Straight eye

Stabiliskop — excellent assistant gunner and Hunter. There is a lovely Russian proverb: «Better to see once than hear a hundred times». She echoed and eastern wisdom: «Taste halva is better to discuss with those who have tried it». Indeed, trying to put into words what a potential buyer needs to see itself, — rather thankless occupation.For long-term observations of the professionals prefer to use the devices on tripods. Good observation tube or powerful binoculars on fixed installations best meet the needs of the remote monitoring of inactive Read more [...]
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Absolute accuracy

The story of the famous brands in the world of optics and the legendary Swarovski crystals one can not begin to describe the multifaceted personality of their creator. As for education and vocation violinist and as a design engineer, Daniel Swarovski nevertheless primarily famously gave the world talented fake diamond.In 1949, the company SWAROVSKI OPTIK KG presented binoculars in which used lenses provide high image clarity. A subject of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, the future brilliant inventor born in Georgiental village that nestled on mountainous north Bohemia — Read more [...]
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All finally happened!

Hunting excitement our team enough. And like hunting we have seen different, and success is not achieved once and experience of any call. But hunters gooseries our team was not. And to learn there was nobody. In the spring hunt in 2014, we began to make plans somewhere February. We visit both exhibitions in Moscow. Something bought with someone to talk to. Not the first year, passing by the stand of the hunter-Gusyatnikov from Ryazan Yuri Sidorov, I from interest considered his homemade camouflage suit «Stubble». Tempted to try every time Read more [...]
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March day was sunny with a slight frost, and plastic racing skis seemed slid themselves. As in the Russian fairy tale - "by magic." The hunting season is over, but I love when the snow is in March, check out what animal left for divorce.Photo by Oleg Panteleyev I was walking lightly in a thin sweater and jackets over which wore white camouflage suit with a half-empty backpack. Lay it liter pot of sugar, tea leaves and a few sandwiches, binoculars so easy hatchet on a long handle — that's all the luggage.Sweeping pushing sticks ohotku I ran across the fields a good five kilometers, Read more [...]
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Look sharp

Today, the Russian brand of high-quality optics are well known mainly Zeiss, Swarovski or Leica, you can add them from Nikon and Canon. But there is one company, unfortunately, little known in our country, which produces very high-class and takes quite a large percentage of the market of professional binoculars in Europe.Binoculars are going on all series our own factory of Steiner, and the lens prism produced and are set directly by the company. This German company Steiner-Optik, long ago successfully specializing on production of binoculars and scopes Read more [...]
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Choose a pair of binoculars

You have decided to choose a pair of binoculars. Where to begin? It all depends on your future plans. If you are going to take it with you camping, hunting expedition - you need field glassesBut it may come up and racing. Sports binoculars can be a good gift to a teenager. If you love extreme sports or go for a birthday to a friend or boss and want to show that find it really cool Maine, you will find useful night vision binoculars. Gift beloved mother-- opera glasses. If you are the owner or are fond of astronomy, you will probably need a pair of binoculars with a powerful zoom.Main features of Read more [...]
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Optical apparatus

That year spring together comes into its own, triumphantly marching on the ground. Cold nights were followed by warm sunny days. Under the rays of the sun day snow quickly melted into puddles going and flowing streams numerous calls in ravines and rivers polovodnye. Photo by Mikhail Krechmar Nature came to life every day after hibernation.Tree buds swell. Dark, froze in the winter forest gradually filled with vivid warm colors. In some places, on the hills heated by the sun, as the first satellites of spring, there were unsightly green sprouts mother and stepmother, and its flowers Read more [...]
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Optics without secrets

Hunters binoculars to impose stringent and often conflicting requirements. Reliability, compactness, high aperture ratio, and a large increase in light transmission, the exact shape of the object transfer  Binoculars want to see the game on the limit distance in the feeding ground or dnevki, find Hidden game, and tell who you hand waving invitingly from the opposite shore of the lake. By the way, I never use this optical sight.By the multiplicity of binoculars and fitness, there is an inverse relationship. If we evaluate the binoculars on a scale, the six-time binoculars will Read more [...]
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Glass Eye

Optics and optical instruments correctly says surveillance, have become part of the everyday life of tourists, hikers, anglers and hunters for many years ago. This is understandable - you always want to see a better, more than Mother Nature has provided.Today binoculars become a familiar part of hunters and equipment tourists. With reference to this case, a rather banal maxims have more sense to look to themselves instruments of observation from a practical point of view. Simply put, to reflect on the criteria for evaluation and selection of such a device according to certain Read more [...]
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What binoculars should we buy for the Denali trip-up of a life?

10x25 Chancellor LX L     Pic: courtesy, Nikon10x25 Premiere LX LA:Whaddya indigence binoculars for? Denali in former Revered?you'll be eyesight...rainwater, and lashings of it. Hardly kidding, rather. It is apt to be wet so. But you'll sustain approximately gaps betwixt the clouds, and binocs leave be handy. The Nikon Premiers you're eyeing are sure a high-end couple of eyeglasses?and at $430, they'd bettor be. They're amply rainproof and fog-proof, deliver a mg eubstance, and accompany swallow high-quality ice that Nikon says is made without trail or as. So they're a life-time Read more [...]
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How practically should I carry to invite effective binoculars?

EDT Serial Binoculars     Exposure: courtesy, Van USAAvant-garde EDT Serial BinocularsEDT Serial BinocularsA:Fountainhead, that?s a full doubt. The Forefront ( binoculars surely face full on composition, with BaK4 prisms (the full ones), full coated optics, O-ring seals, nitrogen-purged and panoplied, waterproofed mg eubstance, and more. Suggested ret on the 8X42 and 10X42 models, among the more utile sizes, is below $500. As you notation, the Bushnells you covet apply about $1,000. The spectacles are all but indistinguishable betwixt the two makes of binocular.So Read more [...]
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Should I get whizz binoculars?

A:Thither are deal of effective choices out thither for you, Byron. But outset, countenance me to devote a spry refresher on binocular rudiments for everyone out thither. The "8" in, say, 8X25 binoculars, is the stage of enlargement. The larger that low issue, the more exaggeration. The sec numeral, therein lawsuit "25," refers to the movement diam of the lense. Hither, a bigger routine agency more igniter passes done, concession a brighter effigy. Broadly, for tramp and well-rounded use, I wish eyeglasses rightfulness about the 8X25 to 8X35 orbit. It's gracious occasionally Read more [...]
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What’s a beneficial couple of constrict binoculars?

A:Heaps of choices out thither, Joe. Worldwide rules of flip: Get something with seven- or eight-power blowup for all-round use. Ten-power can be meliorate for something wish boo observance, but can besides be more unmanageable to hand-hold (12-power is harder lull, as you overstate hand-shake besides as the effigy). A bigger lense diam (the s routine in something alike "7X35") is broadly improve as it allows more twinkle done, but in the press compass a diam of 18 to 25mm is virtually park, and I've constitute that to be hunky-dory for daytime use. Speechmaking generally, lower-power Read more [...]
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Would you get binoculars or a spying cro for trailing wolves?

10x50 Accomplish EX     Picture: courtesy, Nikon10x50 Fulfill EXA:That?s an interesting quandary. On the one mitt, binoculars propose the vantage of existence well hand-held, leastways capable the ten-power stove. Detection scopes ordinarily offering more index, but are often more hard to handhold and nigh constantly want a tripod. So, in my common Solomonic soundness, I go this advice: Both. I?d get a decent-quality duad of selfsame concordat binoculars for all-purpose wake (i.e., scanning the Lamar Vale hillsides for signs of a camp), so buy a spying telescope and tripod for protracted, Read more [...]
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What binoculars should I buy for an African campaign?

A:Easily, how do you get to say one is bettor than the over-the-counter? The Leica Duovid 8+12's are alone one of the finest pairs of binoculars on this or any otc satellite, with adjustable exaggeration and fisheye panorama. Their al and mg building is dead brilliant, as is their meth tone. Furthermore, the Duovids are attractively balanced and promiscuous to grip.Course, for this you pay a bounty: $1,400. But they're a lifespan investiture, not to citation one helluva heirloom.Seemingly, the Swarovski EL 8.5x42's are honestly good as commodity and basically the like terms. They're too octet ounces Read more [...]
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What Are the Outflank Constrict Binoculars?

Steiner Vulture Xtreme     Photograph: Courtesy of SteinerA:Thither's no dearth of effective squeeze binoculars on the commercialize, but the trade-off is this: to pee binoculars squeeze, manufacturers get to thin the sizing of the objective, which is the firearm of chalk at the forepart. (Target sizing is the s routine in the vulgar language for binoculars, e.g. 8x42, which is an eight-power binocular with a 42-millimeter objective.) Littler aim lenses demarcation the come of igniter that can infiltrate the binocular, fashioning the simulacrum 98 dimmer and reduction the binocular's Read more [...]
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What are the topper binoculars for the track?

Piranha 8x22 Binoculars     Pic: courtesy, SteinerSteiner Piranha 8x22 BinocularsMarauder 8x22 BinocularsA:Thither are lashings of squeeze binoculars out thither, so you are certainly to get one you ilk.I?ve had the like duet in my ingroup for approximately six geezerhood, and I silence dear them. Those would be the Steiner Predators ($160), a squeeze chalk intentional by the notable German glassmaker but, comfortably, farmed bent a manufacture auxiliary. Withal, they are enceinte little spectacles at 8x22?eight-power overstatement (serenity beneficial!) with a 22mm porta, all of Read more [...]
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Which binoculars exercise topper in low-light weather?

Sports and Nautical 7x50 Binoculars     Picture: courtesy, NikonNikon Sports and Nautical 7x50 BinocularsSports and Maritime 7x50 BinocularsA:I cogitate you?re in the rightfield park, Bryan. Nikon?s 8x42 Sovereign ATBs (US$340, A$450; and Toasting?s 8x42s (US$260, A$345; are whippersnapper, long-lasting, raincoat, and sustain above-average optics for uncloudedness and near operation in middling low lighter. I?d belike spring the Nikon a slim nod for opthalmic tone, but I?m not trusted you?d bill that lots conflict unless you Read more [...]
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Fifty binoculars for both. (Part 2)

Specifications binoculars First, some of the terminology applied to the optical binoculars.Binoculars called optical instrument designed for the observation of remote objects simultaneously two eyes. It consists of a pair of interconnected parallel telescopes. Each telescope consists of an eyepiece (what is presented to the eye and where to look), the lens (lens or lens system on the reverse side) and the prism, which is located between the lens and the eyepiece and is designed to wrap the image.Multiplicity (increase) = magnification. By the multiplicity of means apparent increase in the Read more [...]
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Fifty binoculars for both.

General Information Model categories and expert opinion Binoculars professional type Choosing such binoculars with one hand, simple (any model considered top class companies can be used for serious work related to supervision), and on the other hand, complex, as such high-level manufacturers base their models of optical and structural parameters, corresponds to the direction of a pair of binoculars.To work in a hot climate - strong metal casing, resistant to high temperature extremes, with particularly resistant to the damaging solar radiation enlightenment; northern latitudes - a model with Read more [...]
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