Bream caught in the Sea of Azov and the Caspian Sea, as well as in some estuaries of the Black Sea. Search Search sea bream has its own peculiarity: there fish often changes place feeding. Perhaps this is due to the fact that the sea is generally more dynamic environment, it is very rare fish for a long time kept at the same place. However, the general rule for finding bream in the pits and acts at sea. Thus, the sandy bottom of the blue pack can be found only in the 20-30-cm deeper. While angling Caught during the winter season. During the day often get up in the morning, perhaps Read more [...]
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Withhowling experience not considered to be comprehensive and the right one. Just successfully catching bream four decades in different seasons. The accumulated knowledge helps to catch bream, where other anglers can not catch it. By the way, bream - is the lake-water fish, ie is found in almost any body of water with fresh water. In reservoirs, lakes, ponds, rivers, canals and quarries ... Its number is significant, and the catches of fishermen everywhere negligible, it can be argued, are random. For example, did not see the mass of fishing in rivers Oskol Oskolets, Kotel, Ublya (Belgorod Read more [...]
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Smoked fish smokehouse without

Gutting fish or not, if the stomach is no grass and live bait. Coarse salt, a handful of 2.5 liters of water, stir. Usolye 15-20 - minutes. Preferably immediately throw fish caught, prosalivaetsya better. Before smoking is put on the rotisserie round bead in the sideline, stepped back one inch from the gill kryshok.Dat Blasting wind 5 minutes. Drip pit depth of 70, width 10 cm shorter skewers. Dilute it in a fire (willow, birch). Remain at the bottom coals, take willow sticks ("Willow", everywhere is full, cherry, cherry-all dry) to throw into the pit. Quickly laid skewers and cover fanerku Read more [...]
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Large bream productively all to catch the night

The advantage of night fishing is like being able to use the maximum amount of gear, and in the most comfortable fishing. Both depend on the right choice of places, depending on the seabed and coastal conditions. It is important that both are perfectly match each other. Know, the big fish eats mostly at night, but the approaches to the shore to feed. Total nighttime behavior bream has its own laws, in spite of differences of reservoirs, but his night outs in small, medium and large river may differ materially. Say, a small Sherne, Tvertsa, Pre he prefers coastal Waters, where stands the day. Read more [...]
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Features bream on reservoirs

Bream and white bream, above all, different lifestyle and diet. Small bream, white bream that is fed on insect larvae and small crustaceans, a large share of its diet are plant components. The food supply of small bream varies little throughout the year. That is why the white bream fishing is quite simple and dobychliva. Scheme malovariantna catching, and success is determined by the choice of fishing grounds. Bream, white bream, unlike in summer, almost completely powered by small mussels, worms, and even young fish and crustaceans in winter eats, very rarely - larvae (bloodworms) and only Read more [...]
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Burdock and woodworm

Under this name anglers know many of the larvae of various insects, which can be caught in the blades of grass, under the bark of trees, in the inflorescences, etc.Larva Burdock moth found in the stems of burdock. Almost everywhere on her excellent bite in winter time roach, bream, silver bream and other fish. Larvae of various wind chayutsya borers under the bark and the wood. This is a particularly popular nozzle in places where the fish "Familiar" with the floating timber and where the larvae are often caught in the water. Store them for a long time does not make sense: Read more [...]
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Silver bream are dense swarms

Bream (Blicca bjoerkna) - fish, which is often confused with a white bream. Its like bream, AP Czechs could well be called stealth predator, which is the appropriate way of life, as if hiding. The capture of white bream lure and bait anglers are usually surprised, but this fish is typical grab everything that comes into view and her in the teeth. It often takes formless cannibalism, decimating flocks of their own young. Ardor with which bream attacks everything that moves, comparable only with the throng that it suits any food. "The first gusterku I caught a small river as a teenager. Read more [...]
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Zope — fish with a blue back

Blue bream (Abramis ballerus) - widely representative bream. He looks very similar to its wide-telogo relative. Its name, this fish received a distinctly blue scales on the back and above the lateral line. Of bream it easy to distinguish the shape of the mouth: the mouth too zope retractable, a tube, but the top, allowing you to take a writing surface. In contrast to the bream, blue bream never goes into the salt or brackish water, is found only in large, fairly full-flowing rivers and reservoirs. As is the case with roaches, large artificial reservoirs zope found better conditions than they Read more [...]
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