Brazilian Teenaged Dies From Shark Collation

A shark attacked a drowning Brazilian teenaged bare seconds earlier she could be reclaimed by lifeguards Monday. Bruna Gobbi, was rush to the Restauracao infirmary in the metropolis of Recife but deplorably died of her injuries.Gobbi, 18, was visiting Recife from her hometown of Sao Paulo. The onslaught took spot patch she was swim with her cousin-german, Daniele Gobbi, at Boa Viagem beach. Lifeguards saw the two struggling and began to drown towards the couplet, but ahead they could ambit her, a shark latched onto Bruna’s leg and began to drag her below. The shark finally relinquish and Read more [...]
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Biggest flood in Sao Paulo, Brazil

For several days, both on the southern Brazil hit torrential rains, which have resulted in severe flooding. The most affected one of the largest Brazilian cities - Sao Paulo. Six people died in the Brazilian city of Sao Paulo. They were victims of a landslide that caused heavy rains, reports NTV. People living in one of the poorest neighborhoods. This area is located on a hillside and was partially destroyed by the flow of mud and stones. Another consequence of the rains in Sao Paulo was a major flood. Local rivers burst their banks and flooded several major highways. Car traffic was paralyzed. Read more [...]
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The earthquake occurred in the north-east of Brazil

Earthquake occurred on Monday in the northeast of Brazil, according to Brazilian media. According to the local seismological observatory, the epicenter of the tremors was located in the state of Rio Grande do Norte, and their magnitude was 3.8. According to eyewitness reports, the earthquake was felt in four states in the Brazilian north-east at a distance of 500 kilometers from the epicenter of the alleged. In the local Civil Defence has received several reports of minor damage to homes. Information about the victims and no casualties. Increased seismic activity is observed in the north-east Read more [...]
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Amazon has dried

Every year, at the beginning of the Brazilian summer, which starts in the southern hemisphere in December, the great Amazon River much shallower. But what happens this year should touch up on people all over the world to think - in the Amazon began the most severe drought in the last hundred years. After close to a record level of precipitation during the rainy season at the beginning of this year, as a result of the drought, which continues today in the Amazon river level dropped to record low levels. In the Amazon basin the water is gone from the people, leaving behind tons of rotting Read more [...]
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Nominees for the Darwin Award 2012

Honestly steal for a positive mood morning comrades! Immediately 36 people could get into the shortlist "Darwin Awards - 2012", if not for the shallow water. In late February in Wisconsin were ice-fishing competitions. Event organizers warned fishermen that they do not park their cars on the frozen lake. But do duraleya stop any warning? Fishermen on the ice and left it parked 36 cars. The cars were too heavy, and the ice is not so strong as in the middle of winter, so cracked. Car went into the water. Fortunately for duraleya, they were in shallow water, so only partially submerged cars and pulled Read more [...]
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Why the U.S. Is Edifice Brazil an Aquarium

Humanity Cup fire has colonized in the Brazilian land of Ceara, but an improper partnership 'tween the submit, the U.S. authorities, and American pocket-sized businesses testament acquire the nation's future spectacle: Acquario Ceara, the largest aquarium in Southward America and the tierce largest in the humans. The externalise mightiness be the outset illustration of a U.S. office financing building remote N America to produce American jobs. The aquarium, set to outdoors in the metropolis of Fortaleza in 2015, is existence gainful for about wholly by the Export-Import Camber of the Joined Read more [...]
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What are the Outflank Excursions Good Rio?

    Exposure: Ksenia Ragozina/ShutterstockA:Seth Kugel, the New York Multiplication’ Stinting Traveller editorialist, splits his sentence 'tween the Big Apple and São Paulo, so he’s a Brazil locomote pro. I reached him during his up-to-the-minute skimp thither to ask astir prophylactic, main excursions from Rio de Janeiro.“Thither’s a few real light options,” Kugel says. But timing matters: December is both the Christmas flavor and the heart of the Brazilian summertime, so hordes of local tourists leave be on the relocation.  Kugel suggests Read more [...]
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Hail damaged more than a thousand homes in Brazil

The strongest hail has left more than a thousand homes without roofs in the southern Brazilian state of paraná, was reported in the Sunday local rescue service. According to witnesses, a natural phenomenon lasted only about ten minutes, but managed to inflict significant damage. Hardest hit town of Campo, Mourao in the West of the state of paraná, where, according to firefighters, broken roofs of thousands of homes and downed dozens of trees. Four people were treated at a local hospital with injuries. According to information from the Brazilian Institute of meteorology (Imnet), hail is a frequent Read more [...]
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Brazil recorded a strong tornado

September 24, 2013. After the crushing blow of a tornado in the Brazilian municipality Taquarituba, located 328 km to the East, Sao Paulo, state of emergency declared. Residents of the municipality still can't understand heaps of crumpled cars, fallen trees and other debris left by a wind funnel on almost every street Taquarituba.At the time of natural disasters here, two people were killed, another 64 were injured. One of the victims was the bus driver raised in the air flow of the wind and thrown on the road; bus passengers survived. The second man died under the debris of the sports hall. In Read more [...]
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A state of emergency because of the rains has announced 70 cities in southern Brazil

The number of cities in southern Brazil, where the declared state of emergency because of the rains has risen to 70, said on Saturday the local Civil defense. Earlier it was reported about 60 of the affected cities. Heavy rains in the region for more than two weeks. Rainfall caused a rise in water level in rivers and partially flooded residential areas. According to service ON the southern Brazilian state of Santa Catarina, more than 26 thousand people were forced to leave their homes, flooded by the flood; 930 thousand inhabitants in 80 settlements suffered from the elements. According to the Read more [...]
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In Brazil landslides and floods killed at least 880 lives

Up to 880 people has increased the number of victims of landslides and floods that on January 11-12 struck the mountainous areas of the Brazilian state of Rio de Janeiro. As reported on Monday, the civil police of this state, another 8 bodies found in the city of Teresopolis. Thus, only in Teresopolis killed 362 people. Victims of natural disaster in neighbouring Nova Friburgo became 421 people. According to the Ministry of internal Affairs of the state, is today missing in the tragedy are 413 Brazilians. As specialists say, almost a month after the disaster will have little chance to detect Read more [...]
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Strongest over 35 years flood marked in the North of Brazil

The mode of a disaster declared in the Northern Brazilian state of Roraima due to record flooding, reported on Monday by the local government. The strongest rains led to the flood of the river Rio Branco, part of the Amazon basin. As a result, the water level rose ten meters, which is two feet higher than the previous record, recorded in 1976. Tens of villages were completely cut off from the outside world. According to the Civil defence services staff, seven settlements in the lower reaches of the river is completely under water. In the capital of the state, the city of Boa Vista, declared a Read more [...]
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Virago Kindred Missing

Brazilian regime are trenchant for an apart Amazonian kin afterwards dose traffickers invaded a saved department of Virago wood in July. The folk, one of an estimated 100 livelihood in the Virago, was observed in 2008 but has ne'er interacted with the out-of-door earth. On July 23, phoebe guards from FUNAI, the Brazilian means consecrated to protecting autochthonous groups, were constrained from their place in the Javari Vale, cheeseparing Brazil's molding with Peru, by 40 intemperately armed men. Brazlian law and members of the army after returned to the ar and base a packet containing 44 pounds Read more [...]
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The lowest in 8 years, the temperature recorded in Sao Paulo

on June 29. The coldest night since 2003 recorded in the Brazilian city of Sao Paulo, according to the national Institute of meteorology Brazil (Inmet). According to the Institute, the temperature dropped to the level of 6.1 degrees Celsius. The last day was in a tropical metropolis the coldest since August 2003, when the temperature dropped to 5.9 degrees. In the mountainous areas of the eponymous Brazilian state of são Paulo marked freezing, and in the South of the country over the weekend even snowed notes Inmet. Meteorologists have attributed the low temperature with the arrival of cold Read more [...]
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Mankind’s Oldest Mortal May Know in Virago

A 120-year-old autochthonal Brazilian womanhood may be the reality's oldest support somebody, according to man rights radical Endurance Outside. The Brazilian authorities ascertained Mare Lucimar Pereira during a steady inspection of parentage records. Pereira, who was natural in 1890 in the Amazonian land of Acre, is a penis of the Kaxinawa folk. She bequeath fete her 121st birthday on September 3, and credits her seniority to her dieting, which consists of innate foods same barbecued scalawag, angle, manioca, and banana porridge. "All too frequently we spectator the damaging effects constrained Read more [...]
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The Brazilian Virago

A Kamayurá girlfriend stands remote a traditional thatch-roof hut.     The Brazilian ViragoA Kamayurá miss stands away a traditional thatch-roof hut.When tributary editor Stephanie Pearson travelled to the Virago to enquire the preservation plans of exile Privy Cain Carter (The Texas Chainsaw Plug, November 2008) she came forth with forthright snapshots of hamlet sprightliness. Read more [...]
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Seven cities in Brazil, cut off from the outside world due to heavy rains

on March 22. Heavy rains have washed away roads and cut off from the outside world seven cities in the Northern Brazilian state of pará, said on Thursday the local Civil defense. According to the Agency, ongoing since the beginning of the week, the rains have washed away roads one of the main transport arteries of the region — Transamazonica highway. Local rivers were overflowing, 350 families were forced to leave water from flooded houses. Reports no casualties were reported, said the service. According to meteorologists, the rainy season in the Brazilian Amazon is just beginning, Read more [...]
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Because of rain in the Brazilian state of Rio de Janeiro killed four people

on 7 April. At least four people were killed as a result of rainfall in the Brazilian state of Rio de Janeiro, said in the night of Saturday, the local Civil defense. According to authorities, a heavy shower fell on Saturday in the town of Teresopolis in the mountainous part of the state. Rainfall caused the descent of mud flows from the mountains. Emergency services have recorded eight landslides soil, which can be people. In the area of the disaster sent rescue crews and dog handlers with dogs. Search operation is hampered by the darkness, but will resume in full on Saturday morning local time Read more [...]
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The tornado destroyed nearly 30 houses on the coast of Brazil

on 8 may. The tornado destroyed 27 homes and knocked down dozens of trees on the coast in the Southeast of Brazil, said Tuesday the local Civil defense. According to authorities, rare Brazilian natural phenomenon formed in the resort town of San Sebastian on the coast of são Paulo state. The tornado began in the ocean, and after landfall brought down to earth a ton of water, completely devastated 800 meters of the beach and destroying it was built. According to meteorologists, the force of the wind ranged from 80 to 120 km/H. In the almost completely destroyed coastal hotel, felled dozens of Read more [...]
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Reviving a dead man in the Brazilian lift

Brazilian TV channel STB, shocked his audience videoprikoly about the elevator with the girl ghost, I decided to repeat the joke, which brought its authors worldwide fame. The plot of the new drawing from the preceding is not very different: all the same elevator or on unsuspecting passengers and something terrible, ended up together with them in the cockpit jammed. The authors draw from the transfer of Silvio Santos, unfortunately, does not tell us about the current mental state of the characters and the movie does not tell you how they reacted to the following explanation of "Dead Man" Read more [...]
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