My dogs

BlizzardBeginning in №6 / 2007     Belka did not come to us in this time, and with this beast, we got to know later already near Moscow, in the woods near the railway platform "Michurinets", where he once hoped I show protein its very first husky, indomitable zveroviku - Zapsib Buyan.     Alas, this, my second fishing season ended prematurely, I was forced to leave the taiga and to see a doctor after two severe attacks of appendicitis.     The operation was done to me in Moscow, they said that still have time. But then developed complications, and return to his house, a hut on the Read more [...]
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The blizzard of sable …

With a week on the peninsula, from coast to coast, worn snowstorm. Wind drifts not only rolls in the tundra, but even in the stone-birch forests and larch forests. Animals do not protrude from their hiding places. Hunters were resting in a hut. Photo by Ilya Lipin In general, the weather was such that in some even «dogs not out expel». Wind to midnight verse as if someone had cut. Snow continued to blame but I have drizzled «groats» — a sign of the end of the bad weather and coming cold snap. The hunter immediately Read more [...]
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These hounds are born rarely. It had everything: instinct, Paraty nestomchivost mind, pozyvistost. She was in an elite ranger dog hunting estate, so almost did not visit exhibitions, competitions and tests, although it had excellent pedigree, dog deserved.«Peremolchki» — break impact on voting trail in the rut. «Zarev» — bright gon «by sight» after rising to a hare maturation. «Paraty» — the ability of the hound to chase the beast, not letting rip away. Starting to drive on first Read more [...]
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On the bait

When his grandfather Andrew told me that, judging from the behavior Blizzards during rutting hare, it tried to attack the wolves, she threw rut and rushed at full speed to the owner, whimpering and tail between his legs, I drove up to his throat and stab the heart. Still alive the memory of the fallen from the fangs of wolves "at work" Russian hounds Zarёve and Solovki. Blizzard — two-year vyzhlovka from Ace and Solovki, our hope future matings. When my grandfather said that the farmer gave him two dead calves on bait, doubts were dispelled — Read more [...]
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Snowfall and blizzard in the middle of summer surprised residents of Finland

July 16, 2013. On Monday night, in some parts of Lapland, the temperature suddenly dropped below zero, it began to snow and sleet. In recent days, the snow has fallen in some places in the townships and Enontekiö Kittilä. Even blizzard began, reports YLE Lappi. Snow in July - is not uncommon in Lapland. Snow cover is thicker than 20 centimeters, according to meteorologist, the last time was in Lapland in the 1970s and 1980s. Source: Delfi  Snow fell in northern FinlandJuly 16, 2013. Last Sunday July 14, the tourists, vacationers in the north-eastern Lapland, were surprised Read more [...]
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Weather anomalies in the south of Europe. Video

On the coast, where in mid-March are usually already beginning to bloom tropical plants, and now blizzard blizzard. Vagaries of nature become a real disaster - under the weight of snow torn power lines, huge traffic jams on the roads are closed, many government offices and schools, 10-degree weather - at this time and in this region the phenomenon almost unheard of. It seems that this could not have imagined even a surrealist painter that came from these warm edges. In Barcelona, ​​nature has arranged this phantasmagoria. White flakes raining from the sky, still, the sidewalks were covered Read more [...]
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survival auto for BP

Russian "BLIZZARD" From the URALS (crawler module)In Chelyabinsk started serial production of crawler module "Blizzard". With it, any car without significant configuration to its design perioperatively in super-vehicle. With all of this, the car remains ordinary steering and the usual level of passenger comfort. The fuel consumption was slightly greater than in ordinary driving, and the reliability of the design module is tested by testing the most formidable criteria.Super ATV "Blizzard" 3:30Helen Adeyewa Read more [...]
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Blizzard patted Spain (video)

Blizzard swept across the Spanish Peninsula. At the weekend kept snowing mainly in the mountains of the Cantabrian coast.But Blizzard is gradually waning. At night there was a heavy snowfall in the area of the Cantabrian mountains. Meanwhile, in the mountainous regions of Castilla and león and in the surroundings of Madrid snow machines worked without rest. It was necessary most to clear the road to normal traffic. Today, the situation has improved, but forecasters predict continued snowfall. Meteoprog Read more [...]
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On Sakhalin residents reported explosions and flashes of light

Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk actively discussing "Winter storm" - the sounds of violent explosions and flashes of light in the night sky above the city. In view of the fact that the city is a strong blizzard version of the "winter storm" themselves eyewitnesses say incredible. The easiest way to keep abreast of all events listen to the radio online.Eyewitnesses report the loud sounds of explosions and flashes in the sky, as well as the fact that the local radio reported that it "... it's just very rare weather phenomenon - in the snow storm and do not worry. "This report Read more [...]
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Canada: In Montreal beaten 40-year-old snow record

on December 30. The strongest snow with Blizzard struck the southern districts of the province of Quebec in the early morning on Thursday. Southern cyclone came from outside the United States, was raging just a few hours, but have brought a record amount of rainfall. The hardest hit Montreal, which was full of snow collapse. Press Secretary for environment Canada Rene Heru said that such a snow the city has ever seen. A few hours drifts 45 cm of snow.For comparison, the strongest is the Montreal snowfall recorded March 4, 1971, brought 43.2 cm of snow per day, and during the following three Read more [...]
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In the North-East snow storm coming

February 24, 2013. To the North-East USA Blizzard coming. It will affect the States of Connecticut, Rhode island, Massachusetts, Maine, reports CNN. Forecasters predict the appearance of snow cover height up to 30.5 cm in some counties, Massachusetts. The heaviest snowfall will be held in the night from 23 to 24 February 2013. Blizzard may have a negative impact on the mid-Atlantic States — New York, Pennsylvania, Delaware. There can get ice storms. In the South — in the States of North and South Carolina and Georgia can be marked by strong storms and heavy rains. Meanwhile, Read more [...]
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Extreme situations. Ice storm and blizzard

Respectful Treat snowstorm, blizzard and possible severe consequences. Except for the last few years I spent in the Marine military service, I have had plenty of negative experiences with blizzards, even more than with hurricanes.   The possibility of the storm and the alarm The National Weather Service states that a consequence of the severe winter of geographical features of the area. Alarm means that the storm is approaching your area. When approaching snowstorm marked gain, blizzards, snow and winds up to 35 miles per hour or more. What you need to know about the snowstorms Read more [...]
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Movement: treeless

Dense wind present in the open field is often ideal for ski racing. Per usual running day (8-9 hours) can take up to 50 km.On packed snow (or finished skiing) team leader should choose the right pace - according to the capacity of the group. Especially important to spread the load among participants hike. Distribution must meet force participants. This is a major responsibility of the team leader.         In northern areas sometimes (often in very severe frosts) the snow surface can be so hard and rough that wooden skis do not slide, Read more [...]
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Ski tour. Instead of introducing

Distance themselves do not touch. One day one of the first campaigns, on a green slope, sun-drenched, I fell asleep. Light breeze blowing heat, and from the hours sunk into the memory of extraordinary sense of peace. A two hundred kilometers to the villages and roads.   But if a hundred kilometers to the shelter winter taiga, half frozen rivers, deep snow - a hundred miles of frost?...The trail skiing snow. The legs get stuck above the knees. Force enough for twenty paces. White fluffy element ...Am going away, skipping ahead to watch me. So it changes. It is, buried Read more [...]
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Weather in Kamchatka worse

January 13. Cyclone, who built a snow collapse in southern Kamchatka, before reaching its peak. The atmospheric pressure at its center below 965 hPa, which is comparable to the characteristics of tropical formations. On account of this cyclone strong winds in the Kuriles to 31 m / s, continuous snow with winds up to 32 m / s in the Magadan region, blizzard with wind up to 23 m / s in Sakhalin, and very heavy snow with rainfall up to 37 mm in the south Kamchatka, with a strong blizzard with wind up to 41 m / s. And still to come. Establish normal activity in these areas in the coming days will Read more [...]
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