Shooting weapons

Once again, I want to raise a question about the shooting of weapons. The reason for this was the information received from our readers. Photo: Mikhail Semin In one of Moscow LRRO, When shooting, he demanded cartridges completely enveloped bullets. Given that it is the hunter, they are not really needed it, and simply do not. As it turns out, not only that the whole «banquet» a shooting at our expense, and you need some special bullets for him to buy?Note that for some cheap domestic caliber ammunition does not exist, and some prices have already risen to 800–1000 Read more [...]
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The boar, golden eagle and SKS

Review of domestic rifles, had long been used by Russian hunters.Photo by Anton Zhuravkova The carbine "boar"This carabiner is made Vyatsko-Polyansky plant "Hammer" on the basis of units and units of machine gun Kalashnikov. It has forged a heavy trunk. For hunting for elk and wild boar samples are most appropriate chambered .308Win, .30-06 and 7.62h54R. Conveniently enough fuse (in the final version). The rifle is heavy, in the version "Super" with the caliber .308Win has a mass of 4.6 kg. Not too good a side holder optics. Carbine "Boar Hunter" chambered 7.62h54R optimal for Read more [...]
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Spring — a distant shot

Any long-range cartridge - highly specialized ammunitionPhoto: Sergey Fokin The easiest way to increase the range of the shot – use a larger fraction with increasing sample fractions. This can be done using only the very strong gun of large caliber (from 10 th to 4 th), reaching 8 kg. Today, such a rarity mainly use the arrow «old school» in the hunt for geese. Modern hunter prefers «Magnum» 12 caliber with a capacity of more than 50 grams of the fraction.Main struggle was for accuracy to the required amount of pellets fall into the game. The most Read more [...]
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Bullets for a smooth barrel

In the patchwork-white and colorful bedspread could make out traces of animals. Did you miss the snow hunters flocked to the forests and fields. Those in favor of a bunny who for chanterelles, but most of the wild boar and elk. The season will end sometime soon. Photo by the author For the production of such large animals like elk and wild boar, for centuries in hunting smooth-bore guns used bullets made of lead. Our ancestors beat the beast foals. We are now hard to imagine a mass sample of black powder and the bullet shells. Form bullets (foals) was just – Finger or round Read more [...]
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Shot distant — shot heap

Efficacy is determined by the speed of the shot shot shot at meetings to sufficient accuracy of fire debris shot pellets and the amount corresponding to the size of the object of hunting.Of course, one needs to understand that the accuracy of the shot to the talus should be approached with a certain «caution», Especially when shooting in flight, taking into account not only their shooting skills, but also the conditions of hunting.But in a number of requirements hunts «long-shot». «shot heap» It is very relevant. This is especially true of responsible hunting Read more [...]
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The Barbarian Register

Instance by Yuko Shimizu     Barbarian ChargeExemplification by Yuko Shimizu Hit or Myth? A sharp-set lector asks, can you genuinely exist by feeding skid leather? Many contrary explorers suffer munched on cowskin as a dieting of end recourse. Magellan's starvation match sour to leatherphagy during a 1520 cross of the Peaceable; the 1846 Dahmer, er, Donner Company supped on stewed horseshoe leather ahead turn to cannibalism; and in 1998, six Chinese miners cornered for 27 years devoured their belts ahead organism reclaimed. But spell such morsels may glut a starvation brain, they Read more [...]
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Amusement: We Use Exist Bullets!

Out-of-door cartridge, June 1994Amusement: We Use Experience Bullets!By Trick GalvinWe Use Exist Bullets!If you attend gravestone, arizona, this summertime, be trusted to return on your besotted revolver. and don't be surprised if roughly of the biggest, meanest pretense cowboys in the westward wet their chaps and run covering.Such, anyways, is the conceivable fallout from finis February's metropolis council conclusion to lift a 1977 ban on handguns, which Read more [...]
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The exchange of fire between police and robbers in Sweden

What is surprising is the video — eyewitnesses who could not care less at risk or are simply not aware of it — literally crawling under the bullets, that would remove what is happening on mobile phones. One of the robbers was killed and the other sped away on a broken car with bullets.
Category: Factors and accident
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Guns with rubber bullets

A relatively new type of weapon, sometimes called - "non-lethal". Because, on the one hand, it shoots bullets, on the other - can not kill. Because rubber bullets. One of the modifications of such weapons - tubeless gun "Wasp." Used in it have bullet diameter 16 millimeters and in contact with a man knock him better than professional boxer. Range - ten meters, which is more than most gas pistols. Accurate firing is also quite decent - from ten meters bullets lie in a circle with a diameter of 30 centimeters. Besides cartridges with rubber bullets, "Wasp" can Read more [...]
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The exchange of fire in your home

! While in the apartment, try to stay away from the windows. Window during a fight are the greatest threat.Strictly speaking, the safest places in the room, came under fire, no! Hiding behind a wall or a window sill of direct hits, you can be killed by ricocheted off the ceiling and walls of bullets. Therefore, immediately after the shooting instantly turn off the light, that you could not see. Just do not get up to his full height, and on the floor, reaching for the switch some stick (mop, lazy, pipe cleaner). A simple - crush the bulb, leaving it a heavy object. When single shooting can Read more [...]
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Stereotypes of pneumatic weapon

At the writing of this article prompted me opus offering a crossbow as a weapon Part timeIMHO, crossbow many advantages and many disadvantages. Self-defense - perhaps, but as a hunting option - doubtful. Why talk about air.So, about stereotypes and facts about pneumatics.In the minds of many, pneumatics associated with galleries perelomkami IL-38 (shnyaga, unable to break through a piece of cardboard), and the beautiful air-pistol on the can with carbon dioxide (performance comparable to tirovushkami).In short, Pneumatics - trash, or a beautiful toy.This is not so.Image do many kinds of powerful Read more [...]
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Foreign bodies of the bladder

In uric bubble can penetrate foreign bodies, such as bullets or metal fragments in gunshot wounds, pins, pencils, candles race, wires, thermometers introduced into the urethra for the purpose of masturbation; scraps of rubber or elastic catheter, subjects mistakenly trapped in a bubble when trying to abortion. Foreign bodies, other than glass and nickel borne salts and become the core of the stone. In uric bubble can migrate foreign bodies of adjacent organs and tissues, such as gauze, cotton balls, mistakenly left behind by intraperitoneal or gynecological surgery, bullets, silk ligatures, etc. Glass Read more [...]
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The structure of the rounds

The process of modernization of arms demanded especially standardization of ammunition. The basis of the grading was laid round of bullets made of one pound (432 grams) of lead, its size corresponding to a particular diameter of the barrel, which was designated as caliber weapons. Currently, size (trunk diameter) is measured in "mm", though shotgun to keep the old division. The most common weapon 12-and 16-gauge. In addition, there is a weapon of the 10th (rare), 20, 24, 28 and 32-gauge. The charge itself to be built in the cartridge (Figure 55), which can be either factory or hand-made. Fig. Read more [...]
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Air and missile weapons

One of the weapons, similar to a gunshot to the design and ballistic properties, is thrown weapon (Rifles and pistols), in which the kinetic energy of a bullet is not created by the combustion of gunpowder, but because of mechanical power transmission of compressed air. This weapon called pneumatic. It is fundamentally different from the firearm that has the capacity in which air is forced by charging the piston is compressed. The trigger is released the piston, and the expanding air reported forward motion pool, located in the barrel. Bullet acquires an initial velocity (relatively small) Read more [...]
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Features gear bullet cartridges

When arming bullet rounds, regardless of the type of bullet and powder grade (smoke or smokeless), is recommended for indoor cap sleeve type Zhevelo. Muzzle selected gear of the same weight. Cardboard wad not put a bullet in order to avoid jamming the bullet in the barrel. Equipment feature round bullet rounds is that the bullet is placed in the pocket between the two pyzhami felt greasy. One felt wad in height from 72 to 2 / s caliber is placed, as usual, laying on a powder (a bullet), - and the other is superimposed on top of the bullet. Free edges of the liner (5-6 mm) twist. Before Read more [...]
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Ammunition for hunting

For modern rifled guns used only ready ammunition factories manufacturing. For shotguns used not only purchase, but also charged in the home of ammunition. The reasons that hunters have resorted to self-charge ammunition, may be different. First of all, do not always have to sell cartridges equipped shot the required number. In addition, the needle often do not satisfy the proportion of charges and shells ready rounds, many good guns hit only "their" bullets. We must carefully observe the rules of equipment bullets and buckshot cartridges to prevent blow-up or break the stem. The Read more [...]
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The use of a hunting rifle

The use of rifles for hunting opens hunters more opportunities than shooting fraction. Range firing a shotgun shot or buckshot does not exceed 40-50 m s range firing a bullet from a hunting rifle - 300-400 m Shooting beads can be made only by birds and medium-sized animals, and bullet (if you have permission) you can shoot the largest animals - tigers, bears, wild boar, elk, deer and others. The accuracy of modern battle rifles admits shooting at p: sstoyanii to 200 m and average and large birds such as grouse, grouse, duck, goose, and bustards. Shooting hunting bullet closer to the hunter Read more [...]
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