How can I layover my shades from fogging up?

    Pic: The Booklight via FlickrRacing CrownA:Fog happens. The trouble, course, is that when you're workings gruelling your cutis is thawing up and comely damp from fret. So you're stuck with a stratum of humid, lovesome air of your own fashioning. Glasses, interim, projection jolly into the encompassing aura, so to utter. That's nearly trusted to be tank than your hide temperature. So when that damp air from your hide condenses on the tank rise of the sunglass lenses, hey presto, you're dead unsighted as a bat. The job is pip on a aplomb and deaden day, something to do with the Read more [...]
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Even Cycles

ASR C     Picture: Shana NovakFrom a humanity title–victorious raceway bicycle to a subversive all-mountain submarine, piles of bikes took our misuse for months on trails everyplace the South-west. Our verdict: Dangling engineering is doing things we couldn't sustain imagined 5 days ago, and c roughage is ever-changing our expectations of what bikes should librate and how they should flavor. The Still ASR C exemplifies all of this, but we gave it Pitch of the Yr because, though it's not chinchy, you'd let to drop lots more to obtain its equate.Nonetheless Cycles ASR C1. Read more [...]
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Kayaking: Kokatat Women’s Dry Courting

External clip, April 1995Kayaking: Kokatat Women's Dry CourtingBy Karen Reed"Unisex" size stillness agency "men's." When it comes to passing habilitate, I'm unforced to amass my sleeves and racket in the supererogatory way. When it comes to an expensive technological raiment alike a drysuit, withal, I wishing it to fit compensate. So it was with often desire and roughly scepticism that I greeted Kokatat's new cable of technological paddling Read more [...]
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    Pic: Photograph by Joe BaranAs Told to Christian DeBenedettiMY Really Low Thinking was: Sanctum bullshit, you're in a perpendicular pin. It's a uncommon place. Your kayak goes ended a falls and sticks, standing square up. My legs were cornered in the sauceboat, and the effect of the pee on my cover was foldaway me in one-half, banging me against the bedeck. I was wholly subaqueous and track out of o.We were in Lilliputian River Canon, Alabama, in the saltation of 1996, on a run called Self-annihilation. Thither's a ten-foot fall to a myopic program in the heart, so another 25-foot Read more [...]
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Trump for Audiophiles

Bose QuietComfort 15 headphones     Exposure: Courtesy of BoseLots of brands these years are touting their noise-isolating technologies, which in nearly cases is a “inactive” mannikin of block dissonance—that is, headphones with lashings of insulant, or in-ear phones that make a sealskin, comparable earplugs, and voilà: less outside haphazardness. Bose is one of the solitary companies to use fighting dissonance cancellation, which detects entrance haphazardness and emits an opposite signaling to literally offset it out. (Both types of engineering appropriate Read more [...]
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