Unit bivouac

Mastery of the bivouac of work has a special place in the preparation of the tourist. Here is why. During the day, tourists are distributed like this: 8:00 go eight hours of sleep eight hours of bivouac. The first two terms are the irreducible value. So, all the fun that a tourist wants to implement in the campaign (survey monuments, performing community service jobs, picking berries and swimming, the ability to talk and songs around the campfire, etc.), it must do by reducing the time bivouac works . Unfortunately, very often young tourists, especially traveling in large groups, are bivouac Read more [...]
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Organization bivouacs during trekking and mountain climbing

Dress code - storm or track suit, hat, high boots or shoes, gloves. Personal equipment - ice ax, repshnur (5 m). Equipment group - 2 tent, an ax, a set of extensions and wedges, dishes, stove, matches. Introductory talk: "How to choose a place for a camp. Preparation and organization of the forest, in a clearing at different slopes, moraine and scree, mountain terrain. " Describe the storage and handling of products in the bivouac, especially perishables, placing personal items in a tent, on hygienic requirements for bivouac, distribution and fulfillment of the responsibilities Read more [...]
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The organization works bivouac

A common mistake inexperienced leader is that he believes if bivouac works do not require the organization. When he came to the place of bivouac, he gives a command like: "Well, now, boys, get to work! Bring the wood, make a fire, put the tent. Let's not waste time. " After that, for a while there is a general commotion, and then young tourists covered enthusiasm run away through the woods. And it turns out ... All who had axes, went for firewood. Tents can not be placed because there is nothing to hammer pegs. Someone has already brought an armful of firewood, but can not Read more [...]
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Organization bivouac on the mountain terrain

Dress code - storm suit, gloves, hat, high boots. Personal equipment - ice-ax. Equipment group - a tent, poles, banners, 2-3 avalanche shovels, 3-5 rifles, several pieces repshnura. Organization bivouac on the grassy slopes, scree, moraine ridges, simple rocky sites. Carried out at the exit to the upper rock climbing and driving. Recall the basic requirements of the place where a camp will be organized: Protection against falling stones, lumps of ice, avalanches, location in relation to the object of climbing, protection from the wind and so on, and Publishing of leveling pads, installation Read more [...]
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Bivouac in the mountains

Organization bivouac in the mountains is very important as the climb, and in the campaign. As you move up and approaching the snow-line organization bivouacs becoming more responsible work, and in the highlands of the organization often depends bivouac and safety climber. Wrong and inept organization bivouac could face serious consequences: a good bivy provides strong soybean and necessary rest, poor bivouac prevents normal sleep, without which does not receive the necessary rest the nervous system, and this in turn leads to depressed or apathetic state, which easily could cause an accident. Read more [...]
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