Counted — tears

Every year in our country is carried Russian accounting bison. Photo by the author In the lowland populations account is usually held in the winter, and saying, «Do not count your chickens before they are hatched» It is fully consistent with this work. The calf, who was born in the spring or early summer, winter is coming with his mother to forage area grown up and got stronger and appears to accounting clerk. The surveys carried out employees of organizations with bison, representatives of regional organizations related to the protection of nature, as well as scientists Read more [...]
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Return of wood bison

April 6, 2006 in the capital of the Sakha Republic - Yakutsk landed transport aircraft IL-76, flew from Canada's 30 wood bison on board From that moment began the countdown time to restore the historical range of these ancient animals in their ancestral home.The ancestor of the bison is considered wild bull of the genus Leptobos. This Eurasian protobizon was from India, and from there spread to the north. In the lower Pleistocene primitive forms buffalo reached the north-western edge of Europe and widespread in Siberia. From Siberia, the eastern population of primitive bison penetrated Berengiysky Read more [...]
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Studies in the History of the Bialowieza Forest

Bialowieza Forest ... This phrase has many special, symbolic meaning. First of all remember the poignant melody of "reserve Tunes" Pakhmutova, and behind her, of course, the legend of the forest - the bison. Unknown artist. Minister of State Property Count PD Kiselev on hunting in Bialowieza Forest in 1847 For centuries, the forest belonged to different powers. FROM until the end of XVIII early twentieth century it was part of the the Russian Empire. Over 120 years under the auspices of the Russian crown she experienced as a long period of Read more [...]
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Centuries-old traditions with a modern twist

Bialowieza Forest - the relic forest in the center of Europe. Until now, the memory vivid memories: the snow-covered trees, a herd of bison in the meadowPhoto by Andrey Akimov Bialowieza Forest — relict forest in the center of Europe. A unique place. Last time I was there fifteen years ago in the winter. Until now, the memory vivid memories: the snow-covered trees, almost impenetrable forest roads on which we UAZ hardly get to foresters, a herd of bison in the meadow, Soviet-style hotel without hot water… And so — a new meeting.Central closed entrance barrier Read more [...]
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Bialowieza bison prefer to Russia?

Saying goodbye to the hospitable hosts of the Bialowieza Forest and promising to return, we headed for the city of Brest. Photo by Anton Zhuravkova About Brest Fortress can not say casually. Getting in memorial, acutely feel the great feat of the people, the courage of heroes in shagnuvshih immortality. A still feel grateful to the people who spend a tremendous amount of work to perpetuate the memory of the victims and surviving defenders. So what about Brest Fortress — at other times, even better to come here and see all the eyes.In Read more [...]
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Do I need a bison hunters?

June 23 at the Faculty of game management and bio-ecology RGAZU a regular meeting of the scientific and technical council RosOkhotRybolovSoyuz. Themes of reports were associated with the most pressing issues of hunting.Photo by Sergey Awe On the use of computer programs SAS.Planeta, GarminBaseCamp and OZI Explorer in the method of the director of SCM Tula branch RGAZU Ph.D. AY Cherenkov. One of the tasks of preparation MFP is on a map identifying the different types of land. Using cartographic material gives great discrepancies in terms of the definition of forest land. Since Read more [...]
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Billionaires Cover $60 Gazillion Bison Common

A project to tack as lots as 3.5 billion land of individual and populace commonwealth—approximately a trillion demesne bigger than Yellowstone Subject Ballpark—for a free-roaming bison qualification has roughly Montana locals fuming, Bloomberg Newsworthiness reports.  The establishment butt the land-grab, Prairie Reservation has attracted $60 jillion from moneyed Rampart Street and Si Vale financiers. The foretell to investors: A probability to senesce the primer deck of a possible home common. Subsequently aggregation the commonwealth, the not-for-profit hopes to live it with Read more [...]
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Rag G Teton Interior Green

Lead crystallise of these guys     Photograph: YunnerAbaft age of lobbying the Commons Overhaul for a consecrate cycle itinerary done Chiliad Teton—for guard from swerve RV drivers gawking at the sight—local cyclists won 14 miles of it in 2011. Add another 7 miles from the townsfolk of Jackson yesteryear the Internal Elk Recourse’s meadows, and you get 20 miles of mostly degree, traffic-free equitation to Jennet Lake done yellowing cottonwoods on the bulwark of the Tetons, which testament potential be frosted with former snows in October. See to obviate bison, elk, Read more [...]
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Bison vs. Closing

It’s day 16 of the closedown, and ballpark goers aren’t the sole ones disappointed by the barricades at our Home Parks. Two Wyoming bison are feel disheartened, too. So practically so that they knocked refine a barricade cheeseparing the settlement of Kelly. Respective bystanders (bison-standers?) witnessed the upshot, one of whom recorded their antics:Thither may be a spark at the end of the burrow, though. Now, the Home Instinctive Resources Commission and the Supervising and Authorities Regenerate Commission bequeath clutches a earreach to reference the block of Subject Parks.“The Read more [...]
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The horn of a Buffalo

    In Department nature The state Museum reserve the metallurgical works of the Middle Urals received an interesting exhibit of the skull of the primitive bison with the left horn cover, very good the safety.     The history of Buffalo known for 1.5 million years to the present day. It was the largest from bovids animals, their weight was reached 2-2,5 tons. Huge herds roamed the expanse of land from British Islands to Kamchatka. Was not in the apodo predator, which could be overcome by an adult the bison. The gradual extinction of their in Eurasia started a 10.5-8 Read more [...]
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The horn of a Buffalo

In the nature Department of the State Museum reserve mining the whole of the Middle Urals made an interesting exhibits the bone of the skull of an ancient bison with the left horn skull very good condition. The history of Buffalo known for 1.5 million years to the present day. It was the largest bovids animals, their weight was reached 2-2,5 tons. Huge herds roamed the expanse of land from the British Islands to Kamchatka. Wasn't that the era of the predator, which could be overcome by an adult bison. The gradual extinction of Eurasia began to 10.5-8 thousand years ago. But in the valleys of Read more [...]
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Titanium knife from Bison

Acquired as that on the occasion of the knife. Stopped in hardware, for sawing for a jigsaw. In the window saw several knives from Bison. Was curious, read about them somewhere, not bad like skladyshi produce rank for Rushen)) picked up a pair, Lifeguard, Skiff, Ranger and Titan. Here's the latest, and I liked to lay in the hand. Laid out for him thousands of sex. In the box with him walked certificate. Steel blade 95X18 (analog steel AUS-10) Blade length 80mm, total 210. Reza out of the box very well. "The test for hair and paper" was normal. Whittling dry twig of apple, cut kalbasku, fat. Skin-cut Read more [...]
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One Country, Nether Ted

Ted Turner's 114,000-acre Fast-flying D Spread, nigh Bozeman, Montana     Picture: Kurt MarkusTed Turner's 114,000-acre Flight D Spread, dear Bozeman, Montana Ted provides the cash and nervy opinions. Boyfriend "chow, breathes, and sleeps" the work the earth. Birdland: Greg Hagan cradles a peckerwood biddy. Asterisk of the refurbishment play: a grayness wildcat penned up at the Fast D Plate again on the reach: a serving of the Quick D's 5,000-head bison crowd Microphone Phillips, savage tsar, odd Yellowstone Home Ballpark to run Turner's biodiversity programs.The matter Read more [...]
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The Soaring High THANK YOU, Erik Weihenmayer, for the howling composition on your raise to the top of the reality ("Dour E," December). Not alone was achieving the crown without batch telling, but you did it amid such contestation from the climb community. You cite the detractors who say, "Now that a unreasoning guy's climbed it, everyone's leaving to cogitate it's loose." So did your acquirement brand me deficiency to ascent Everest? No, I'm a beginner mountaineer. But it does piddle me wish to contract a travel inside myself, as you did, to bettor read what's thither. It testament Read more [...]
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The Succeeding Zip Bar Gyration: Veridical Centre

The Epos vigour bar.     Exposure: Courtesy of Larger-than-lifeIt powered Shackleton, Mallory, and Amundsen, and now desiccated meats are beingness pressed into vigour bars. They’re upright as soft to hoard in a clique or scoop for a farseeing run or tramp, and they’re normally higher in protein. The solitary off-white of con-tention: the tasting. You’ll either passion it or detest it.Heroic: A mix of core, buggy, and desiccated yield—and that’s some it. This Paleo-inspired bite has something near chase foods miss: omega-3 roly-poly acids. Usable in Read more [...]
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Biobullets Not Allowed on Bison

The herds of approximately 4,500 bison that range Yellowstone Interior Parkland are the sole leftover pureblood bison in the state, but they are septic. Local ranchers were hoping to remotely inoculate the bison, which are carrying a disease that can be transferred to cows, victimisation biobullets.On Tuesday, the federal administration sour fine-tune the ranchers’ virtually $9 trillion proposition, accentuation that the task would price overmuch and could finally impact the wilderness nature of the bison.Environmental and wildlife protagonism groups are applauding Yellowstone’s determination Read more [...]
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Wildlife: To Lovemaking, Pureness, and Squander

Out-of-door mag, April 1995Wildlife: To Lovemaking, Observe, and EatDo American Indians birth a wagerer mind for Yellowstone's bison mass?By Amy LinnAurora glows on foray barrels as ballpark rangers and punt wardens cower in a Montana snowfield fair exterior Yellowstone Subject Commons. Self-contained for another rung in the Yellowstone bison wars, the officials match done scopes and get positioned for sluttish shots.To the position stands a phallus of Read more [...]
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Our Interior Parks: Yellowstone Subject Parkland

International mag, June 1992Our Subject Parks: Yellowstone Interior GreenBy Alston Chamfer and Debra PropBox 168, Yellowstone Interior Parkland, WY 82190307-344-7381Naturalized 18722,219,823 EstateThe Big Icon: Yellowstone is both flagship and fishbowl of the Subject Ballpark Servicing; likely no former berth in the organization inspires so practically awe and care simultaneously. America's commencement internal green eventide has its own instauration myth: Read more [...]
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Battling for Bison on Populace Nation

Bison are much safer now thanks to preservation efforts - but they're quieten on trembling primer.     Exposure: Yellowstone Interior GreenEveryone knows (uh, rightfield?) that bison victimised to be omnipresent crossways lots of what became the Joined States, particularly in the plains, and that European settlers explode a monolithic disintegration of the ungulates. Estimates of the figure of Northerly American bison, pre-colonization, scope from 30 to 50 1000000. By the startle of the Twentieth hundred, roughly estimates put the sum turn at roughly 1,000.If you've been to Yellowstone Read more [...]
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State of the environment

The environmental situation in Russia is extremely unfavorable, and in some areas even assumed the character of ecological disaster. In 1970, the total amount of polluting the environment of waste production was 40 million tons by the end of the last century, according to experts, it rose to 100 billion tons. The volume of water pollution has increased over the period of 10. The economic costs of environmental pollution are about half of the national income of Russia. A special place in the pollution of air, water and soil contamination is. According to experts, Russia - the most radioactive Read more [...]
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