Poison poison snake-7

Application nonspecific means temporarily improve the condition of patients, is associated with risk and can cause serious injury. Polyvinylpyrrolidone and tetragidroaminoakridin having anticholinesterase property and atropine, stimulating respiration, only increase the life expectancy of the few animals (Trethewe, 1970). The use of hemodialysis for bites of sea snakes provides some clinical improvement, oliguria and muscle soreness are retained 6-7 days (Sitprija is a., 1971). The range of treatment Parmenov VI (1941), Parrish (1957) and others recommend including antibiotics; Watt et al. Read more [...]
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Syndrome of acute renal failure

Name syndrome:Syndrome acute renal failure Symptoms:Severe morning sickness, lack of response to irritation, anxiety, and sometimes convulsions, anuria, sometimes hematuria. Dry skin, high blood pressure, "large" (toxic) breathing, heart sounds are muffled, increased residual nitrogen levels. The reasons:Acute renal vein thrombosis, acute renal cortical necrosis, anuria after blood transfusion, kidney malformations in violation of their function. Therapeutic measures: In severe azotemia replace blood transfusion: 50-75 ml per 1 kg of body weight. Peritoneal dialysis. Normalization Read more [...]
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Lesson on blood transfusion

The task of the lesson: to give the students the concept of blood groups in humans, introduce a blood transfusion, its use and value, Equipment. Demonstration material: tables, "blood", "blood of man." LESSON PLAN 1. Repetition, and testing. Individual sealed survey. 2. Learning new material. Blood group. Transfusion of blood. Its use in medicine. Story teachers and demonstration of Blood. 3. Consolidation. Regulation of blood transfusion. Drafting table. LESSON The teacher calls on several students. One draws on the board composition of erythrocytes and leukocytes, and Read more [...]
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The case of the architect

One well-known Leningrad architect walking down the street in the good mood. Suddenly, he felt bad. Something pricked inside the abdomen, eyes darkened house floated somewhere ... Architect lost consciousness. Five minutes later, an ambulance took him to the hospital. Another five minutes later the doctor found the cause of admissions sudden illness: gastric ulcer and acute gastric bleeding. Twenty minutes later, after the architect was on the operating table. His breathing was becoming more and more rarely, the heart was beating weaker and weaker. From the hole eroding ulcers leaking artery Read more [...]
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Blood transfusion-3

Indications for blood transfusion: Traumatic shock, operations, acute blood loss (impaired ectopic pregnancy, damage to blood vessels and the heart, parenchymal organs, lung, intestinal and uterine bleeding, etc.), chronic anemia, emaciation. Transfusion Blood was also shown during the preparation of patients for surgery and in the postoperative period, with local and general purulent processes, burns, poisoning, blood diseases, radiation sickness, etc. The amount of blood needed for transfusion, determined by your doctor depending on the patient. Contraindications for transfusionThrombosis of Read more [...]
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Blood transfusion-2

Immunotransfuziya - Transfusion of blood collected from donors who have had measles, scarlet fever, typhoid fever, polio, and have acquired immunity to these diseases. The blood of people who have suffered extensive burns, used to treat burnt. Geterotransfuziya - Transfusion of blood of animals. As well as blood transfusion inogruppnoy, geterotransfuziya is blood transfusion in the fullest sense. Rather, they appear to be annoying methods of therapy. Blood of animals at low doses (5 to 10 ml) is sometimes used to stimulate chronic sepsis, weak healing wounds, poorly absorbable infiltrates. Read more [...]
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Blood transfusion-1

Residual blood in the vial after the transfusion of stored in the refrigerator for days. With complications of the blood sent for testing. Do not be a blood transfusion from one bottle to two or more patients because of possible complications and transfusion transmission (especially infectious hepatitis) from a sick patient. Can not be a blood transfusion from the open flasks and mugs (contamination of blood during transfusion). It is strictly forbidden to use the previously unopened vials. Produced transfusion Blood documented in the medical record in a special register, indicating the results Read more [...]
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Blood transfusions for children

Transfusion blood of children is made with the same goals as adults. Often not transfused whole blood, and some of its components (serum or plasma, red blood cells, etc.). Transfusion Blood is widely used in surgical operations, as well as acute blood loss anemia of various etiologies, blood diseases, hemorrhagic diathesis, malnutrition, septic conditions, hypoproteinemia, etc. Transfusion plasma shown in toxemia, coma, jaundice, malabsorption syndrome. Exchange transfusion of blood is the main method of treatment of hemolytic disease of the newborn (see). In severe forms of exchange transfusion Read more [...]
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A bit of history

Even in the most remote times thought about the possibility to master the healing effects of blood occupied the minds and imaginations of people. The famous ancient physician Hippocrates believed that the blood of healthy people and healthy contains "soul." Pope Innocent VIII in the late XV century doctors treated a drink, the main component of which was human blood. 400 years ago there was a "theory," which says that if people can be brave, generous, if they pour blood those who are brave and kind. But the first transfusion blood from one person to another, or - to put it in Read more [...]
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Energy source

The man seemed to cure, and it all goes to the hospital room, pale, flabby. And so for weeks. Treated him from the inflammation of the small intestine, from the so-called enteritis. Inflammation is long gone, but the patient remained weakness, fatigue, lack of appetite. Then the doctor gave him a small blood transfusion. Was introduced grams hundred and fifty, that is a little more polustakana blood. A few days later the patient appeared live shine in his eyes, fit and in good spirits. In the clinic of skin diseases for a long time lay sick driver. On his right arm was not healing ulcers. Read more [...]
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Hematology and blood transfusion

The doctrine of the blood in the 20th century developed into an independent discipline - Hematology. Much of the credit for this goes to national scientists. AD Timofeyevsky in 1913-1915. world first got a culture leukemic white blood cells and normal blood by the method of tissue culture. This method has become widely used to determine the main issues of hematopoiesis. MI Arinkin in 1927, has developed a method for in vivo sternal puncture, bone marrow (see trephine biopsy), has received worldwide recognition. NK Lastminute Offers grid for counting blood cells. AN Kryukov (1878-1952) created Read more [...]
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