Strong storm destroyed the port in Sochi. Video

Struck the Sochi storm led to severely damaged. Waves washed away in the sea of ​​the structures being built cargo port and destroyed the pier, designed to protect its waters. Three people are still missing. In Sochi, the storm washed away in a sea of ​​pile construction berths cargo port being built at the mouth of the river Mzymta. Element destroyed about 300 m defending the waters mall, damaged drilling rigs and a few taps, reports in Sochi. Element is also thrown on shore diving boat "Nord". Three members of the crew is still considered missing. In addition, Nizhneimeretinskaya Read more [...]
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Should I Spread Weewee Float Aft it Rains?

Via Shutterstock     Pic: andesign101A:Well-nigh coastal counties suggest masses to stop out of the piddle for 72 hours abaft it rains. Surfers run to deliver the hardest clock heeding this consultative because big storms much fetch big waves, alluring them to parachuting in whenever the breakers’s up, consultive be deuced. As a bather, jerky weewee belike isn’t as beguiling, but if you moldiness exit, hither’s what you’re risking.Force urine overflow that drains into oceans and lakes oftentimes contains high-pitched levels of faecal bacterium that can drive Read more [...]
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Two people were killed in the crash of a military aircraft in Yemen

The incident took place in the capital, Sanaa. The number of victims could vozrasti.Podrobnosti crash and the type of aircraft being investigated.Military plane crashes in Yemen, killing two people, said on Tuesday AFP. The incident took place in the capital, Sanaa. The number of casualties could rise. Details of the crash and the type of aircraft being investigated.Category: Factors and accident Read more [...]
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Chupacabra — a mysterious creature that sucks the blood of animals

Have you ever seen that you can not explain, for example, animals that live outside of nature, as it were? Or, perhaps, have heard stories about these creatures that come out of nowhere, leave strange marks on the ground and look at you with burning red eyes. Such beings are outside the scope of science, have been seen numerous eyewitnesses. Talk about them since ancient times. They are a source of night terrors and the myths and legends around the world. Monsters of the skies, forests and deep waters were part of an alternate history for thousands of years. The appearance of one of these creatures Read more [...]
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Life of the earth

Our planet seems solid and firm just because we can observe only a small part of it occurring in the process. Geologists say that if it were possible to show the long history of the Earth for a few minutes, before our eyes appeared a picture of writhing convulsively, waving like a living being, our planet's surface. All would be in constant motion and change. Of course, to see it in reality, we can not, but the rocks reveal the secrets of the earth. Nude on the cliffs on the mountains and in the valleys of the rivers can be judged, how was uplifting rocks that form a chain of mountains now. Read more [...]
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Strong storm destroyed the port of Sochi. Video

Fallen to Sochi storm led to severe damage. The waves washed away in the sea part of the structure being built cargo port and destroyed supposedly designed to protect its waters. Three people are still missing.In Sochi storm washed away in the sea part of pile construction berths cargo port being built at the mouth of the river Mzymta. Element has destroyed about 300 m jetty defended waters, damaged drilling rigs and a few taps, the correspondent in Sochi. The verse also stranded diving boat "Nord". Three members of the crew is still considered missing. In addition, the Read more [...]
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Risks associated with blurring the boundaries between the human and nonhuman

Powerful processes of genetic modification of people prosthetic body parts, including the elements of the brain, the brain connect to the computer, the transfer of consciousness computer and so create a new type of risk for people to understand that until quite difficult. The extent to which we can assume human being who added a few genes, and some removed? Are we ready to accept the status of any reasonable human being, have arisen on Earth, even if it has nothing to do with the man himself as a man does not believe and configured to people hostile? These issues are no longer purely theoretical Read more [...]
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Worthy replacement

The study showed that similar processes are observed stratification of juvenile offenders stable. They also differentiated into categories adhere criminal underworld traditions and occupying a certain position in the criminal world. According to NM Yakushina, in the last 15 years, stood out the categories of juvenile offenders, which, being connected informal norms are called "thieves in law", "wool", "dogs", "boy", "lowered" and t . etc. It is observed as in freedom, and in a number of special schools for juvenile offenders, VTK. The participants Read more [...]
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According to the city of Vitebsk

In the area of Polotsk - Vitebsk acting operations group NKVD of the USSR, under the leadership of Comrade Major. Morozova , ranging up to 1,900 soldiers and commanders. Comrade group. Morozova  is actively undermining work behind enemy lines. In April of the current year in the operative group were the following deserters from the "Battle of the Union of Russian Nationalists": 1. Vedernikov  Fedor, 1911 birth, being. Battery Commander 23rd Infantry Division of the 11th Army in August 1941 under the Great Luki, being wounded, was taken prisoner by the Germans. 2. Leonov  Dmitry Petrovich, Read more [...]
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Professional solidarity

There were evenings when orders were so many. Yu then transferred them to another part of the "firm", where the hostess was a woman named Ingrid. They say she Estonian - however, no one really knows. Moreover, that find it "firm" the investigating authorities failed. This evening ... Ingrid asked the guards to insure the girls on the show her questionable call. We agreed that since you need two, one girl will be from Ingrid, the second - from Igor. All in all fairness. The apartment includes two guards - like anything suspicious. They called the girls. Then shots rang Read more [...]
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