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Gifts of our forests

Dried raspberries in tea or raspberry jam - the most popular antiprostudnoe means. Photo: Anton Zhuravkov Our forests are not only rich in timber, under the canopy of the invaluable wealth produced annually in the form of berries and mushrooms. In the middle zone of cutting and a few pine trees, common wild raspberries. It is not such a big as its cultural relatives. However, the utility and their taste is much more interesting.Dried raspberries in tea or raspberry jam – antiprostudnoe most popular resort. Leaflets raspberries (fresh or dried) to make any tea a pleasant taste Read more [...]
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Tea from the needles and berries

In extreme situations need to focus on what matters most, in that it allows to survive, balancing on the thin line. Water, food, rest… How boring. But sometimes, it is enough to show a little ingenuity to a severe test to introduce some unexpected solutions to raise energy levels, mood etc. Why just water? Why raw frogs for lunch? You need to improvise. Somewhere a little more heat, but to cook something. Bake or grill fish, instead of eaten raw. Even if a bummer to kindle a fire to cook or warm up – still kindle! This will really lift your mood, and instinctively charged primal energy Read more [...]
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Scoop Foods for Athletes: Berries

Berries     Exposure: Shutterstock/Africa StudioAntioxidants such as vitamins A, C, and E helper protect against oxidative strain and dislodge radicals that manakin in the consistency during straining strong-arm activeness—and berries are one of the better sources out thither, says Lewin. (Fillip: Feeding dozens of antioxidants too look to avail maintain musculus effectiveness as you age, according to a 2009 survey.) "Take berries with the virtually acute colours—blackberries, raspberries, blueberries—because they birth more of those phytochemicals and protective Read more [...]
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survival greenish pharmacy

The common cold is a common title, refers to a group of lung, but contagious infections of the upper respiratory tract, leading to inflammation of the mucous membrane of the nose and larynx. Symptoms usually develop after one day or two after the person has been exposed to the virus. Chilled person is contagious for about 2 or 3 days starting from the day the other day of the onset of symptoms. From cold there is no cure, but there are certain measures that mitigate the symptoms during treatment - it usually takes about a week.If you have a cold, you have a higher body temperature - you definitely Read more [...]
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Lightning struck in the berries

Yesterday under Kauguri in the forest from lightning suffered two berries, inform the emergency medical services. The service representative Laura Bundule said that such injuries ambulance had ever experienced. A girl of 18 years and a boy of 21 years were collected in the forest blueberries, when the storm began. Lightning struck the girl, and the discharge through the body held the gold chain on the neck. As a result, she scorched hair and traces of burns on various parts of the body. Burns are not as bad as if she was the victim of a fire. Second berries lightning caught off guard Read more [...]
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survival hunger aunt

DRYING THE GARDEN AND BERRIES.* DRYING ROSE HIPS.In the middle zone hips are harvested in September, when the berries get eye-catching orange-red color. When gathering to keep the stem and receptacle, then the loss of vitamin C during drying will be less. For drying select Mature fruits vysokovitaminnye species hips. The fruits are dried immediately after gathering, to avoid loss of vitamins. Thin skins - whole, and thick - cut in half and immediately removing the seeds and hairs. The fruit is sorted, sorted by ripeness and wash in cool water. Sepals delete is not recommended because it is associated Read more [...]
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How to save the extracted food

If it becomes necessary to save the extracted meal, you can do so: Fish catches can not be stored for long periods in water - fish becomes flabby. It should be wrapped in nettles and put in recess dug in the ground; then it during the day or two is still fresh. To keep the fish for a longer period, it should be salt, provyalit or soot. Salting fish two ways. 1) Semuzhny Ambassador (dry method). Gutting fish (without removing the scales) or cut along the spine and deploying carcass on two planes (bedded method), or along the belly, then get full carcass. In this case it is better to use bedded Read more [...]
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For tourist: Lingonberry

A perennial evergreen plant - shrub up to 30 cm Rhizome creeping, erect stems, leaves small, leathery. Grows in thickets bolshennymi bilberry pine, cheese-pine dolgomoshnike, in the pine-red bilberry, where untainted pines mixed with some birch.WARNING!When collecting lingonberry should keep in mind that in places where it may be growing white mushrooms, boletus, mushrooms (real and yellowish). Hunters also need to be careful, because frequent meetings in cowberry with bear, moose, lynx, wolf, martens, hares, badgers, foxes, and, of course, with grouse, grouse and hazel. Blooms in Read more [...]
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Tourist note: processing and storage of berries

Berries after harvest should be subject to the respective processing, otherwise they will deteriorate rapidly. Usually to prevent spoilage resort to subsequent method of home canning.Preserving using sugarDryingPreservation by the action of the highest temperature.Salting, pickling, urinating.Marinating.WARNING!Before you begin the process of processing of berries, you need to keep in mind about some of mandatory rules, the implementation of which should be mandatory. For canning should be used only healthy and ripe berries, but because of their collection in the forest or Read more [...]
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The Raging Register

    Exposure: Representative by Jason HolleyQ) Do any cannibalistic societies be tod? Craig Collins, Santa Rosa, California A) THE TWO TRIBES known to birth good cannibalism about lately are the Prow of Papua New Guinea and the Wari of westerly Brazil, both of which had disposed up feeding citizenry by the Sixties, at the urgency of colonizers. "The Wari ate their enemies afterward war as a way of expressing ira and scorn for them," says Vanderbilt anthropology prof Beth Conklin, who lived with the Wari in the Eighties and interviewed many sometime cannibals. "They Read more [...]
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In the beginning of autumn in Kirov bloomed cherry

on August 30. Residents of apartments in Valadarski street 150 not believe their eyes. In the yard many years grew red cherry, what were pleased with the locals. It turned out that the fans berries have all chances to try this year, second harvest hybrid cherry.Once out into the yard to relax and smell the blooming of cherry, didn't hardly believe it myself, because the yard is almost autumn! Walked up to the bushes and froze, next to the ripe red berries were flowering branches. - says the resident of the house Gennady Russians. - Went out into the yard, another neighbor, was surprised, Read more [...]
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Izhevsk miracle on city streets in September blossomed Rowan

on September 11. Passers-by, busy with their own Affairs, special attention on the tree do not pay. Rowan in the city - is not uncommon. But the fact that it simultaneously hang the flowers and berries are amazing.The first time I see such - surprised yuvchenko Marina, after notice what I shoot. Even I can't believe it. Of course, I heard that in the South the trees twice bloom, but that not dropping the first harvest... - Yes, and on the South is warm and we have no abnormally warm weather and there was no trace. Then suddenly the tree began to blossom? And most importantly, where strength Read more [...]
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Breakfast of the Genius

Banana Nut Coffee Bit Waffles     Pic: Sheri Giblin/GettyWafflesBanana Nut Umber Microchip WafflesMicrophone KLOSER is one of the man's outdo survival athletes, having led teams to fivesome adventure-racing mankind titles o'er the preceding ten days (he's passing for turn six on September 29), on with victories at Primeval Bespeak, the Elk Mountains Thousand Traversal, and the Humans Off-roader Patronage. How does the 50-year-old Vail, Colorado, occupier breakthrough the push to prepare piece belongings consume a full-time job as Stovepipe Brook repair's activities manager and elevation Read more [...]
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Animation off the farming on the AT

Workweek of Abut 6-12, 1997Fashioning the almost of a few years in OzWhere to off-roader in Arizona Animation off the country on the ATPaddling Glacier Bay's E ArmBike-touring on Prince Edward IslandSupport off the country on the ATHead: Do you retrieve that it's naturalistic to project a through-hike of the A.T. by aliveness off the farming?IgalStaten Island, NYigalpic1@juno.comGamble Consultant: In a countersign, no. According to Dan "Wingfoot" Read more [...]
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Ulyanovsk: Dead birds discovered a resident of the city

January 2, 2013. January 2, former head of Posaconazole region Konstantin Dolinina asked the worried resident of Ulyanovsk. The woman reported that she found on the street eight dead wild birds. The death of a bevy seemed suspicious because it might be kind of dangerous disease. Worried about the state of the environment the woman was able to connect with ornithologist Maxim Korolkovas, told Dolinin. Ornithologist took birds. They will be submitted for study to the vets to find out what led to their death. To obtain the results of the study will take several days.Meanwhile, according to ornithologist, Read more [...]
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If you decide to buy a bouquet of summer to your friends you will definitely see this plant. Asparagus adorned bouquets from the time of ancient Greece. In the first century AD, the Greek philosopher and historian Pliny wrote about the custom of giving the asparagus as decorating the newlyweds. In asparagus thin, almost transparent twigs, covered with the finest oblong leaves, and closer to the fall, decorated with small bright red berries. What do you think the leaves are actually thin shoots emerging from the axils of leaves whorls. And these same leaves must also see that it is not so easy. Read more [...]
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Voronet krasnoplodny

Vorontsov are among the most toxic of the family Ranunculaceae. They are found in mixed and coniferous forests, usually on the edges. This is a perennial plant with thick-headed rhizomes, which runs on one or several stems up to 70 cm tall. Leaves are compound, twice - trizhdytroychatye. The flowers are small, white, clustered in an oval brush that the formation extends into the cylindrical fruits. Vorontsov flowering occurs in May - June, fruits ripen in August - September. In Varanets pointed black berries have krasnoplodnogo - red. In the old days of the ripe fruit brewed black dye for Read more [...]
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Noxious plants

Hemlock, poison or milestones. Perennial height 70 -130 cm club neobraznym rhizome, hollow, multi-chamber, with transverse partitions inside. Leaves are large, pinnate. The flowers are small, white, in a cyme. The whole plant, especially the rhizome, has the smell of parsley or celery. Widespread in marshy river banks, low-lying marshes and swampy meadows throughout the country. Hemlock - the most poisonous plant flora of Russia. Toxic substances are found in all parts of the plant, especially in the rhizome, they cause severe poisoning, 50% of deaths. The poison acts quickly, the Read more [...]
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Actinidia acute

One of the biggest climbers of the Far East. Climbing the trees to a height of 25 m barrel, reaching 10 - 15 cm in diameter, covered with a light-brown bark with a bluish bloom, on old trunks bark peels lengthwise strips. Annual shoots are light gray or light brown with numerous longitudinal lenticels, young often spiral curl. Ovate or elliptical leaves at the top abruptly narrowed at the base shirokoklinovidnye or heart. Leaf margins bristly-toothed. Leaf blades are shiny on top, yellow-green, bottom lighter. White, very fragrant, up to 2 cm in diameter flowers in loose racemes, appear at Read more [...]
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Forest shrubs

Forests are either simple, in which the trees are about the same height and form a single canopy (level), and complex, consisting of two or more layers, one above the other. In the first stage (upper canopy) are high mature trees, in the second - the younger and less high (adolescents) and in the third - shrubs (undergrowth). The more light-requiring species that make up the upper canopy, and the richer the soil, the denser and more varied undergrowth: hazel, honeysuckle, euonymus on loamy sands and wet sands, buckthorn in the lowlands, broom in the southern forests. In the Far East can be found Read more [...]
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