Due to the floods Australians fear of lack of food

Australians started to panic in connection with the reporting of potential shortages of staple foods, which can be caused devastating floods. The locals literally sweep away everything from the shelves of supermarkets. First of all, people gathers food: bread, milk, eggs, meat, canned goods. Only one Brisbane were forced to close dozens of major supermarkets. The prices of some goods in Queensland and New South Wales soared by 200 percent. At the same time, about 2 thousand trucks with fresh fruit and vegetables intended for residents of Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne, were in the area covered Read more [...]
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Australian centre for assistance during the floods was flooded during the storm in Brisbane

on February 22. Lasted all night the storm led to the rapid flooding in spring hill, the oldest suburbs of Brisbane. The result has been destroyed half of the inventory of things in the help center during floods. Humanitarian aid collected for the victims of previous floods in Brisbane, included kitchenware, clothing, Elektropribor. All of this was water damaged. The founder of the center in spring hill, a retired disabled Craig Michaels, says that what happened was a terrible blow for families who are still suffering from the aftermath of the January floods. - It was awful to go and see what Read more [...]
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A photographic survey of the floods in Brisbane, Australia

Photo from satellite flooded Brisbane. (NASA) Also see \"the Drowned city of Brisbane\", a photographic survey of the floods in Australia: Part two and Part one Pictures are clickable.Flooded homes and vehicles. Photo 13 January,Brisbane, Queensland, flooded homes and vehicles. On the same day at 5 PM local time in the area of the disaster arrived Deputy mayor Graham Quirk . The Agency Singual Flooded residential and municipal buildings. January 13, Brisbane, photo flooded houses and municipal facilities. Evacuation of the local population. The deficit of goods in supermarkets in the state. The Read more [...]
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Drowned city Brisbane

on January 13. • The Premier of Queensland announced that this evil is \"probably the worst in the entire history of the nation.\" • Thousands of homes flooded, some further already uninhabitable • Flood water washed away the man in the sewer Flood, surging in the third largest city in Australia, has also affected the entire neighborhood. It is officially recognized by the disaster number one and consequences equated to the war. The current number of flood victims in Queensland - 25, and it looks like it will grow, as the retreating water finds the corpses of the missing people. How Read more [...]
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Flooding in Australia continues. Part two

Suncorp stadium in Brisbane suffered severe flooding. January 12, flooding the Stadium Brisbane's Suncorp suffered severe flooding. In the aftermath of the floods, which began in December last year, has already killed 16 people. The flood in the third largest city in Australia, Brisbane has led to mass panic of the population. The mayor of Brisbane , Campbell Newman, said that the floods on January 12, at least 32000 residential houses in Brisbane are under threat of flooding. Prime Minister of Queensland urged local residents to prepare for the consequences of the worst natural disasters in history.\" Pictures Read more [...]
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Giant tides in Australia

on December 22, 2010. River, coming from the coast because of the strong tide, flooded downtown Brisbane (CDB) on Wednesday. Once in the environment, low-lying parts of Brisbane were flooded, local floods gradually decreased. In the high tide, the water level in the river has increased in the range of 20-30 cm, which is higher than previously estimated mark 1.9 m Water stopusa the road in Tenerife, close to the ferry and Mowbray Park, East Brisbane, flowed, hiding under a pedestrian and Bicycle paths, benches, terminal. One of the Northey street in Windsor periodically flooded. Flooding also Read more [...]
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In the North-East Australia began flooding in the South-West — fires

on January 24. Torrential rains in North-East Australia has caused flooding in Brisbane (Queensland) and its surroundings, reports The Australian. A rapid rise of water levels in local rivers, lakes and reservoirs has forced authorities to carry out a partial evacuation of the population of the most affected areas. This flooding of roads and the increased number of cars which had caused heavy traffic jams on the outskirts of Brisbane.In addition, tens of thousands of people were left without electricity due to numerous faults on power lines. According to local authorities, while no one Read more [...]
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Australia. Flood

Source: LeadFloods in Australia: compensation lost work on January 10. The Australian government announced compensation lost their jobs as a result of the most devastating floods in the country over the last half century. The government has already received about 8,000 applications from those who cannot earn a living because their business is located in flooded areas or they are transported to evacuation centers. These benefits, about 1000 Australian dollars per month, not associated with insurance for material damage and no substitute payments for 1.200 completely flooded and still 11.000 Read more [...]
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Australian Army to the rescue flood victims

On Tuesday, on the east coast of Australia struck deadly floods. Administrative capital of Queensland, Brisbane, preparing for the invasion of the elements. The victims of the weather were already four people, including - a child of three, who was killed by a falling tree. In the city of Bundaberg, which is located 360 kilometers from Brisbane, flooded more than two thousand homes.Hundreds of people were evacuated from Bundaberg by military helicopters "Black Hawk." The rescue operation is continuing, according to Agence France Presse.Australia's national weather bureau said Read more [...]
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Australian Queensland was struck by a powerful storm

on November 17. A powerful storm hit the southern parts of the Australian state of Queensland, which is the third largest city in the country, Brisbane. According to meteorologists, this is the most powerful storm on the East Australia for the last 3 years. Morning showers gave way to hail, strong wind with gusts over 100 miles per hour.In the city of fallen trees, some streets were flooded. In some districts per hour fell about 90 millimeters of precipitation. Towards evening in Brisbane came thunderhead. Within an hour were recorded over four thousand lightning bolts. Without electricity Read more [...]
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Australia: news from the sunken land

'Incross flows - everything changes, and grief takozh yes maybe the human will pass with time "- considered by some Australians, raking debris debris in his yard.    Havodneniya in Australia have been going a few weeks, here and there a natural disaster makes itself felt. A few days ago a powerful storm hit the capital of Queensland, Brisbane and the nearby town of Ipswich, hampering reconstruction efforts. The Australian Government claims that the natural disasters that befell the country earlier this year, became the oherennymi ever. At least, 11 billion Read more [...]
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In the north-eastern Australia began flooding in the south-west — fires

January 24. Torrential rains in the north-eastern Australia caused flooding in Brisbane (Queensland) and the surrounding area, reports The Australian. The rapid rise in water level in local rivers, lakes and reservoirs has forced the authorities to conduct a partial evacuation of the population in the worst affected areas. In this case, flooding roads and the increased number of cars caused big traffic jams on the outskirts of Brisbane.In addition, tens of thousands of people were left without electricity due to the numerous failures on power lines. According to local authorities, no one was Read more [...]
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