Poisonous animals and plants. Bright coloring

The wanderings of a man, anyway, in contact with the flora and fauna. Somewhere eats animals and plants, which it is using in everyday life and for the construction or establishment of ammunition or just touching, walking through the forests, mountains and deserts. And not all of these animals and plants as harmless and safe. Many of them are dangerous by their habits, and some just toxic. Sometimes, it is enough to touch some beetle or a tree trunk – and can be greatly ill or even die. So it is necessary a good understanding of the flora and fauna. Well, if you're an ordinary biologist – Read more [...]
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«Teploizoliacia» battle field

With the emergence of teplovizionnykh sights no one can feel on the battlefield in security. Any object heated above absolute zero emits heat. The device picks up a reflection and reflects on the screen. All objects and materials are heated in different, because on the General background is brightly visible objects made of metal, heated engines (bright greenish), warm-blooded animals.In optics can be a night not to see a tank standing in the bushes. In televiser it will be seen as a glowing green object on a background of pale green thickets. The same people. Stands for you to come out from behind Read more [...]
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Secrets of a successful fishing: lure color — not so simple

In the offseason, all fishermen spinningists expect and when to lakes and rivers come down the ice warms the water and taking spinning in hand, you can relax on the fishing. During this period, there is an active preparation for the brand new season: bought rods, reels and lures. And if you can not reverse 10 years had something to choose, but now the market offers us such a choice that did not even know that you need.But the greatest selection of crankbaits. There weave their species composition and coloring - 10-times as large. Because when experienced spinningists buys wobbler, the Read more [...]
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Residents of Latvia reported a bright moving celestial body. Photo. Video

on may 22.State fire and rescue service (GPS) in the night of Sunday from 2.30 to 4 hours, received calls from four different places in Latvia with information about bright moving object in the sky, said the expert public relations services Ilse Bunkse.So, 2.40, the man who was driving Jurmala highway to Riga, seen in the sky glowing a driving body, heading towards the Gulf of Riga. As told eyewitness Reinis pētersons, he along with a friend, about three o'clock rode in a car on a highway from Jurmala Riga, and in the place where traditionally on the track formed by the mist zone, the vehicle Read more [...]
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The explosion of a meteor over the North island N. Zealand

on March 30. Last night at the altitude of 80 km above the Auckland enchanting bright exploded meteor, allowing the lucky ones to fully enjoy the spectacle. The incident was seen over much of the North island N. Zealand, especially Auckland. Serving The Auckland Observatory «Stardom» David Britten said that it was an amazing sight, however, astronomers were not eyewitnesses to the incident. He said that according to reports, it was most likely a meteor, not a fragment of space debris. «Features explosion indicate it on the meteor». He said that the explosion occurred Read more [...]
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All Discharged Up

Monsoon bright: Arizona's Wax Lemmon     Photograph: GeostockMonsoon bright: Arizona's Backing Lemmon Q: We had aforethought a mounting misstep to nor'-west New Mexico and southeasterly Arizona but are disturbed thither's nowhere outdoors presumption the late fires. We're look specifically for top-roping floater. The accomplishment floor in our radical ranges from inexpert to arbitrate, and mayhap somewhat more advance. Is thither anything remaining spread in these states? — Virginia Girolami, Bluemont, Virginia Jeopardize Adviser: A: It may look that the unhurt Read more [...]
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The light pole in the Urals

Writes Sergey Kovalev: Today witnessed unusual phenomena, the photos which you send. Place: Ural, Chelyabinsk region, getregkey Date: 17.12.2011 Time: at approximately 17:40 local time Apparently the unusual state of the atmosphere caused by the sun the appearance of a rather bright light post. It is a pity that the photos do not convey all the colors and grandeur of the phenomenon. From the moment when he noticed the phenomenon, until the disappearance of the light pole was about 10 minutes. Then the sky in the South-East has got a few minutes of bright scarlet hue, after that it was Read more [...]
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The UK watched the fall of a meteor

4 March. British police reported that during the Saturday night she received many calls from people who reported an unusual glow in the night sky. It is assumed that residents witnessed the fall of a meteor. Messages about «bright light» in the sky and «orange glow» began to come to police stations in the North of England and Scotland around 21:40 GMT. Some local residents feared that their eyes had been a plane crash. However, they soon calmed British meteorologists.«Hello everyone. Those who saw something strange in the night sky, I can report that, in our Read more [...]
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Boom in Baraboo: the Authorities are baffled by the strange phenomena

5 April. Residents and the police of the town aptly named Baraboo, Wisconsin, reported a strange \"beating\" the sounds that accompanied the bright flashes of light, while at the same time it was observed by the inhabitants of the town of Clintonville 130 miles (209 km) to the North. Authorities were baffled by the strange phenomena, and dropped version of lightning or explosion of the transformer as explanations for the observed. \"We do not know whether we have the same thing in Clintonville, or what it is,\" said the police chief Baraboo mark Schauff in interview Baraboo News Republic.Residents Read more [...]
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Best photos of the week (12-18 November) from National Geographic

Another selection of the best images for 12-18 November. As always, interesting, bright, catchy, and sometimes - just magical, ethereal photos from all over the world. Amazing shots taken in the most scenic locations in remote corners of the world, attracts attention, and it becomes clear how much more unusually beautiful we will see. November 12Large horned owl can perfectly camouflaged in the trees. And does it so skillfully that sometimes even an expert photographer naturalist difficult to notice it and take a picture. As you can see, the author of this black-and-white effect could cope Read more [...]
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Son stole the corpse of his father to raise him from the dead

A rather strange incident occurred recently in Detroit, Michigan. Son stole the body of his late father, to do for him prayer resurrection from the dead. Detroit police found the body of 93-year-old man inside a freezer in the basement of a house owned by his son. The body was found after investigators concluded that the coffin with the remains of a man his son was stolen from the cemetery Detroit. Bright was the late Clarence. His 48-year-old son, reportedly told family members that he had stolen his father's body to the cemetery on the east side of Gethsemane city on Monday morning, to Read more [...]
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Belarus: the Explosion of a meteorite in the Glubokoe district

on July 17. Dozens of residents of Vitebsk oblast tell about an unusual phenomenon, which was observed on the night of 16 July: the sky flying fireball and exploded with a tremendous roar. Apparently, it was a meteorite, he was seen in Glubokoe and Minsk regions. — According to eyewitnesses of the villages of the Glubokoe district, it happened in the first hour of the night. Fireball with orange-yellow halo and bright tail was flying across the sky a few seconds, then he saw a flash and the light was gone, and after a couple of minutes there was such a roar that shook not only the Windows, Read more [...]
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Strange star in the background pictures of the Sun

Have any of you focus on the movement of approximation is a very bright star in the pictures of the sun? Since January became apparent that this glowing, very bright object is getting closer to the Sun and is growing in size every day is getting closer and closer.What could it be? what are your thoughts? maybe someone more knowledgeable? just this impression is either no one notices or all know what it is and do not care and I do not know one! For those who have spread the image does not display a link to the sourceCategory: Space Read more [...]
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NASA telescope discovered mysterious bright black hole

NASA Space Telescope captures a picture of the two new species rather strange black holes, which are located in distant spiral galaxy, which are extremely bright at X-ray spectrum of the electromagnetic field.X-ray Space Observatory NuStar (NASA) said bright black holes during galaxy observations Caldwell 5, at a distance of 7 million light-years from Earth in the constellation of Camelopardalis. Black holes are presented in a picture in a purple color, superimposed on the picture in the same galaxy in the optical range of the electromagnetic field produced by the telescope NuSTAR. These objects Read more [...]
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Comets are to be expected in the new year

22/12/2012 In 2013, we should expect the coming of the two great comets. Great Comet of call, if they are extremely bright and can be seen with the naked eye from Earth even in the daytime. The first great comet is closer to the planet will be S/2001 L4 (PANSTARRS). Astronomers predict that it will appear in March 2013 just above the horizon in the western sky, probably just after sunset. Its brightness, it may be enough to watch it, even in the daytime. The second "guest" is expected to be a comet in 2012 S1 (ISON). Astronomers assure that it can outshine even his glowing moon, and Read more [...]
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Square nebula. It happens?

16/12/2012 Astronomers are setting an example of unusual and even unique square nebula. It is a bipolar nebula "MWC 922", which is better known to the public under the name "Red Square nebula." What could make the nebula appear square? Should understand this, but astronomers still do not know the exact answer to this question.This image is a composite of unusual nebula combines data obtained with a 3.3-meter optical reflector "Hale Telescope", which is located at Palomar Observatory in California (USA), and Keck-2 telescope on Mauna Kea in Hawaii.Why is this Read more [...]
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Blue-green meteor streaked over Hungary and Poland

From Poland and Hungary reported the observation of a meteorite. So gentleman - Lukas from Raciborz, Poland, described his observations on Nov. 29 17:50:00. The phenomenon lasted 6 seconds. Ball of light moving from left to right in the direction of the south-west. The movement is not accompanied by sound. He was bright white, with some green and blue elements. It looked like the lights of the car from a distance of about 200 meters. 4.3 fragment fell on his flight. Moving rather slowly (although I've never seen a meteorite earlier). Its trajectory was very flat, almost horizontal. Read more [...]
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New photos of the super-Jupiter

Not having found an unusual planet in Andromeda, the researchers again make it new pictures. Most recently, astronomers from the Japanese National Observatory discovered an unusual gas giant orbiting its parent star bright Kappa Andromedae, which is located in the constellation Andromeda, the constellation of the northern hemisphere of the sky. This planet was named Kappa Andromedae b or abbreviated k And b. It is a gas giant and is classified as "super-Jupiter", because it has something in common with the planets of our solar system. This giant exoplanet exceeds our Jupiter in somewhere Read more [...]
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Residents of Wales scared exploded in the sky meteor

on August 28. Hundreds of residents of Wales witnessed the explosion of a meteor in the night sky, the newspaper The Telegraph. According to them, the fireball rapidly swept over their heads and broke out above the roofs of their homes, forcing him to tremble glass and causing simultaneous actuation of car alarms. «Never seen anything so amazing. He left behind a very bright white-orange trail», — said local resident Nathan Jones.«It was a bright white ball with a long bright tail, possibly with a green tint. He was brighter than the moon», — Read more [...]
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The Irish have witnessed the fall of the unusual space object

on September 22. The inhabitants of Ireland on Friday evening witnessed the flight unusually bright bolide — very bright «falling stars». Amateur astronomers believe that it could be the entrance into the atmosphere waste stage booster, but they are puzzled by the unusual direction of flight of the car — from East to West, whereas all artificial space objects flying in the same direction as the direction of rotation of the Earth from West to East. «I saw seven objects — the bright, flying ahead, was comparable in brightness to the ISS, other, Read more [...]
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