Medical care in the campaign

For those who do not have experience of recruitment and use of certain drugs and, give a little reminder, which can be useful on hunting or fishingFirst aid kit:1. Medical Bandage sterile, non-sterile dressings or package2. Plasters3. Medical cotton wool, sterile4. tincture of iodine, a solution of green fodder5. Alcohol Medical6. potassium permanganate7. Harness Medical Rubber8. analgesics (analgin, baralgin, spazmalgon, spazgan, andipal et al.)9. antihistamines (suprastin, tavegil, diphenhydramine, Claritin, and others.)10 .Aktivirovanny ugol.11 * tool against food-borne infections (besalol, Read more [...]
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Hi-tech Go Trailers

Evening our towable trailers are acquiring smartness. With innovational flowing designs, broken abeyance systems, and lawless skylights, these foursome hi-tech trailers—from small to all extravagant—are make for the out-of-doors route. 2014 Wash Play 22FB Locomote Poke ($48,891)   Photograph: Courtesy of WashRace assembled this towable poke wish an aeroplane, victimization riveted aluminium panels. The Play 22FB has a low gist of sobriety and an sleek form—the caller estimates a fire savings of capable 30 pct compared to otc locomote Read more [...]
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Chest injuries. What to do?

Especially often occur during car accidents, fall accidents on manufacture, etc. the Most common ones: Puncture wounds of the breast when the breast is pierced with a sharp object) Signs: • Pain in the chest. • Difficulty breathing. • Bloody bubbles. • When inhalation occurs with a whistling sound, which means that the wound is sucked in air. • Bluish coloration of the lips and skin. Your actions: 1. Try to close the wound, so that the victim can breathe. 2. This can be done first by hand, then seal the wound with a bandage, placing Read more [...]
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Giant hailstones the size of a tennis ball hit Germany

July 28, 2013. «Heavy artillery» — large hail caused extensive damage to the inhabitants of a German village Wassel Sehnte Saturday night. Eyewitnesses describe the size of the hail, argue that it was the size of tennis balls. The video depicted the damaged roofs, broken windows, broken furniture and garden dotted with vehicles. Source: Read more [...]
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Hurricane raged in Vologda. Photo report

On Sunday afternoon in the sunny skies over Vologda clouds gathered, lightning flashed and blew squally winds with heavy rain and hail knocked. Some hailstones were with a small hen's egg. - I was out of town and hid from the storm in the car. - Told "Komsomolskaya Pravda" Natalia. - Hail so badly rattled the tin roof! I was afraid that he breaks through it. When hail cracked windshield, I just closed head in his hands and squeezed into a ball. Fortunately, nothing happened. After I walked around the car hail. She had a lot of dents. But I do not even really upset. The main thing is that she Read more [...]
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Hurricane in the Tver region

On Sunday, in the territory of Kalyazinsky Tver region occurred natural emergencies - for a few minutes a powerful storm with thunder and strong gusts of wind caused great destruction to buildings and networks in the city and a number of rural settlements. Immediately, thanks to the operational tasks of the district head Konstantin Ilyin were raised service to remedy the effects of the hurricane. The consequences were severe: felled many trees, causing the roofs of private houses, several cars, damaged roofs of 10 apartment buildings, broken power lines, demolished support. Hit particularly hard Read more [...]
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Severe thunderstorm and heavy wind in Ulyanovsk

Severe thunderstorm and gusty winds hit the Ulyanovsk on Sunday evening, in some areas of the city smashed trees and electrical wires broke, told RIA Novosti the head of the press service of the Main Directorate of the Russian Emergencies Ministry in the Ulyanovsk region Elena Sikharulidze. «A lot of calls received in the service „01“ in connection with the broken trees. Call from the north, center, Lower Terraces», — Sikharulidze said. Witnesses also reported that on the streets of the Federation and Red Army in the Leninsky district of trees torn Read more [...]
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Tornado in the center of Zhitomir. Photos

As it became known Житомир.info from our readers, witnesses, in Zhitomir near the bus station strong wind made a stir on several streets and brought a lot of trouble to local residents and municipal services. According to eyewitnesses, about 16 hours by bus suddenly swept the wind, like a hurricane. He knocked a few trees on the streets of Kiev, broke the trolley wire. In place of cliffs formed tube. On the roadway fell concrete pillar.Witnesses also claim that in the midst of saw broken Windows and inverted stalls. According to preliminary information, two people were injured, Read more [...]
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In the Leningrad region seven people were killed during the night of the hurricane

Heavy wind defeated villageAs a result of hurricane seven people were killed, including a teenager. Another 14 were injured, two of them with severe traumatic brain injuries delivered by helicopter in the Institute name of emergency medicine. Squally wind damaged 153 transmission line. Thousands of people were left without electricity. The greatest blow fell on Priozersk, Boksitogorsk, Tikhvin, Kirov and Vsevolozhsk district.In the area of the hurricane hit children's holiday camps. So camp \"Mayak\" evacuate. The way to \"the Seagull\" punch rescuers. At the very epicentre of the disaster, Read more [...]
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Hurricane In Samara

Photo: As reported in the regional search and rescue service, the incident occurred in the eighth hour of the evening on August 25, in the district of the Samara river station. Hurricane wind, accompanied by rain and hail knocked a large tree at the intersection of Leningrad and Maxim Gorky. A tree fell on a kiosk selling ice cream, under shelter from the bad weather was hiding people. \"Three women pressed metal roof tents. Rescuers had to use a special technique to deliver them. One of the women suffered much stronger than the rest, — the piece of metal Read more [...]
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Element made dead 11 settlements in the Kuban

About 18 thousand people were left without electricity on Tuesday night in Tikhoretsk district of Krasnodar region due to storms, during which broken wires on high-voltage lines, told RIA Novosti the representative of the press service of the company «Kubanenergo». «Around 22.00 GMT due to storm broken wires on high-voltage lines 35 KW, were left without electricity 11 settlements in Tikhoretsk district, mainly farm — about 18 thousands of people», — said the Agency interlocutor. As reported by RIA Novosti the representative of the press service Read more [...]
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Strong wind in Rostov-on-don and tear wires and fells trees

In Rostov-on-don strong winds felled large number of trees recorded numerous breakages of power lines, damaged cars. «For two hours in Rostov-on-don the wind speed reaches 20 m/s, — reported to law enforcement authorities of the Rostov region. — Noted a large number of broken trees, and there precipices of lines». Fallen trees damaged several private cars, in the heavy rain, which lasted several hours, are flooding the horticultural society. «Had to evacuate from one of the country houses a family with a small child, — added the representative Read more [...]
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The temperature record was broken in the Czech Republic

The warming observed in the Czech Republic on Monday — in the city of the Czech budeyovitsy in the South beaten temperature record 1884, here the thermometer rose to the level of 14.3 degrees, according to the Czech hydrometeorological. In the past day temperature records were also broken in 17 cities of the Czech Republic. Warmer things were New Grads-Beneve — plus 15.4 degrees Celsius. According to meteorologists, the capital of Czech Republic is also very warm — in Prague was plus 13. According to the Czech hydrometeorological service, the warm weather will Read more [...]
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Because of the strong wind in the Rostov region was broken pontoon bridge

In Peschanokopskom district of Rostov region with wind gusts up to 23 to 26 m/s in the territory Nasypnovskogo rural settlement is broken fasteners pontoon bridge. Its length 220 meters and a width of 1.6 meters. The bridge connects the two banks of the river Loose. \"As a result of the incident 115 villagers Loose remained without a short message center of the village. Preliminary damage, according to the district administration, in terms of money for the restoration of the bridge is 350 thousand rubles\", - BelTA in the regional Department for the prevention and liquidation of emergency Read more [...]
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Liquefaction of soil in Chiba, Japan

see also: Water emerges from the ground in Chiba, Japan Help: and - loose water-saturated sand with large pores before the earthquake; b - seismic tremor is characterized by recording changes in the acceleration of the oscillations in time; the time of liquefaction - relationships between soil particles is broken, and they are suspended in water; g - compacted sand after squeezing the water and particles. Liquefaction of soils during earthquakes The essence of this effect is the following. Soils (sand, clay, loam) consist of fine and ultra-fine (up to hundredths and thousandths of a Read more [...]
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On the Voronezh struck the strongest hurricane

Tuesday July 19, 2011 at 18:00 at the Voronezh hit squally wind, rain and hail the size of a ruble, and sometimes even with dvuhromovo coin. The wind was so strong that broke a large part of the trees of the city, and some have even pulled out by the roots. Hurricane sad: broken trees, torn power lines, hail beaten most of the flowerbeds, in some homes broken glass. Pictures made in the village. Pridonskoy.Source: MY! OnlineAuthor's comment: the Storm with hail. No one expected this. On 2.33, if you look closely, you can see how the girl in the blue Peugeot has lost the room. Read more [...]
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Victims of natural disasters in Poland were two people

on August 20. Two people were killed in a hit Poland storms. According to the press Secretary of the chief commandant of fire protection of the country of Paul Frontczak, one of the victims of the disaster became a 30-year-old man, who fell a broken tree. The second lost was a young man of 16 years, who had fallen during the storm from the roof of the house. Arrived at the scene, the ambulance was not able to save the teenager. A storm with heavy rains and squally wind came to Poland from Belgium, where the day before had caused the death of five members of the rock festival, which was struck Read more [...]
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Powerful hurricane swept through the territories of Austria and Poland

21 augstkalns services and public utilities Austria and Poland have now to solve similar tasks. The territories of these countries walked the hurricane. In South-Eastern Austria fallen trees, broken cars, broken power lines. Several areas deenergized. At night the fire was over 100 calls. But their Polish colleagues traveled more than 800 times. Affected the Central and southern parts of the country. Gusts of wind reached speeds of 90 miles per hour. Close to Warsaw by a falling tree killed a young man. Source: The first channel Read more [...]
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Hail Poland

on 7 September. On the South of Poland was hit by hail the size of a chicken egg. Some have kept the icy cobblestones in the refrigerator as a souvenir, but for many, the castle was not mariocaprino and disaster, reports NTV. Huge chunks of ice struck the roof of a hundred houses, fire all night latali their canvas. Among other damage broken Windows, dented cars, destroyed crops. And this in a region that has only just recovered from last year's floods. Source: NTVWest Poland was struck by a powerful cycloneHurricane wind speeds exceeding 90 miles per hour, tore roofs from houses, felled Read more [...]
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Hit the (Upland) Route

Knobbies requisite: a broken receive from the Scottish Highlands     Exposure: Malcolm FifeKnobbies requisite: a broken receive from the Scottish HighlandsQ: I am preparation a slip to Scotland in the surrender and pauperism information almost batch biking the Highlands. Any suggestions or resources?-A Therese Ingram, Colorado Springs, ColoradoJeopardize Consultant:A: You can commencement by hopping a develop to Aviemore, the nigh too-cute batch townsfolk good southward of Inverness. In the wintertime, this post is the Vail of Scotland, whole henpecked by downward-sloping snowfall Read more [...]
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Site "Survival in the wild nature", glad to see you. If you come to us, it means you want to get complete information about survival in a variety of extreme conditions, in emergency situations. Man, throughout the development, sought to preserve and protect themselves from the various negative factors surrounding it - cold, heat, hunger, dangerous animals and insects.

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The main theme of the site, "Survival in the wild nature" - is to be ready to be in the wild, and the ability to survive in extreme conditions.

The Survival in the wild nature - how correctly to behave, it having appeared in an emergency situation. Ability to find a way out from any situation: to kindle a fire, to put traps, to prepare food, to arrange dwelling and a lodging for the night; to learn to knit knots, to clear water, to be guided by districts, correctly to choose equipment, a knife. Also you can download directories to tourists, encyclopedias survivals, video Bear Grills to Survive at any cost (Man vs. Wild).