Supets of moose

Good day, my friends. Soon lunch and I'm supposed to fool around a little bit 🙂 Today we do the simplest thing can be elk. It - supets. No soup, no soup. Simple supets. Do not let the name scare you, its simplicity. The simplicity also sometimes hidden shades of beauty that does not see and does not prochuvstvuesh in slozhnosochinёnnom and fine dining. So, take the meat of moose. Meats do not regret!Thyme, rosemary, onion unpeeled WHOLENot all the thyme and not the whole rosemary, that the photo !!! Without fanaticism!!!!!!!Sharp pepper (I grow on the windowsill)Root parsley. It should be a lot. Read more [...]
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Moose – lungs and kidneys

Good day, my friends. How much time? ... It's time! Time for lunch ...Let me share the classic recipe preparation easy. Moose light. Losya.Itak and kidneys, it is important to remove all the blood from that of the light and remove any trachea.It is better to do at home when there is no home. Trouble with a lot of light. I warn you once - who "do not venturesome as Paramosha" better easy to give the one who will bother.Blood lot.Change the water until it becomes like this:Next, cut a small light and soaked againYou can cut just fine, but I'm inclined to trust the pros. A pro teach us that it is Read more [...]
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Ear overseas

Photo by Ilya Antonyuk On the ear people created many proverbs:No small fry yushki good does not happen.I would fish and the ear will.Would oud – will ear.Fork that milk yield, and a spoon that seine.Speaking about the ear when a fish in his hand.Do not boil a soup without catching fish.Sizhok not great, but good ear and a pie.Not the way the ear for dinner, and hello to the roads.Fish shallow, so sweet ear.Rybachy until the evening, and ear not do anything else.Good ear ruff, bream – in the cake.Unlike our recipes soup foreign countries more complex, they present the Read more [...]
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The strength and relish in the head

In one village Yenisei on the stump I saw the dried head of a huge pike. Approached a child of three, I picked it up, even tried to wear down. Mother jumped selected «toothy» toy. At this time, appeared on the porch of the owner noticed my interest in the trophy, he said: «This is from last year. I got a villain in the network. Faithful will pud. And then we have the capital, biologists visited. Well advised the process as a trophy».If a person says «Head!»Hence emphasize the dignity of his character and mind. Fish Head (not only, of course, Read more [...]
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“Soup” of the woodcock

Today, my friends, I offer you a very simple but very tasty and satisfying recipe. For cooking, we will undoubtedly need woodcocks. I took the fall birds extracted from the setter on vysypkah. But spring sandpiper is fine. Three birds quite enough to feed three people fill. Do not be surprised! Yes, three small «kudyablikov» It would be sufficient. And help us in this pasta!So, take the birds, they are washed well under running water. You can chop into portions, you can use whole carcasses.Fill the meat with three liters of cold water and put the pot over high heat. To obtain a clear Read more [...]
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Grouse in the first and second

So it was time to gather stones, namely, to write about the culinary merits of grouse.Photo: Mikhail Semin It just so happened that the grouse was the most numerous of my trophies, and therefore desirable. By the way, and gastronomic qualities, he is amazing and perfect. Unlike other game birds meat bright color, it only possesses the unique bitterness, which, to my taste, it refers to the delights of the highest distinction. He is among birds, perhaps, that the strawberries or cranberries among the berries. They also piquant taste bitter.Russia has always been a grouse in the Read more [...]
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Flies and mosquitoes are sensitive to smells. It is clear that these insects cannot tolerate the scent of tomato leaves and felt it fly away. Put a few pots of tomato plants in the house or in front of Windows - this is an impregnable barrier against mosquitoes, help and fresh branches of an elder.An old traditional remedy against mosquitoes - feverfew (Persian, Dalmatian or Caucasian chamomile). The dried inflorescences, stems and leaves of these species chamomile, powdered, affect the nervous cells of insects. Mosquitoes do not dare to fly in space, treated with pyrethrins. To humans pyrethrum Read more [...]
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In Russia from time immemorial were craftsmen who wove and spun out of all that arm were: Ivan-tea, burdock, burdock, quinoa and even boiled pine needles.In the old days known was the so-called "wood wool" - fibrous material extracted from pine needles. For "pine wool needle was steamed, boiled in lye, combed, washed and dried.Purchased fiber was at the ready warm knitted things. "Pine" the clothes were not only warm, and very useful warning rheumatism.Nettle is also made of fabric. They were quite extensively versprochenen. Nettles on spinning harvested in the spring. It is ready trust, which Read more [...]
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Recipes: Potato + GRAIN-economical

As our ancestors saved optimized during the difficult years 1. In the 19th century. finely frayed the dried and boiled potatoes on the fire (maybe dry mashed try?) interfere with the flour in the proportions of 3 to 7, add 3 liters of water and 3 tablespoons of yeast. After 4 hours, put in the oven. According to the memoirs of the time, this bread was slower callous and tastes good. IMHO, potatoes then was not expensive. 2. Then kneaded dough is not on the water, and broth of bran (they are usually fed to cattle in the village was in excess): bran cooked hour and then filtered through a colander Read more [...]
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survival survivalist food

The best method is to dry, grind with sugar and freeze. But while possible, use fresh. The dog rose and hawthorn brewing and drinking, viburnum and cranberries to wipe with honey and pour boiled water, you get a very sharp and needed a drink. Black mountain ash you can wipe and add to tea.* Chokeberry.Restores the liver, gastrointestinal tract, rids the body of harmful substances, increases immunity. Chokeberry has a beneficial effect on the endocrine and cardiovascular systems, but is not recommended for people with low blood pressure and gastric ulcer and 12 duodenal ulcer.* Rose hips.Rose is Read more [...]
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Natural medicine and herbs

Good day, dear comrades. Spread on vesh Court this article I hope the information will be useful. For many diseases, there are natural remedies natural, if you know where to look. For millennia, medicines and drugs made from various herbs, plants and natural substances, and many of them are currently in use, are made from plant materials. Not all traditional medicines are approved modern doctors, some were based more on the association with the plant than on their medicinal properties - although unusual color and appearance are often characteristic. Such plants as pimpernel field and burdock, Read more [...]
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survival medicine

The hive mates, I wish for you to tell about ASP, which we are well known, but undeservedly forgotten, and I hope you read the article till the end. What I will tell is not enough, who knows. We will be talking about your life. And fight for it..Since ancient times, the founders of Tibetan medicine noted that greater efficiency is owned plants in the area where a person lives . In ascending order of importance: better plants own country, even more is better-their land, and if there is a possibility of the grass around the village, where the patient was born and spent his youth.Aspen extensively Read more [...]
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Medicine in the woods

Good day, this article is intended primarily for First Aid (first aid) or minor injuries and diseases. Applied himself much. Perhaps to transgress the right to the point: 1. Chaga or Kombucha Very useful fungus grows on trees in a wooden build-up, for you can often see on birches. Mined with an ax or knife. Crushed by the same instrument, and you can safely brew. Very useful as a prevention of intestinal diseases and colds, drunk easily, taste like regular tea. Sam tried to simply as tea. 2. Less harmless fungus tinder Can be found on almost any tree, so as to live and dead. Tinder-pantry antibiotics. Read more [...]
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Recipes for a hike. Entrees

Recipes entrees are personally tried and still alive)) Incidentally, many of these dishes very tasty! So enjoy all of appetite. Ear. Small fish wrapped in a bag or hang over the gills to a stick and dipped in boiling water. Before cooking it is not clean - for better tack and gutted and thoroughly washed, perch gills removed. After 30 minutes, dipped in a new batch of fish broth and so repeated several times. Then put the large pieces of fish, potatoes, onions, salt, cook for another 20 minutes to fall asleep greens - and ready ear. Nettle soup. Leaves of young nettles 2 - 3 minutes in the Read more [...]
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Bleeding. Excretion of radionuclides.

Bleeding - the outpouring (outflow) of blood from the blood vessels in violation of the integrity of their walls. On the origin of bleeding are traumatic, caused by damage to blood vessels, and non-traumatic, associated with the destruction of the vessel in any disease process or increased permeability of the vascular wall in some diseases. Besides bleeding accompanies physiological processes such as menstruation and childbirth. Especially dangerous blood loss in children and the elderly. At some diseases accompanied by reduced blood clotting (Hemophilia, radiation sickness), any, even very heavy Read more [...]
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Secrets of a successful fishing: Chowder delicacy of carp

Ear delicacy of carp: 1 kg carp, 800 g fish trivia, 1 parsley root, celery, leek, 2 bay leaves, 1-7 peas black pepper, 0.5 lemon, salt to taste, 50 g of table wine. Ear delicacy of carp: cook spices, adding the broth little fish without a head. Strain the broth and cool. Cut pieces of the main fish and drooping in the broth, bring to a boil. Remove the formed foam and cook on low heat for 20-30 minutes. Serve decomposing fish pieces in each bowl, then pour the broth, adding a little wine and juice with lemon to taste. Read more [...]
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For tourist: Hare or roe baked

Hare or deer baked: Purified rabbit or deer meat to marinate for several hours, then wash, dry, sprinkle with flour and fry in fat together with the liver. In a pot put fried meat, liver, taken out of the marinade vegetables, sliced bacon, pour half the hot broth and simmer. Then grind and mix the meat together with vegetables, liver and white bread soaked in milk. Mass painstakingly grind and, if necessary, dilute the broth, add the egg, crushed juniper berries, pepper, nutmeg nut, salt, grated cheese and wine, stir, to shift into a greased and sprinkled with breadcrumbs dishes for casseroles Read more [...]
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For tourist: Drying raincoats

Young white raincoats are not bad, not only in fried and stewed, they can still dry. Entire raincoats directly balls without cutting, can be dried in the sun, in furnaces, ovens, over plates, etc. After drying raincoats are the same snow-white or yellow look a bit and do not lose their form even during drying with high temperature. Store dried raincoats need in a sealed container in a dry place, and during the manufacture of soups or broths rather grind balls hands into powder and pour in boiling water. Broth goes unspotted, makes an enjoyable mushroom smell. Vpribavok these mushrooms are very Read more [...]
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Secrets of a successful fishing: Pike in horseradish sauce

Prepare a decoction of vegetables, onions, spices. Strain through a sieve and cool. One cup of broth to take for making gravy. To cut fish, cut into pieces and put in a huge shallow dish. Pour in the broth cool and simmer for 30 minutes. Salt to taste. Sauce: cook light dressing of butter and flour. Dilute it with a glass of broth, add the grated horseradish, salt to taste, sour cream, little sugar with lemon juice. Stir, bring the sauce to a boil. Pieces pike lay on a dish so that memory came the whole fish, and pour a small amount of sauce. The remaining sauce in a gravy boat file. Read more [...]
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Soup cup

Add a few words of truth and lovers of canned soups, especially popular among sellers (so as not to go far from the workplace) and in long-distance passenger trains. Now even hard to imagine how people used to go on a journey without so familiar now noodles and instant mashed. In the USSR in the 70's "bouillon cubes" in the tin box (10 blocks) were sold in any store. They cost 50 cents (5 cents 1 block), Demand did not use any. The reason is simple - despite the fact that they are made of high-grade beef and spices, never occurred to me to say that it is a useful and indispensable Read more [...]
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