Myths and signs is not obliged to believe

Part 2.On the bad biting carp late autumn written dozens of articles. This myth turns away from the fishermen themselves trying to catch carp, for example, at the end of October or in November, even in December.Pernicious Myth stable «I was prescribed» in many regions of Russia, even in the southern region, where carp nibble there all year round, is the usual, familiar to local fishermen. In my opinion, the myth of stability contributes to the careless attitude of the fishing community to tackle a device designed to pozdneosenney fishing. Thus, the length of the rods used rarely exceeds Read more [...]
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Trust and believe!

The rain started as soon as he went out of the gate. "It's nice, of course, a little, but not to return the same because of this," - thought Nicholas, and included "wipers". Was there any sense in this trip, only God knows. And who, besides Him, will understand this, definitely abnormal people who are called by hunters? Grandma teen Kolka even when he says: «Who hunts and fishes, from that nothing ever will be! Pampering all this fun for idlers».No, I do not listen to it then a wise old woman. And hanging around with ruzhishkom through the fields, forests, swamps yes. Read more [...]
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Do not believe your eyes?

Photo Seeds Pluzhnyk With great interest in reading «HORN» an article about the reception Tula OOiR American gooseries that his virtuoso brass Manco with weak disguise in front of everyone put their stuffed flock of wild geese Russian. I myself have been nearly 20 years a big fan of this challenging and exciting hunting and do not think of spring without goose hunting where I sit from dawn to dusk to 12–Bezvylazno 14 hours in a tent. I know from experience the exceptional care of these intelligent, sensitive and watchful birds. Therefore, the requirement to cover Read more [...]
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So believe in omens!

Fishermen and hunters - being superstitious. Even the nesuevernye in anything and believe. And for the superstitious better not to approach: the wrong side, the luck did not wish, a woman with a bucket to go around half a kilometer account.I'm probably the first category, that is, like it is not superstitious, but when any sign of a sudden fall – still stirs the soul. Many will overcame, that is, put a reverse (type unparsed landing net or cage prior to fishing), but with some struggle, that is perekolodovyvayu. Do you know how perekoldovyvayutsya signs? You think what a shamanic techniques? Read more [...]
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What will happen in 2012 if power supply is not going to happen.

Encountered in the life of people with statements that BP - this is nonsense. Doomsday predictions have been and will be, and all those who benefit from it, warm hands on the Simpleton. Yes, in principle, that there even agree with them in part. Only here for the article ran, which was not written fanatical loonies, not questionable scientists, and a normal organization, leading to official estimates the influence of different lifestyles on the environment:"August 21, 2010 the Earth's inhabitants squander all the capital that the planet at their disposal. Terrible statistics led an independent Read more [...]
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    During this quiet time, weary cares of the day, the multitude cometh to Shallow ford. And not just to meet After working up the cattle, but also spread the good or thin news. Senior - particularly, its power herd keep young people - that clamoring wedge giggle yes scoff, seem to want. Well, we sholupen shabby, sit on a perch-Pryaslin yes its a tweet.     Herd will not soon seem, and his birthmark already hear anything from afar. Splash of water, gurgling, snuffling, roaring, bleating cause a joyful feeling. Here at last was the seen quiet measured Read more [...]
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In Tomsk, from 25 ° to 0 °, and snow.

On 12 May. Abnormal weather occurs in Tomsk. Here, after a few days of summer heat with a temperature of 25 ° C the snow fell, accompanied by very strong winds. Its performance is up to 20 m / second. Now the city is about 0 ° C. Forecasters believe that the cold will hold in the region before the end of the week. Meteorologists believe that the cause of the cooling was the arrival of the Arctic anticyclone. Tomsk. May. Snow ... "Wind north ... The average daily temperature is below normal ...". This is all the quotes from the weather forecast Tomsk Center for Hydrometeorology in the second Read more [...]
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The Bahama Islands are threatened by Igor

Hurricane «Igor» formed in the Atlantic ocean, is gaining momentum. By the end of the week he can reach the Bahamas. Now «Igor» located near Bermuda and is moving westward with a speed of 16 kilometers per hour. The speed of wind gusts in the range of a natural disaster is 241 kilometers per hour. The power of a hurricane is measured by four points on a scale the Saffir-Simpson. Experts from the National centre for monitoring hurricanes in Miami believe that «Igor» may increase to 5-th category in the next 12 hours, according to the «Interfax».It Read more [...]
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Unusual clouds hung over Krasnodar

Today, 21 July, 17:00 GMT in Krasnodar it was possible to observe the clouds, like the plumage of a huge bird. According to witnesses, residents of the capital of the Kuban, the sight they saw for the first time. Some of them believe that it is a sign, but who sent it to us earthlings, it is not yet clear.If you believe the folk signs, these are the kind of scary clouds - a harbinger of trouble. Or to be more precise, it is a sign that soon will start a storm, heavy rain with gusty winds, which can lead to a natural disaster. Meteorologists are not yet commented on this natural phenomenon.Source: Read more [...]
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A huge failure in Kansas

August 3, 2013. Residents of a small community in Western Kansas talk about the incident, and that they can't believe it. Something inexplicable happened and has left people in awe. First, the people of the County Wallace only heard rumors and not everyone believed them. However, after they were able to see the photo were amazed. \"I think it looks like insanity,\" said one local resident. It seems so crazy that causes people to flock in a remote area North of Sharon springs, to see with their own eyes what happened.\"How can this happen? What influenced it? About such questions are eyewitnesses Read more [...]
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The military threw a shadow on the seismologists.

on March 13. Officers of the Western military district showed reporters how the destruction in the very near to the city landfill Elizavetinka. Hoping thus to prove their innocence to the oscillations of the earth recorded by seismograph and caused the dissatisfaction of the inhabitants of the Northern districts of St. Petersburg. Of course, they do not believe it. Too convenient in this situation to blame the military. The latter has its own version: they believe that the hype may be advantageous to seismologists.In order to understand that the military has nothing to underground tremors Read more [...]
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In the beginning of autumn in Kirov bloomed cherry

on August 30. Residents of apartments in Valadarski street 150 not believe their eyes. In the yard many years grew red cherry, what were pleased with the locals. It turned out that the fans berries have all chances to try this year, second harvest hybrid cherry.Once out into the yard to relax and smell the blooming of cherry, didn't hardly believe it myself, because the yard is almost autumn! Walked up to the bushes and froze, next to the ripe red berries were flowering branches. - says the resident of the house Gennady Russians. - Went out into the yard, another neighbor, was surprised, Read more [...]
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In the middle of autumn in Shymkent bloomed lilac

Ordinary miracle - in the town of blooming lilacs.   October 10. A resident of the neighborhood Tassay Love Nesterenko did not expect such a turn of events, when tearing off the Bush with old leaves.\"I think - Yes? plants with old sheets will stand, better throw them to the pigs for food. And that's where I broke the old, the plants appeared new branches, which blossomed,\" says Love Nesterenko.The first buds on the lilac appeared a week ago. Then the owner of the tree was frightened that they will freeze and cut a few branches.\"7th my husband's birthday. And I gave him this Read more [...]
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England: the Rumors about the earthquake likely related to aviation

on 12 January. Residents of the North-East of England believe that survived the earthquake today, because I felt the swaying of the buildings. But experts believe that low-flying aircraft. The British geological survey (FGP) reported that they received a series of calls from residents of Northumberland, Mystery and wear, reported that he heard the low hum that the whole house shook, and one of the callers reported very strong «babache». The representative of the press service FGP told the following: — We reviewed data from our seismic network of sensors and found the surge Read more [...]
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Stigmata — signs of Christ’s Passion

We all know that the hands and feet of Christ was pierced with nails, on his head he wore a crown of thorns, scratching his forehead and scalp. And his chest was pierced by a spear. For more than 750 years in some people appear signs of Christ's passion, which are called stigmata. They appear in the form of bloody wounds on the hands, as if they were hammered nails, in some cases, such as wounds appear on his feet. Some owners have the stigmata wounds on the forehead that resemble scratches and pricks of the crown of thorns, and someone on the back appear bloody streaks that look like footprints Read more [...]
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Farmers a Serbian villages for fear of vampires carry garlic and crosses

Always, keep the garlic, the cross and be on the lookout - vampires can be next. That, at least, consider a remote Serbian village peasants nucleation, lost between the slopes of the mountains and forest jungle. The local council has warned residents to carry in their pockets and put garlic in rooms wooden crosses that protect from evil spirits. All of these "precautions", of course, are intended to attract visitors to one of the poorest regions on the border with Bosnia.Many local farmers are aware that Sava Savanovic, the most famous vampire in the country, is a fictional character. Read more [...]
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Apocalypse alone and options — many

The basic version of what will happen December 21, 2012, originated from the interpretation of the Mayan calendar, which ends exactly on this day. This date is seen as the latest in the 5125-year cycle of the Mesoamerican calendar, built on the Long Count (each era Maya consists of 13-year- b'ak'tunov, which is about 5125 years).The Indians believed that the time - this is not a straight line, and the cycle. Each cycle is determined by the Age of the Sun. According to the ancient Mayan knowledge, has come down to us, we live in the era of the Fifth Sun. And on the day of the winter Read more [...]
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Apocalypse. Main course — the person

Whether or not we believe in the apocalypse, but the promised end of the world in 2012 very little time left. It is time to provide for their own way of salvation. Where to wait for trouble? What will be the end of the world? The danger may come as a huge meteorite alien assault and deadly viruses. And then the land may become uninhabitable ... but there are ways to avoid a global catastrophe? The crew of the documentary "Apocalypse" - are journalists, first of all to obtain reliable information about where to build bunkers, which will save humans from certain death. Presenter Read more [...]
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The world is the day of thank you

Today is the International Day "thank you." It is believed that the Russian word for "thank you" was born in the 16th century is often spoken of the phrase "God save us." Interestingly, the roots of the English counterpart - Thank you - also go deeper simple gratitude. This suggests that the Russian "thanks" and "thank you", spoken in almost all languages of the world, were and are important to the culture of any nation. It is known that conservatives do not use the word "thank you", they avoid it in his speech, because they believe Read more [...]
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Apocalypse 2012: An experiment with a sense of humanity. Who benefits?

12/06/2012Requests "Nibiru" and "Mayan calendar" now are the most popular on the Internet. On the phrase "end of the world" Google finds more than 10 million pages. Obviously, everyone is waiting too long to December 21, 2012. Versions, where we expect hundreds of trouble, but where lies the real threat to humanity?Media over the past few years focused misinform and intimidate people. Whose order they perform? To whom is the uncertainty about the future of mankind? Who benefits that the person stopped thinking about pressing issues of food and living conditions, Read more [...]
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