From the notes of the naturalist

Summer in central Russia issued unusual: it was preceded by the absence of spring floods on the rivers. The main reason - the winter with little snow. In the Tver region on the Volga River, near the village of Gorodnya, in mid-March, the snow was gone, and in the fields and in the woods. Water swing, coastal ice cracked his fingers, cracked his fingers and lay on the slopes of the coast, and in the fairway just had disappeared, there was virtually no ice floes. In the east of the Smolensk region with river Gzhat Aleshnya tributaries, and Sežana Yauza banks not I Read more [...]
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We’ll get back to you, Moorman!

     In late August 2006 INGO "Hunters of the Kola North" together with the Leningrad regional society of hunters and fishermen held the first in the history of the Murmansk region competition Pointing Dogs.     As if he had not left. Fifteen hundred of kilometers flown by in an instant, in spite of a large caravan, dangling over the rear bumper all the way from St. Petersburg. I pass Murmansk, Misty village, and that's a welcome twist to the dam reservoir Serebryansky. Right foot gas pedal fulfills the last hundred meters, and, finally, at the water's edge showing tents and cars with Moscow, Read more [...]
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Inspection Panel partridges

Probably will not be mistaken if I say that for many fans of hunting gun dog of one of the most popular and exciting hunting is hunting for partridge. Expert hunting setter, a passionate hunter and my favorite writer NA Zworykin, so comments about her: «Hunting partridges with setter — alone itself is lovely and hunting the beauty of the season, and for the convenience of walk dry open spaces, allowing you to see far around her golden autumn, and of interesting work on dogs mind». How can you not agree Read more [...]
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Near Moscow Eldorado

It took almost half a century, but the memory stores the impressions about the trips for the summer holidays in his native village near Moscow. After the station bustle, bustle in the train and dusty district bus got out at my stop and stood stunned pure pine air, birds singing and the smell of strawberries. After all life in the capital seemed unusual. Photo: Mikhail Semin According to cool a winding forest path out on the sun-warmed wide field. From year to year there were planted winter rye. Above his head hung a huge blue sky, on the sides went from one end of the green wave. Read more [...]
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Year partridge

Gray partridge has long lived in our area. Severe winter snow thaws, starvation, granular fertilizers and pesticides, as well as numerous press predators and hunters greatly influenced by the density of poultry. However, the natural fertility allows you to quickly make up for the loss. Partridge prefer open spaces with grain crops. On one field is usually kept one, rarely two broods.Partridge prefer the seeds of meadow grasses, but the case will not give up wheat, rye, oats and barley. Hens sit on the nest closer to the summer, and they manage to avoid spring burns. Chicks well tolerated bad weather, Read more [...]
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Cosmonaut Recounts Near-Drowning in Distance

The Italian cosmonaut who virtually drowned in his infinite wooing when his life-support pack malfunctioned during a spacewalk finale month divided new details almost the near-miss on his blog Tuesday. "But worsened than that, the urine covers my pry — a rattling direful sentiency that I pee worsened by my fruitless attempts to actuate the piss by shakiness my psyche," Luca Parmitan wrote. "By now, the speed share of the helmet is full-of-the-moon of urine and I can't evening be certainly that the adjacent sentence I rest I leave filling my lungs with air and not liquidity."As Read more [...]
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Old Townsfolk

Dirigo Bicycle-built-for-two Summation     Picture: Grade WiensCompany SauceboatThe Dirigo's supersized back cockpit has way for a jigger keg, a well-behaved Lab, or, because it comes with a obliterable child-size leap buns, a water-ready grom. Basal paddlers suffer adjustable base pedals, swaths of gunnel cushioning for your knees, and a "splashboard" nail with a cup bearer and a minor dry brood (in the movement just) for your cellphone earphone or notecase. Thither's a hinged bum brood for bigger items; it twist-locks, so thither's no petty with envision seals. 15'3", Read more [...]
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The hunt for partridges

Hunting the gray partridge is permitted usually from mid-September to mid-October. By this time the young are all grown up and stepped on the wing. Broods of partridges kept in the bushes and gullies near the fields on which they feed in the morning and in the evening, picking fallen grain. In the daytime the partridge often resting on potato fields or in small bushes near the fields. The gray partridge hunt with hound dog for the day. Partridge good harbors and run fast. Commonly found dog litter he sought to get away from her, and then takes off all at once, making a lot of noise. After Read more [...]
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Bat pond

Status. The small sedentary species, with a relatively stable habitat, vulnerability to man-made factors. Distribution. Lives in the steppe and forest zones of the Northern and Eastern Europe, east of Western Siberia to the Yenisei River in Kazakhstan. Number. The share of species accounts for a relatively small number of findings (8.0%), but the number of fish caught or taken into account it is second (about 6.2%), second only to Pipistrellus pipistrellus slato. The discrepancy is associated with the discovery of large brood colonies, which significantly affected the ratio of all bat species Read more [...]
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Fulfil Pro Bicyclist Liz Concoct

Liz Cover     Photograph: Beset BordenLiz HatchingLiz BroodHorizon a Drift of Bicycler Liz Brood.Extraneous: You first biking at 24, do roughly aggroup rides at 25, and by 26 you're racing in Belgium?Hachure: The guys I was equitation with noticed that I was jolly solid and encouraged me to try racing. So I met two Belgians who were in Florida for wintertime preparation. They invited me to riposte to Europe. I don't cogitate they were life-threatening. But I showed up.Was that because you loved cycling or because you didn't cognize any punter?Likely both. But racing in Belgium is Read more [...]
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