The wild boar and the hunt for him

The enraged boar with lightning speed rushes at the hunter. Quickly he runs and is swift in action. Huge power allows the cleaver strike canines dissecting the muscles on the leg of the hunter. Accidental fall of a person when attacking a wild boar could end in tragedy.Wild boar (Sus scrota L.) in appearance is similar to domestic pigs, which are its domesticated descendant. The torso of a wild boar more massive and muscular than domestic pigs. The front part of the body of the boar is much larger than the posterior part. The head is large, wedge-shaped and extended slightly forward, with strongly Read more [...]
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The hot August sun, rising high into the blue heights, mercilessly scorching heat undisguised Kolkinu head. Reflected from the mirrored surface of a pond, a blind eye, causing squinting and wiping away a tear. Before cutting in the eyes, he tried to see her float, the solution in the solar glare, but the red head, clearly visible in the early morning, completely lost in the forest reflected in the water. Photo Andy Hay / (CC BY 2.0) Everything is good!» — Kolka said to himself, reeling the bait. Looking in bucket a dozen goldfish floating, Read more [...]
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The Passion of boar

Wild boar - a popular object of amateur hunting. Has a powerful strength and courage, these animals deserve the glory and respect for the hunters. Get a large cleaver prowess has always been at the Russian princes.Has a powerful strength and courage, these animals deserve the glory and respect for the hunters. Get a large cleaver prowess has always been at the Russian princes.Boar — popular object of amateur hunting. Hunting He of all hunts ungulate, probably the most difficult. AND not because permission to its production is not always easy, and not Read more [...]
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The only wild boar

Throughout my life I have taken the hunting of wild boar. But what and how! I hate driving hunt. A special case here - in the ambush. Rare hunting. And organized by chance. I was a young student, and family-hunters had Khoi-what bonds. They invited friend and ranger wild boar. I took as a lucky hand. God, how I shot the youth! I do not know what a scree, chokes, and a lot more then, but the game went to train as by decree from above. Even in «royal» hunting is taken. And that's where I still go? About shooting, guns, hunting already know everything, «smear» I became more Read more [...]
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In the wild boar in February

The idea once again to visit Belarus for the purpose of hunting was born quite naturally. Still fresh in the memory of moments of collective hunting, and the new carbine very well want to try the case. Booked hunt. Throw friends cry and responded 3oe hunters: Sergei, Anton and bones.They left in three cars on Thursday morning of February 2nd. Slowly, with smoke breaks and snacks reached the place. This time, I knew that in Belarus speeding at 20km entail loss of rights. Settled ... somehow cold in the house ... ... it is necessary to warm up the fireplace, will soon be warmer ... we thought ... Read more [...]
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Prior to the May holidays, remained little more than a week, through a third party when he heard that in April their friends successfully hunted wild boar. My questions how and where the hunt took place, they found it difficult to answer. What is it, another legalized poaching in private households or science-based shooting game, inviting friends right?Dispel my assumptions helped "Hunting the newspaper." In the "Offer" I was attracted by the announcement: "Hunt, 45 km from Moscow: wild boar, deer, red deer, yak," and thus the phone. I will not bore readers with the details of a long conversation, Read more [...]
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Before you watch the wild boar

Hunting for wild boar is different. But I would like to highlight two ways: hunting from towers, and Ambush.Photo: Sergey Fokin Hunting for wild boar is different. But I would like to highlight two ways: hunting from towers, and Ambush.HUNTING WITH TOWERFirst, consider the hunt from the tower, as it is easier to ambush hunting.Located at the towers and Ambush virtually identical. Towers set in the woods on the wide meadows (distance to the feeders should mainly be based on smooth-bore weapons, and range from 30 to 50 meters), on the edge of the forest, where almost always in hunting Read more [...]
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The boar, golden eagle and SKS

Review of domestic rifles, had long been used by Russian hunters.Photo by Anton Zhuravkova The carbine "boar"This carabiner is made Vyatsko-Polyansky plant "Hammer" on the basis of units and units of machine gun Kalashnikov. It has forged a heavy trunk. For hunting for elk and wild boar samples are most appropriate chambered .308Win, .30-06 and 7.62h54R. Conveniently enough fuse (in the final version). The rifle is heavy, in the version "Super" with the caliber .308Win has a mass of 4.6 kg. Not too good a side holder optics. Carbine "Boar Hunter" chambered 7.62h54R optimal for Read more [...]
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Wild boar demands respect

This story I told a fellow traveler, with which for a time brought me "Russian Railways". Shutterstock Photo Deep into the night our conversation was carried on hunting. Andrew was born and lives in a forested and rich in game Tambov regions. To hunt him addicted father and uncle – local gamekeeper. This passion is shared by his friends. Here then, in November, when there was our meeting, he went for a short rest home and hoped to hunt. It turned out he liked hunting for waterfowl, birds, but he loves to hunt wild boar. I am happy to listen to live stories about meetings Read more [...]
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Time will judge

("On the edge" part 2) I will describe in a nutshell tour of well familiar to me for over 20 years Vyshnevolotskaya places. Immediately at the entrance to the village house, which stands four kilometers from the highway asphalt, found no animal crossings primer in the lowlands. Earlier, there were always many fresh traces night elk and wild boar.Photo by Vitaly Koshkin Morning hike in the surroundings do not detect the presence of grouse on the overrun with bushes and low forest edges all declining, the former farm fields. Until a few years ago (not to mention the longer Read more [...]
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Kaban albino

Immediately after the war the reeds for Akhangaran (there is a town in the Tashkent region) Lavrentich flunked a young wild boar pounds for five or six. The fact that the hunter killed the boar, was not surprising. Experienced kabanyatnik Lavrentich, happened, and this was producing boar.Photo ranger / (CC BY-SA 2.0)  Sometimes dump hardened cleaver and a half hundredweight, and two…This is not hunting tales poison. When such a machine of running down the side of the mountain, the earth under the hooves was buzzing like a giant drum. Deaf, scary… And Read more [...]
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The reed islands of Kuban

At a meeting of the Board Timashevskaya PO KKOOOR we decided to combine the holding battue hunting jackal, fox and raccoon dog hunting for wild boarAccording to the order of the Department, was responsible for carrying hunting hunter team headed by Yevgeny Paton Kovalev. Invited local hunters and videographer, I also brought along a video camera. Weather pleased us a little cloudy, light breeze and temperatures above zero. After an appropriate briefing and paperwork left on two UAZ vehicles in hunting.In the first ne beaters let loose his hounds once for the farm in the corner of Reed Island, and Read more [...]
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At ease

Indeed, rare beast compared with the resistance of a wild boar on the wound and vindictivenessPhoto: Gleb Krylov We agreed once with a partner to go to the ambush pokaraulit pig. But, as always in such cases, and cases piled on me and him. Sostykuemsya not, as in the song: «I came, you dumb ...». Yes, I have a form for molding the cap bullet weighing 38 g produced, cast a trial lot. I can not wait to experience it in reality. In short, outfitted with a C grade for fresh rounds of the bullet itself and in the evening go to the partner. Naturally, it is still not home. Read more [...]
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Doublet of boars

Once on the hunt in the hunting lease Gagarin I happened to be the head of the teamPhoto: Sergey Losev I will put my nine companions and he stood at the edge of the tenth circuit. Jaegers drove a herd of wild boar with the dog, and it is divided into several groups. One left middle chain other – on my side.First between me and a neighbor ran big pig. Before she was twenty meters, when the neighbor shot. My shot almost merged with him. As it defined our elders, I got it, it was seen by a bullet found haircut. From shot the pig screamed and stood upright on their hind legs, Read more [...]
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Royal Hunt and white lady

Photos Jerzy Strzelecki This hunt, which I was lucky enough to participate, took place several decades ago in Poland. Then I was young and just starting his diplomatic career in our embassy in Warsaw. I must admit that it was rather good. Yesterday's high school graduate, I served as attache and was an assistant ambassador – zamechatelnogocheloveka that prior to the appointment to Warsaw in Moscow held a high post. The ambassador was an avid fisherman and hunter.This was his hobby known in Poland and the then leadership, given the friendly relations between our countries Read more [...]
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In the time trouble

Hunting for wild boar in the reeds - one of the exciting and interesting, but at the same time responsible and insecure. Wild boar - animal cautiously, so that even well-trained dogs is not always possible to drive it to the shooting numbers. Often, looking up from the prosecution, the beast comes back again into the pen, and so can be repeated several times a day.Photo by Yuri Semyonov Sometimes he comes to Pleso overcomes them swim, making it quite quickly and quietly. Dogs coming after him, have lost track of the reach and come back into the fold, in search of fresh tracks Read more [...]
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The vagaries of fortune

One of my favorite books on hunting - "Seventy years of hunting," Sergei A. Rusanov. In this book, I was surprised how evolved hunting poster on collective raids on the hoof. Here is what he writes: "... raids on persistent bad luck pursued me ... never and nowhere the beast in my room did not go. More than once, that the closest neighbor to the right or to the left, and then both fired almost point-blank, and I stand, if under a spell. " It turned out, it is one in one of my case. Photo by Vitaly Koshkin In the past «starry» hunting time, in 70–80 years of the Read more [...]
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What is to blame for the boar?

January 25, 2013 in "Rossiyskaya Gazeta" published by order of the Ministry of Russia from 23.11.2012 № 400 "On Amendments to the Regulations of Hunting Resources in the hunting grounds, approved by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Ecology of the Russian Federation dated April 30, 2010 N 138" . And what is the essence of the changes in the seemingly stable and reasonable "biologami- hunters" document? Keyword and the reason for the changes - a wild boar, which, incidentally, is not surprising. The word "pig" is removed from the text of one paragraph of the order Read more [...]
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The plant that absorbs radiation

Russian scientists from the Institute of Cytology and genetics, Siberian branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Institute of Cytology and genetics SB RAS) learned how to grow water hyacinth, which successfully absorb radionuclides and languid metals, cleaning the dirty area. This will help scientists to "revive" the victim radiation from the explosion of the city of Ozersk, Chelyabinsk region. We threw hyacinth radioactive ponds, and it is amazingly absorbs the available water volume metals, radionuclides strontium and cesium. In laboratory criteria non-radioactive isotope of strontium may Read more [...]
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Do NOT TEASE the Animal

In nature animals usually avoid humans if they are not being followed. But if they are provoked, to stand up for themselves they may even show anger.One day in the autumn of my friend the Forester Petro was on the track. When he reached the area of thick trees, he suddenly heard a noise in the bushes, and here on clearing jumped healthy boar and rushed into the Forester. He was without a gun and, not long thinking, rapidly climbed the tree. Walking some time around the oak, wild boar, gutturally Rocha, went back into the bushes. It is not clear why the boar without preconditions attacked person: Read more [...]
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