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Overheating in the sun. What to do?

Excessive sweating on a hot day leads to excessive loss of moisture and salt contained in sweat. Although sweating and does not allow the body temperature to rise, reducing the salt content in the body causes cramps in the muscles of the legs and body, leading, respectively, to General weakness. If you do not replenish moisture and salts, this condition will end up fainting. In addition to convulsions and fainting, and other symptoms of overheating are headache, dizziness and nausea. The temperature remains within normal limits, but the skin seems to be cold and wet. Face pale, and breathing becomes Read more [...]
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For tourist: Temperature sleeping

Temperature regime sleeping."... -4 was only outside, but I still froze its lower part in this 15 degree bag! ". This story you will hear more often than once, if you talk with fans traveling enough time. So what is the essence of the case still here? Just properties designated for sleeping bags, are units of comfort and not accurate absolute values. And we take into account the fact that research in the field termoobmena, the fruits of which are guided by manufacturing companies, are usually carried out by soldiers, instructor guides, climbers, in other words on the seasoned, Read more [...]
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Hypothermia is a process of constant decrease in body temperature to dangerous levels under the influence of cold.

The rapid development of hypothermia contribute: low temperature and high humidity, wind, lack of shelter and warm clothing, inadequate nutrition, lack of movement.The main symptoms of hypothermia are: decrease in body temperature below 36C, decreased heart rate, breathing rhythm disturbance, a sense of fatigue, drowsiness, slow speech, memory impairment, blue skin, loss of motor activity, loss of consciousness.Process supercooling occurs most rapidly in contact with the cold water in the person, since the thermal conductivity of water is 27 times higher than that of air. Under these conditions, Read more [...]
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Extreme changes in the evolution of

Evolution gave the polar bear its white coat "instantaneously"Swedish explorer and naturalist Folmer Bokma at the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) in Boston, presented the report, which states that evolution is not a gradual and relatively uniform process (as suggested by the theory of neo-Darwinism), but a series of abrupt changes and transformations, so most new species can be formed almost Single-moment.Hopping theory of evolution appeared long ago. Its first expressed paleontologists who have studied the fossilized remains of ancient creatures."I have Read more [...]
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Temperature list

Temperature list - A medical document for graphic recording of daily fluctuations in body temperature of patients. On the vertical scale temperature curves indicated rates of body temperature from 35 to 41 °; the horizontal - the date and time of measurement. Indicate points daily thermometer readings against the corresponding symbols and connecting them, get a broken line, called the temperature curve (see). Filling temperature curves produced average daily paramedics after measuring patient temperature in the morning and evening hours. In addition to body temperature, the temperature curves Read more [...]
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Temperature curves

Temperature curves - A graphic representation of temperature fluctuations in everyday terms. Temperature curves give a clear picture of the nature of fever (see), are often a significant diagnostic and prognostic value. Types of curves allow the following types of fever. 1. At constant fever (febris continua) temperature body is usually high, in the range 39 °, held for a few days or weeks to fluctuations within 1 °. Occurs in acute infectious diseases: typhus, lobar pneumonia, etc. (Fig. 1). 2. Aperient, or remittent, fever (febris remittens) exhibits significant daily fluctuations in body Read more [...]
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The body temperature

The body temperature - One of the main physiological constants of the body, providing the optimum level of biological processes in it. Should distinguish between the temperature of the internal environment and the temperature of his skin. Temperature of the internal environment remains fairly constant level. Each organ of the body has its own temperature, the value of which depends on the intensity occurring there redox processes. The highest temperature liver (39 °), lower - the temperature of the stomach, kidneys, etc., internal organs. Temperature Human skin is highest in the armpit, slightly Read more [...]
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General cooling

The course and outcome of the general cooling is largely dependent on the context in which it occurred. For example, a particularly poor outcome with cooling water. Due to the nature of cooling water (which is faster), people often die before the onset of deep hypothermia - from vascular collapse or cold shock. High resistance to cold is the reason that for the onset of pathological processes requires a fairly long duration of action of low temperatures. During this period, the body mobilizes all possible reserves to maintain body temperature at a physiological level (intense digested food in Read more [...]
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Lesson on the role of the skin in regulating body temperature

The task of the lesson: to form the students knowledge of the functions of the skin associated with the regulation of the internal environment of the body. Equipment. Demonstration material: table microstructure skin homemade table "Functions of the skin." Lesson Plan 1. Repetition. Constant temperature of the body. Conversation. 2. Learning a new, binding. Skin as the body heat. Story teacher. Conversation. Heat and sunstroke. Independent work with the textbook. Burns and frostbite of the skin. Conversation. LessonThe lesson begins with a discussion on the following questions: Read more [...]
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Pyrotherapy - treatment of artificial fever. Artificial fever cause the introduction of organism heterologous protein (see proteotherapy), pathogens (malaria, relapsing fever), various vaccines, chemicals (pirogenal, suspension of sulfur in oil, distilled water). Increased body temperature also cause effects on organism air, water, sand, mud, heated above normal body temperature, while limiting the heat transfer (see Hyperthermia) and electric current - diathermy, inductothermy, fever therapy (see). Pyrotherapy causes increased blood circulation, metabolism and immunological (defensive) reactions. All Read more [...]
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Biyohinol (BIIochinolum; List B) - protivosifiliticheskoe agent. Used for the treatment of all forms of syphilis, and nesifiliticheskih lesions of the central nervous system (arachno-encephalitis meningomielita etc.). Biyohinol  intramuscularly warmed to body temperature. Used to treat syphilis and 3 ml biyohinola 1 every 3 days, for a course of treatment 40-50 ml suspension. The highest single dose of 3 mL. Biyohinol contraindicated in renal disease, diabetes, bleeding diathesis, severe forms of tuberculosis, cardiac decompensation, gingivitis, stomatitis and hypersensitivity to quinine. Read more [...]
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Thermal state and water-salt metabolism at high ambient temperatures

In humans and other mammals advanced body temperature is kept constant through the mechanisms of thermoregulation, which ensure normal functioning of the organism. Increased body temperature leads to significant shifts metabolism and function of organs and systems. When the temperature of 2 ° is there are significant abnormalities in the cardiovascular system and a noticeable decrease in performance. Raising it to a 4 - 5 ° and more incompatible with the life of the organism. Interest is the relationship of body temperature to changes in ambient temperature. The experiments were performed Read more [...]
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Refrigeration systems

It has long been firmly established opinion that the heat of the equatorial regions of the planet, the more direct sunlight, it is not portable to the Europeans. British colonized in the past century vast territory lying between the tropics of Cancer and Capricorn, are firmly convinced that without a protective cork helmet be the day in the open air or in any case impossible. Meanwhile, a huge number of animals to adapt to the conditions in the tropics and, apparently, feels good in these parts. It may seem that the heat is easier to fight than to cold: to minimize heat in the "furnaces" Read more [...]
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