Beijing Man Builds Apartment-Top Lot

Chinese government deliver tending a Beijing nonmigratory 15 years to level an unreal "flock" he reinforced lawlessly on top of a high-rise flat blockage. Neighbors say workers leased by Zhang Biqing, the psyche of a traditional music troupe, reinforced the 8,600-square-foot shake, corner, and bush-covered construction generally at dark, brush apart their complaints that the additions were prejudicious the edifice's geomorphologic unity."He was selfsame chesty," one neighbour, who asked not to be named, told CNN. "He could aid less around my complaints."Local urban Read more [...]
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Beijing raises the price of water

Water in the Chinese capital will rise from 22 December to 8%, the initiative of the authorities should contribute to a more economical use of water residents of the metropolis, according to Monday news portal "Sina". The cost of one cubic meter of water in residential buildings will rise to 4 billion yuan ($ 0.6). Over the past five years, one cubic meter of water cost 3.7 yuan. The last time the price of water rose in the capital of China in 2004.As explained by the city authorities, the price increase should contribute to "improving water use efficiency, increased use of wastewater, Read more [...]
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Beijing snow floods

On Sunday in the capital of China in connection with snowfall hit the city, which lasts for two days, was declared the second - "yellow" - the level of danger. According to meteorologists, the northern part of Beijing's level dropped for the last night of precipitation reaches 8.4 millimeters. Snowfall significantly impeded traffic on the roads, many motorists on Sunday chose not to use their own transport. According to China Central Television, in serious difficulties encountered in Beijing airport "Beijing Capital", but his work is still going on as usual, although because of the ice runway, Read more [...]
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China paralyzed by snow. Video

China attacked the strongest in the last 60 years snowfalls. Over the weekend, Beijing and vicinity Chinese capital covered 30-inch snow cover. More than 3,500 schools in Beijing and neighboring Tianjin have canceled classes on Monday. Winter Break for students extended indefinitely. By the authorities in the cities set up special squads for snow removal. Thousands of passengers were stranded at Beijing Capital International Airport: hundreds of flights delayed and dozens canceled. However, the airport management promises to renew the message soon. Dozens of snowplows clean runways. Traffic Read more [...]
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Beijing off the gas because of the cold snap

The Chinese capital because of the cold snap severely reduced the supply of gas to industrial enterprises, supermarkets, office buildings, wrote in a Wednesday newspaper "China Daily". A cold front brought air on Sunday in Beijing heavy snow and the lowest temperatures in 50 years: up to -16 ° Celsius. In this regard, in the city jumped 30% gas consumption: residents of the capital to escape the cold, including gas heaters. In this regard, the authorities considered a priority to ensure gas supplies to residential buildings, rather than in the premises of factories, shops and offices. According Read more [...]
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Meteorite over Beijing

In the vicinity of the Chinese capital for several days the search continues for a meteorite that fell from the sky in the evening on Wednesday. For his fall watched by thousands of Beijing residents caught up in the moment on the street. They describe it as a glowing object that quickly moved from the south-east and presumably fell in the highlands Bayhuashan. After the local observatory has confirmed that this was indeed a meteorite, and even provided video footage of his fall, many Chinese have rushed to find him. According to scientists, this cosmic body, if the search to a successful Read more [...]
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Beijing has covered spring snowfall

Heavy snow was falling asleep the eighth of March the Chinese capital. Due to bad weather closed to traffic 11 highways. In Beijing airport due to snow canceled 49 flights and delayed another 28 Monday morning were cleared three runways, but some aircraft simply iced. Authorities appealed to motorists with a warning to be careful on the roads, and on the possibility to use public transport. Note that even just a day ago, the people of the country marked the beginning of spring. However, meteorologists warn that the spring snowfall may last until early May. Source: True Read more [...]
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In Beijing, a raging dust storm. Video

Dust storm struck on Saturday at Beijing, bringing strong winds and tons of fine sand. City shrouded in a yellow veil, through which passes almost sunlight. Dust covers the streets, parked cars, enters the room. Before reaching the Beijing dust storm has created havoc in the north-western provinces of Gansu and Qinghai, Xinjiang ygurskom and Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, Inner Mongolia, where the complicated traffic movement and operation of the airport. Most Beijingers prefer to stay at home, those who still go out on business, wear gauze bandages. Source: Conduct Previous News: · Israel Read more [...]
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The sandstorm rages in Japan

Sandstorm has covered Japan Over the areas between the islands of Kyushu and Hokkaido raged cyclone. Strong winds, sometimes reaching more than 36 meters per second, rip off billboards and breaks trees, people get hurt. Authorities are asking the locals as much as possible not to leave their homes. Victim of sand-dust storm has already become one person, injured 46. Because of the dusty veil and squally wind in Japan canceled more than 100 domestic flights stopped traffic on some highways, suspended train ... In the cities of Osaka, Fukuoka and Takamatsu giant cloud of sand dust shrouded streets Read more [...]
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Sandstorms sunk to Hong Kong and Taiwan

Sand storms raging in China, got to Hong Kong and Taiwan. In Beijing and other cities, residents and tourists are forced to cover their faces with scarves, going outside. Graceful bridges tourist Hangzhou covered with sand and dust. Over the southern part of China hung sand clouds. Sand storms that struck China on Saturday, covered with sand, most cities in the country and got to the island of Hong Kong and Taiwan, reports Associated Press.Overgrazing, deforestation, urban sprawl and drought have led to the expansion of deserts in the north and west of the country. Now quicksand switched to Read more [...]
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Beijing again in the grip of a dust storm

China's capital once again covered the dust front. In the yellow haze of the house and drowned trees, visibility dropped sharply. Beijing weather bureau warned residents about the deterioration of the atmosphere, without the need for recommending not to go out. New dust storm that came from the northwest, the strength is not inferior to the previous one, which raged on Saturday and then shifted to Japan, South Korea and Eastern China. This past weekend the dust moving at speeds up to 100 kilometers per hour, covered 16 Chinese provinces over an area of ​​2 million square kilometers with Read more [...]
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Sandy Beijing. Photo

Red flags, orange sky. "The sandstorm from Mongolia reached Beijing on Monday morning. It is expected to weaken in the evening, "- said the representative of the capital's meteorological station. Raised by a strong wind clubs fine sand and dust, he said, went over the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, Shanxi and Hebei (North China). Meanwhile, the streets of Beijing and already covered with a yellowish layer gives the whole town "deserted" tone. The sky over the capital today, and not as orange as it was on Saturday, the smell of dust in the air is felt even more strongly, saying citizens. Few Read more [...]
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In China, a raging sandstorm

Western part of China covered powerful sandstorms. Many villages were plunged into darkness — the solar light is not making its way through a thick layer of sand. In the province of Gansu visibility on the roads does not exceed a few meters. Residents of cities covered by the element chosen not to go well, the street. According to experts, this is the strongest sandstorm in the region over the past 17 years. Chinese scientists have repeatedly stated that due to deforestation, urbanization and frequent droughts desert spread to 16 percent of the country. As a result, over the past half-century Read more [...]
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West China was plunged into darkness. Video

West China was plunged into darkness - in the region raging sandstorm, the strongest in 17 years Through the orange veil barely penetrate the sun's rays. Visibility in the province of Gansu - less than two meters. Stood the most important tracks of the country. People are advised not to go out. Over the past half-century such natural disasters in China have increased in six times. Desert is advancing, and according to environmentalists, the main reason for this - massive deforestation. Previous sandstorm swept over the country at the end of March - then sand covered 16 Chinese provinces. Source: Read more [...]
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Beijing faint from the heat wave

Orange threat level announced in Beijing in connection with the established in the heat, the temperature of the air in the Chinese capital reaches sorokogradusnuyu mark, said Monday's weather bureau of the Chinese capital. According to Chinese regulations, «orange threat» means that children and the elderly are strongly advised not to go out, and if China did not begin school holidays, classes in primary school would be canceled. According to meteorologists, during the day on Monday in Beijing air temperature warms up to 37 degrees or more. In the city in some areas, the Read more [...]
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In Beijing, the heat has burnt passenger bus

A regular bus completely burned on Tuesday in Beijing, local media reported. The fire happened at about 08:30 local time (4:30 MSK) in one of the busiest areas of the city Chaoyang. Information about the victims and the victims have not yet been reported. According to the initial estimations of experts, the bus caught fire the engine compartment, the reason could be the engine to overheat due to the continued heat in Beijing. According to meteorologists, on Monday and Tuesday in either Chinese capital, the thermometer rises above 40 degrees Celsius - that is, set a temperature record for these Read more [...]
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Hard without bread

Imagine what would happen if the drought this summer has not happened near Moscow, and under Chicago or near Beijing. Lester brown introduced - and he was afraid. Lester brown (Lester Brown) - perhaps the leading expert in the world on food security. A prolific author, he wrote more than fifty books and repeatedly personally rewrote the rules of debate in the area of food policy, for the first time making it his book \"Man, land and food\" of 1963. His most famous book \"Who will feed China?\" spoke in Washington, London and Beijing; the subject was the performance of agriculture in the Read more [...]
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In Beijing formed a ground collapse

China. Another failure on the road was formed in Beijing's Chaoyang district on June 19. Fortunately, no one was hurt. According to Chinese media, the long failure of about three meters, a depth of about two meters. Shortly after the incident to inspection pits arrived the staff of various departments: heat, water, sewer and roads, in order to determine who to repair. However, after inspection they said that the reason for the failure is not related to their offices and refused to repair this section of road. In the end, the repair has agreed to make the Beijing Electronic power Read more [...]
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Beijing has tightened smog

Air streams brought to the city of acrid smoke from the fires that burn in the surrounding villages. So with the onset of cold weather warm the poorest Chinese residents of wooden shacks - hatunov. Visibility on the roads - not more than a hundred meters, machines are in traffic, and people can barely breathe. Many Beijing today wearing medical masks, schools cancel classes, children and the elderly are encouraged to stay home. Environmentalists are sounding the alarm: in the air the Chinese capital - the whole periodic table. One of the reasons tailpipe: due to the rapid economic growth on Read more [...]
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Drought in China: Beijing one hundred days without precipitation

February 2011. Drought in China. The villagers Beijing suburb washing clothes in peloponesse and polasara the river. 's been a hundred days, as in the Chinese capital have not seen a single drop of precipitation. Especially from lack of water affects residents of the surrounding villages. The drought has also covered 8 provinces in Northern China, which has affected more than a third of the crops of winter wheat.According to the publication \"Face Daily\", in the village of Zhuankou, which is 85 km from Beijing, from drought killed all the trees of the Chinese chestnut. Since November of Read more [...]
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