 74 articles and was DOS. Furnace mfr. MY. electric arc furnaces with capacities from 0.2 to 30 tonnes for melting steel and nonferrous metals, as well as unique electric tempering of thin air pipes. The Read more [...]
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TYUMEN city, region. c. Tyumen region. Located on the river. Toure (tributary. Tobol) in 2144 km to the east of Moscow. Regular. in 1586 on the site of the Tatar city Chingi Tour taken Ermak in 1581. T. From 1709 part of the Siberian province., 1782 Tobolsk governorship, from 1796 Tobolsk Province. In the XVI-XVII centuries. Regular. us. of service people, which corresponded to its border position. T. played the role of an outpost of the development of Siberia and the Far B. A century after the foundation of its population of approx. 2 thousand. Pers. In October. Wood was burnt in 1695 and in Read more [...]
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INSURANCE originated in the second half. XVIII century. Max. successfully began to develop the first floor. XIX c., When there were joint-stock insurance company (S.A.K.), the number of k-ryh by 1917 reached 23 (including 3 foreign). S. W. was the beginning. at the end of the first floor. XIX century. The second Russian-tion of insurance and insurance-tion of the salamander, after to-rymi et al. S.A.K. have opened their branches in the U.. In DOS. branches S.A.K. opened in the province. and y. c., as well as large s-dah. In 1914, at. and lips. c. W. was 304 branch S.A.K. In Vyatka Province. there Read more [...]
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LINK forced removal of persons out of court of their place of residence with the mandatory settlement. in a particular area for the approved term. W. was born in end of the XVI in. After recovery. Uglich (May 1591), broke out in connection with the death of Tsarevich Dmitry, W. g.Pelym in 60 families were deported uglichan, h. were enrolled in Pashennoye cross., joined the rest of the local garrison, consisting of musketeers and Cossacks. There were exiled disgraced townspeople from Moscow and Kaluga, to-ryh obliged to handle the sovereign desiatinnaia arable land. In 1600 he was exiled in Pelym Read more [...]
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AVERAGE SCHOOL uch as the type. institutions beginning. formed on the W. in the XIX century. and consisted of up to 1919 dec. types of schools differed program, training terms and subject to different departments. In S.O.SH. allowed children already mastered in the beginning. school or at home the basics of reading, writing, arithmetic, and successfully pass the entrance test. Co-education of boys and girls up to the beginning. XX century. were not allowed, so there was male and female S.O.SH .. The first type S.O.SH. W. Steel 4-Cl. Men's Gymnasium Dept. cum. Education (1828-7 cells., 1871 7? Read more [...]
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Sugars Konstantin V.

Sugars Konstantin V. (1881?), In Russian. military leader, General al-Lieutenant (1919). Of the officer's family. He graduated from the Acad. General Staff (1908). Outcast. first world. War regiment., participation. Kornilov revolt in August. After October 1917. roar. arrested. In Sept. 1918 passed the line Eastern. fr., arrived in Ufa, and from there went to Omsk. Was at the headquarters of the gene la A.Noksa, then went to Vladivostok hands. training. Since Apr. 1919-L gene for orders under Kolchak, gene-l-Major. Since May, the beginning. Staff from June com. Zap. (3rd) arm. Gene-l-Lieutenant. Read more [...]
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The record high temperature in Japan

Record high temperature for February was recorded in 73 cities in Japan on Wednesday, reported the country's meteorological office. Almost half of the country was recorded temperature is above 15 °, on the southern island of Kyushu, in the south of the main Japanese island of Honshu, the thermometer rose above 20 °. It was on this site and concentrated city pobivshie record temperature.So, in Nagasaki daily temperature was 22,6 °, and was beaten by the temperature record of 120 years ago this time of year. In Osaka, the thermometer rose to 21,2 °, in Tokyo, the temperature was 16,6 Read more [...]
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PERM plywood mill

PERM plywood mill built in 1948-1956 in Nytva district of Perm. region. PFK major present-day. company with annual vol. 118-120 thousand. Cube. m plywood and communication. 140 thousand. Cube. m flakeboards (DSP). At night processed approx. 1500 cubic meters of timber on regular. zero waste Mfr. For the first time in the practice of industrial plywood. country built outdoor cooking bass. for hydrothermal processing of raw materials, commissioned mechanized line peeling, mechanized Sizer et al. objects. In 1958 the beginning. Manuf. plywood for export, in 1963 MY mastered. large-scale veneer, beginning Read more [...]
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Perevoznoye I, IA

Perevoznoye I, IA archaeological. memory, pos. and burial. Chelyaba. region., Argayashsky district, island transportable, sowing. h. lake. Argazi. Open N.A.Aleksashenko, Inst. N.A.Krutskih. Pos. laminated, contains finds from the Late Stone Age (second half. III beginning. II millennium BC.) to the era of the late yellow. in. (Early. I millennium AD.). Regular. complex of finds from the settlement. from worn-to Cherkaskul Mezhovsky and culture of the Wed and Late Bronze Age. in. (Ser. II beginning. I millennium BC.). Occupies the south-west. shore of the island, bounded by the west and east rocky Read more [...]
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Orenburg expedition (COMMISSION) (1734-44)

Orenburg expedition (COMMISSION) (1734-44) initiated by an academic geographer IK Kirilov in connection with the adoption in 1731 by the Kazakh Lesser Zhuz Russian citizenship. Her Task- page. At p. Oph city and fortification system, the establishment of bargaining. relations with the peoples of Aver. Asia. OE was staffed by officials, the military, experts in different fields, had a base in Ufa, Simbirsk and then back to the beginning. 1737 in Samara, was under the protection of regular troops, Cossacks and Mescheryakov. From 1734 to 1737 (source. IK Kirilov) was built 21 reinforcement, marked Read more [...]
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Orenburg province

Orenburg province formed by 15 March 1744 is located on the south-east country and included the vast expanses of South. W., Urals and Kazakhstan. Originally was composed of Ufa and Isetskaya wire .; fortress built by r.Yaiku, Sakmar; Yaik Cossacks; Zaur. Bashkirs. In 1745 in the OG included Stavropol province., in 1773 Samara (without y.). December 23. 1781 OG was abolished and DOS. it h. entered as O. region. Ufa in the governorship to-Roe lasted until December 12. 1796, when it was re-established OG Ts lips. Orenbah. (1744-1781, 1794-1802, 1865) and Ufa (1782-1797, 1802-1865). In 1804, OG was Read more [...]
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Tura city ​​region. subordination Sverdl. region., is 154 km to the north of ECAT. on the bank. Tours and pond. The first settlement. arose in 1754 when p. treasury iron-s-da at the foot of Mount-Shaitan. In 1824, near the village. was the beginning. development of gold-platinum placers. In 1852 there was built a weapon zd, later reconstructed into a prison (Ural Schlusselburg). By the end. XIX beginning. XX century. NT became a gold mining and metallurgical p. W., where smelted annually more than 700 thousand. Pounds. cast iron, iron and steel, Mfr. 60% of world production of platinum. In Read more [...]
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Site "Survival in the wild nature", glad to see you. If you come to us, it means you want to get complete information about survival in a variety of extreme conditions, in emergency situations. Man, throughout the development, sought to preserve and protect themselves from the various negative factors surrounding it - cold, heat, hunger, dangerous animals and insects.

Site structure "Survival in the wild nature" is simple and logical, selecting a specific section, you will find information. You will find on our website recommendations and practical advice on survival, unique descriptions and pictures of animals and plants, turn-based scheme to trap wild animals, tests and reviews of travel gear, rare books on survival and wildlife. The site also has a large section devoted to video on survival survivalist-known professionals around the world.

The main theme of the site, "Survival in the wild nature" - is to be ready to be in the wild, and the ability to survive in extreme conditions.

The Survival in the wild nature - how correctly to behave, it having appeared in an emergency situation. Ability to find a way out from any situation: to kindle a fire, to put traps, to prepare food, to arrange dwelling and a lodging for the night; to learn to knit knots, to clear water, to be guided by districts, correctly to choose equipment, a knife. Also you can download directories to tourists, encyclopedias survivals, video Bear Grills to Survive at any cost (Man vs. Wild).