Hunter, whether the owner!

Once one of the hunts to collect "quorum" did not work, and my friend Yura went together to my cottage look bunny, and if need be, and fox. Photo lamsongf / FLICKR.COM We went on fields, ravines, but the whole game somewhere to hide. True, I rubbed the hare, who was expelled from the dog rushes and So — all empty. We walked, walked and We decided to move to other fields. We start crawling forest. A then there were the rules: hare fox can shoot only fields, and It is forbidden to go into the forest to avoid boars and poachers goats.well Read more [...]
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Powdered rabbit Malik just guessed on the white canvas of the forest. If it was not until white stubby branches of aspen may not caught the eye and have a place for it. We just have passed without paying proper attention. But for some inexplicable reason, we seized on the utilities bills, sensing that this is our chance! Photo Dzhus / FLICKR.COM Thrill of the Hunt embraced us father and we began to unravel barely visible trace. Hare dvoil, went trodden path, did everything to confuse their tracks. However, increasing the circles, we still found a single chain, which has Read more [...]
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On burned peatlands

After passing between the rows of private garages hundred meters, we were in the woods. But wildfires have turned this place near the plant and buildings in the village impassable rubble from the charred trunks of pine, birch, aspen.Photo: Andrew Fedichkin At the end of the village Karbolit – the final stop of all buses. After passing between the rows of private garages hundred meters, we were in the woods. But wildfires have turned this place near the plant and buildings in the village impassable rubble from the charred trunks of pine, birch, aspen.We made our way, overcoming Read more [...]
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At a sharp turn

It was in early November, when the first frost covered with ice puddles on the roads of ice and snow sprinkled lightlyPhoto: Alex Shkitin I am with my Gonchakov morning walk in the woods, trying to raise a rabbit is lying firmly. It is not possible for a long time, but finally I heard not far pomychku gambling, voice realized that rut started «by sighted», those. hare jumped out of maturation close to the dog. Ghosn was removed, I followed him and soon came to the forest winding road. Voice of the dog began to shift to one side, then turned to me.Standing on the side Read more [...]
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Rabbit for dinner

Photo Gennady Suchanino Our family wound up custom game invite relatives or friends. Once, when I got two geese in the game and invited her son and his family, friend, having learned about it, I was offended that he was not invited. Meat fresh game he likes to hunt and here he does not want to go.At night I fell was not the first snow. On its branches had gathered so many that walk under the trees, it was very unpleasant. In the morning it was freezing a little, then it was warm, and the snow falling from the branches, creating noise than cool distracted my attention and made to Read more [...]
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To be lucky

Weather is rarely ideal for the hunter to rely only on Saturday - Sunday. So this weekend. Saturday morning was like a perfect newly-fallen snow, but still got to land, the wind rose - almost knocks down.Photo: Mikhail Semin In the evening, a snowstorm began, and so all night Melo that go nowhere worth. But we went. Go hard. Wet snow that fell just stopped in the morning, on the knee, where the wind and walked plenty, it do not exist. But still. And keep hot. So try to please the man, then it's hot, it's cold! «Dead» newly-fallen snow. Checked fondest fox space, but Read more [...]
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Hare: restore strength

I am often reminded of the eighties of the last century, collective hunting hare with Kum-namesakes Sergei. Nikolai Pavlovich, godivshiysya our fathers, played first violin of our campaigns. Photo: Keith MARSHALL He made us pass the uncut piece of perennial grass and bush in the middle of the field; by uncultivated piece of marshy land, tractor mill overgrown with weeds and abandoned on the edge of the village garden — past many places that can choose to dnevki hare. A dozen raised for hunting hares was the norm, often in the evening each backpack delayed nice shoulders.Rusak Read more [...]
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Two stories about hares

On the hunt for a long time or stored large fortune, or, conversely, unexplained failures. Do I remember two very successful hunt hares.Photo: Vladimir Motkova HOLIDAY OPTIONFrosty, but it turned out to be snow-free November. Land zadubela huddled on the roads and paths in the rock rolls. That's when I invited friends to his dacha to drive birds. I must say that I have a cottage very close to Moscow, what some forty kilometers away, and there is not a lot of hares. But I really like that this time they will meet us.We drove seven people, three of them – without guns, plus Read more [...]
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The first hunting snow

My holiday fell in the middle of November. And somehow all at once went wrong. Various circumstances prevented me to go hunting, and almost the entire first week I squandered it from Ryazan to Moscow, on the contrary.All this time I called up the local boys, enthusiastically listening to their stories about hunting. By Wednesday to settle the case, and at four o'clock in the morning I went out to the car. And this is the first  joy in the streets in large flakes snowing. Familiar to me the road leading to the village, covered with snow, just a white cloth. Dressed quickly, ran to a friend Read more [...]
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The Irishman and hares

About a dog with an exceptional flair, which was fit to shootPhoto: Elena Fedulova Magnificent origin Irish Setter Maric celebrated its first anniversary of life. He already knows and can do many of the things that put a gun. It is worth pointing at grouse quail yes, right chelnochit falls birds during takeoff…Boss happy with it. The exclusive flair pet balm bathes his soul. Throughout his life he did not see a lot of dogs with flair, and there is happiness itself fell.Statement Marika made in meadows or fields of the district center. Another game but yes snipe quail, Marik Read more [...]
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Hit or miss

I remember last season. Snowy forest still asleep, bent under the weight of the branches Kuchta. Barely audible rustling, skiing is easily ripped white veil powdered with buranitsy. Enjoying the easy way, I freely slide forward, filling the ski runs reaching me comrades. We are a party of four. Andrew for many years holds Russian hounds. This hunt, he fell ill in those days, rich in game, when to stand on legs and a local farm hares raised on the outskirts. Years passed, and the country has changed way of life, but dogs remained. Vaughn and Now osenistaya Read more [...]
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Run the hare

Now we have a lull in the hunt, the summer season. At the request of friends, readers of "horn", I want to talk about last year's departure of the hare chernotropu. You know how I hunt the hare? I think no…Photo by Alexander Nazarov You do not really you know! Read on dream about something similar, or reminisce about his.Russian Hound Volodya has gone far and periodically to cast the votes on several occasions with skalyvaya smell was as follows. By white hair fell around her cunning and experienced. Suitable for end of October. Snow Read more [...]
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Hunting with Norn

Photo: Sergei Narozhnova Hunting with the Norn for their emotional feelings can not be compared with a jump of greyhounds in the field, with hunting with hounds, or setter, as a setter, taking the smell of the birds goes to potyazhku, slowing down, and firmly stands on the rack! What could be better? Still hunting Norn has many of its charms. Over the years, hunting with dogs I kept different breeds burrowing. But the most vivid impression left haired fox terriers, and among them was the leader of Alpha (1202 / PG p. 23 May 1982).She came from Nord (1133 / FG, owner Read more [...]
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For rabbits, foxes and diplomas …

18-23 October 2014 in the grounds of the municipality Novorepninskogo Ershov district, Samara region were field tested dogs breeds of greyhounds hare and fox. It organized and hosted the event regional society of hunters and fishermen. Enthusiasm Saratov borzyatnikov worthy of respect. Despite all the difficulties they have found time and means for organizing such tests and exit them. Efforts on Admission and offering participants took local hunter himself Fugaru VVNo longer first year Saratov steppes come to check the working qualities Read more [...]
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Epiphany hares

Bitter cold, in spite of the abnormally warm winter, has not been canceled. Cheered up a breath of frosty air dry after an hour ride in protoplennoy as rural bathhouse, the car, I jumped off the steep side of the highway, hurriedly peering into footprints. "It seems," oblique ", - said thoughtfully uncle. January 19 Epiphany. It was not our first hunting the hare in the coming year. For several years, my uncle Evgeny Ananiev with tenacity and perseverance inherent in a real hunter, trying to show me become so rare and therefore more desirable long-eared animal in suburban lands. Read more [...]
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Wonder Bunny

Under my influence eyed Sasha ill hunting, and soon he abandoned cuckold, he went to hunt with his head, finding solace in it. The passion for hunting has covered my new friend with great force, and he was destined to go through training in shooting flourPhoto: Anton Grachev With Alexander and his father (the latter lives in the neighborhood), I znayus a quarter of a century. Sasha's ancestor – egotist. The selfish person Bitter Fate (postwar orphans) was an admixture of brutality. Samodurskie habits and grabbing gems from Down and Out characteristic of mature man.Often, Read more [...]
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My first hares

Falling to his knees, I shot a fleeing hare earsPhoto: It is not a year, not two, but fifteen years ago, when I did not have to walk ten kilometers in the winter woods in search of cleft utility bills. That night it snowed, and was a light frost.My father came home from work, said with a smile:– If the night is over snow, tomorrow potropim bunny!Every thirty minutes I looked out the window, and to my joy at eleven at night the snow had stopped. We woke up early. After breakfast, we put together a thermos, sandwiches and went outside. In the darkness, Read more [...]
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Our hare

Valera came on leave to his brother to their homeland. In the hut near the gas stove was busy wife of Oleg. The brothers sat at the table, which was piled treats: in front of each of them on the plates lying boiled potatoes with green onions stuck squares. She smoked.Aluminium bowl with fried carp stood in the middle of the table. Around bowls banks pickles – mushrooms and cucumbers on oblong dish marinated pike with white onion slices, with her urban sausage and cheese, which brought Valera.Oleg pointed to a bowl of goldfish and said:– In the autumn of drag-net I have caught a lot, Read more [...]
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Hare in September?

On September 15, in the Ryazan region opened hunting hare, fox, wolf. At the risk of being subjected to severe criticism, I give my opinion: I do not understand. I do not know and do not recognize!Photos Ian-S / (CC BY-NC 2.0)  — Well duck? — I ask from a friend. He is not a hunter, but I had got the habit to ride with friends at dawn. — Yes, what the duck ?! Who went hares…— Where to go?— And here — Three of the seven shot!— At night, with the lights?— Of course! — laughing. — Happy something where Read more [...]
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The hare in the Tver province

Going on the hunt, always hoping not to return empty and dreams of a beautiful shot. Before my eyes as the reality stand picture a successful hunt, where everything happens as you want. Hare, rolled out a lump of white on the forest clearing by turning over his head in the snow falls, struck well-aimed shot. But in fact, the same goes for different ...Carve out a day of the week, the agreement to take time off work and my wife, I decided to continue unfinished conversation with hares – all previous visits to skew were unsuccessful and in the soul cherished the hope that someday I still must Read more [...]
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