He appeared in our city apartment on the last day of the year, completes the twentieth century. On the eve of New Year's wife opened the door and entered the apartment, holding a brand new cell within which bustled with anxiety bird brick-red tail, the size of a normal bullfinch. Clinging to the bars, she jumped wildly on the cage. - Keep newcomer! - And wife gave me enthusiastically surprise cage with strange birds.It was crossbill-Elovikov - common bird of our northern forests, which we know from early childhood, but to see it in the wild ever not for everyone. Bird unusual beak, like two crossed Read more [...]
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True Principal POINT of the Neck And Larynx

Remember that this opportunity is NOT to HURT people and be able to PROTECT your health• Facial nerveLocated on the skull behind the ear canal. From there it divides and controls the muscles responsible for facial expression. Kick his knuckles under the ear causes damage to this nerve and pulls strong migraine, probable disorientation due to injury of the inner ear. Typically, this point is used for exemption from seizure - aimed kick on the left or the right facial nerve forces of the enemy to weaken the grip and gives the victim a chance to escape.• Vertebral arteryThis is one of the main Read more [...]
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Tumansky I Selishchev sanctuary, KOSTISCHE, Tumansky TYPE OF ARCHAEOLOGICAL SITES

Tumansky I Selishchev sanctuary, KOSTISCHE, Tumansky TYPE ARCHAEOLOGICAL SITES archaeological. memory. Sverdl. region., Garinsky district, pos. Fog, the estuary. Tyni and the Culm at the confluence of the lake. Large Vagilsky Fog. Memory. It is 500 m to the north of the village. Fog. It occupies the eastern. extremity of the sandy mane towering 2 meters above the flood plain of the river. V.D.Viktorovoy excavated southern. h. storage. Mane was used by ancient people repeatedly and dec. purposes. Check the first two relating to the Neolithic and Chalcolithic, were seasonal in nature. To Bronze Age Read more [...]
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TALITSKY PARKING (OSTROVSKAYA) archaeological. memory. Upper Paleolithic. Perm. region., Verhnegorodsky district. Located near the villages of the Island and Glyadenovo on Ave. Bank. Chusovoi. Parking is open in 1938, in 1939 the first Inst. M.V.Talitskim on the Square. 24 m. m. V.I.Gromova In 1942 expedition excavated approx. 40 m. m (archaeologists MPGryaznov and A.A.Iessen), and in 1945-48 and 1950-52 approx. 500 m. m expedition Bader. Cult. layer is powerful. from 7 to 20 cm, occur in the floodplain alluvium II floodplain terraces found on the square. approx. 300 m. m. structure cult. layer Read more [...]
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POLOMSKAYA CULTURE archaeological. Culture unites memory. the end of the V-IX in. located preim. in the upper reaches of the river. Bonnets. Titles. the burial grounds near the village. Paul (Polomskie burial) Kezsky district UDM. Rep. VF Gening highlighted. Max. Math. Varninsky (486 burials) Polomsky (173) Mydlanshay (86), Tolensky (134) burial. Mind. buried according to the rites of inhumation graves, sometimes wrapped in birch bark, dressed in the best costumes with a variety of ornaments. In the tomb down their arms, tools, household items, as well as clay or metal container, in a rum is sometimes Read more [...]
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PEGANSKOE BURIAL arehol. memory. Coorg. region., Lopatkinsky rn, p. Pagano. PP was accidentally discovered in 1949 in the clay brick wall career h-huh. The deceased was placed in a hole in the vertical, slightly bent position. At his feet lay the 4 subjects: oval ax with a rounded blade, polished surface except obushkovoy hour .; Bone-edged knife vkladyshevy: on one of the polished sides ornamented as closed and unclosed lozenges; chip etc.. knife decorated with shaded diamonds, connected by straight lines; bone shiloobraznaya hack. Memory. according to the rites of burial is comparable with Read more [...]
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Palkinsky Livoberezhniy SETTLEMENT (ON THE HILL SMALL)

Palkinsky Livoberezhniy SETTLEMENT (ON THE HILL SMALL) reference memory. gamayunskoy culture (VI-IV centuries BC.). ECAT., Railway district, pos. Palkino lion. bank of the river. Iset. Memory. open and fully excavated EM Bers. Its bottom layer Neolithic-cal parking with stone scrapers, blades, cores and fragments of Allen polished ax. The top layer gamayunskoe unfortified settlement. On a narrow rocky promontory Sq. 350 m. m located in a row house podkvadratnye Sq. approx. 60 m. m and two workshops (Stone and met.), located in the lungs oval frame buildings type tents. Well preserved floors of Read more [...]
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OPUTYATSKOE Fortified Settlement

OPUTYATSKOE Fortified Settlement archaeological. memory. Perm. region. Dobriansky borough, village. Oputyata lion. bank of the river. Tui, etc.. Tributary. Kama. Memory. Math. from the end of the XIX century. Date of settlement V-VI centuries. Ancient city of headlands, pl. 18 thousand square meters. With the app. side area is protected by five rows of ramparts and moats, also located on the headland shaft. Excavated on pl. found 46 wells and 16 fireplaces, to- grouped into complexes, which are located along the northeast. and southern. sides of the memory. At sowing. side found 4 complex (pits Read more [...]
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Finds on the streets Vogulsky

     Your gift to the city sends archaeological Expedition Historical Revolutionary Museum, the study area streets Ermak Lebyazhinsky, Vogulsky and transverse on high.     Under the demolished houses on the former Minor Vogulsky Expedition opened two construction period XVIII and XIX centuries, the river delta off the neck at the site of the old stadium Lebyazhinsky traces Vogulsky-Mansi culture XVIII century. This is a small workshop for making art, a set of favorite Mansi zoomorphic images. Among them are small statuettes of stone, bone, wood, glazes, iron, Read more [...]
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The population of the Urals the Mesolithic

Melting glaciers and retreating to the north led to significant cus­matic change] ^ L1rdrodnye conditions Urals approach with­time. Changing the composition of the animal world, and disappear mammoth timeshare­stisty rhinoceros. Man settles in large parts of the Urals, freed from the ice, as well as emerging tributaries pain­largest rivers and lakeshores. There are hundreds of times Mesolithic sites­Personal Data: short-term parking, seasonal and dolgovremen­nye settlement workshops. Significant climate change, further development of the productive forces served as a prerequisite Read more [...]
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In KOSTISCHA PRIKAMYE original iconic memory. glyadenovskoy II culture in BC The IV. BC At pres. Math time. 14 sanctuaries type kostisch. Ter. distribution coincides with the distribution area glyadenovskoy culture. Traditionally kostischa distributed into two chronological groups: early (Glyadenovo, Yugo-Kamsky) and late (the so-called small kostischa type Garevskogo). VF Gening later kostischa and synchronized them to memory. highlights in particular garevskuyu culture. R.D.Goldina inclined to refer to later kostischa lomatovskoy culture. Early kostischa located at sites Ananyinsky settlements Read more [...]
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Kimaks nomadic alliance, formed by the end of the beginning VIII. The IX. initially on ter. Average Priirtyshja on regular. Turkic-speaking tribes. Several. later (IX-X centuries.) Arab-Persian sources (Gardizi, Hudad al-Alam, Ibn Hardadbeh et al.) mention that VK Kyrgyz border (probably by river valley), S. and C. .-B. (On Wed latitude steppe) with the country-Yajuji Majuj (the country is often referred to in dec. Sources are likely to be rubbed. Settlement yuzh.-Zaur. Zap. and Siberian Ugric (Magyar) us.), Z. and southwest K. bordered on the Pechenegs (from South. Zauralye to the Aral steppes) Read more [...]
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Check-in area of ​​the city during the Neolithic and Copper Age

The earliest monuments discovered in Sverdlovsk and the surrounding area, belong to the Neolithic period. This time around the end of the fourth is determined and the third millennium BC. Materials obtained from the excavation of the earliest Neolithic sites, give reason to believe that the population of the whole person in the Mid Zauralye occurred much earlier and, therefore, opened the excavation sites have emerged on the basis of a more ancient. Artificial gap that exists between the traces of human being here in the Neolithic period and the absence of traces of it in the Mesolithic, is only Read more [...]
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ZARODYATSKOE settlements and KOVINSKY GOLD archaeological. memory. Perm. region. Dobriansky borough, village. Zarodyata lion. bank of the river. Pesyanki Ave. Tributary. M.Tuy Ave. Tributary. Kama. Memory. Math. with Ser. XIX century. Dated VI-VIII centuries. Belongs to Lomatov culture. Area occupied Selishchev long swings, partly broken in the XVIII century. uglezhogov collars. VF Gening found 6 homes, which are located in one line. Among them are two different-group. By the early group includes home I, III, V, to the late dwelling II, IV, VI. The latter can be attributed rebuilt h. Dwellings Read more [...]
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Dyrovaty STONE

Dyrovaty STONE cave sanctuary. Sverdl. region., Suburban district. Is located 17 km to the west of a. Ust-Duck on a lion. bank of the river. Chusovoi in 4th Cave (Cave of rock climbers). Located on a cliff up to 60 m, at a height of 20 meters from the foot. Math. travelers with XVIII century. Sanctuary opened in 1932 N.A.Prokoshevym. In 1933 and 1937 he completely Inst. cave excavations, resulting in received more than 6 thousand. arrowheads. The collection is stored in a State finds. Hermitage. Presence in the cave nakonech-nicks Shigir type, geometric microliths and microblades inserts can be Read more [...]
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Ancient burial caves in the river Chusovoi

    Archaeologists called Chusovaya transuralskoy backbone of antiquity. On its banks are discovered and investigated a variety of archaeological sites from different eras. It settlements, parking, cemeteries, settlements and sanctuary.     But the most unique and interesting for scientists burial are committed ancient people in caves and grottoes Tchusovaya River. Burial of the most rare and valuable find for archaeologist, because it can tell you about spiritual culture of our ancestors. In all the years research in the middle of the river Chusovoi (from the village Read more [...]
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STONE RAIN Grotto on p. Chusovoi Neolithic burial. Sverdl. region., Suburban district. Located 11 km downstream p. Chusovoi from p. Ust-Duck. Open and Inst. Yu.B.Serikovym in 1988. DK is a rocky cliff height of 30-35 m. cleft of the rock at a height of 14 m above the water is in the grotto. Exit from the width. approx. 1 m is oriented to the south-southwest Grotto has fractured karst origin. Its dimensions 2,4_2 m. Up a narrow gap stretches to 5-6 m. Grotto was visited in the Paleolithic era (XV-XII millennium BC.), Mesolithic (the second floor. V millennium BC.) early railroad. in. short time Read more [...]
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Gremyachinsk pos. and the sanctuary of the early railroad. in., archaeological. memory. Perm region., Osa district. Located 300 m southern. der. Gremyachiha on Ave. Bank. Tulve lion. tributary of the river. Kama. Opened in 1956 Yu.A.Polyakovym. Occupies a flat area northeast. High end (16-18 m above the floodplain) cape. In excavations revealed a large number of foci, the ash households. and religious pits; four religious complex with the laying of the horse and bear skulls and jaws on the pavement of pebbles, often with round or oval; two iconic ditch crossing the site from west to east next Read more [...]
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Gorokhovskiy CULTURE

Gorokhovskiy CULTURE archaeological. culture of the first half. early railroad. in. forest-steppe Zauralye (V-II centuries BC.) highlighted K.V.Salnikovym on mat. excavated it in 1930 -40's Gorokhovsky settlement on the river. Yurgamysh. Areal GK covers in DOS. Avg. Tobol region, bass. p. Iset and river valley. Ai in the mountain forest zone South. W. Math. more than 100 fortified and unfortified settlement., burial grounds and settlements finds materials GK Mounds single trehploschadochnye, total area. from 1 to 10 thousand. more sq.m. Known several. their types: capes with a transverse line Read more [...]
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VANVIZDINSKAYA CULTURE archaeological. Culture sedentary hunters and fishermen of the taiga zone the second floor. I millennium AD. Titles. in the village. Vanvizdino on Wed Vychegda. Has spread preim. in the bass. rivers Vychegda Mezen Vashka. In the host zone. development included the districts of the Upper Kama region, Pechora, North. Dvina. VK presented unfortified settlement. located on the banks of rivers and lake., ground burial rites with burials and cremation. On the village. identified pockets of land, households. pit, ground dwelling, Mfr. workshops. Economy VK characterized by a predominance Read more [...]
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