Float rod

"In the evening we prepared thoroughly. Built of snow bricks walls of our home-made dens protects against low-energy, but this piercing at 26-degree cold night breeze. Dim lights, made of candles and a plastic bottle attached to this exotic abode such comfort, that if not for this merry company of three noisy young people, it was the time to go to sleep peacefully on a fishing box, looking mesmerizing brilliance of black holes. My mood was shared by the eldest of us - his grandfather Garkavy. He said nothing more, and only smiled in his mustache. Long did not bite. But here was a nod Read more [...]
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Hieracium Forest

Comparatively large, 60-120 cm tall perennial. The stem is straight, the bottom gently with simple hairs 2-4 mm long, usually glabrous above, from the bottom to evenly leafy inflorescences. Stem leaves are among the 25-50, the upper and middle leaves ovate or broadly lanceolate, usually nearly entire or with a few small teeth, with rounded base, sessile, lower - broadly ovate-lanceolate, gradually tapering to a narrow short petiole, all leaves are dark green, glabrous above, below, with scattered soft simple hairs. Inflorescence paniculate or corymbose from 3-30 baskets, flower stalks covered Read more [...]
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Caught in the Aral P. Normantas. Part 2

Became ichthyophages Today, April 4. The eleventh day of his hunger strike. Preparing for the hunt is over, but the body is exhausted. Weaker by the hour. Today I have to get the fish. Hardly saw a pack of fish, how to stop feeling cold. Knitted woolen pants and a sweater slightly delayed warmed body water, but I'm shaking badly. Jumping the gun in his hand, like a machine gun. Small fish scurry around. That's similar to our red-white-sided krasnoperok fish - barbel. They then hide in the reeds, then swim in the clear water. Brushes spinning at the mask itself, twirl menacingly Read more [...]
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Sand pit, sand fish house

Those who are caught in early childhood, "the then" 20-inch minnows, has always been clear that this is a worthy trophy fishing, because the meat of this fish has a great taste in hot and very nutritious. Today, these trophy minnows - a rarity. Somewhere marred their unfiltered foolish masters, drove somewhere rotan, because this "Far plague" are happy to devour the eggs minnow, but also actively pursuing his youth. Gudgeon named this little fish, because she loves the sand and kept it all year: even in winter looking for a hole with a light washed down and a noticeable Read more [...]
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Veronica false or paniculata

A perennial herbaceous plant from 30 to 120 cm, with a creeping rhizome. Stems are erect, branching at the top, rounded or slightly quadrangular, pubescent with short curved hairs or glabrous. The leaves are opposite or whorled, oblong or lanceolate, slightly grayish (especially the bottom) due to the short hairs at the edges jagged, sharp-biserrate or on top of the entire, at the base of the wedge to slightly heart-shaped, with short petioles. Flowers in apical and lateral brushes, which combine to form the total paniculate-racemose inflorescence. Bracts linear-lanceolate, usually shorter Read more [...]
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Sow thistle garden

Garden sow thistle (Sonchus oleraceus) - bothersome weed thrives on potato fields, fallow areas, gardens, orchards, in weedy places. One of his salvation, he annual, so after pulling the weeding does not grow. But still, a lot of trouble with him, Horticultural weed seeds remain viable for a long time and shoot at any time. It seems to be just dealt with the owners of the previous generation, and new plants are already deploying its soft shiny leaves. First appear large outlet - up to 18 cm long and 5-7 cm wide, pinnately or lyre-shaped leaves with a large triangular top lobe, they are tapered Read more [...]
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Eelpout — viviparous fish

Members of the family of new eelpout (Zoarcidae) - fish that inhabit the northern seas, and in their study only the first steps. Known 40 species of fish, most of which are available (not only for science, but for the angler on the ice) is the European eelpout. The most abundant species of this family in the waters of the Sea of Okhotsk and the Bering Sea. If you follow the biological dogma, it is their homeland. Eelpout - fish with a snake-like body, characteristic of the eel, burbot, and to some extent for catfish. Cycloid scales are very small. Located almost the entire length of the body Read more [...]
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Man overboard!

If you fall overboard, your first task, besides holding afloat - to draw attention to himself. Over the water sound travels well, so scream and splashing noise can be quite effective. Swish the water with one hand (not two, not to go to the bottom) - the movement will make you more visible. If you are in life jackets - and a small boat you have to wear it all the time, - that he may have provided with a whistle and a signal lamp or cartridge, the standard model of an inflatable life jacket military. Swimming Swim slowly and methodically. If you are leaving the sinking ship, plane and move upwind Read more [...]
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Mount Bikes

Matte Merit Two     Pic: Photograph by Score WiensSluttish PassengerDon't be afraid. That's the better advice we can commit you. No kidding. From full-suspension rigs with bottom shocks that self-adjust on the fly to the about agile 29er we've e'er time-tested, this class's clip of hatful bikes inspires authority on any terrain. About, comparable Train of the Yr achiever Matte Merit Two, can no thirster be easy categorised at all. Is it a cross-country racer or a freeride cycle? Subsequently months of test-riding from Moab to Tucson, we're well-chosen to theme that it genuinely doesn't Read more [...]
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Features bream on reservoirs

Bream and white bream, above all, different lifestyle and diet. Small bream, white bream that is fed on insect larvae and small crustaceans, a large share of its diet are plant components. The food supply of small bream varies little throughout the year. That is why the white bream fishing is quite simple and dobychliva. Scheme malovariantna catching, and success is determined by the choice of fishing grounds. Bream, white bream, unlike in summer, almost completely powered by small mussels, worms, and even young fish and crustaceans in winter eats, very rarely - larvae (bloodworms) and only Read more [...]
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Tactics fishing from a boat

Selecting promising place, for example, a depression in the channel, fisher anchors twenty meters from the point of interest to him and the first casts fished the entrance to the pit, the pit and out of it (Fig. 63).If the bottom is covered with rare koryazhnikom, the location of which the angler knows that the blade touch the ground has to be a point, after which the lure has to go to the upper layers (0.5-1 meter from the bottom). If a section of fishing net (a rare phenomenon), the crank speed are wired on a fairly large area, making it "nod" by winding fishing line. When a game Read more [...]
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Valerian Russian

Perennial herb 50-80 cm black-brown roots. Stem erect, inflorescence ends, the bottom is covered with tiny hairs. The leaves are opposite, bottom naked, pinnate, with 7-9 pairs of lobes; share almost entire, linear, linear-lanceolate or oblong. Inflorescence branching, spreading, bracteoles 2.5-3 mm long. Corolla pink, funnel-shaped, long-b mm, with a five-blade contour. Calyx at flowering inconspicuous when flowering her teeth grow in tuft contributing flying into the fruit. Fruit - small flying ovoid achene, 2-2.5 mm in length and width 1-1,25 mm, pubescent on both sides, with a crest Read more [...]
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Up tents

For tents choose the place is dry and smooth, without bumps and humps (which, incidentally, can be cut with a shovel), protected from the wind. Think about when, this, just a convenient platform for the other tents remained. Then removed twigs, stones, lumps. On hard-packed clay soil or on the perimeter of the tent (under most of its walls) dug a shallow (4-7 cm), the groove for water drainage, which would otherwise be numb under the bottom of the "House" and its wet out. Home, try to position the rear wall to the wind and - a must! - Away from the entrance to the close ravines, Read more [...]
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Alpine rivers

Danger crossing over mountain rivers due to their fast-flowing, low water temperature, bottom irregularity, steep banks. A torrent and rolling along the bottom of the stones can hurt and mislead people in water depths up to their knees, and the delay at the crossing fraught with fast mortis feet. The water level varies depending on the intensity of the melting and weather conditions in the source. The smallest in the night and early morning. Most rapidly during the middle and end of the day. The necessary degree of security ensures the correct choice of place, time and manner of crossing. Read more [...]
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Choosing a backpack

There is a division of backpacks on their scope and purpose. With a number of features and differences are classified as assault, the amount of backpacks not prevyshet 55-65 liters and shipping volume of 65 liters and above. Assault backpacks used for short outputs including ascents, where the number of equipment is small, with have to travel the path impassable areas as forest debris, rock ledges, cedar, etc. For longer routes to carry large amounts of equipment, personal items, food, etc. used more spacious expedition backpacks. For easy access to equipment loading chamber has not only access Read more [...]
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stream, the section of the river is characterized by great depth and fast current. Due to narrowing of the river bed, having on its bottom ledges or large rocks, steep slopes, and high velocity in a transverse B. flows upstream and downstream, which leads to the formation of the center. of direct and indirect channel standing waves, whirlpools and emission of water masses from the bottom to the surface. Especially dangerous for swimming by BA are whirlpools and deep water emissions. They occur unexpectedly, short-term (2 - 30) and end abruptly, and their appearance in a particular location Read more [...]
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Ide — beautiful as Orff

Ide (Leuciscus idus) - a beautiful big fish of the carp family, able to popularity, perhaps, compete even goldfish. Because of its subspecies, yellow-red Orpah also contain artificial aquariums and garden ponds. Under favorable conditions, ide can reach half-meter length and weight of about 8 kg. During spawning becomes golden with greenish-yellow iris eye, which makes it quite unique. Massive, slightly too big head with the final mouth, a tall, strong body and a dark green back somewhat reminiscent of chub. But ide nezakruglennye fins, pelvic and anal color of red swimming and scales smaller. Read more [...]
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How to sew a bag with his hands

Your love our children a bright fancy bags, backpacks, hand made. They can take a walk with them can ride a bicycle while his hands are always free. In order to make yourself a backpack you need is your imagination and a little bit of effort. And of course the need to pick up the fabric and make a pattern. To create a backpack you'll need: a plain dense material lining, padding polyester, zip - rifles, textile tape strap, velcro, zip - zip. Getting Started. 1.Iz dense fabric kroim two main parts with seam allowance of 1.5 cm We should have two rectangles with rounded corners at the top. Read more [...]
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Deadnettle speckled or spotted

Perennial herb 30-70 cm tall with creeping rhizome. Stems prostrate at the base, often rooting, white-pubescent. The leaves are ovate, up 2-6 (10) cm and 5.1 (6.5) cm, notched or serrated along the edges, top with white spots, the bottom - heart-shaped at the base, with long petioles 1.5-5.5 cm top - truncated, their petioles 0.5-1 cm long. Flowers numerous, 20-30 mm long, clustered in the axils of the upper leaves whorls of 6-10. Bracts linear, 4-5 times shorter than calyx, ciliate on the edge. Calyx campanulate, obliquely cut off in the throat, with five triangular extension at the bottom Read more [...]
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Cirsium heterophyllous

Perennial herb 40-120 cm tall with long rhizome. Stems ascending, simple or with one or two branches at the top, furrowed-ribbed, often dark purple, especially at the top, cobwebby hairs under belovoylochnye baskets. Leaves lanceolate or ovate, bottom belovoylochnye, green above, with winged petioles lower, middle and upper - sessile, half, with the ears. Baskets rounded-ovate, large, single or few at the tips of stems and branches. The flowers are red. Fruits - a straw-yellow achenes with dirty white or brownish-white crest. Blooms in June and July, achenes ripen in July-September. European Read more [...]
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The Survival in the wild nature - how correctly to behave, it having appeared in an emergency situation. Ability to find a way out from any situation: to kindle a fire, to put traps, to prepare food, to arrange dwelling and a lodging for the night; to learn to knit knots, to clear water, to be guided by districts, correctly to choose equipment, a knife. Also you can download directories to tourists, encyclopedias survivals, video Bear Grills to Survive at any cost (Man vs. Wild).