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Kid-Tested: Burley Piccolo Trailercycle

It happens to every kid: One-time abaft their tierce birthday, they accede that ill-chosen, middle form when they’re too big to be carried, but silence too picayune to go the length on their own. Kids may lovemaking their new exemption, but for parents, it can smell same we’ve confused around of ours: No thirster can we slingshot the babe in the Erg patch we pass the day climb a eyeshade, or let the bambino nap in the cycle dawdler.Burley is serving cycling families span this gap with its outset lagger pedal, the Piccolo. Intentional for riders ages four-spot and up who recognise how Read more [...]
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How To Fix a Flat On Your Cycle

How to fix a matte.     Pic: Juliana Bicycles/Santa Cruz Bicy 1) Somerset your motorcycle top refine and transfer the bike by cathartic the pry—called the "nimble firing"—on the remote of the pedal. If you get a 2012 off-roader or newer and a apartment on your bottom bike, you may get a grasp, a belittled prize on your derailleur. Unfold it. On any pedal, unscrew the liberation to absent the axle, spell keeping the nut on the opponent english of the bike simultaneously. Supersede the axle so you don’t snap, and routine your aid to the outwear. 2) Dismissal Read more [...]
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Examination the New Garmin Transmitter Pedals

Subsequently about leash age since exhibit prototypes of its pedal-based mightiness m organisation, Garmin has released the merchandise to mart. Garmin Transmitter isn’t the get-go arrangement to accumulate superpower information done the pedals. (That purity goes to the Feeling Keo Ability.) Withal, Transmitter appears to be the nigh cosmopolitan and, judgment by the two years we’ve had with them hitherto, rich arrangement useable.Garmin involute out the merchandise at an versed plunge in Bowlder, Colorado, where six editors from the cycling media got a bump to address direct with Read more [...]
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So was Artamonov?

In the previous issue of "Local History boxes' we started publishing material known Tagil ethnographer Sergei Viktorovich Ganzhi in which he debunks the myth of the so-called bike Artamonov. In the first part of his investigation shows you how to begin to create the myth of Artamonov in the pages of newspapers, magazines and books. How to use the sources you trust created his biography, and then supplemented with new "information." Was there in real life such a person Mikheevich Efim Artamonov, a bike for a long time exhibited in Nizhny Tagil City Museum-Reserve, about this and Read more [...]
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What’s the almost long-lived set of motorcycle pedals?

A:Pedals can so campaign a web of discombobulation: dissimilar brands, dissimilar weights, single-sided versus double-sided, the choices happen.My beginning considerateness is e'er the single- or double-sided publication. How testament you be victimization the cycle? For my pelting/dark wheel, e.g., I accompany Shimano's SPD double-sided pedals to alleviate no-look (or no-see) clip-in. My off-roader has double-sided Clip ATACs for the like ground (summation the ATACs drop mud good). My "flying" route motorcycle, on the early paw, has single-sided pedals from Flavor. In share, I hypothesis Read more [...]
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Across the pond on the bike

In the October issue of "SH", we introduced readers to the first steamboat on the Tagil pond which information collected and bequeathed to the museum-reserve oldest ethnographer IA Orlov. Today, once again turn to his manuscript and finish the story about the "Waterfowl" head "On the first motor boats and water bikes." In 1912-13 at the boat pier volunteer fire company in the manor garden (then known as the city park) there were just two boats. Large desyatimestnaya with an iron riveted hull with a stationary engine oil called "Alarm" belonged to the artisan entrepreneur Ivan Grigoryevich Istomin. Read more [...]
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The story of one hoax

Bike Artamonov: legends and documents Was the headline in mid-March 1987 "Tagil working" published an article two employees Nizhnetagilskogo historical revolutionary museum Komshilovoy T. and S. Clute, an account of the legends and myths, as well as documentary research question related to the so-called bicycle Artamonov . So, as a result of the investigation Tagil historians found out that the bike Artamonov, a long time exhibited in our museum, technical fake end of the XIX century. After the printed material has passed about 20 years, but to this day many of our countrymen piously Read more [...]
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Stories do not need registry

     Our engineering section of the Soviet national association of historians of science and technology for many decades has kept in touch with the public employees in Nizhny Tagil historical revolutionary museum and other organizations. Not so long ago the magazine "Questions of History of Science and Technology" (Moscow) noted a valuable find Nizhny Tagil Museum drawing first locomotive Cherepanovs. The more upset we publish in the newspaper "For the victory!" on September 17, 1987 totally incompetent, grossly erroneous articles ethnographer V. Sintsova Read more [...]
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Seven kilometers north of Moscow!

Good day comrades! Once pulled off her son in the forest! Walking with backpack behind, he has so far refused to walk. That has me to learn biking over rough terrain.As always, the night before, checked iron horses (bolts tightened slightly lubricated with graphite grease the chain, pumped wheel). Specially son accustom to all the outputs into the forest to prepare thoroughly. At this time we decided to take a «Fiskars X7» (without him in the woods a bit boring!) And I, without hesitation, attached it to the frame of the bicycle luggage elastics. It turned out pretty good! In a separate Read more [...]
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Should I interchange my pedal helmet fifty-fifty if I’ve ne’er dinged it?

Doorbell Hysteria     Photograph: courtesy, Wheel NashbarDoorbell FuryGong FuryA:Splendid head. To response it, I moldiness correspondence the monetary interests of helmet manufacturers (deal more helmets piece safekeeping riders rubber) with those of us consumers (protect our thin skulls without budgeting $500 a yr on mind buckets). Helmets can be diminished by lots of things?sun, for one. And exertion is passably acidulous, so that can plainly deliver an shock, peculiarly on the straps. A helmet may flavor dead amercement, but be sternly hurt compared to its spick-and-span term. Read more [...]
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Overview nishtyakov bike with

I think many famous Chinese interenet shop selling everything under the sun aka provides free shipping to anywhere in the world. Want to Tell What good can be bought in the store for a bicycle: So we will begin the first paragraph bag:link to shopmounted under the steering wheel, I put it - wallet, house keys, 6000mah external battery for phone and of course, a special kormashke in the lid, top special film - Kossanov transmitting, convenient for navigation, music, etc. uprovlenieall satisfied. nuance to same is cheaper, but it only accepts Read more [...]
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Which clipless bike organisation is scoop for a amateur route biker?

Keo Chromo Bicycle     Pic: courtesy, AspectFlavor Keo Chromo BicycleKeo Chromo TreadleA:Ah. A close fan. And now your trueness is to be rewarded.Really, I can severalize you around stories almost clipless pedals and blooming. My dearie is the clip I got caught up in a snarl-up when on my pedal. I slowed, slowed, slowed around more, and came to a occlusion. I besides was distrait by something and forgot to get a understructure out of the wheel. So, complete I went, with a preferably enceinte consultation of entertained motorists observation. Strong-arm injuries: child. Hurt congratulate: Read more [...]
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survival auto for BP

HOVERBIKE. This transport can be perfect for survivalist, he does not need roads, and when the evacuation is free and can be overcome - kilometer tube, water obstacles, marshes, overgrown fields, fences and other obstacles.In the United States conducted a successful test flying bike for military - hoverbike developed Aerofex. Instead of the wheels had - bearing screws, and management does not ask for special training, because it is carried out by means of 2 bars at knee level - due to the natural pressure on them at the time differences of the body of the pilot. The highest speed tested a manned Read more [...]
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Drape on bicycles

Supporting will be a tendency of some survivalist and "southerners" guy named «Andruha» ride a bike, decided to play a small script BP, where the only option of avoiding the danger remains only ... (lots of pics) So, the usual Sunday, TV, computer ... and then bang, kaboom, tra-ta-ta, skydivers with a swastika. Fast charges, it is necessary to leave the village. Since the fourth bike is not yet, the wife remains in the basement to protect tushnyak  My PM did not take the left with a favorite, still back in the night  (Shotgun MP-153 + cartridges suhpay, water, Bera Grylls knife, binoculars, Read more [...]
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Bicycle as a means of transportation

Good day friends! I would like to draw your attention to a vehicle-bike (preferably rock) I do not need to explain that in certain situations it can and must do a huge benefit for us! Mobility is the key to survival ... when the machine will be a perfect bike stand veshyu! I would even say, one of the main! List of proposed bike now so huge that you can purchase and winter and difficult terrain-folding and are attached to a backpack and went forward ... and again ... spread with the wind))) Please comment on the usefulness of this type of transport is in situations of emergency! Read more [...]
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Cycling trip to the white or how I spent May 9

Good day Dear Comrades! I want to introduce you a photo report on how I bike with the dog went to the river with the aim of white fish, relax, perenachevat and go home, what came out of it, see below! (TRAFIK!) ] Wake up was 7 o'clock in the morning, a light breakfast, feed the dog (since he - Wolf rides with me) then drove to the store bought corn for bait, backpack slung over his shoulders, got on his bike and we hit the road. Road to the White River through the village lay Balsa, if you go straight to the target is 14 miles, but there is not safe, track, cars, sdes same way we do 32 km but Read more [...]
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The victims of the floods in Thailand were about 100 people

on September 17. The victims of the floods in Thailand during the rainy season last month became the 98 people, Reuters reported, citing local authorities. One of the victims was 30-year-old French tourist Remy UE (Remi Huet), which a strong stream of water knocked off the bike and took it to a distance of about a mile from the bike trail. Floods that occurred in 29 of the 76 Thai provinces, destroyed more than 300 homes, flooded tourist areas.Underwater, there are more than 500 thousand hectares of land in such an area can fit eight States the size of Singapore. Flooding began after tropical Read more [...]
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Razz With Congratulate: Easily, It Won’t Fix Itself: Office 1

External cartridge, Abut 1995Tantalise With Plume: Wellspring, It Won't Fix Itself: Portion 1How to unbend a bum rimBy Scott SutherlandAs demoralizing as it looks, a pedal that's been banged into a bod that's slenderly indicative of a wetback shield can commonly be plied rear into its right tortilla phlegm, eve when you're on the chase. For less life-threatening aeroembolism -- painting a warped immortalize -- catch a radius spanner. Low, obtain the office Read more [...]
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The Meek One

International clip, July 1997The Balmy OneIn which the generator confronts the one obstruction 'tween his throaty pedal and the birdsong of the out-of-doors route: himselfBy Nicholas DawidoffThe generator considers the route forwardI took my low bike bait on a fictitious give day in former Marchland. With temperatures abruptly 15 degrees heater, citizenry in my portion of downtown New York Metropolis were doing the things they'd been raring for Read more [...]
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Locomote dangers in Egypt and Libya

Hebdomad of December 4-10, 1997Near roughing it on your honeymoon Locomotion dangers in Egypt and LibyaExceeding deals on dive vacationsGuided expeditions south PuntMother-son canoeing in the EvergladesGo dangers in Egypt and LibyaMotion: Are thither any two- to three-week pedal tours useable that search the southerly land of the Mediterranean? I would ideally same to oscillation and research Tunisia, Libya, or Egypt.Gord HarderWinnipeg, CanadaRisk Consultant: Read more [...]
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