Midget Lobster Sauceboat Blocks Char Oiler

A 32-foot wooden lobster sauceboat named H David T. pulled into the unloading bobtail of Brayton Head Powerhouse Wednesday forenoon and successfully constrained a 690-foot bottom carrying 40,000 lashings of ember to sit laze all day. The barricade was the doing of two clime activists, Jay O’Hara and Ken Cellblock, who run the site Ember Is Stunned. They treasured to convey tending to the fact that Brayton Spot is New England’s individual largest emitter of co2, and that the merchantman was carrying ember mined exploitation the controversial method of mountaintop remotion.When asked Read more [...]
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Last summer, got into a situation: returning from a fishing trip, and my head scribbled an old typewriter. As a result, cut the return line from the carburettor (in Opel connection "upstream"). Gasoline gushing. I grabbed a screwdriver, remove useful. And, before I end anticorrosive bitumen processed. Got ... hands in bitumen, ... dirty ... among meadows. How to wash? Partner darted ... narwhal shake sorrel says: "rubs" I first pozhamkal this tight and began to stand out when the juice started to rub soiled areas. Washed with water. Then repeated. The result: using sorrel shake and half a liter Read more [...]
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The difficulties of MASTERING Tools.

Guns in the postwar years it was possible to see different. In the main very broken, shattered, lost details. They specifically looked at individual nodes and mechanisms, in order not to surrender to police, as required during the war years. Had as much as to bring them to working condition.It was then acquired experience in the repair and finishing tools. Jaunty was made from drills, screws and springs are found in a machine shop or made of spring traps, braids or semi wire. Had to pick a gun from a variety of suitable components and parts. For example, a shutter and a box of bargany or from captured Read more [...]
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The Irregular Act of Reed Timmer, Extremum Surprise Pursuer

The Find Canal’s Rage Chasers establish has been off the air for two geezerhood now, but its almost florid champion, Reed Timmer, is stillness laborious at oeuvre. On with manufacturer Ken Borecole—manager of the PBS infotainment Crack Resplendency—he’s launched his own freelance web-based serial called Crack Chasers. “It’s existence made on a identical knowledgeable grade,” says Kale. “We deficiency to put multitude in the rider behind and piddle them flavor care they’re portion of the squad.”The appearance, now in its sec flavour, was Read more [...]
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Black (Chernovka) river in the Lomonosov district of Leningrad region influx Kovash

Black (Chernovka) river in the Lomonosov district of the Leningrad region, the influx of Kovash, Pool Baltic Sea. The river originates in the Black Porzolovskom swamp northeast of the village of Peter the Lomonosov district of the Leningrad region. Mouth of the river is 38 km away from the right bank of the river Kovash. Here it merges with the Lopukhinka, they give rise to the river Kovash. Length of the river is 34 kilometers Black, the average width of the river 5 meters. The total drop of the river  25  meters, the slope of 0.74 m / km. In general, black river flow direction is west. Localities. On Read more [...]
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HUDYAKOVSKAYA CULTURE archaeological. culture of early railroad. a .. The name comes from the Naib. studied Hudyakovskogo repository. Vyatskiy option pjanoborskoj generality the III. BC V c. BC HK distributed in the bass. lower and Wed Vyatka, lower p. Bonnets and p. Kil'mez. HK developed on the ba. Vyatkian option Anan'ino community. Pam. Attributable to HK, Izv. even in pre-revolutionary. works. R.D.Goldinoy highlighted. Of the village. it is possible to carry multi-Bui, Argyzhskoe, Nikulchinskoe settlement where met flea complexes pjanoborskoj time. On Bui fort is a treasure bronzes. Jewelry Read more [...]
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VEHICLES traditional peoples W. In each region, the specificity of SP due to the natural environment, particularly the host. activities and ethnic traditions. Are the two DOS. Group SP .: water transport and land. Max. common types of water transport Eq. region were rafts and boats dec. structures. Rafts were used in DOS. Rus., Baska. and Mansi us. To move one or two people. built a raft of two logs, for transportation of goods from 5-7. Fixing Mfr. poles through the through-holes, pre-made at both ends of the logs, or by binding birch (willow) vitsami. For long-distance travel raft equipped width. Read more [...]
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River Vig

Vig is a river system, the second largest in the middle of the lake-river systems Karelia. Average annual runoff it is 17% of the total volume of runoff entering the Onega Bay snow-white sea. River system consists of River Upper Vig Watersheds with low lacustrine, huge central pond, one of the largest in the country - Vygozerskogo reservoir that collects water a widespread system, and emanating from it River Bottom Vig, transformed as a result of the construction of a number of hydropower stations in the channel - the White Sea-Baltic aqua Path (BBVP). Go to the description of the rivers: River Read more [...]
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Cave Laklinskaya

At the time, described the cave Laklinskyuu Simon Pallas. Wrote that the cave is so large that fit inside most highest pine. In fact not a big cave. Login is a archway, with the outgoing to the bottom of the course. On top, above the entrance there is a cross-cutting move in the rock of he a ring widths of about 3 meters. Once upon a time in ancient times it was the entrance to the cave, but then the stream that formed the cave Laklinskaya found out below.Cave Laklinskaya refers to the type of caves vserasprostranennomu Southern Urals it is formed in the limestone rocks. The total length of its Read more [...]
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Cotter-pouch for a day … (Chapter 2, final version)

And so, it's time to hitch a pouch to its rightful place!On a backpack (RDM) has been set for attaching pouches system Molli, but on the pouch does not, and indeed there was nothing, so I had to think and to adjust to the size. For this, I sewed and glued horizontal sling thickness of 2.5 cmThen, slings (Molli) installed on the knapsack had to strap 4 (wrap around straps and flash).Because fasteksy (clips) I have no, I had to resort to a temporary option and set my favorite Velcro.Then I slipped 2 central fastening straps sewn to the backpack sling in the first through RDM, then through Read more [...]
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The Lake Bottom, Middle, Top

In the upper reaches of the river Kamenka, a major tributary of Sysert, is a group of small lakes Bottom, Average and the Top. Here, on the northeastern tip of Kasli-Sysert ridge, just in the middle between the Chusovaya and Sysert, dense swamp forests, which are found Fox, squirrel, squirrel, lynx, hare, common weasel. In the lakes there are pike, perch, chebak, usual Sandpiper marsh. From Sverdlovsk need to go by bus to the village dabrowskiego (23 km). From a stop, go across the street to the South. Next road walking through fields in the same direction to the village of Pereskotcka (3 km). Read more [...]
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Starting native river

    Know almost nothing tagilchane about the upper native river, i.e. section p. Tagil above the railway bridge at Upper Tagil TPP.     From the book VK Kovalevich for 1964 will learn: "River originates on the mountain Pass, 1520 meters above sea level. Prior to the Upper Tagil - mountain River with rapids riverbed". That's it!     Long way to the upper reaches of the our main river, although he has only 85-90 km, but you find yourself in a world where to breathe and feel in other words, where the peace of mind overtakes the most restless and Read more [...]
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Dental Care for Dummies. Deletion.

After a lengthy stay in the role of observer, I still decided to fulfill his promise and write an article about what I do best. In previously released parts of the sequel, I have explained what the sores associated with the teeth there, from which they appear and how to avoid them (Dentistry for "dummies". Caries.) in a separate opus, by popular demand, I have tried to describe the essence of the phenomenon of toothache as well as possible ways to fix it (Dentistry for "Dummies." Pain.). So it's time for the most interesting topics - Tooth extraction in the military fieldI want to warn!Never, Read more [...]
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Stone Money

Stone MoneyDistance from Stone Dog Rib (Kourovskaya hostel)According to the measurements of the Soviet Union time to route number 58 According to modern measurements, according to the map-sailing Chusovaia River (UCC 2010)216 km 226 kmStone Money stands on the right bank of the river Chusovoi 226 kilometers from the village of Sloboda, before the village Kyn. In fact, it is a continuation of the stone giant.From the stone begins brute Money (Red). Origin of the name and the stone-busting explained shallow at this point Tchusovaya River. Barki often sat stranded. In order to remove Read more [...]
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Stone Gorceac

Stone GorceacDistance from Stone Dog Rib (Kourovskaya hostel)According to the measurements of the Soviet Union time to route number 58 According to modern measurements, according to the map-sailing Chusovaia River (UCC 2010)285 km 299 kmStone Gorceac is located on the 299 kilometer Tchusovaya River on the right bank. He stands just around the bend of the river, in the former village of Ust-Kumysh.It was a very dangerous fighter, which crashed on the set of barges. Danger was heavily favored in the water rocky ledge. In the XIX century stone partially blown up and he was no longer Read more [...]
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At the bottom of the cave-Serginskoye

Sverdlovsk - Sergi - siding Bazhukova - Sverdlovsk. In the lower reaches of the river Cergy, near its confluence with the Ufa, on the western slopes of the ridge located Bardymsky Lower Serginskoye cave. Here from Sverdlovsk for two or three days you can take a hike. Station Sergi commuter train arrives at the station with transfer DRUZHININ City Sergi situated in a valley on the banks of the river and Lower Sergi Serginskoye pond. From the south to the city of Barda fit spurs of the ridge - mountains Orlov and Pharmacy, north corner tavern and Nudovoy down Kirgishansky Uval. Slopes and foothills Read more [...]
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ROB I pos. Garinsky culture of the Late Chalcolithic period (the second floor. III millennium BC.). Perm. region. Dobriansky district, 0.15 km south of the village. Upper Gary. At pres. time deluged by the Kama Reservoir. Memory. located on the edge of a sandy upland terrace above the right bank of the river floodplain. Chusovoi 4-5 m. Pl. memory. reached 1.8 hectares. Opened in 1934 N.A.Prokoshevym. Bader excavations on the Square. 3559 m. m studied the remains of 23 dwellings, semi-pit, h. from which one interconnected recessed koridoroobraznymi transitions. Pl. buildings ranged from 40 to Read more [...]
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BOBORYKINSKAYA CULTURE archaeological. culture of the late Stone Age (IV millennium BC.). Titles. in the village. Boborykin II, located on the outskirts of the former. der. Boborykin (Coorg. Region., Lufia district, lion. Bank of the river. Iset). Synchronous with the memory. poludenskogo type (Poludenka I). Ter takes. forest-steppe and partially Zauralye (Coorg., Tyumen, Sverdlov. region.). Regular. memory. -pos. located along the river banks (Boborykin II, Tashkova I, III on p. Iset, Cape Crow, Novo Shadrina I on p. Tobol Yurtobor III on p. Thap et al.), as well as on the shores of the lake. Read more [...]
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Baron loop, or journey along the bottom of the Devonian sea

Environmental awareness and education are those tasks that are primarily placed in front of specially protected natural territories. In this regard, the nature park "River Chusovaia" has great potential: a variety of natural landscapes; rock outcrops, indicating the tremendous geological processes; unique historical and cultural monuments, as well as a well-developed transport accessibility makes the place attractive for hundreds of tourists.     Scientific department of the park is currently being developed by three ecological trails. One of them is "Baron loop". Read more [...]
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Ananyinsky burial ground

Ananyinsky burial ground first examined memory. Anan'ino culture (community) early Iron Age Prikamye and Compare. Volga. Dates from the VI-IV centuries. BC Resp. Tatarstan, Elabuzhskij district, lion. bank of the river. Toima Ave. Tributary. Kama, near the village. Ananyino. Occupies a sandy hill with a diameter of about 200 m and a height of 4 m. Opened in the late 1850s I.V.Shishkinym father of a great Russian. thin. Ivan Shishkin. Repeatedly subjected to excavations, more hours. Unsystematic. Now considerable hours. Documentation excavations early XIX. XX century. lost. A collection of things Read more [...]
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Site "Survival in the wild nature", glad to see you. If you come to us, it means you want to get complete information about survival in a variety of extreme conditions, in emergency situations. Man, throughout the development, sought to preserve and protect themselves from the various negative factors surrounding it - cold, heat, hunger, dangerous animals and insects.

Site structure "Survival in the wild nature" is simple and logical, selecting a specific section, you will find information. You will find on our website recommendations and practical advice on survival, unique descriptions and pictures of animals and plants, turn-based scheme to trap wild animals, tests and reviews of travel gear, rare books on survival and wildlife. The site also has a large section devoted to video on survival survivalist-known professionals around the world.

The main theme of the site, "Survival in the wild nature" - is to be ready to be in the wild, and the ability to survive in extreme conditions.

The Survival in the wild nature - how correctly to behave, it having appeared in an emergency situation. Ability to find a way out from any situation: to kindle a fire, to put traps, to prepare food, to arrange dwelling and a lodging for the night; to learn to knit knots, to clear water, to be guided by districts, correctly to choose equipment, a knife. Also you can download directories to tourists, encyclopedias survivals, video Bear Grills to Survive at any cost (Man vs. Wild).