Scientists have discovered underwater oases methane

July 17, 2013. During the shooting of the seabed in the autumn of last year, the scientists on board the survey vessel noticed bubbles rising from the depths. Phenomenon has aroused interest marine biologists, and they sent to their place of interest expedition. Here, they found out that the seabed in the form of methane gas bubbles coming out and the vicinity of this space filled with a variety of life forms. A study by researchers revealed that on the ocean floor at depths of up to 1.6 kilometers inhabited by whole colonies of bacteria that are used for life energy of destruction of methane. Read more [...]
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Underwater volcanoes erupt differently

Some underwater volcanoes do not erupt and spit out giant blobs of lava, like all well-known gel lamps.Until now, scientists have divided the eruption in two categories: violent (explosive) and effusive. The first type involves adorable kids ejection of ash and rock fragments high into the atmosphere (for example, the eruption of Mount St. Helens in 1980). Second - soft red hot lava flows that irrigate the slopes of the volcano (this, for example, are constantly in Hawaii).Pumice stone to get to the unusual underwater volcano near McAuley in the southwest Pacific, the staff of the University Read more [...]
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Big Angle: Hulk Sharks

SHARK Searcher: Deign to the depths for a Hulk Shark sighting     Photograph: CorelI'M FINNING 80 FEET Inscrutable off the seashore of Belize with a diminished flock of aqua-lung diverse and our plunk professional, Brian Youth. We sustain nonrecreational him to trail us to tough, tremendous Rhincodon typus—giant sharks. At the bit, with shafts of sun wounding done the innumerable sunglasses of aquamarine circumferent us, the sea feels void.So, approximately 20 feet below us, a swirling schooltime of thousands of cubera cracker appears. Youth newmarket, and we cumulate in Read more [...]
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Local effect of cold leads to frostbite. There are four degrees frostbite. Frostbiting I is characterized by a degree of purple coloration of the skin and swelling. These frostbite heal completely within 3 - 7 days. Sometimes a few days there is a slight peeling on the site and is stored frostbite increased sensitivity to cold. When frostbite II degree bubbles formed by bloody-serous contents, hyperemia and edema of the tissues around. Bubbles on the 1st or 2nd day. Healing occurs in 10-20 days without scarring. May persist long sensitivity to the cold frostbitten areas. When frostbite III Read more [...]
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Effect of high barometric pressure

Unlike local resistance to compression of the common uniform barometric pressure is very high. Organism person can carry pressure over 6 MPa without express mechanical damage. Common characteristic effects of increased atmospheric pressure on organism is temporary, reversible changes in the upcoming activities of a number of organs and body systems. In effect on organism high barometric pressure man is found most often in deep diving. When immersed in water, especially in addition to the atmospheric hydrostatic pressure, to increase as the dive. Found that the hydrostatic pressure from atmospheric Read more [...]
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Sudamen (Synonym miliaria) - Is a skin disease that appears in hot weather due to sweating and slow evaporation of sweat, especially in children. Development sudamen promotes overheating when excessive wrapping, especially infants or debilitated and malnourished. Sudamen often develops in patients with acute infectious diseases when applied hot compress. Sudamen clinically manifested in the form of small, sometimes grouped, bubbling with clear content (miliaria crystallina), appearing in the closed areas of the skin - on her back, the flexor surfaces of the extremities, chest. Opening, blisters Read more [...]
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Porphyria skin

Porphyria skin (Late) - chronic disease, due to violation of porphyrin metabolism and as a result of increased sensitivity of the skin to ultraviolet rays. In the occurrence of skin porphyria is of great importance violation the liver as a result of infections, chronic intoxication with leaded petrol, alcohol abuse. Get sick more often than men in middle age. On the exposed areas of the body (face, neck, hands) after sun blisters appear with serous-hemorrhagic content based on a slightly hyperemic. Their thin tire easily broken, exposing the erosive surface covering crusts, after resolution Read more [...]
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The size and depth of burn wound duration dependent, the size and nature of the resulting scars. Extensive, rough, astringent scars are the cause of development of contractures, deformation, etc. Sometimes remain stubbornly healing granulating defects - ulcers, surrounded scar. In extensive burns, II and III A degree is not complicated by suppuration, sometimes there is only the first period of burn disease - burn shock. Nenagnoivshiysya burn II degree heals by forming a young epidermal peel off (ie, at the bottom of the bubbles). Healing occurs 7-14 days and cicatricial changes of the skin, Read more [...]
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Pemphigus newborns (pemphigus)

Pemfigoidnye elements represent a bubbles of different size - the size of a pea to a walnut, filled with serous-purulent contents. Bubble shell is very thin. The disease begins with the appearance of the skin of one or more of these elements, which tend to be further spread. In some cases, rash may be limited to just one or two items. Shortly after rashes some bubbles subside and gradually dry up, others burst, exposing the eroded surface. Epithelization erosion occurs rather quickly. Pemphigus is a highly contagious disease and often leads to outbreaks. Children who become ill with pemphigus, Read more [...]
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This form is characterized by the appearance of pyoderma on the skin of small white bubbles the size of a pinhead or millet seed. The preferential localization of them - forehead, torso and groin. The contents of the first transparent bubbles, then rapidly becomes purulent. After a few days of starting the rash they burst or regress. Vezikulopustuleza treatment is as follows. Bubbles removed with a cotton swab moistened with 96% alcohol, followed by blurring the base alcohol solutions of methylene blue or brilliant green. Cautery can restrict these bubbles colors without opening them. Skin Read more [...]
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Echinococcosis - helminthiasis associated with the penetration and development of Echinococcus it in tissues and organs. Etiology. Pathogens are human echinococcosis hydatid echinococcus (Echinococcus granulosus), causes hydatid form and alveolar echinococcus (Echinococcus alveolaris), causing alveolar echinococcosis form (see Alveococcosis). An adult tapeworm stage - small cestode (tape worms) length 2.5-5.5 mm. Cestode consists of scolex (head), armed double row of hooks, neck and 3-4 segments. The last segment is filled with mature uterus, stuffed eggs. Definitive hosts of the worm are dogs, Read more [...]
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Erythema - redness of the skin is caused by a reflex or inflammatory hyperemia. In arterial hyperemia erythema a rose-red color, with venous she gets bluish tint (congestive erythema). Unlike hemorrhage, erythema disappears from the pressure on her finger or glass. Foci erythema of up three-kopeck coins called roseola, erythema all skin - erythroderma (see). Common cause of erythema are different chemicals, friction, pressure, heat, cold, UV light, ionizing radiation, bacteria, pathogenic fungi, some plants. Erythema may be a manifestation of common infectious diseases (measles, scarlet fever, Read more [...]
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Embolism - a blockage of the blood vessels is the solid particles, droplets of oil or gas bubbles. Accordingly, the distinction embolism by various solids (thrombosis, embolism particles tumor hydatid bubbles or their parts, etc.), fat embolism and gas embolism. In addition, the distinction embolism pulmonary circulation (venous embolism) and embolism of the systemic circulation (arterial embolism). Most often embolism occurs when venous thrombosis (see). Part removed a blood clot (mainly from the veins of the lower limb, pelvis) is carried away through the right side of the heart to the pulmonary Read more [...]
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Eczema - The most common skin disease. It affects all age groups, sick infants, adults, old people, women, men. Eczema (From the Greek word "boil up") - a prolonged inflammatory disease of the body, characterized by frequent relapses and exacerbations, it is characterized by a variety of vysypnyh elements. Of the many theories as to the cause and the eczema, the most appropriate neurogenic theory of its origin. Eczematous reaction - one of the complex pathological reactions to establish its nature is very difficult at times, in each case of eczema have to make great efforts to its disclosure. Among Read more [...]
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Intertriginoznoy athlete

Intertriginoznoy athlete has the form of diaper rash. Fungi penetrate the stratum corneum between the 4 th and 5 th fingers or between the 3rd and 4th toes. Since these fingers close together, fungi proliferate faster here. The disease begins with mild redness in the center of which will soon appear crack here and there - tiny bubbles. But these little worried carrier as itching initially not. With progression redness moves to the back surface of the fingers, clearly standing out for its contoured edges, as well as itching, burning, pain, swelling. However, not all forms of athlete proceed Read more [...]
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Pearl (air-gas) bath

"Pearl" (air-gas) bath is prepared by passing air, compressor pumped through tubes with small holes, reinforced in the lattice, which lies at the bottom of the tub. The air coming out of the holes under pressure, causing swirling water. Bath got its name because the air bubbles, shimmering in the water, reminiscent of pearls. The presence of large bubbles increases thermal and mechanical stimulation of the nerve endings in the skin, but the hydrostatic pressure decreases. These baths are easier to carry than fresh, the water temperature is 36 ° C. They have a tonic, and sometimes Read more [...]
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Disgidraticheskaya athlete

Disgidraticheskaya athlete's somewhat different from squamous cell. After the introduction of fungi in the thickness of the stratum corneum of the skin appear small, the size of a poppy grain, round, brilliant bubbles that looks reminiscent of boiled corn. As maturing gradually skuchivayutsya bubbles implode and merge with each other. Found on the bottom of a red-brown abrasions, edged with the horny layer peels off in the form of scraps. Affected focus first isolated serous fluid, which then dries and becomes cloudy turning to dark brownish crust. Later the crust cracks and falls away. Read more [...]
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Dermatitis from plants

Dermatitis from plants. Some plants are obligate (mandatory) skin irritants (eg, buttercup, fraxinella Caucasian), others - optional (primrose). In the so-called meadow dermatitis on the skin at points of contact with the grass in 24-48 hours. stripe appears (sometimes in the form of plants) red with the subsequent development of bubbles. 7-8 days dermatitis disappears, leaving pigmentation. Treatment: prick bubbles and smeared with an alcohol solution of aniline dye. Prevention: Avoid contact with an irritant. Read more [...]
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Pneumathemia The most possible for wounds of large veins with a wide gaping wounds and during operations on the veins produced without proper precautions. These are most often the transactions undertaken for damage veins or arteriovenous aneurysms. A particular danger in this respect are large veins neck, shoulders and chest, but there are cases air embolism and if damaged veins of the lower limb, pelvis. In addition, the air embolism may develop lung injury or surgery. Even with gas insufflation for the imposition of artificial pneumothorax, pneumoperitoneum, with arthropneumography, etc. Read more [...]
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Molar (mola hydatidosa)

Hydatidiform mole is a peculiar disease of chorionic villi in the transformation characterized acinar formations consisting of transparent bubbles (Fig. 41, a, b, c). Fig. 41. a - cystic skid (general view), b, c - type of the villi in the normal and molar. The size of each bubble size ranges from millet grain to large grapes, and sometimes reaches a significant size. The bubbles are connected by tree trunks, with a grayish color. They contain a clear fluid, which can determine albumin and mucin. Cystic, drift occurs in 0.05-0.06% of pregnancies. Two forms of hydatidiform mole: one of them Read more [...]
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