The experimental study of tumor-1

The role of animal parasites in causing cancer. Some clinical observations force us to seek the relationship between the occurrence of tumors and the presence of human and animal tissues of certain parasites. These include cancer of the bladder, occurs relatively frequently in the defeat of the UAR bilharzia (schistosomiasis see). There is a range of information on the relative frequency of cancer of the liver and biliary tract infections in people infected with opisthorchiasis (see). Known and the experimental observations of some authors who believe that the parasites can cause development Read more [...]
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Growth and expansion of primary breast cancer

Neoplasm of breast cancer are highly aggressive malignant tumors are prone to rapid and sustained dissemination. Suffice it to recall that at the beginning of treatment, about 2/3 of patients can detect metastases in regional lymph collectors, and more than half of treated die at different times after mastectomy of distant metastases, secretly existed before the start of treatment. Metastasis contribute not only dishormonal nature of breast cancer and the effect of various metabolic and biological factors on the growth of the primary tumor and metastatic engraftment complexes, but also developed Read more [...]
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Mammary cancer

The Section presents statistics on the incidence of and mortality from breast cancer, given the international clinical (TNM) and histological WHO classification. The substantiation of the role of so-called dishormonal hyperplasia in the pathogenesis of cancer, shows a synoptic table of the main pathogenetic factors of importance in the formation of "risk groups" among the contingents of healthy women to be routine inspection. Describes the use of Mammo-and thermography, isotope scanning makroalbuminom labeled with 131I, data and trephine needle biopsy, accurate tumor spread through Read more [...]
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Pathogenic forms of breast cancer and the formation of risk-3

III pathogenic form. Conventionally, this form may be defined as hypertension-adrenal. It is almost as numerous as the previous one. Patients with an average age of about 49 years (45 to 64), almost as a rule, are obese, increasing age cholesterol levels, cortisol, and hypertension (91 - 94% of women with this form of cancer). Characterized by uterine fibroids, diabetes (17%), increase in blood sugar during exercise. In general, according to VM Dilman (1973), in this form, there are signs "of an intensified aging." In these patients, metabolic-endocrine changes are more pronounced Read more [...]
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Basic medical therapies in breast cancer

Treatment breast cancer is a difficult task, not only because many of the methods and rationale of a rational plan in each case, but also in no small part due to conflicting advice and assessment of the results. Perhaps no other disease in which there are so many opinions and opposite judgments about the effectiveness of a treatment *. Difficulties stem, first, individual variations and differences within many pathogenic forms of tumors in patients of different ages and physiological periods, and secondly, the complexity of multivariate analysis. Medical therapies in breast cancer can be divided Read more [...]
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Surgical treatment of breast cancer

Historically, surgical intervention cancer was seen as a major, and sometimes decisive stage of treatment the primary tumor and metastases in the lymph collectors. Although surgery has not lost the dominant values and now, the question of the optimal amount of it not only has not been resolved, but in recent years strongly reconsidered. The reason for this in the first place were the success of radiation therapy, which proved fundamental possibility of the destruction of breast cancer, as well as fast development of chemotherapeutic methods capable of causing the death of metastatic foci in distant Read more [...]
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Radiation therapy for breast cancer

Radiation therapy in the treatment of primary breast cancer, used in preoperative and postoperative period, aimed at the destruction of the tumor node metastasis and lymph collectors and therefore should be classified as mestnoregionarnoe impact. It has long been noted, and in recent years was confirmed in a carefully conducted randomized studies (Wallgren, 1977) that the combination of radiation therapy and mastectomy, the number of local recurrence is reduced by 1.5 times, and it is this fact influences the improvement of individual outcomes. Pavlov and V. Datsenko (1978) point out that the Read more [...]
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The clinical and instrumental diagnosis of primary breast cancer

Diagnosis of advanced forms of breast cancer is not a challenge. Distinctive history, configuration changes, body size, to probe the consistency of the tumor and its relationship to the surrounding tissues, increasing and seal the axillary lymph nodes are so characteristic that can come to the right conclusion, even a cursory clinical examination. Conversely, early forms of tumors are difficult to diagnose, and their detection requires additional methods of examination. The latter refers not only to the pre-clinical (ie neproschupyvaemym) tumors, sometimes having microscopic size, but also the Read more [...]
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Morbidity and mortality from breast cancer

Cancer Breast cancer is one of the most common human cancers, and, according to the WHO (Logan, 1975), is the leading cause of death in middle-aged women in the West. The second half of the XX century was characterized by steadily increasing the frequency of cancer of this localization. For example, in the U.S. morbidity and mortality over the last 10 years, respectively, increased by 10.6 and 7.6%. and in England and Wales - even by 27.1 and 13.8%. We must bear in mind that these figures not only affect the actual increase in morbidity and mortality, but also improve the accounting systems Read more [...]
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Biological properties of the body with cancer-1

Constitutional features and metabolic. The idea of primary lesion of breast cancer large, tall women with large body mass is associated with an increased incidence of tumors of this localization from residents of Europe and the U.S. mainly Baltic and Scandinavian descent, compared with small and fragile: a Japanese woman living in Asia, and Thai woman, flip flops. The dependence of the production and metabolism of sex hormones, pituitary gonadotropins and the state of the mammary glands of the environmental factors of the geographical environment, race, and especially the food. In turn, it seems, Read more [...]
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Biological properties of the body with cancer

Evaluation of the biological properties of the organism - the carrier of the tumor, that is, its metabolic and endocrine features of organs and systems, the impact of intercurrent diseases, etc., as well as protective mechanisms that resist disease, is a difficult task. There is no reliable tests or criteria by which to judge the true relationship between the growing cancer and the body, though no doubt some of the features of microorganism life significantly affects prognosis. First, the importance of a number of pathogenic factors, which were already discussed in Chapter III. Among them, the Read more [...]
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