Private ohotpolzovanie — the way to biodiversity?

The private ohotpolzovaniyu many people somehow related to nature, yet retain a cautious attitude. And this alertness show how simple hunters and the staff of environmental organizations.And those  and others have expressed their concerns about the same. Povybivayut supposedly rich  all alive, and then thrown the land, leaving the absolute desert… Yes, and the rights of local residents will be prejudiced because they are now, a simple country people probably will not be allowed to hunt.Other opponents have questioned how private users will be able to comply with the rules in their Read more [...]
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Biodiversity Conservation

Any biogeocoenosis is evolutionarily developed, the minimum stable ecosystem with a full range of environmental componentsPhoto: Adrian Kolotilin My students hunting experts and environmentalists ICCA them. KA Timiryazev, understanding what is happening in hunting and wildlife management in Russia, are often asked: «Is it possible to conserve biodiversity in today's environment?» They doubt that the private hunting grounds to be effective in this regard.Resursovedenie — This inter-sectoral discipline in the complex science “nature”Practice which involves Read more [...]
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On-line Scoop: Lots of New Species Ascertained

Sole Images Detent hither for a take about of the new species observed in IndonesiaSeptember 18, 2006 The findings of two late nautical expeditions, led by Preservation Outside (CI) and co-announced Monday with the Indonesian Politics, unwrap that the Shuttle's Caput Waterscape?a maritime arena named for the classifiable cast of the peninsula on the northwesterly end of Indonesia's Papua responsibility?is a unquestionable "species generating mill" of unprecedented proportions.Oodles of new species were ascertained in the ar, including two new species of shark?one that "walks" Read more [...]
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Underwater volcanoes can kill up to a third of life in the oceans — the scientists

on 20 February. Broadcasting Corporation BBC tells us that a group of scientists from the UK have studied a number of volcanic sources in the oceans and came to the conclusion that their work can dramatically change the entire marine ecosystem of our planet significantly in raising her temperature, and increasing the concentration of sulfur and carbon dioxide. According to experts, the water in the vicinity of such sources has a high acidity, killing all life within a radius of kilometers from the source. Dr. Jason Hall-Spencer says that in the case of large-scale oceanic volcanic eruptions, as Read more [...]
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High biodiversity inhibits infection

Ecologists have shown that high biodiversity - the key to ecosystem health: the more species in it, the less they get sick.We know that biodiversity - is good, but often it is only the result of purely theoretical considerations. Obtain experimental evidence of the positive impact of biodiversity on ecosystem sometimes difficult. The reason for this - in the huge complexity of such research: biodiversity is best studied in large, complex ecosystems, and that means thousands and thousands of samples, and the mountain of statistical and analytical work. However, ecologists from the University Read more [...]
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Himalayan hydropower threatened endemics

The Himalayas, the largest mountain system of the Earth, may soon set a new record - the density of dams in the world.In north India, Nepal and Bhutan works built and designed over a thousand dams. They not only become a source of "clean" energy, but also help control flooding, and improve access to drinking water. And threaten native wildlife.Bhagirathi, the sacred river of Hinduism, one of the sources of the Ganges, disappears in the Tehri dam. (Photo by Richard Grove / / hydroelectricity accounts for about one-fifth of India's Read more [...]
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Submarine volcanoes can kill a third of life in the oceans — scientists

February 20. Broadcasting Corporation, BBC says that a group of scientists from the UK examined a number of volcanic sources in the oceans and concluded that their work could significantly change the entire marine ecosystem of the planet, it significantly raised the temperature, as well as increasing the concentration of sulfur dioxide gas. According to experts, the water near sources has a much higher acidity that kills all living within kilometers from the source. Dr Jason Hall-Spencer said that in the case of large-scale oceanic volcanic eruptions, as it did in the past, our planet could lose Read more [...]
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