Has the Charlemagne merging black holes?

What exactly was the reason many times growing up level of cosmic radiation in the 774-775 years? Maybe the collision of two black holes?In 2012, it became clear that in the years 774-775 BC. e. Earth survived a huge temporary increase in gamma radiation. The question of his nature aroused with serious disputes. Version of the supernova was almost immediately rejected: for such gamma radiation it would have to be a month arhividimoy in Earth's sky. Neither the Chinese astronomers or other representatives of the peoples of written no such notice can not remember, did not manage.The probability Read more [...]
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Growth rings told about the gamma-ray burst in the Middle Ages

In VIII century Earth was influenced by short-powerful gamma-ray bursts, the source of which could be the merger of two neutron stars or two black holes within our galaxy. Its findings by German scientists from the University of Jena is based on analysis of tree rings of Japanese cedar.The researchers found in the rings formed in the years 775-776, a high content of carbon-14 isotopes and beryllium-10. Initially, the researchers assumed that the source of gamma-ray burst was a supernova, but in historical documents, it has not been mentioned, besides the remains of the explosion of a massive Read more [...]
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NASA telescope discovered mysterious bright black hole

NASA Space Telescope captures a picture of the two new species rather strange black holes, which are located in distant spiral galaxy, which are extremely bright at X-ray spectrum of the electromagnetic field.X-ray Space Observatory NuStar (NASA) said bright black holes during galaxy observations Caldwell 5, at a distance of 7 million light-years from Earth in the constellation of Camelopardalis. Black holes are presented in a picture in a purple color, superimposed on the picture in the same galaxy in the optical range of the electromagnetic field produced by the telescope NuSTAR. These objects Read more [...]
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Black holes are growing rapidly

Giant black holes known for their appetites. But it seems that these "monsters" are voracious than previously thought. Supermassive black holes, most of which (if not all) are hidden in the center of galaxies grow in size with amazing speed. Supermassive black holes - huge mass of some 10 billion times the mass of our sun. Scientists, using computer simulation, have tried to trace the growth of black holes, in particular, they were interested spiral galaxies like the Milky Way.According to the assumptions of scientists, is a giant black hole in the galaxy Sombrero. According to Read more [...]
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Some black holes are probably white dwarfs

Many ultra bright extragalactic X-ray flares usually associated with black holes, in fact may be something quite different ...In November 2011, the ISS has registered a super-bright X-ray flares in the Small Magellanic Cloud galaxy. It lasted 92 minutes and was very unusual. It is believed that the source of this type of X-ray radiation can be vicinity of black holes, where the light material heated by accretion disks.One flash to prevent burn due BH: X-ray emission from accretion disks gives huge temperature steadily registrable devices. And this time the temperature was too low. Fortunately, Read more [...]
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Why do scientists have confused a white dwarf with a black hole?

In a recent study, researchers first took the white dwarf by the black hole, and then realized his mistake.For a long time, the type of stars known as white dwarfs, scientists injected into error as to behave like real black holes. The study, conducted by researchers from Southampton and other countries, it was found that where the earlier astronomers showed flashes of black holes, in fact, are white dwarfs, which are perfectly disguised as black holes. Detailed results of the study were published in the latest issue of the scientific publication "The Astrophysical Journal".Astronomers Read more [...]
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How to divide the black hole at the side and is it worth it?

One black hole, they teach us, it is impossible to separate the two. However, as it turned out, it is possible that a pair of black holes can be divided into three or more. Much more.The second law of thermodynamics of black holes is prohibited to reduce the surface of the black hole (BH). Any partition of BH into smaller this surface will reduce that prohibits the above principle. Mathematically, it all comes down to the fact that if A> 0, B> 0 and A + B = C, then A? + B? ? With? has no solution (as always, the phrase "no decisions" should not be taken literally, but in Read more [...]
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Scientists have found the heaviest object in the universe

Astronomers have discovered the heaviest black hole. It lies about 228 million light years from Earth and is located in the constellation Perseus. Unique findings of scientists from the University of Texas in the United States is that the black hole is nearly 20 billion times more massive than the Sun.So, set a new record for black holes-heavyweights. Previously, the heaviest object of this kind was considered a black hole in the galaxy NGC 4889, whose weight is 9.8 billion solar masses. But the new record holder simply amazed scientists. This black hole contains over 14% of the mass of the Read more [...]
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