Gaps and blowing up the trunks and boxes

  The fault ammunition factory equipment. According to media reports, cases of rupture stems from the irresponsible attitude of factories for equipment cartridges frequent. Unregulated automatic machines pour into individual sleeves on two charges of powder and compressed to a volume of single charge. The pressure of gas in these cases is growing rapidly, reaching, probably 1200-1500 kg / cm2 instead of 500-600 kg / cm2, which is calculated and guns. Naturally, trunks could not withstand the load and burst into the chamber. Rupture of the stem in the chamber is just a sign of excessive pressure. Read more [...]
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Gun piece of manufacturing can be proud of not tolkoohotnik, but also a collector. What TOZ-34, known in our country, everyone! A whole generation has grown by local hunters this "vertikalka." One can argue endlessly about how successful or gun design is flawed. But the fact remains rare rifle in the world can boast such a wide popularity. Nowadays, this popularity has not disappeared, many hunters dream of having in their arsenal the most "Thirty", of course, the Soviet edition. It was the Soviet edition of the best "certified" quality guns, which for modern rifles Tula, unfortunately, Read more [...]
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Fit the box on the arrow

Successful shooting fast-moving targets can only be sufficiently comfortable bed, the size and shape of which correspond to the physical data of the arrow and shoot style. With this box when the gun vskidku immediately falls on the target. Photo: Anton Zhuravkova Simultaneously tselyaschiysya eye hand without any effort on his part is on the line of sight. If after vskidku there is a need to send the gun to some other point, for example, changed the direction of flight of a bird, then the comfortable bed this can be done, guided only by muscular sensations. Finally, in a comfortable Read more [...]
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Flags on ice

In normal adjustment even when light instantly check acumen "shoots" upPhoto: Anatoly Mailkov This winter at once and take seriously the situation of her job – paved surface of large lakes, reservoirs and rivers reliable ice dais on which you can safely move in any direction.[mkref = 1124]Especially important for good ice hunters predators, as they have «handle» huge water area in search «dining» toothy fanged or striped, which is markedly different from the tactics leschatnikov-poplavochnikov, waiting for their fish lured to the wells.For the production Read more [...]
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Balkan Mauser

"Mauser" - words known to every hunter. Weapons of this system was manufactured in many countries. Alone among them is Yugoslavia, which was able to organize production of excellent hunting rifles, has been recognized in many parts of our planet.30 countries were armed with their armies Mauser rifle. Kingdom of Yugoslavia hunting weapons commercially produced only private «Armory-cartridge factory AD» at of Uzice (Thomas). After World War II «Thomas» It became the state military munitions plant «First Partisan» (PUF), and from the time Read more [...]
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Oh Henry!

"Explore the postal wagon, awakening from hypnosis, he jumped out to the mound with the hard drive in hand and took an active part in the game. John Big Dog, sitting on the tender with coal, made a wrong turn itself into a shot and the conductor slammed his trump card .45 ..." - O. Henry. The roads that we choose. «VULKANIK» It was the first.Himself gun is extremely interesting. This is the first weapon with a lever mechanism and a tubular magazine rifle. Recharging his arm made a similar bracket Henry, but under one finger — Handgun this system looks quite logical. Read more [...]
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About storage of weapons and inspections

Photo: Dmitry Kochetkova In recent years, becoming more noticeable that our «valiant» Police to «show» their «progress» in the fight against gang violence (armed, by the way, not hunting rifles) and illicit arms trafficking, insolently began to recoup on simple hunter.My hobbies are hunting for almost three decades. I have available as a smooth-bore and rifled hunting weapons. Before you purchase your first gun, I bought the store a metal box for storage of weapons. Miniature box made of «hlyupkogo» iron, a few years to satisfy me Read more [...]
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Useful things

Part 3. Cartons, cases, boxes and bagsPhoto Anatoly Mailkova Fishing can not do without some kind of packaging for baits and lures. Plain empty jar of canned food for worms, of course, has not lost its relevance, but I would like to emphasize the following: try not to use disposable «packing» for bait. After fishing it you are almost guaranteed to leave the beach. Even at home, I pour maggots in reusable special boxes for lures.As for the bait boxes easier to use «Winter» motylnitsy foam. Even better, the box made of wood. They're stronger. But still a recognized Read more [...]
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1. In a matchbox, pour the powder layer about 1.5-2 mm,2. Melt the paraffin wax, stearin, and not in a box, and in the deepest iron bowl, and "water bath"(i.e. a container of wax put in a container of water, which is heated on the stove)3. In melted paraffin (wax, etc.) to add charcoal.Coal can be extracted by the method of extinguishing water hot embers from the fire, which at first be crushed to the size of millet, and later after drying, in order to avoid excessive dust.Perfectly dried coal, pour in the melted paraffin (etc)4. When the charcoal will absorb the entire paraffin, then Read more [...]
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The entry WITH the Introduction of a Special RELEASE of FUNDS.

The exercises used in the training of agents of high-assault groups of the special units.High-altitude assault training is the combination of techniques and methods that allow you to do service-combat tasks on objects in the external vertical structure, or other inaccessible places. In fact this is the ability to perform a service problem, or combat acts on those areas where the enemy is not expecting the blow, however, reaching its greatest effect, the ability to seep into the more inaccessible places of the object.In daily activities and in the performance of their combat tasks in the criteria Read more [...]
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To all so lucky …

Pensioner who buys wooden crates for kindling the furnace found in them dozens Kalashnikovs. See the original material on INTERFAX.RU Moscow. January 13. - A resident of Udmurtia learned from him brought boxes for kindling the furnace almost 80 Kalashnikovs, which, as it turned out later, had to be disposed of on the "Izhmash", reported "Interfax" a law enforcement source. "Yesterday afternoon the police asked 57-year-old resident of the village Sovkhoznyi Udmurt Republic, a statement that in one of the wooden crates he bought for firewood, he found a Kalashnikov rifle," - said the agency interlocutor. Local Read more [...]
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Taiga box

Good day to all present and chitayuschim.A same way again with all passing day Defender Otechestva.Na this post pushed me interlocutor article read and remembered that I have is just not like that but simpler. Manufacture, this device has vouchsafed me a trip for mushrooms with so-called duct. The box is a rectangular box made of plywood 50cm in height, 40 cm in width and depth (length) 30 cm with carrying straps behind - a kind of permanent obema.Razmery backpack can range from creating wishes and objectives for which a name korob.Drugoe taiga box . Often Read more [...]
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Figure bystrorazogrevayuschiysya

All the good time sutok.Ya new to this community and this is my first post, so do not judge strictly if that. Will be discussed and eating fast food, or rather one of its variants Being at work in one of the provinces, came across an interesting solution to lunch in the field Boxing, of food grade plastic, a volume of about 0.4. Composition Boxing: 1) bag of water 2) bag with meat, beans, spices, sauces and spices 3) warm-up component (in my opinion it's something like quicklime) 4) plate with rice 5) spoon, napkin, toothpick Principle of operation We took out the contents of the box. Reveal Read more [...]
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Sale mechanical razor Sputnik 2. (Photo)

Sale mechanical shaver "Sputnik 2". Condition - excellent. Options: Razor itself Two interchangeable heads with different reshetochki - for long and short hair Cleaning brush Box of hard plastic with a mirror inside The highlight of the product is its autonomy and independence from the power supply. This product, manufactured in the Soviet era, and has an appropriate margin of safety. Price: 2000 rub. Justified negotiable. Geographically: MO and Moscow. Perez anywhere in the world by the purchaser. Box, general view. Box, shaver. Handle plant. Read more [...]
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Oven Poshehonka (caution – PHOTOS!)

That had to order a stove ... Flour choice were here: Chose booked ... Was already two days As promised spread review: Open the box bag in box (included) and actually itself a stove. Inside the pipe kit In fact, inside the place is still the order - safely fit 2-3 knee. By the way there on the sides of the narrow ledges inside - as described in the instructions in order to use the oven as a smokehouse. One pipe was jammed Maltz, but easily cured ploskashami Fuser assembly if "what" is the length of the pipe I have correctly calculated the Actually Read more [...]
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Alteration in SARO parang

A long time ago, ten years ago, impulsively bought "Knife SARO expeditionary." Because this is complete crap, was abandoned in a distant box. ] Then began the difficult nomadic life-balcony-shelf garage work. Here at work, and he wandered out of the box in a box the last five years. Why? Read, understand. Even describe laziness. During the cleaning before the new year, he again caught my eye. And then I decided to take it for real. The Internet took like, and that configuration. It proved VILLAGE PARANG MACHETE from Condor Tool and Knife. Configuration fit. Demolition, bolgaring. Creating Read more [...]
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the survival of the crop

Feeding OYSTER.Use stumps or churbachki all hardwood. Stump or churbachka before making mycelium need to moisturize. If the surface of the slice is quite starenky must be updated. Churbachki should be placed in shaded areas (under the trees), you can bury them in the soil (to a depth of 7-15cm) to maintain the desired humidity tree species.Mycelium little RUB hands and spread the narrow layer (0.8-1cm) under the churbachka and on the surface of the slice. The surface layer of mycelium should be covered with a piece of wood or sawdust to protect from drying out. To accelerate the development of Read more [...]
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survival Samodelkin

HOMEMADE DRYERS Products and VEGETABLES AND FRUIT ;)Now, back wood drying method.We already saw how to dry it all in the oven, bath and the Russian furnace. Talk a little about self-made dryers.FIGURE 1. DRYER - DRUM ))Rapidly and simply make the dryer for green vegetables and fruits from old barrels.Inside the barrel satisfied with mesh shelves.Outside exhaust pipe with valve.Below install home heater.Herbs plants or fruits at first provalivajut in the air, then cook until tender in the dryer.If you build to the same thermostat th will automatically cycleThis dryer is comfortable and for Smoking Read more [...]
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Board game: Changeling

Board game: "Changeling" (Writing spodvig comrade Aris) And useful to the PSU and after. Children can play with 4-5 years, can anyone before. Better to play together - the four of us (Dad, Mom and the kids). Start the game, pictured 20 squares (using 10 pairs of identical pictures). In practice, with 5-year-olds to use 20 pairs of drawings. If only adults play the number of pairs can be significantly increased. The first player turns over two cards any. Everyone is watching. If the pair did not match, put them into place (players try to remember where that was revealed - developing short-term Read more [...]
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my NAE, Hamster

Hi all, has long wanted to make your NAZ and it's a rough sbarsetochka with Naz. rear strap purses have to be worn on a belt. Here are the contents of purses I also want to add a rope and Zelenka and bint.Naschet Rolton I think a good option: you can eat pasta if Cho willows dry. + spices and maslo.mozhet roltana instead put a few cubes of Gallina Blanca and compact and will easily make soup can even get a tasty Bleed . Oh yeah, I almost forgot, here's what to NAZe: matchbook, red candle, playing cards 36 sheets, notebook, blades in a small yellow upakovrchke next to a knife, a knife Read more [...]
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