Some publishers believe my stories, I still catch fish three-knee bamboo rods. They asked me to sell them for a collection.And I went into a rage that even invented ... katranov Black Sea shark teeth, which have disfigured me, he has never been a shark. Publisher said "Gavril" - be it! There's always someone is smarter ...It was in the vicinity of Slavyansk-on-Kuban. The son of a neighbor visited Japan and gave me a bamboo neighbor and telescopic rods. Describe the rod hard to imagine - it is impossible. They can only keep the excitement sweaty hands and gently stroke look to the end of the century. Read more [...]
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A gift of fate

It was unusual in that the fish - and its bite, and appearancePhoto: Peter Sal'kovEvery fisherman, and indeed every person, there are moments in life, or even the whole day, when he was an incredibly good things happen, incredibly lucky, everything turns out the reality surpasses all expectations. Otherwise, how some gifts from above, it will not name.AT fishing happens rarely, but always good to remember. Actually, my fishings luck several times All these days I I remember how some of the the happiest in «careers». I remember very well, and days Read more [...]
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Bridges — Tears Don

Central Black Earth, Lipetsk region, fields, meadows and woods – beautiful land. A large number of bodies of water: rivers, lakes, ponds. And amidst all this beauty, much hinges, from north to south flowing Don Father.When you get here, just remember the story of how many hundreds of years, these lands were called «Wild Field» – no State could not subdue the rich and fertile land. Like Ivan the Terrible gave this land forever Cossacks. And people have always lived here, we settled for centuries, of course, along the rivers.River – great grace: it Read more [...]
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Mysterious Bridge

Sometimes it happens to get in the forest wilderness in a place where it becomes uncomfortable. The events described below is just about a place.The sun was sinking slowly to the west. The wind had dropped and it was warm. Go to the paternal friend and colleague Gennady Kuznetsov through the wide and deep stream Olkhovka Mosshoof the old walkways of five or six blackened logs. Kuznetsov clicking creek began to move away of old, apparently still telejnoj road. I also wanted to stand up a little bit and look at the logs on a stormy spring flow.Shouted to him, that would not be in a hurry, surges, Read more [...]
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HOW we will GET TO the CRIMEA (or thoughts about the bridge)

The annexation of Crimea to Russia carries one stern faced, about which we will say enough is not enough. Talking about how to get from Russia to the Crimea and back. Judging by the reaction of Ukraine, transit and airline connections through its area will be wholly or closed, or very complicated. Then remains only a workaround - the construction of a bridge across the Kerch Strait.The width of the Strait is from 4 to 15 km( wikiped) At the moment there walks ferry, in good weather, connecting the Crimea with Russia. we have already decided to build the bridge, and then from the weather to depend Read more [...]
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Expedition north wind. Survival in off-road conditions of our country. Part 1

The theme of the issue of choice of vehicle for survival liked me want to share a report on the expedition called "North Wind", which took place in the distant (or not yet too distant?) July 2008. So enjoy ...How it all began It all began with the magazine "All wheel drive 4x4" in 2007 - with a report printed in it "Lapland 2007" on the expedition to the hidden corners of the Kola Peninsula.Being unable to tear his eyes away from the photos of amazing scenery, I realized that I just can not get there to visit, and my friend began to gradually cook your freshly bought "Niva". Machine acquires Read more [...]
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Photos, photo report, the yield in the field.

Reconnaissance "Jack" "On the night of July 27, 1944 in East Prussia was abandoned group of Soviet spies" Jack ". Group operated behind enemy lines about six months. Most scouts were killed in combat. After the death of the commander of the group P. Winged and his successor N. Shpakova, commander of the reconnaissance became Melnikov. On Polish soil scouts took his last fight and died a heroic death. Monuments scouts were installed within the area of ​​reconnaissance. " Under the cut is a lot of pictures. Greetings dear friends!That took time for the next article ... I'll try to describe Read more [...]
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Old roads. Continued research

Who went to shoot about old Birskiy tract. Morning frost. Gryazyuka froze. Excellent! But cold) It has been two and a half years, my face lit up on television channel YUTV and went for a walk on vebam living uzhu own life. Previously, well, in the town, at the moment on federal highways and local roads, in cafes people come and ask like, and it's you there in the tele-trash then? Nicho so! Now this Makar was identified in Kushnarenkovo. And here's how to celebrate, and pancake is always caught off guard. That would take a relaxed posture and haughty, in place of this is not clear what to say, what Read more [...]
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Old roads of the Southern Urals. day 2. Under the old Birskiy Tract

So went the second day of my research work an old Birsk tract. Who drove a specific Duvaneya and drove along the snow-white to the old ferry. In historical documents he Duvaneysky or monastic, Monastic Duvanny the village who joined the village Kalinnikov. The road goes along the river and from the point of an old transported on Birskiy Tract go away, having left the lake Staritsu. Road raskiselennaya all greasy black soil. I can not believe that it was a post road with a decent traffic. Somewhere (although faster it seemed to me) I guess the mound. But most likely it was the work of the river. Read more [...]
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Company Sergeant Major

    The reason for the story of the person to win a victory, his comrades in arms, was a letter to the editor of Hope Leonidovna Dmitrieva. Here it is:     "During the war Kalinin Front fought 22-th separate sapper Battalion, formed in the Lower Tagil. In 1941 there was the battle for Moscow, Kalinin Front covered the capital with the north-west. In July Soviet troops kept the defense under the Great Bows. The fighting was fierce. City seven times passed from hand to hand.     In January 1942 storm was take the city Andreapol on the Northern Dvina Read more [...]
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Silvery ribbon Iren

Length of 115 km. The duration of 6-10 days. Vehicles raft, kayak, inflatable rubber boat. The best time of the first half of May, July and September. Iren River originates near the village of Barga. In its path crosses October, Uinskoe, Orda and Kungurskiy areas. Coming 214 km, flows into the in-dash Kungura Sylva. The river bed is mainly sandy, sometimes muddy, clay. Water in the river is hard, so stay better in the left tributaries, the water in them tastier. Vcero along the right bank runs Irensky logs, consisting of limestone. Often there are steep cliffs that do not exceed 50 m. Rocks a lot Read more [...]
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River Minyar

At the confluence of the rivers built and the Church of the presentation of the virgin. The temple was built in the early 19th century and in the current time restored. The Church serves as a real decoration of the surroundings. Once on the river minyar stood the village of woodcutters and charcoal-burner Tops Mignard, are the sources of the river. 12 km from the mouth stood the village of the repressed people of Bienski bridge. Local inhabitants it is still called Bielski bridge. At the current time on the banks of the river full enseleni. Designated wild and deaf. In a huge water minyar is a Read more [...]
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The River Koiva

Article Ust-Tescos - Los. Beads - settlement of Cuss-Alexander - mountains. The Chusovaya river. The route length of 180 km, duration 5 to 7 days. Water trip around the Basin is better to start from the station Ust-Tescos (on the railway Nizhny Tagil - Solikamsk). 1 - 2 days are dedicated to the construction of the rafts. From the station of Ust-Discos, going in a westerly direction, group after 2 km you will come to a bridge on the Basin. Below the bridge - deaf taiga, and you can easily find deadwood for rafts. It is necessary to consider features of Koyva (the winding, narrow passable part, Read more [...]
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Lost keys

Not for nothing it is called, so wicked. Every four minute raskhodvody it is reduced to virtually zero. Then the key again starts lupit.Svyazano this unusual phenomenon to the fact that somewhere in the bowels of the mountain podzemnayapolost is filled, then emptied. Really do not understand the trigger, which allows the water to flow out of the underground cavity. It is necessary to see that in a period of high water in the spring or fit rains pulsing effect in lost keys do not actually observed, since the water in the bowels of the mountain, and a lot of it flows constantly. Because the best Read more [...]
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When repairing the bridge over the River Crow influx Chopra in the Voronezh region, killing two people

Now the production of the repair work on the bridge over the influx of Chopra River Crow upon arrival in the city on the highway Borisoglebsk Kursk-Saratov came the collapse of the lumen of the bridge. Fragments of two constructions workers who were under the bridge, were caused by injuries from which they died. Repairs were carried out in a planned manner, the bridge at this time is not exploited. In this incident the investigative agencies of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation, in the Voronezh region  conducted initial inquiry. Currently, investigated all the incidents occurred. Read more [...]
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Plenty of plans

    Bypass roads - one for Dzerzhinsky District, the other - on the proposed bridge (dream - more than 40 years!) through Taghilsky pond at Sverdlovsk tract, according to the head, acquire real shape after a visit to city Minister of Transport and Regional Road Management GV Marenkova. He agreed that city it's time to unload from passing transport, especially as the car movement will increase in connection with the project "Titanium Valley" and the start of the ski complex on the debt. How close perspective, it is difficult to say, there is no real terms.     Read more [...]
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Cave Belfry (Bell). Serpievsky Cave Castle

Currently, the cave is a true pilgrimage. Justified it first in that cave to the Bell is not difficult to reach. Pretty down to 50 meters along the path from the clearing where you bring a bus or car. In the cave, the various lovers of unusual, places of power and other extraordinary crap arranged altar where to put small coins, candy and the rest of the offerings. Which naturally adds cave Bell beauty. Well at least the trees do not grow in caves. And that would be all festooned with ribbons.On the walls of the cave there are some scratched with a sharp object icons resembling runes. That's Read more [...]
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Flood events in the Voronezh region

Since March 31, on the ground of the Voronezh region regime introduced excessive readiness. As a result of a sharp increase in temperature, saturated snowmelt and rainfall in the area of ​​the region on April 1 began the second wave of flooding. At risk were seven localities of Shuberskoe, newcomer Usman Babyakovo Novousmansky district, Expanse, Bearish, Losev and Endovische Semiluki district. Flood waters podtopilo over 350 excavation sites, 20 residential and 23 suburban home located in the lowlands. In temporary accommodation to the relatives of 28 people evacuated. Also on the ground area Read more [...]
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Flood situation in the Samara region

At present, in the Samara region stored flood conditions. 6 flooded low water bridges and four infield. In Syzransky eventually saturated melting of snow and the water level rises in the river flooded Syzranka outbuildings and gardens 2-private dwelling houses in the village Fri New Rizadey and 2-private dwelling houses in the village Fri Uvarovka. In Bolsheglushitsky area populated Fri Beryozovka eventually raise the level of water in the river Big Irgiz flooded low water bridge cars. Transport traffic carried on roundabout ways. Rescuers and local governments continue to keep under review the Read more [...]
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On the collision on the Neva River in St. Petersburg, with the support tug Palace Bridge

Now, April 19, in St. Petersburg, about 2-hours of the night in support of the Palace Bridge hit the tow boat capsized and sank. Faced with the support of the Palace Bridge lift RBT-300 belongs to OOO "Atachi." Designed for otkolki ice. After the tragedy of the inverted vessel has carried on for about two hundred meters, then it sank. All night rescuers on boats hovercraft were visual examination Neva River in the hope of finding 2-guys who were in tow - the ship's captain, born in 1986 and the second crew member, born in 1989. Unfortunately, the search proved futile. Black ice drift time and Read more [...]
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