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In the German calendar found prediction resignation of Benedict XVI

In the German calendar 2013 Karicartoon found prediction resignation of Pope Benedict XVI, which he announced on February 11, the newspaper Bild. In the satirical calendar publisher Espresso corresponding cartoon was posted on the turn with the date of February 10.The picture shows the Pope in front of the TV. He compares the completed lottery ticket with the results broadcast on TV. When he realizes that he has won, my dad says, "O Lord my God! Tomorrow I shall resign! "February 11 Benedict XVI actually announced his decision to leave the Holy See.The author of the cartoons was prophetic Read more [...]
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New pope will be the last before the end of the world

According to the prophecy of the popes made a saint Malachy, the successor Benedict XVI is the last pope, and then come to an end. According to the prophecy of the popes made a saint Malachy, after the abdication of the 111th account of the Pope, Benedict XVI, from the throne, the world is headed for disaster. Malachi saint in the 12th century after his death, left the manuscript, which was found only 450 years later. In "Prediction of the Roman popes" he described all the pontiffs who were to take the throne of the Vatican, from Celestine II (1143). In particular, it predicted Read more [...]
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Benedict XVI will be closed after the abdication of the world, but the problem of two dads will remain

The Catholic Church Benedict XVI, announced the decision to abdicate, plans to continue to disappear from public view. Earlier it was reported that the pontiff retire to a convent."But even if I stop to lead worship, I'll always be with you all. I am sure that you will be with me, even if I'm hidden from the world," - said the Pope during the appeal to the clergy.On March 1, after his resignation, Joseph Ratzinger will probably carry the title of "honorary bishop of Rome." In this case, the Vatican has not yet decided how after February 28 will be officially leaving Read more [...]
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Benedict XVI will go live after the abdication of the convent

Pope Benedict XVI, who said on the eve of his withdrawal from the throne, went to live in a convent on the Vatican Hill. This is with reference to the Vatican spokesman Federico Lombardi reports Associated Press. There's 85-year-old pontiff will indulge in prayers and meditation. $ CUT $ Immediately after the abdication of the Holy See, which is expected to officially take place February 28, 2013, Benedict XVI will spend some time at Castel Gandolfo, reports news agency RBC, specifying that this place is the summer residence of popes near Rome. February 11, 2013, Pope first time in nearly Read more [...]
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Heavenly sign: on the night after the announcement of the abdication of the Pope in Saint Peter’s dome was struck by lightning

Late in the evening of 11 February, after Pope Benedict XVI announced his abdication from the throne of Rome storm broke. With one of the lightning struck right in the dome of St. Peter's.Representatives of religious bodies can only wonder if it was an accident or a special sign from heaven.On the ground, the reaction to the resignation of the Pope is ambiguous. Many European political and religious leaders have already said they believe the act of Benedict XVI courageous and deserving of respect.In the Russian Orthodox Church said they did not expect Benedict XVI after the departure Read more [...]
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Backroom Vatican protects the pope from the new revelations

After the scandal with leaking secret documents to the Italian press, the Holy See has strengthened security measures. All citizens of the Vatican will get special access card. Protect Document Pope will "kibersvyaschennik» Slovenian Mitja Leshkovar.According to the new requirements of the Vatican, all employees of the papal office and its subordinate institutions in the near future will be the code card. These cards will allow them to open the doors and gates of the Vatican. The new permit system will allow the Pope and his entourage to receive accurate information about who and Read more [...]
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U.S. will choose a new Pope

Voice of the U.S. will be the most influential voices in Italy after the election of a new pope, the article on the website of TV channel NBC News."Eleven of the cardinal electors, nearly 10 percent of the conclave will be Americans. This is the largest share of that has ever been in the U.S., although in the United States historically live a great number of Catholics, "- says the publication.Pope Benedict XVI promoted the strengthening of American influence in the Vatican. Last year, he appointed three new American cardinals, increasing the total number of cardinals to 19 Americans. Read more [...]
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Renunciation of the Pope and the meteor rain — the signs of the end of the world?

Meteor rain, approaching Earth asteroid and lightning in the Basilica of St. Peter - these rare events during the week, caused a stir on the Internet. Some bloggers have linked to the statement of Pope Benedict XVI, who intends to February 28 to step down, and came to the conclusion ... is coming to an end. On Friday morning, in five Russian regions was recorded meteor rain. Russians have seen the fall of car - a very bright meteor, like a ball of fire. He left a trail of smoke, his flight was accompanied by a strong sound wave. Eyewitnesses also reported explosions. NASA experts have Read more [...]
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Benedict XVI found a bug in the calendar. Scientists have long debated about when Christ was born

Pope Benedict XVI believes in the Christian calendar mistake, in which the Pope blames monk Dionysius the Little, who lived in the VI century, writes the Daily Mail. In their calculations the age of Jesus Christ that was mistaken for a few years, says the Pope. Their observations Benedict XVI wrote in his book about the life of Christ, which on Wednesday published in 50 countries. He believed that Christ was born a few years earlier, the newspaper said. Scientists have long debated about the birth date of Jesus Christ. Some believe that it happened between 6 and 4 BCE Surprisingly, Benedict Read more [...]
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Bush's lies and fabrications

I do not like to seem vindictive man, I promised myself to wait and see what would unfold contradictions between Bush and his European allies on the vital subject of climate change. But George W. Bush went too far by making a statement that we read the AP. The U.S. president said that he would go to the Vatican "with a very open mind and ready to listen daddy" and assured that they share a "values such as respect for life, human dignity and freedom." "History has demonstrated that democracies do not declare war on each other and therefore the best way to strengthen the Read more [...]
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