top 10 Skills FIRST AID

1st aid is a set of urgent measures to save human life. The unfortunate case, a sharp attack of illness, poisoning - in these and other force majeure situations require competent 1st aid.By Law, 1st aid is no honey - it is up to the arrival of the doctors or the delivery of the victim to the hospital. First aid can provide at least some people who are in a critical moment around the victims. But for certain categories of people, first aid - call of duty. Are you talking about the police, traffic police and the Ministry of emergency situations, military personnel, firefighters.The ability to provide Read more [...]
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Penetrating injuries cause acute pain in the wounds, which are enhanced when trying to take a deep breath. From time to time the pain is so intense that it forced immediately sit down or bend over to the side of the wound, holding her hand. The victims appear shortness of breath, tightness in chest, cough, and occasionally hemoptysis. If the wound is extensively shines and out of the noise out foaming blood or the whistle, which air during inhalation absorbed into the pleural cavity, the diagnosis of penetrating injuries apparent.WOUNDED HEART1st suspect appears at the location of the wound in Read more [...]
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1. Excessive stirring.Remember: injured in an accident, and fallen from a height to the arrival of the emergency to touch only if where they are unsafe to be on a physical level (the burning house or car, planting a tree, arriving water etc). The rule "do not move and do not perevorachivaya victim without urgent necessity" written in blood and ink, bringing the terrible word "disability". Suffice to say that rescuers from time to time prefer to disassemble the car around the victim, than forcibly pull him out.No need to pull again people with suspected myocardial infarction or heart attack. Such Read more [...]
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For first aid needs:1. To properly assess the nature and severity of the injury. 2. Knowing the temper of the wound, to do the right acts on first aid. Bullet, penetrating into the body, causes the last damage. These injuries have certain differences from other injuries that should be considered when providing first aid. In the 1-x, wounds are usually profound and painful subject often remains inside the body. In 2, the wound is often contaminated with pieces of tissue, shell and bone fragments. These features gunshot wounds should be taken into account when rendering the victim first aid.The severity Read more [...]
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A head injury. What to do?

Strong blow to the head can break through the skull and cause a concussion or brain injury. Break the skull Signs: • severe bleeding from a wound on the head; • bleeding from the nose, mixed with a yellowish liquid. Your actions: 1. Try to stop the bleeding, cover the wound with a sterile gauze pad, a piece of clean cloth, clean handkerchief. 2. Put the bandage without touching the wound. 3. Take the person to the surgery. Concussion Signs: • momentary loss of consciousness; • weakness (paralysis of one side of the body); Read more [...]
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The imposition of a pressure bandage. What to do?

Your actions: 1. Lay the victim. If possible, remove clothes from the place around the wound and inspect it. 2. If the wound no foreign objects put on any clean, easily absorbing the blood of the material (cloth, a handkerchief, a piece of cloth and so on). If possible, raise the bleeding part of the body (it helps to slow the circulation of the blood and put it on top of the napkin, handkerchief or piece of cloth tightly rolled wad of cotton wool (or a roll of bandage, begin a tight bandage the wound. 3. If the bleeding is not stopped (you can see the blood seeping through the Read more [...]
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How to stop the bleeding. What to do?

Before taking any action, try to determine the nature of the bleeding.

When small wounds bleeding stops clotting of the blood. Not to disturb the wound unnecessary movements and in any case you should not clean the wound surface. If a wound is still bleeding, apply a pressure bandage.

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Top 12 mistakes in first aid

1. Extra wigglingRemember: road accident victims and fallen from a height of up to the arrival of emergency can only be touched if there where they belong, be physically dangerous (burning house or car, tipped wood coming water, etc.). The rule of "do not move or turn the victim without vital necessity" written in blood and ink that display the dreaded word "disability." Suffice it to say that rescuers sometimes prefer to disassemble the car around the affected than forcibly pull him out.No need to also pull once again people with suspected heart attack or stroke. Such a person should not Read more [...]
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Gemostop drug as a modern alternative to a tourniquet.

Decided to add an article to the publication of separate bundles, because it is not sure whether all reread comments to articles, where I wrote about this drug.Harness certainly a very useful thing, but we must use it wisely. Many wounded have lost limbs due to improper use of a tourniquet.Gemostop - The preparation of domestic production, developed military physicians to stop the bleeding intensity on the battlefield. Unlike "traditional" local hemostatic agents (hemostatic sponge, Tachocomb etc.) "Gemostop" able to stop the bleeding in the damage of large vessels, including Read more [...]
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Identification and treatment of wounds in field conditions

I agree, what is the information primitive and seemingly familiar to many of you. But do not forget that in an extreme situation knowledge is vile feature "eroding" of the head together with the remnants of self-control. So, as they say, repetition - the mother of learning (s) will not be superfluous.Types of woundsWounds are different.Incised wounds - It wounds inflicted by sharp objects. Surrounding tissue with such a wound slightly damaged, pain expressed moderate. Usually these wounds accompanied by significant bleeding. Incised wounds dangerous damage to blood vessels, nerves, hollow Read more [...]
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survival medicine

HELP WITH THE BLEEDING.The most sensitive to loss of blood to the brain: a couple of minutes of oxygen starvation can occur irreversible configuration. When the bleeding head of the victim should be located at half a meter below the feet. The most common method to stop bleeding is to pin down the location of the damage of a pressure bandage.*Arterial bleeding.Large arterial bleeding must stop immediately: press the artery great long fingers (on one another) to the bones of the skeleton above damage at the points indicated in [1], because it is shown in [2]. People with muscular or superexcessive Read more [...]
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herbal treatment recipes

70 percent have already tested on itself with a positive result (without complications).Recipes bites and stung Recipes for bleeding Recipes for burns and frostbite Recipes from radiationRecipes bites and stung 1.Plantain and bee stings Prepare a paste of fresh plantain leaves (you can use dried leaves, but they need to pre-soak water), put it on a place of pain and secure with a bandage. This helps reduce pain and swelling in the tissues that surround the sting. Instead of plantain pulp can make cloth moistened with its juice. 2.Onions and bee stings Prepare a paste of onion, put it on Read more [...]
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Bleeding. Excretion of radionuclides.

Bleeding - the outpouring (outflow) of blood from the blood vessels in violation of the integrity of their walls. On the origin of bleeding are traumatic, caused by damage to blood vessels, and non-traumatic, associated with the destruction of the vessel in any disease process or increased permeability of the vascular wall in some diseases. Besides bleeding accompanies physiological processes such as menstruation and childbirth. Especially dangerous blood loss in children and the elderly. At some diseases accompanied by reduced blood clotting (Hemophilia, radiation sickness), any, even very heavy Read more [...]
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For tourist: Injuries cutting and piercing instruments

In the hands of inexpert or unruly tourists any cutting or piercing instruments are potentially unsafe and may be a prerequisite for wounds and cuts. Usually this happens when firewood, falling from a knife or ax or simply as a result of overindulgence.Prevention of injuries from sharp instruments. Tourists should observe the following rules: the route to carry axes, saws, knives only shrouded, on halts sharp instruments to lay down in a hiding place (under any circumstances not sticking them in trees, even more so at the height of human growth) for the night hiding sharp instruments under Read more [...]
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For tourist: Thermal Shock

Not less hassle than cooling can deliver extremely highest temperature, which occasionally leads to overheating of the body and thermal shock. Overheating is not necessarily associated with hot sunny weather. From time to time the highest pressure (before the storm) or stagnant air (for example, when driving in a humidified atmosphere of shady forest thicket) already cause some tourists overheating symptoms - sweating, weakness, headache, nasal bleeding, more rapid breathing, nausea. Then, if you do not make a halt, thermal shock can occur with loss of consciousness.Prevention of thermal shock. Read more [...]
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Leopard sharks are killed by the dozens because of internal bleeding

on may 12. In April, dozens of leopard sharks were discarded dead on the beach in California. The autopsy revealed that at least one shark died from severe internal bleeding, such that the blood seeped through the skin of the shark, according to the statement Daily News.An autopsy conducted The Department for protection of fish resources and wildlife, was diagnosed with inflammation, bleeding and damage in the brain, and bleeding of the skin around the vent\". According to the version published Daily News, bleeding and other internal organs were found in the examined females. The results Read more [...]
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DARPA is a strange way to survival of soldiers with blunt trauma

Medical care on the battlefield at the first request is often crucial to the survival of the wounded soldiers. However, in the case of an internal abdominal injuries and internal bleeding is little that can be done to stop the bleeding until the patient is taken to the hospital. As a result of blood loss often leads to death with wounds, with which to survive. Technology-based foam, developed as part of DARPA Wound Stasis System (system preservation injury or something like that) has shown promising results in testing. In the test model, the foam showed the ability to stop the blood for Read more [...]
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The victim is unconscious

Sweep the streets bikes, trolleys and buses, cars, trams and trucks. This, according to experts, the most dangerous for pedestrians types of urban transport. Daily case of a road accident, taking lives and crippling public health. Let's imagine the following situation: the car before your eyes knocked a pedestrian, he flies away to the side, falls and injuries from falls unconscious. What to do and what not to do? First of all, we need to quickly determine the status of the victim, not moving him, whether the patient is conscious, breathing he, if he had a pulse? To check whether the victim Read more [...]
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Estiomen (French esthiomene; from Greek. Esthiomenos - corroded; synonym ulcus rodens vulvae) - a chronic ulcer defeat vulva. Characterized by a long progressive compaction, ulceration and scarring vagina (in the lower one-third) and external genital organs, which leads to elephantiasis of the clitoris, small and large labia. Estiomen usually occurs within a few years after the start of the main disease develops slowly and in some cases combined with a defeat rectum and perineum, forming a so-called genitoanorektalny syndrome. Anorectal defeat begins with inflammatory mucosal changes rectum Read more [...]
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Treatment for Gingivitis Ulocace sometimes there is a primary, but it usually develops as a result of complications of previous forms under the influence of additional adverse factors: reducing the total resistance of the body, colds, after acute infectious diseases and nervous stress. Ulcerative gingivitis is common among students during exams, as well as from undergoing surgery or common serious diseases. The disease develops due to the activation of the existing dental plaque microflora - anaerobic bacteria and protozoa. The main reason - poor oral hygiene. For ulcerative gingivitis is characterized Read more [...]
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