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Landscapes waterlogged plains

In this series, grouped landscape complexes exist in conditions of excess surface moisture or soil, and periodic flooding. Wetland landscape division into subtypes conditionally and held on the basis of the analysis of area-replacement complex. Of northern bogs are located in the zone of fragmented occurrence of permafrost. In the western part of the county is dominated by flat sedge-cotton grass bogs, often with frozen soils and cryogenic landforms. Often there are complexes of eutrophic-mesotrophic grass-moss-shrub wetlands, forested sparse pine oppressed (Severososvinskaya hill), larch (Nadymskaya Read more [...]
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Undulation Bye to the Fibreglass Elk

Away mag, June 1999Curl Bye-bye to the Fibreglass ElkBey the yacht clubs and the exit malls, you'll obtain the Maine that's deserving fillet forMy Delta, Myself | A Piddling Commodity, Neat Crave in Utah | Undulation Good-by to the Fibreglass Elk |Montana, the Rehearsal | Birchbark in Excelsis! | I Bracken for Spelunkers |Borne-Back Megrims | Chuck If You're Irrational If you wish to effort Maine's noted coastal highway, U.S. 1, and avert the Read more [...]
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Furious Winds, Scratchy Sledding, No Inveigle: Ireland’s Connemara

    Drive up the Inagh Vale is not the well-nigh effective way to binding the 40 western miles from Galway to Clifden, but it's my deary feeler, thinning stunningly done Connemara's flinty spirit. To the eastward lie the Maumturk Mountains, a ticket, flat-summited compass, but I constantly incur myself sounding westward, up into the purple brownness, clear-cut peaks of the Xii Bens, mirrored by the specialize boomerang-shaped Lough Inagh. Disdain top-hole out at a comparatively bantam 2,400 feet, the Bens—deforested, wish near of Ireland, centuries ago—wield to Read more [...]
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Peat tanning

Peat "tanning" - a peculiar phenomenon of dehydration that occurs in contact with his corpse in peat bogs and soils containing humic acid. Corpse, in a state of peat tanning has a dense dark brown, as though tanned skin. The internal organs are reduced in volume. Under the effect of humic acid minerals in the bones dissolve and completely washed out of the body. The bones in a state similar to the consistency of cartilage, and is easily cut with a knife. On microscopic examination, there is the safety of the structure of the skin and muscle tissue, and nerve trunks. In preparations Read more [...]
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Sphagnum moss - a perennial plant that has no roots, and flowers are never formed, and therefore, the fruits and seeds, as occurs in flowering plants. Moss reproduces by spores. Such plants are called spore. Escape sphagnum highly branched. In the upper part of the mature box on legs. In them that the spores are formed. Typical sphagnum peat bogs. Here he not only prevails among all the other plants, but also determine the conditions of their lives. Therefore, these are called sphagnum bogs. "Sfagnos" in Greek - a sponge. Like a sponge, moss absorbs water at 15, and even 35 Read more [...]
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Food in the Arctic

It must be remembered that the energy cost of the organism in the Arctic winter are essential for human life support in autonomous existence. Low temperatures in themselves violate the balance between spending energy and education. Even for short periods of cold, oxygen consumption increases by 2.5 times, which indicates the activation of metabolic processes in the body. The level of daily energy expenditure in the Arctic increased by about 20% compared with the performance of the same work in a temperate climate. It is therefore necessary not only to have shelter from the cold, but also to Read more [...]
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