Remote Cartridge, Aug 2010

Thrum Meteoroid Felix Baumgartner     Photograph: Francois PortmannThe wax issuing is now uncommitted on the iPhone and iPad.The Ultrasonic ManThis summertime, Felix Baumgartner plans to arrive a inflate, blow 23 miles into the stratosphere... and jump. Mary R-2 listens for the transonic roaring therein extract from her record Backpacking for Mars.Roll with BombshellWanna research the anarchical Mongolian wild? Documental filmmaker Hamid Sardar is your man. The Typecast A Buddhist has a warmth for occult pilgrimages, is one sin of a equestrian, and promises a identical unknown misstep.By Read more [...]
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Where he was born Nikita Demidov

On the banks of Chusovoi still visible remnants of old factories belonging once Demidov and Stroganov. By Chusovoi held only commercial route linking Europe and Asia. All the products of mining plants floated on the river. Today you can find many interesting places, such as the village of Kin patrimony Stroganov mine owners, and six miles from the village Permiakov stands on the right bank of the river is beautiful, more than sixty feet in height, stone writing. It got its name from the inscription, which made it twenty meters above the water level. Over time, the inscription eroded, so that Read more [...]
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Born in the era of industrialization. Part 3

(The ending. Beginning on the 3rd page) Start complex battery No. 9-10 and the subsequent phased decommissioning physically worn-out and obsolete batteries No. 1 to 4, the first block of uglepodgotovki and recovery shop No. 1 with naphthalene installation has significantly improved the environmental situation in the city and the sanitary conditions at the plant. Thus, when the first inventory of emissions of harmful substances into the atmosphere, it was found that the entire plant with 8 batteries and all the shops were thrown during the year, more than 29 thousand tons of dust and chemical Read more [...]
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Nikita Demidovich Antufiev

Nikita Demidovich Antufiev rightly saw the merit in the development of the mining industry "Stone Belt". He created nearly 300 years ago "mountain nest" brought great glory to the Russian Empire and the Soviet era it possible to rapidly expand and strengthen the industrial base of the Ural-Siberian region. Today Urals metallurgy has undergone major changes, but the former Demidov factories still continue "breathe"And, therefore, we can talk about the impact "Demidov's economy" modern life.     In 2001 (March 26, 1656 under Art. Article.) Demidov Read more [...]
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Irtysh not forgive irresponsibility on the water

Without looking at the constant warnings that swim while intoxicated safe is the main cause of death for people in the water, many disparage the rules of conduct on the water. So, August 3, 2013 on the Irtysh River in the Russian town of Omsk surrounded inspectors GIMS removed from the water and taken to saves drowning man born in 1964. He was intoxicated. Rescuers spent with saved preventive conversation. From man refused medical assistance. And on August 2 divers rescue service removed the body of the town of Omsk drowned. July 29 in the village of Jubilee Russian administrative Omsk neighborhood Read more [...]
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In one day, in the Arkhangelsk region drowned 8 people

On Saturday, July 6, in the Arkhangelsk region Vilegodsky was an accident that killed two people at once 6-year-old girls and young ladies. In total for the last Saturday in the aquatic environment of the region is recessed eight people. Six-year devchenka bathed in the river near the village of Vychegda Soyga (Tundiysky roll). When she began to sink, rushed to rescue her young lady, nurse Soyginskogo obstetric pt. Can not cope with the passage of the lady drowned. As reported by the press service of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Russian Federation in the Arkhangelsk region (, Read more [...]
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Should I Be Distressed Almost Sinkholes?

    Picture: Trick A. Davis/ShutterstockA:Sinkholes are habitue occurrences in nature. “They hap every day,” says Randall Orndorff, the Manager of Easterly Geology and Paleoclimate Skill Centre at the U.S. Geologic View. But it doesn’t needfully survey that alfresco enthusiasts pauperization to care.Anytime you bear what Orndorff calls “a nihility in the subsurface”—comparable a undermine, e.g.—you suffer the potency for the undercoat to crash. Ofttimes, a nihility is formed when urine drains into the background and begins to fret at the Read more [...]
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Bob Lum (Bob Lum)

Bob Lum - Chinese-American, was born in 1943 in Astoria, Oregon, USA. For a long time, Bob Lum, who graduated from photography courses, worked as an advertising photographer. Spending a lot of time hunting and fishing on the Pacific coast, Lum began to get involved knives. Especially keen on Bob Lum was folding knives, this love was born from Bob at an early age, when his uncle gave him his first pocketknife. In 1976, using a grinder, assembled his own hands, Bob makes his first knife. This is a turning point in the life of Bob and manufacturing knives captures it more and more, Bob began Read more [...]
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Life after death

And what is beyond this universe? Perhaps this question though ever wondered each. Even atheists, unbelievers Thomas exclaims that after death is only death and darkness, deep down convinced there beyond the borders of consciousness and biological life that, yes there is. I have met people who have experienced clinical death and returned from the dead. Here are a few such stories.Death in childbirthMy husband was born in pain. Births in-law were severe and nearly fatal. "I saw myself floating near the ceiling maternity unit, looked at the sisters, who were holding my legs, I was so easy Read more [...]
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The world is the day of thank you

Today is the International Day "thank you." It is believed that the Russian word for "thank you" was born in the 16th century is often spoken of the phrase "God save us." Interestingly, the roots of the English counterpart - Thank you - also go deeper simple gratitude. This suggests that the Russian "thanks" and "thank you", spoken in almost all languages of the world, were and are important to the culture of any nation. It is known that conservatives do not use the word "thank you", they avoid it in his speech, because they believe Read more [...]
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People in Britain are living longer

Celebrate the centenary of approximately 13% of women born in 1951, and from born in the 2060-m a century will live 60%.National Statistical Service of the UK believes that will mark the centenary of about 13% of British women born in 1951. And without any Novocain pyatidesyatipyatiletney Romanian candle. If in 1917, King George V sent a congratulatory letter of 24 centenarians, by 1952 the number of those who crossed the centenarians has increased tenfold, to 255. In 2011, it increased in 40 times - up to 9736 British elders. Economist John Appleby, of the charity King's Fund also calculated Read more [...]
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Thick and thin: to whom life is better?

Scientists claim that overweight is not a reason for suffering. In total, it appears, have the advantage over skinny. WHO HAPPINESS and who DEPRESSION Knowingly born proverb "A good man should be a lot." Observant people have long noticed that fat people tend soul of the company. Funny, cheerful, kind. Now these character traits and genetic tests confirmed. - Fat men less likely than thin persons, longing and melancholy, - says study leader Professor David Mair from McMaster University (Canada). He and his colleagues analyzed 17,200 DNA samples taken from study participants from Read more [...]
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Balloon telescope hovers over Antarctica

A giant balloon filled with helium, drifting over Antarctica, at an altitude of about 36 kilometers. Launched on Christmas Day, he is hypersensitive telescope BLAST (Balloon-borne Large Aperture Submillimeter Telescope) with almost two-meter mirror, which is measured in submillimetre light waves coming from the area of the so-called star nurseries in our Milky Way. This "Christmas start" - the last of five research program on the study of our galaxy. Scientists hope that in this last mission BLAST show why there are so few stars are born. After a test flight in 2003 in New Mexico and Read more [...]
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Christ was not born in Bethlehem, Israeli scientists

Israeli archaeologists believe that Jesus Christ was not born in Bethlehem in the West Bank of the Jordan River, and in the small village of Bethlehem of Galilee in northern Israel, wrote on Monday, the British newspaper "Daily Telegraph". "Bethlehem of Galilee was inhabited by Jews in Jesus' time, and what other Bethlehem? There is no evidence that at that time there lived people" - the newspaper quoted an Israeli archaeologist Aviram Oshri. According A.Oshri, he found evidence that at the time of the Savior's birth in Bethlehem of Galilee Jewish rituals were performed. Read more [...]
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Scientists when he was born – and live!

The fact that the numbers affect our life? Han, astrologers say a long time. Their studies suggest that between the date of birth of the person and his health, happiness and career is a direct one. In fact, until recently, they were considered the main experts in the responses to the question, what will happen in the future. These have now been joined by the scientists. Meanwhile, serious scientists also began exploring the impact of a person's birth on his life. Predisposition to overweight, diabetes, diseases of the cardiovascular system or allergies - among other factors - like, also Read more [...]
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From the Chilean desert, astronomers spotted the emergence of new stars in space incubator

Astronomers from the European Southern Observatory (European Southern Observatory) witnessed the amazing beauty of the phenomenon - the birth of a new star - and even managed to capture it. This observation is not only aesthetic value. The important thing is that it will allow scientists to be one step closer to unraveling the mystery of our star, the Sun, and the Earth. In view of the international team of researchers working at the Observatory in the Chilean La Seelye, horrible cloud Lupus 3, located 600 light-years from Earth in the constellation Scorpius. A powerful two-meter telescope Read more [...]
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Sea lion, born in the Okhotsk Sea, found at the rookery in the Pacific

Scientists Commander Reserve on Kamchatka found on winter rookery in Avacha bay male sea lion, which was marked by still young in the hundreds of kilometers away from this place on Yamskie Islands in the north of the Okhotsk Sea, told RIA Novosti on Tuesday, Deputy Director of the Reserve "Magadan" Irina Utekhina."Information about the sea lions on the reserve labeled" Magadan ", came to our colleagues from the Commander of the reserve. They noticed a label on it, performed on him in 2004. For us, this is the first known case of sea lions, born in the north of the Sea of Read more [...]
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What is it – your nature?

Want to know which is inherent in some natures, born at different times of year? This will tell you this informative article. Consider a typical characteristic qualities of people born in different seasons. Winter nature Typically, this thinking individuals, yet stubborn, selfish, contradictory. They do not take the mercy at work, so they can achieve excellent and good results. They are characterized by a great confidence in what they should do, so they are very difficult to confuse. Girls born in the winter - the fearless, bold, always go through. Sometimes, though, because of this his Read more [...]
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People-puzzle: a computer in his head

We all know that some people have the ability to instantly produce in the mind of operations with very large numbers, sometimes faster than the calculator or computer. Usually they are not able to explain how they do it. Many of them use their talent at all in mathematics, and in variety shows. Frenchman Jacques Inaudi (born in 1867) from seven years to earn a living by producing the eyes of the venerable public computing speed available, perhaps the only modern computers. Two seconds he read one 21-digit number from another, extracting the fifth root, etc. This kid is always something muttered Read more [...]
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Thrombocytopenic purpura and pregnancy

Thrombocytopenic purpura in most cases can not be placed in a causal connection with the pregnancy, most often occurs in pregnant exacerbation of chronic recurrent idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura and in rare cases, similarity theory appears for the first time during pregnancy. Some authors in the past described the severity of the similarity theory in pregnant women. However, a number of contemporary authors, however, noted a positive pregnancy and childbirth in similarity theory In women with PT, in a state of clinical remission after splenectomy, pregnancy and labor is normal. Forecast Read more [...]
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