Tukansky quarry or mine is located in the village of Toucan, in the far west region of the Republic of Bashkortostan Beloretskogo, 117 km from the city Beloretska.Mestorozhdenie is part of the so-called Zigazinsko Komarovsky-iron-ore district. It comes with more Tukanskim Upper Karandinskoe field. Total area consists of 25 fields ironstone elongated narrow strip in the meridional direction for 40 km.

History Tukanskogo deposits of iron ore began in 1888, when a timber ND Shamov on earth the paid forest cottages found outputs ironstone applicable for industrial use. Soon then began work for the production of raw materials for Beloretsk plant, which then had a trading house "Vogau and Co". Germans differed that invested heavily in the development Beloretsk plant, also in the social base. For example, the toucan has been constructed including the clinic. Toponymy word "toucan" is very exciting, unless it is a folk etymology. With Bashkir translated as "blood bag". In other words ore wage workers Read more [...]
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There is a version that the narrow-gauge railway on this site was demolished by reason of the parish in Beloretsk ways broad gauge from the South, from Magnitogorsk. Yes, the appearance in Beloretsk ways broad gauge connected Beloretsk with the rail network across the country, partially solved the transportation problem. At first glance it obvious? Do not hurry up with conclusions. Who belonged to the narrow gauge railway at the time of parsing of this site? BMC, or more precisely the Ministry of ferrous metallurgy. Now, the plot Katav Ivanovsk — Arsha was transferred to the Ministry of transport. This was done just before closing. And the Ministry of transport, with a perseverance worthy of a better cause began to pick out from taiga rails and sleepers. Why? Yes to alter this section on the broad gauge. It did not come, but more on that further.

The ruins of the station. The former station Yuryuzan.Immediately, some research groups are sent to a completely different site. Faced with the task to prepare a draft connection Beloretsk with UVA direct rail links. Of course, that suddenly Beloretsk suddenly became so important for the country? No way! Beloretsk for the authorities was on the drum. It's just a matter North of Beloretsk outright 2 impressive mountain peaks of Erimes, Yamantau. Specifically these arrays and was intrigued by the authorities. The time then was alarming, and the war between capitalists led by the Americans and the Read more [...]
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Carved trim Tirlyana and Byeloretsk

Carved trim and a whole embellishment homes found particularly focally. As tradition or local fashion. One of these focal sites of original culture is a town and a village Beloretsk Tirlyan. In these localities of virtually all of the houses are decorated with high quality thread. With all the elements of decor are approximately similar and solar symbols, colors and different outlet squiggles, had probably at one time also a special meaning. Unlike Beloretsk settlements from other places also practiced carved, this dominance of pure white color.

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The ridge bunks. The southern part of

And so, under the bunks is best Inzer showered from the village, as in this case, a principal transportation hub. Until Inzer can be reached by train, train. Through it passes a line-Ufa Beloretsk. In Inzer you can get off the train, stop the car and take a bus, after Beloretsk or else hire a taxi. It is in the Inzer. Web as they say for you to help in this case, since the numbers of operators are constantly changing. From Inzer way to turn up on the bunks will be about 16 km. Landmark - left immediately after the pass, the highest point on the road before reaching the village Berdagulovo will Read more [...]
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Winter Tirlyan

In Kage I was in the summer, in the winter Tirlyan got. Both of these villages, as it seemed to me the most picturesque in the Mountain Bashkirii.Voobschem standing virtually deadlocked road (the only pair of villages) Tirlyan seemed to me one of the most surreal and beautiful places that I beheld. Not in vain is a legend that he was given the title of German engineers, affected these places off the beaten path: Tier Land Animal edge.At first glance to get a non-trivial task in Tirlyan. The schedule listed two flights, and almost one at 12:10, because the second (about 6 pm) is one way. I hasten Read more [...]
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Zauralskaya Bashkiria. Beloretsk Magnitogorsk-Sibai. Summer

But it is very original and truly Asian nature. Removing these shots from the carriage window, I went from Magnitogorsk in Beloretsk, and besides, at sunset in other words in this gallery time goes backwards. But what really is the logic of the story is more important. Text in this time to a minimum just mountains and steppes of the train window. And by the way, although the picture was photographed almost three years back, a huge part of them I have never spread.   The familiar mountain robin (1152m), overhanging the Beloretsk summer looks so. In fact almost the same as in winter. Apparently, Read more [...]
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Zauralskaya Bashkiria. Beloretsk Magnitogorsk. Winter.

In-2, and in this band, I really do not beheld in the largest city of its Sibai in 2008, I spent half an hour at the station and for some reason did not even made any 1-frame. Well popravde practically nothing exciting in Zauralskaya Bashkiria and there, except that Sibai pit (depth under 600 meters!).   Now show winter road from Byeloretsk Magnitogorsk pass through the loveliest Uraltau and completely insignificant of Magnitogorsk. From Beloretsk to Magnitogorsk train goes almost three hours, and a bit more than an hour taxi. Walks every half-hour. The bus station in Beloretsk placed in the corner Read more [...]
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Verkhneuralsk tract

In designing Verhneuralskiy tract adopted specific role engineer Sergeev. Tract was used to transport him to bread products Beloretsk plants, products from Central Asia and salt. On the highway at certain distance was picketed, or like at the moment they were christened roadblocks to protect. In a later time after the construction Verkhneuralsk tract has been upgraded, but so far on the way there are pieces of an old road in the form of bridges or other engineering structures. Verkhneuralsk path passes by natural attractions. such as a cave and waterfall Kukrauk Salavat. At the current time Verkhneuralsk Read more [...]
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Beloretsk RB village Upper Avzyan. Kazan-BOGORODSKII CHURCH

Closed tserkovv 1930, when Russian authorities neyraspolagalsya club. Belfry and barabanbyli completely destroyed unichtozhenyfreski. The last abbot peredzakrytiem church was about. Matthew YakovlevichFedorov that repression was soon died in the construction of the White Sea Canal. The temple was vozvraschenlyudyam only in 1992, he predstavlyaetopredelenny enthusiasm in terms of religious architecture zreniyaistorii diocese can be seen in the local architectural kachestvepamyatnika znacheniya.Sluzhba long passes in the narthex, vnebolshom room where ustanovlenvremenny altar. Religious hodsovershaetsya Read more [...]
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Beloretsk Metallurgical Plant

Beloretsk Metallurgical Plant In 1994, transformed into a joint-stock company BMK, founded. in 1750 on the river. White Verhneur. y. Orenbah. lips. (Now Beloretsk) I.B.Tverdyshevym and I.S.Myasnikovym. The company had a blast furnace, bloomery repartition, several. hammers, ore shipped with, the Magnetic, products 3.9 thousand. pounds. iron in exported in Nizhny Novgorod. In end of the XVIII in. zd becomes c. Beloretskogo mountain env., Becomes the property of A.Pashkova heirs-cerned owned it until 1870. After the abolition of serfdom right early. drop Manuf., and zd was sold on the joint-stock-woo Read more [...]
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Beloretsk plant

But for a long time it was not possible to operate the plant. In 1773, a rebellion broke out, led by Pugachev and metallurgical neighborhood for some time, it was in his heart. Historical chronicles convey to us that factory workers occupied unlike many plants, aggressive side of Pugachev and for a long time successfully repelled the attackers attack the plant. It was only in January 1774 Beloretsk plant was captured by Pugachev. During the uprising plant suffered severe losses. Human loss amounted to 776 people. The plant was rebuilt two years after the suppression of the uprising in 1777 and Read more [...]
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BELORETSK (Larionov) Gregory Prokofievich

BELORETSK (Larionov) Gregory Prokofievich (19 (31) .01.1879, Beloretskij zd, Ufim. Lip. 06 (19) .1913 g.Skopin, Ryazan. Lip.), Writer and folklorist. Rod. salesman in the family. He graduated with a gold medal Ufim. high school (1896) and the Military honey. Acad. in St. Petersburg. (1901). Served as a military doctor. The first significant publ. Article Factory ditty (gas. Lv. Life, 1901). B. Total recorded more than 500 factory and domestic ditties. In the stories and essays of cum. household W. (sufferer, Anniversaries, late autumn, and others.) brought the gallery of heroes, disappointed Read more [...]
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BELORETSK narrow-gauge railway. Beloretsk Zaprudovka

Trading House Vogau and the company made a native of Germany, Maximilian Vogau was at that time in the Russian Empire in the first lines of capitalization and had all and sundry. It seems that at the moment uttered factories and steamboats. Yes, it was true. In this regard, Beloretsk plant lucky and  production development were invested, upgraded. But there was a question about the export of finished products. Usually the products of Beloretskogo plant exported or on horseback, or on barges Kolomenka by a huge snow-white water. On the Trans-Siberian railways seal, there is a chance the plant Read more [...]
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BELORETSK of p-tion n. Rep. Bash. Situated 350 km southeast of the from the city of Ufa. The first settlement. arose in 1762 in connection with the construction of the merchants Tverdyshev IB Myasnikov and IS met. h-huh. In 1926 the village. Beloretskij zd granted the status of B. met. comb-t is the only enterprise in Russia a full cycle: yellow. iron ore steel wire rod rolling-wire. BMC has several. branches of the narrow-gauge railway, connecting comb t-Turkana Zigazinskim ore deposits, sheet-rolling Tirlyanskim s-house and village. Inzer. In B. are metalworking zd, zd automotive springs and Read more [...]
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