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Marshy tundra Lower Kolyma, where, as the old-timers claim, some water in the summer is maybe more than sushi, caught my attention after watching a short documentary film shown on television. It was called simply, "From field diary Andreeva ornithologist." Maybe someone of the readers a chance to look this simple, but done with great love for the northern nature film. Nachinaetvya he show tundra bird's eye: green, blue-spotted countless lakes. And over them smoothly flying swan couple. I do not know how much it could to remove the operator, but the illusion is complete, and if Read more [...]
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Hunting for drakes

In birds, ducks are among the first return from wintering Ohotovedcheskaya practice shows that the normalized shooting a number of drakes prevents reproduction of wild ducks. Hunting for drakes quite popular. For her, produced a stuffed duck decoys, lovers and hunters hunting decoy ducks bred. Most often hunt drakes is using decoy. Decoy - a special breed, they are derived by conventional breeding of poultry with wild drake. Through a long selection in birds secured the qualities similar to wild birds, "sociability." Last quality especially useful for hunting. Sociability characteristic Read more [...]
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Transport, storage and use of game

At a one-day hunting problems with transportation, storage and use of small game, as a rule, does not arise. Only in exceptional cases, the trophies are so abundant that it is necessary to resort to special methods of storage. It should, perhaps, only to remember that in the late summer and fall on the carcass quickly flies lay eggs. If grouse for 30-40 minutes to hang on the tree, taking up the fire, drinking tea, etc., then they are likely to prove of flies infected eggs (when the hunter is fowl, eggs it did not lay a fly). Back at camp, you can not throw the game anywhere, before processing Read more [...]
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Acquisition of hunting birds

Acquisition of birds - a very important step for the falconer and his family. Birds of prey - a partner of the hunter, like a setter dog. Birds of prey must be purchased legitimately. According to the law "On Wildlife" and following it by-laws vultures belong to the fauna of our country, the control of which is assigned to the Ministry Natural Resources, which has its regional offices in all regions of the Federation - is the regional management of natural resources and environmental protection. Birds can either be withdrawn from the wild or born in captivity. Born in captivity, the Read more [...]
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The hunt for partridges

Hunting the gray partridge is permitted usually from mid-September to mid-October. By this time the young are all grown up and stepped on the wing. Broods of partridges kept in the bushes and gullies near the fields on which they feed in the morning and in the evening, picking fallen grain. In the daytime the partridge often resting on potato fields or in small bushes near the fields. The gray partridge hunt with hound dog for the day. Partridge good harbors and run fast. Commonly found dog litter he sought to get away from her, and then takes off all at once, making a lot of noise. After Read more [...]
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Supplementary feeding of birds. Partridge

In the snowy forest and forest-steppe regions of the country increase the number of partridges is only by regular winter feeding. To the snow did not swing feeding, establish various tents and canopies where birds not only feed, but also save themselves from the elements. Winter top-dressing grouse consists of various grain forage and grain waste, weed seeds and chaff. In addition, partridges give finely vegetables: cabbage, beets, carrots, potatoes, and meat-and-bone and bone meal. Concentrated feed consumption is 50-60 g per day per bird. BA Kuznetsov (1967) presents data on which to Read more [...]
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This hunting bird inhabits most of the forest and forest-steppe zones of the country. Afforestation valleys of it penetrates the tundra using suitable habitats, rises to the border of subalpine mountain meadows. No grouse in the Crimea, na Sakhalin and Kamchatka. In the thickets of birch and rhododendron alpine and subalpine zones of the Caucasus meets separate species grouse - Caucasian. It is smaller than usual and has liroobrazny tail. Grouse inhabit its vast area is very uneven. At various times, he changes the habitat depending on the availability of feed and shelter. Read more [...]
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Definition of raptors

Each hunter must learn cultural distinguish the main species of birds and especially harmful predators. It is important to be able to identify birds in the field, sometimes at a considerable distance. The main concerns when considering their characteristics should be given to the forms (silhouette) flying birds (Fig.43), the features of their flight behavior, typical of habitats habitat, size, and the most characteristic features of their color. Hawk. Some of the most harmful of raptors - hawks and goshawks hawk "- live in wooded areas of our country that determine the nature of Read more [...]
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In the CIS countries live or occur during migration of 12 species of geese and geese. The most famous big goose hunters, which is known throughout Bean. The CIS 4 subspecies inhabit this goose: western tundra, also known as the European Bean, East Siberian tundra bean goose, taiga bean goose and sometimes flies to us korotkoklyuvy Bean. All of these subtypes differ among themselves Bean mostly color, beak, and unit size. The largest, taiga, bean reaches the weight 4, and sometimes 5 kilograms. Weight korotkoklyuvogo Bean is typically less than 3 pounds. The female is always slightly less Read more [...]
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Woodsmaster — Traps, trapping animals and birds

After the construction of shelters and water production, obtaining food - the key to survival. You will learn to set traps for animals and birds. Especially for the more intuitive learning process of making video there are traps in the stage of slowing down. Episode 5: Trapps and Trapping - Trap, trapping animals and Read more [...]
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Supplementary feeding of birds. Upland game

As a rule, capercaillie, grouse and partly grouse no shortage of winter feed. But where the population density of birds increased, recommended their winter feeding. Hang out sheaves of oats, millet, and other grains, and clover. Of snow on the protected areas spread berries rowan, blueberries, cranberries, etc. To feed one grouse spend a day 30 g and 10 g of oat berries, for grouse - respectively 45 and 15 Mr. Upland game experience before the winter shortage of gravel. Therefore, in the hunting grounds under the canopy of the oil poured heaps of coarse sand and fine gravel (25-50 kg). Read more [...]
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Hunting for bustards

In August, most broods bustards had risen on the wing. Bustards kept the weeds on fallow fields, the wheat stubble in maize. By the end of the month bustards are favored. Drofichi old shed. In the first half of August is possible hunting Inspection Panel bustards with setter. Hunting carried out with the dawn. Hunter, where possible using binoculars, looking for the location of the litter bustards. Often possible to see only raise his head from the grass of the uterus. Finding brood hunter goes to him, having a dog at his feet. Bustard, noting approximation hunter hides, lay down in Read more [...]
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Our ancestors came from the forest. It is to him that we should be grateful for the emergence of a completely unique organ of the body - the human hand. Of course, to develop it and finally polished work. But he only enhance our upper limbs, and gave birth to their arboreal lifestyle. Open plains help acquire only hooves. And no work is able to turn them into an instrument suitable for skilled work. The main value of hands as tools not in five fingers. There could be less, but the fact that one of them is opposed to the others. This allows you to grasp the branches, which significantly Read more [...]
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Fairly large bird, long legs, dressed in a smart blue-green and purple plumage with bright red feet, eyes, beak and frontal corn. The male is much brighter colored females and exceed the latter size. The length of an adult male up to 500 mm, while the length of an adult female is less than 400 millimeters. In the CIS countries found only one subspecies of mullet - the so-called Caspian mullet, which is found in the southern regions, mainly adjacent to the Caspian Sea. In most areas, a sultan resident birds, only in the delta of the Volga River and the mouth of the Ural River with the onset Read more [...]
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Chapter XIII. Ideal Antarctic summer

Fighting Penguins. - "Hooligans". - A funny sight at the water's edge. - A mixture of tobacco and tea "Crescent Bay". - Birthdays. - "Yearbook of Adele." - Misery in the poultry market. - Flooded and covered with penguins. - Penguins gathering on fast ice. - The first killer whale. - Insects. - Leopard seals at the edge of the fast ice. - Penguins offer us friendship and even marriage. - The disaster destroyed several penguin colonies. - Rescue operations. - Preparing for a summer luge campaigns. - Supervisory point at Cape Adare. - Arrival of the ship. Read more [...]
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Caucasian ular

Of all ular is the small bird. Male weight just over 2 pounds, the weight of a female is much less. Keeps Caucasian ular along the Greater Caucasus mountain range and its spurs in the band between alpine meadows and permanent snow at an altitude of 1800-4000 meters above sea level. In adult plumage coloration ular dominated by gray, light ocher, red, brown, black and white colors. Caucasian snowcock plumage, like other ular, coloring and picture somewhat resembles marble. Brownish beak and legs are orange-yellow. Female and male plumage do not differ from each other. A male standing well Read more [...]
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Seasonal cycles

Seasonal movements. These include birds flying, elk migrations, reindeer and saiga. Animals move for different reasons: to nesting or calving, in search of food places, in order to survive the unfavorable season. Hunting small game during the seasonal migration is the basis of hunting (as a sport and fishing) in many parts of the country. Especially noticeable is usually spring animal movements that take place in a shorter time. Autumn migration is not so obvious, but experienced hunters and should not be ignored. In addition to flights and mass migrations over long distances, the beasts and Read more [...]
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Forest birds

In the biological chain complex forest complex is adjacent to the insect important part, without which they could not have handled some predatory or parasitic insects alone. Mass reproduction of pests always attracts birds in it (except for some areas of the taiga, where there is no undergrowth - principal place of nesting). Birds - Genuine friends of the forest, and they have strongly protected. Worldwide, there are 8,600 species of birds in the country is home to over 700 species. In the woods, parks and gardens in the European part of the country in all seasons, either permanently or temporarily Read more [...]
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This is a predatory animal in our country wide area. In the east-west direction it extends from the southern regions of the Komi Republic to the Sea of Okhotsk. Observed fairly rapid expansion of the range to the west, the entire European part of columns populated in the last 70-80 years. Column habitat is very diverse - from the dark coniferous taiga to the birch and aspen peg in forest-steppe areas. Beyond the forest, settling in the reeds on the banks of lakes and rivers of the steppe and shrub meadows. The forests prefers valleys and streams, particularly in mountainous and semi, littered Read more [...]
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Hunting for grouse

Hunting for grouse conducted in the second half of August, and even better in September. This hunting is a buzzer. Hunter reed imitates the cry of the grouse shooting and flying up to his birds. Voices of female and male grouse different. Male whistling louder with warble, whistling females more staccato, less loud, without trills. '' Voice beckon young male or female. Go hunting before sunrise. Found broods raised from the ground and sit on trees. Hunter, after a moment, close to the tree to move to the brood and, well hidden in the bushes, whistling in reed 2-3 times at short Read more [...]
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