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Berry season is open

Berry season in Moscow was opened earlier than usual. The earliest of our forests berries - strawberries. It is ripe this year for the first ten days of June, 2 weeks ahead of the average duration of its maturation.The first red berries met on 1 June. Affected early spring and warm and unusually hot May. But moisture berries clearly not enough - has stood unusually dry spring, and moisture reserves in the forest after almost snowless winters have been meager. Short, but heavy rainfall in mid-June has not helped: the majority of berries turned out fine. But in general, strawberries this year a lot. Read more [...]
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The wine maketh glad the heart of man

In the previous issue of the "horn" we shared the secrets of cooking in the home nalivokiz tinctures and natural ingredients. Today we tell about cooking wines.From a wide range of alcoholic drinks good wine deserves close attention. It is nice to taste, reasonable doses cheers the soul, warm heart. Inviting a woman in restaurant, orders a man, of course, wine. Wine — versatile product for almost any normal company.Many peoples have a centuries-old tradition of not sit at the table without a light wine. AND and the percentage of drinkers Alcoholics have They Read more [...]
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Wild berries in your garden

One spring day I was returning by train from Moscow and talked with a neighbor on the coupe, an elderly resident of Volgograd. She carried with them some seedlings to the country relatives. It turned out that it was blueberries.Photo David Gaya I myself originally from Kostroma, there grew. It is north of the middle band around are forests and swamp with cranberries, stone bramble, cranberries, blueberries and blueberry. Blueberries and color taste similar to blueberries, but much larger and It is growing on grass stems, and the Read more [...]
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My schury

Schur - a family of finches bird, passerine spread across the north of the taiga forests of European Russia and Siberia, the mountains up to Kamchatka and Sakhalin. However, she is living separately, within the range not common, but because occasionally catches the eye of man. Value with bird starling. The adult male is very outfit is a bright red, even crimson plumage coloring, young birds and female yellow-orange. The song consists of a set of melodic, pleasant on gossip not too loud whistle, rallying cry can pass syllables «fyui-ti… fyui Th…». Read more [...]
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Regulars catering

Approaching cold snap I do not need to learn from the weather reports. Beaks pounding on the windowpane big tits - expect winds from the Arctic and the first frost. Photo by Anton Zhuravkova Do not just give to know about Statement titmouse: dozens of years malokormya period, cold and I equip the snow in the courtyard of bird food and drinks. The menu is diverse: in ice creams viburnum berries and refrigerator red currants, mountain ash cluster of land, grain and wheat to acquire sunflower seed market.Year-on-year increases, and species composition number Read more [...]
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With the forest on the fungus, with the clearing of berries

"Swamp screaming - in a low voice said, a neighbor, a local avid yagodnitsa who agreed to show me the cranberry place on peatlands. - Go careful! "I sat up sharply, moss litter swayed, and from somewhere in the depths came the sharp sound of sobbing.Mushroom pickers, for that matter, and Fishermen and hunters, superstitious people. For them it is important, once entered into forest mushroom and find carefully put it in basket. The initiative is most precious. I for him sometimes edge leave a couple of fungi that cut at the next day. These first russules on the Read more [...]
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Mashkina «cello»

At dawn we forester Paul Dmitrievich went for raspberries in the woods on Bobrinev eel. "There's this berry is jam me in banks, though zazhuysya!" - He promised. Photo Blizno / (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0) In place came when the dew had gone, and bird continued to whistle kusche impassable. But what is it ?! Raspberry on wide sunny meadow, surrounded by nettles and severe thorns that are not easily given pickers like after the hurricane, has been dented, broken. Some even left the bushes without leaves. Only in air continues to soar sugary aroma of Read more [...]
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Bear berries

Outside, Melo. Wrapped in collars, turning her face from the evil wind gusts, wandered somewhere rare passers-by. Behind me, in the hallway, there was a fractional topotok little feet - vnuchatki race ran to the kitchen.- Grandfather, grandfather, give Morse bear berries!Instantly somewhere receded, he cringed winter, breathed warmth of the sun and joy. Filling a glass of cranberry juice, I placed them in front of children, perched at a table and chatted merrily legs.- Here, my good drink – do not pour!This much we have developed with them prigovorka – oncoming, played enough, sensational, Read more [...]
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Rowan feast

Along Vishera blew an icy wind. Above the roofs of the huts scattered on the hillside curling smoke. Mouse-colored clouds of snow sowed. A pair of black crows circling in the gray skies. Dissonance in the monochrome picture made only crimson primorozhennye bunches of rowan.Yavozvraschalsya of regular travel Vishera the floodplain, where looked for arriving from the Arctic snow buntings — Snow Buntings, or as they are called, snow buntings. The campaign was a success: just north of the stone Vetlan I met these birds. They hastily plucked seeds herbal brooms sticking out of the Read more [...]
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One day

In the vast space stretched to the horizon in all directions monotone picture moss bog without a least something perceptible landmarkPhoto: Alexander Kuznetsov In the morning, I climbed into the cranberry bog moss five kilometers. This place has shown a year ago, local guys my friend, to keep me company while on a trip to hunt. He did not hunt, and enthusiastically engaged in harvesting mushrooms and berries.CRANBERRYCranberries are everywhere here, as a solid ground for tens of kilometers, to the Lake Onega, which is less than the swamps. Only berry that year was monetized – Read more [...]
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Berry North

In the midst of the time of collection of one of the most popular fruit in Russia - cranberries. It should be golden autumn, and harvesting of this berry can be called the closure of berry-mushroom season. Photo Darya Shatov Umnogih is not just picking berries and special ritual, combined with fishing and holiday, the closing of the tourist season. No wonder even have a word — «…but not for cranberries name and they ask for cranberries».For many inhabitants of the northern regions of cranberry ancient times was one of Read more [...]
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Cheeked healer

Strawberry timber (popularly simply - strawberries) as a unique medicinal plant, known to everyone. They say it was used as a medicine in ancient Greece and Rome. The Russian word «strawberry» It is known to everyone childhood. Remember your childhood: a little sore throat, fever, cough, or, sorry for the banal, from child diarrhea, immediately grandmother from its reserves gets a jar of strawberry jam and the entire period of your illness the house is a pleasant sweet smell of strawberries.Of course, grandmother of different jams were a great Read more [...]
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Australian Hockey Instrumentalist Dies of Snakebite

A 26-year-old Australian hockey participant is utter astern ignoring a snakebite he believed to be harmless. Karl Berry had picked up the serpent to hit it from a grouping of nearby children at a grooming battleground in Darwin. Cerebration the ophidian was a harmless python, he neglected the chomp it had minded him on his thumb and proceeded to advance a 1.4-mile run with his hockey squad. Berry collapsed during the run and was unconscious when paramedics arrived. He was interpreted to a nearby infirmary where he remained until he died Wednesday nighttime.The malice, believed to be from the virulent Read more [...]
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GRASS fed beef: berries.

Nutrition in extreme criteria can be varied by using edible wild plants found in the climatic zone of the Russian Federation, where you had to be. • BlackBerryGrow blackberries along the banks of rivers, in the midst of other bushes, fields and water meadows. It is possible to meet and ravines with moistened soil. The distribution is quite large. It's all European part of Russia, lives and on the Caucasian and Central Asian lands, also in Western Siberia.As healing proceeds from Bush take only the leaves and fruit. 1st should be collected during flowering shrubs, and berries after their maturation Read more [...]
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NATURAL Medicine

In nature - our health. About the properties of natural drugs of downesi times it was clear to the doctors and healers.CRANBERRYCranberry is the best assistant for colds. Quite crushed her berries with sugar or honey and add to tea. Cranberry is a valuable source of vitamin C and antioxidants - substances that prolong youth. The cranberry juice you can handle wounds, it is a good antiseptic. Cranberry restores gastrointestinal microflora.Used in the fight against urinary infections.KALINA ReddishHealing properties Kalina is very similar to cranberries. Decoctions and infusions can be prepared not Read more [...]
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Poisonous berries and plants

What are poisonous berries and how to recognize them? Considered poisonous berries contain such chemicals that if it enters the human body cause poisoning, which leads to severe disease, and in certain cases even death. In equatorial countries poisonous plants and berries are much higher than in countries with temperate climate. The poison contained in equatorial plants, has a potent. This is explained by climatic factors and composition of the soil.1. Belladonna. In beech forests on the mountain slopes of the North Caucasus is growing very poisonous plant - belladonna, or, as it is called, Read more [...]
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River Tuluk

Flow wetlands are not visible. But in the place where the plain ends, the river flows from Tuluksak bogs turbulent flow and here is hidden in the stone field. This stone field in the course of the river is not one. Downstream Tuluk also hiding in the stone fields. The length of the river is 25 km Tuluk flows into the Yuryuzan, 340 kilometers from its mouth. Mill on the river Tuluk. They say that once on the river Tuluk stood on one disk imaging 7, and another 8 mills. The fact that starting high in the mountains, Tuluk 25 km has a significant differential channel height of over 400 meters. Or Read more [...]
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Walking to the Berry Mountain and Lake Tyulyukskie

DoTyulyuka easiest to reach by car. With the M5 highway "Ural" in the area of ​​the river mostacherez Yuryuzan turn the city Yuryuzan. Continue along the main road iukazatelyu Pervuha-Meseda-Tyulyuk. The car can be thrown around at least some bazy.Idealnee all. At the end of the village, opposite the base of "The Rose of the Winds." Ostavlyaemavtomobil, put on backpacks and forth. The road leading directly to IremelHotel, turn left and run across the bridge over the river Tyulyuk. Immediately behind him dorogapovernet right. This road along the river in about one and a half to the former Larkin Read more [...]
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• Description.1. A small shrub up to 2 m, with nephropathology, bottom, white pubescent leaves, snow-white, with many stamens flowers and raspberry fruit - flavored teams Costantini. Blooms in June - July. Bears fruit in July - August. It is clear several hundred cultivated raspberries.2. Homeland - Central Europe. Grows in shady forests, surrounded by shrubs, forest edges, glades, gullies, rivers in the European part of the Russian Federation, the Caucasus, the Urals, Siberia and Central Asia. Extensively cultivated as a berry plant.3. Make leaves and flowers during flowering; fruit in July Read more [...]
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survival greenish pharmacy

HONEYSUCKLE: edible and inedible varieties, chemical composition honeysuckle, useful characteristics, usage characteristics, perfoliate honeysuckle, harm and contraindications.Honeysuckle refers to a genus of climbing, erect or creeping shrub of the honeysuckle family. Flowers it have white, blue, pink or yellow. Dependent on the variety of its fruits have a sweet, sour-sweet taste with a slight bitterness. Homeland honeysuckle consider Southeast Asia, where up to now there are many kinds.• Varieties of berries.Of the 200 species of edible only some species. Inedible varieties represented by Read more [...]
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