Turkish semiautomatic: first encounter

About Turkey we have the impression of how technologically backward country. But it is not. Photo by the author And here in our market appeared Turkish shotguns. Basically it copies of famous models in Europe and America, only produced in Turkey. It is possible to reduce the cost model. But prices are still slightly higher than the national rifles. And at the exhibition in 2010 «Arms and Hunting» to stand firm «Fetter» I saw the gun Turkish firm Sarsilmaz Silah Boeing. I was pleased with the price.There is an opinion that the Turkish low-quality weapons. Read more [...]
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Those Planes Aren’t the Trouble

Deuce-ace Boeing fuselages—the primary compartments of airplanes—fell the duration of an embankment when a caravan derailed conclusion hebdomad.     Photograph: Courtesy of Kid Flanagan/Wiley By now, you've probable seen the photos. On the afternoon of July 3, a gear paralleling Montana’s Clark Ramify River derailed at Atherton Binge, sending payloads of soybeans, denaturized inebriant (not for drink, this is the clobber victimized in fire), and Boeing flat parts into the piss—and into horizon of amazed outside enthusiasts.Spell photographs of the nonstarter made Read more [...]
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Should I Fly on the Dreamliner 787?

Boeing 787 Dreamliner.     Photograph: mirounga/ShutterstockA:My dad invariably told me not to buy a car in its outset yr of output, because thither are incessantly conception problems that demand to be ironed out. It’s sounding same, disdain their all-embracing escape examination regime, he was talk roughly giant airliners, too. View: according to The Shielder, Boeing’s $200 billion Dreamliner 787 is made of more two trillion parts. It seems unimaginable that every fiddling function and small-arm of electronics would employment as cleanly as the sheet’s engineers Read more [...]
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Japanese airline has suspended flights of all its Dreamliner

Japanese airline All Nippon Airways (ANA) announced the suspension of all flights affiliated Boeing 787 Dreamliner, according to Reuters. The decision was taken on Wednesday, January 16, after another incident with the "Dreamliner" the company.Operation of Boeing 787 Dreamliner Japanese airline intends to resume only after a thorough check of all 17 aircraft of this model within its park.January 16 on board the Boeing 787 Dreamliner airline ANA, heading from the city to the west of the country Yamaguchi in Tokyo, about 45 minutes after take-off there was smoke. The plane, which was Read more [...]
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The plane returned to the Domodedovo due to engine problems

Passenger "Boeing", departing from "Domodedovo" in Vienna, had to return to the departure airport, "Interfax" a source in the traffic services Moscow airports. "Airplane" Boeing 737-800 "departed from" Domodedovo "in Vienna in the morning, but after taking off his alarm went off about the problems in the right engine and the aircraft commander decided to return to the airport of departure," - he said. According to the source, the plane landed safely in "Domodedovo" 20 minutes after takeoff. All on board were 140 passengers, Read more [...]
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Boeing emergency landing in Krasnoyarsk

In Krasnoyarsk airport at 10:35 in Moscow successfully made an emergency landing Boeing passenger airline "North Wind," ITAR-TASS. Airliner with 279 passengers and 11 crew members on board flew to Phuket at 05:40 Moscow time. Pilots had to return to the airport because of problems with Emelyanovo flaps. Boeing few hours circling over the airport, generating fuel. The commander decided to return to the departure airport after the alarm board reported that it removed the flaps.Category: Factors and accident Read more [...]
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Boeing aircraft emergency landing in Novosibirsk

In Novosibirsk, the emergency landing Boeing aircraft airline "Globe", which was carrying 300 passengers. Landing was successful. Affected by the incident, no.

Airliner flying from Chita to Moscow. According to preliminary data, the pilots requested a landing in Novosibirsk after the in-flight show incorrect generator.

Category: Factors and accident
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German passenger helped land the plane at Dublin Airport

Suddenly became an airliner pilot hero joyfully welcomed serving the airport. A passenger came to the rescue and successfully planted Lufthansa Boeing 747 aircraft after the first pilot to become ill. On Monday, during a flight over the Atlantic, the first pilot was feeling pretty sick. When the crew announced that the aircraft deviates from the route, one of the passengers asked why. He was a retired pilot, who had a license to operate the Boeing 747, and he immediately offered to help. About 6 am under the German aircraft safely made an emergency landing in the capital of Ireland. Now the Read more [...]
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Flying from London to the U.S. Boeing 777 emergency landing in Ireland

Boeing 777 passenger plane of United Airlines, on its way from London to Los Angeles, Friday, emergency landing in Ireland after smoke in the cockpit.Landing occurred at Shannon International Airport in County Clare, 25 km south of Ennis. On board were 182 passengers and 10 crew members, none of them was injured, RIA "Novosti" with reference to the Associated Press.Now inspect the aircraft experts to decide whether he can continue the flight across the Atlantic.Category: Factors and accident Read more [...]
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Novosibirsk flying Boeing 767 forced villages in Bangkok

Passenger aircraft airline S7, operates scheduled flights "Phuket - Novosibirsk", on Tuesday made an emergency landing in Bangkok because the alarm went off in flight technical failure, told RIA Novosti press-service airline. "Alarm will be a technical failure, decided to land at the nearest airport," - said the source. According to her, the aircraft Boeing 767 took off from Phuket at 8:20 local time, and made an emergency landing at 10.55 local time. Landing was successful, said the spokesman, adding that technicians inspect aircraft. What was the cause of the alarm is still Read more [...]
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Passenger Boeing has made an emergency landing in Krasnodar

Passenger "Boeing", traveling from Krasnodar to Moscow's Vnukovo Airport, made an emergency landing at the airport of departure. As reported by Interfax in the Krasnodar aviation hub, a few minutes after take-off in the cockpit alarm went off on the loose in the cabin door is closed. The commander decided to return to the airport of departure. On board were 95 passengers. When planting no one was injured, the circumstances of the incident are established.Category: Factors and accident Read more [...]
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After that … disappeared …

In magic, I do not believe. There are physical laws, among them - the law of conservation of matter. Stotonny airliner, according to this same law, does not turn into nothing and disappear into nowhere. Unless, of course, Osama cunning in their caves have invented ways to teleport objects into another dimension. But in this hard to believe even less than in the molten glass, and therefore have to look for something a little more plausible. Fig. 45. Sandia laboratory experiment In 1988, Sandia National Laboratory conducted an experiment on frontal impact military plane F-4D Phantom Read more [...]
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Evaporated Boeing

For greater clarity, the Washington scene performance, I allow myself a little out of chronological order of events and start from the end - with the destruction of the Pentagon, and then we will look at curiosities flight AA77. For this, I beg your pardon, but I assure you that this is a good thing. The official report of the commission on terrorist attacks Keane us broadcast the following: At 9:37:46 Flight 77 American Airlines Flight crashed into the Pentagon at a speed of about 850 kilometers per hour. Read more [...]
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Twins: from the heyday before sunset

Construction of the World Trade Center began in 1966. The first "grown" building number 1 - the north tower in 1972. A year later, and the building was ready for number 2 - the south tower. The height of the north tower was 417 meters, the South - 415. Skyscrapers twins had 110 floors. WTC building № 1-6 spanning the entire block south of Manhattan, and 47-story building № 7 WTC was located in the next block, separated from the main complex street Vezey Street (Fig. 13). Margin of safety The twin towers were designed and built with a huge margin of safety. Bearing Read more [...]
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Vaporized liner

For a start let us return to the official version. In accordance with it in 9 hours 38 minutes hijacked by terrorists "Boeing" crashed into the Pentagon. It is not only the "heart" of the U.S. armed forces, but also the world's largest administrative building, which employs neither more nor less than twenty-five thousand people. The name was given to him because of its unique design, five placed inside each other concentric rings, each of the five faces. The Pentagon is a huge area, but quite low: only twenty-four meters. But the plane, hijacked by terrorists, strikes Read more [...]
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    Picture: Exemplification by +ISMThe Ten-Second Payoff "The 50 pct increased efficiency would be a monolithic tone advancing for the industriousness and the surround, with the possible to preserve millions of gallons of fire." —MICHAEL MILLER, CEO of Common Skies, which consults with the airmanship diligence in an attempt to raise environmental obligation GREEN-O-METER: 3.5 A jet quieter than your washer, with greater fire efficiency per capita than a Toyota Prius? Sounds alike skill fabrication. But don't differentiate Boeing, who—with about avail from the Airforce Read more [...]
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