Not only the igniter

It's about the primer such as "Zhevelo", for which the ignition of gunpowder is a condition necessary but not sufficient. Photo by Mikhail Semin As is known, the combustion rate of smokeless powders depends on the pressure of the surrounding gas, where combustion takes place. At atmospheric pressure, the powder safely lit, but in a closed space, when the pressure begins to increase, the rate of combustion of gunpowder is increased, which causes further increase in pressure, and so forth. There is an avalanche process of burning gunpowder.It is obvious that the total propellant Read more [...]
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Survival in the fire. Burning forest

Wild nature itself – very extreme environment for survival. However, it so happens that on the way there are not just tough obstacles, and the power of nature threaten his life. Such deadly events may include hurricanes, typhoons, floods, avalanches, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and fires. On the survival of fire traps, and we will discuss in this article. So, you were engulfed by fire in the forest or steppe. Not so important, from which arose a fire from lightning or human activity. This does not change the fact that the fire is on you, burning everything in its path. Need to be saved. There Read more [...]
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fuel for steam table

On the fire emergency food warmers, etc. Usually people use taganki under dry fuel. More options seen with gelatinous fuel. Each contained herein - one of the possible alternativesthat also is a steam table. Roughly speaking - this trivet on which warmed soup (or something) which is due to warm up this hot all the time.part of me did not say anything, just pleased burning timeunder the cover showed a synthetic wickIf rekindle the flame is virtually invisible. No smell when burning either, but certainly weak lightbuilt a trivet. By the way the image is burning torchMug boiling Read more [...]
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Katavsky plants

But the creation of copper for the mining company Tverdyshev-Myasnikov was very profitable. After all, the company had six copper smelter in the southern Urals and supplying copper to Ekaterinburg on Mint. Steel also had plenty of ore quite close - at Bakal mines that are being developed to date, supplying raw materials a good part of the South Ural metallurgy. Since power is not very abundant in the river not skate enough for the needs of Kata-Ivanovo plant in 1758, Berg-board issued a permit for the construction of the plant Yuryuzanskogo. At the factory was one blast furnace and 6 hammers unfetters Read more [...]
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Kindling of foam.

All healthy. Today it's about igniting , which can be made of foam, and a further ingredient. It all started with the fact that the farm ended aviation kerosene who served faithfully as a fuel for ignition means yes and so desired vesch. Once remarked when kindled burning stove in the bath debris left over from construction, foam is very good even burn very well but when I pulled it out of the oven then it faded away. Then I thought that this foam needs an assistant burning combustible material that is not able to burn alone, and it is necessary to moisten decided to try a little oil (engine) and Read more [...]
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survival Samodelkin

Simple Lighting device FROM FAT.Let's say you got into a situation when you want to maintain the heat for a long time, while all this mobile (while in motion). When it might be needed?" When you move the fire from place to place." At a dilution series remote from each other fires." To survey the dark places and proletov." When you use a fire inside of the housing for maintenance purposes.I think you and without my help able to continue this list. Now let's think about what will suit the perfect place to keep a fire burning.The answer is imposed itself is a torch. A good torch that burns on average Read more [...]
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Because of the heat in Moscow burning peatlands

In connection with the established in Moscow and the Moscow region by the hot weather in the region is deteriorating situation with burning peat. In some areas already clearly felt the smell of smoke and fumes. This noticeable cooling in the region forecasters do not expect until at least August. According to the press service of the Moscow Department of the Ministry of emergency situations, almost 30 new natural fires on an area of about 40 hectares occurred in the morning of Monday, July 19, Moscow region, their fighting was attracted aviation MOE. In particular, the fires were recorded Read more [...]
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Wax matches

Everyone knows that if you omit the matches in melted paraffin, and then give it to freeze, it will increase the humidity of matches, and a little burning time. In the magazine "Young technician» № September 2002 has been published here is a recipe waxed matches.Technique intrigued me, and I made such a match. So while burning regular matches in a horizontal position with 10-15. Match, simply dropped into paraffin burns in a horizontal position with the 15-20, and strives paraffin drain fingers.Match, wrapped waxed thread and then lowered in paraffin, as described in the journal article Read more [...]
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From burning forests in Bashkiria ran bears

Residents of the village of Sigevo Beloretsky region still cannot forget the nightmare in which they have lived for almost two weeks. Who benefits from the fires? Scenic ridge Kraka, which have always been pleased with the local population and tourists for a couple of days turned into a burning volcano, threatening to destroy everything in its path. - First, we saw that smokes the top of the ridge. With each passing hour the fire gained momentum and went down lower and lower. To extinguish the fire began when he came quite close, is remembered with horror by the villagers. Fire in Beloretsk Read more [...]
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survival medicine

HELP WITH THE BLEEDING.The most sensitive to loss of blood to the brain: a couple of minutes of oxygen starvation can occur irreversible configuration. When the bleeding head of the victim should be located at half a meter below the feet. The most common method to stop bleeding is to pin down the location of the damage of a pressure bandage.*Arterial bleeding.Large arterial bleeding must stop immediately: press the artery great long fingers (on one another) to the bones of the skeleton above damage at the points indicated in [1], because it is shown in [2]. People with muscular or superexcessive Read more [...]
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Another variation Indian candles

Good time of day!We offer a combination of "Indian candles" and "Dakotskogo hearth." Log, though damp, but was too lazy to look for a dry trees. The aim was to test the idea."Candle" made by the standard method using a worm clamp. In the right part of the image is visible (though poorly) Groove, will be installed "candle."As a support for "candle" used 2 pieces of brick found nearby, overlapping grooves - birch sticks + some advertising a newspaper, it's all covered with earth:Used for a fire steel made in China, as tinder - regular wool:As a "fuse" is used bark and wood chips derived Read more [...]
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For tourist: bee stings

Bites excited swarm of bees, wasps or hornets can be unsafe and even deadly. Beware of their nests, but if you were attacked by them, dive into the thick bush or undergrowth. Twigs bent you vorachivayas to its initial position, driving them away.To bee or wasp stings should be treated seriously, because some people bee stings or wasps can cause languid overall response with increasing temperature. Swelling, burning, redness, swelling of the skin appear immediately after the bite and completely disappear in a day or - two.Pushing bees carefully removed with tweezers or a needle and put Read more [...]
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Caution! Forest fire. Article

All the forest fires start due to some external reasons: the source of the fire among the trees there. Often random lightning sets fire to the forest, but more often than not - people. Rarely leads to a natural anomaly.The most typical occurrence of forest fire: - thrown a burning match, or cigarette; hunter shot the wad began to decay or burned; the mechanic left in the forest oiled cleaning material, fueled equipment without complying with safety rules smoked next to refill the machine and so on; - tourists, agricultural workers was a fire in places with dried grass in the plot with Read more [...]
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Tourist note: Nettle

Nettle (Latin Urtica) - Genus of flowering plants in the family nettle. Stems and leaves are covered with stinging hairs (which gave the Latin title: Lat. Uro «Fry"). Genus contains about 40-45 species. Grow, in the main, in the temperate zone in the North and (less often) Southern Hemispheres. Most widespread in Russia have Nettle (Urtica dioica L.) and Nettles hot (Urtica urens L.).Nettle - nutritionally not inferior beans or peas, also contains many vitamins - A.V.S.K, panteinovuyu acid ... In short, this plant can completely change the black currants, green onions, carrots, Read more [...]
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In Siberia burning forest

In Siberia for the last day the area of forest fires has increased five times. The flame covers the territory of more than 4.5 thousand hectares. In some areas, according to the emergencies Ministry, the fire came very close to human settlements. The most dangerous situation in the Republic of Tuva. For the last day in Siberia was able to locate 29 fires, but continue to operate more than 60. Now wildfires are fighting over a thousand people, involved more than 200 pieces of equipment. Source: Petersburg-channel five In Siberia burning forestMore than four-fold increased over the past day, Read more [...]
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On the Inca capital of a meteorite fell

Humans rarely think about the cosmic threat. Except that after watching another Hollywood masterpiece about the invasion of hostile aliens, one can wonder how the Earth and we are defenseless. But there are other real possibility of the death of our civilization, it is meteorites. Space objects in the form of rocks flying in space in many and even fall to the Earth under the influence of gravity, but usually burn up in the atmosphere of the planet. However, there is a terrible exception. In the media around the world have video of the burning of a falling meteor that flashed on the territory Read more [...]
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Crews few passenger liners informed about the flash in the sky over Moscow region

on 7 October. Crews of six passenger planes had seen the night before in the air not far from Moscow burning object, similar to an artillery shell, said «Interfax» source in dispatching services in Moscow. According to him, at 19:40 near the town of Gagarin crew «Boeing 737-500» flying on the route Novosibirsk-Moscow, reported that he had seen the flash in the form of the burning of the projectile at a height of about 10 thousand meters. The flash was accompanied by a smoky trail. A similar picture at the same time watched the crews of several aircraft flying in the same Read more [...]
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An unusual phenomenon in China: a burning water

In the middle of a construction site in the snow suddenly formed a pit filled with liquid mud from which punched out the flames. This is an unusual phenomenon occurred on January 20, industrial area, Shaoxing Eastern province of Zhejiang.According to the publication \"Shenyang Evening\", the diameter of the hole about two meters, it is filled with bubbling liquid mud, from which periodically rises the fire. This phenomenon has attracted the attention of many local residents. They suggest that this gas. The explanations of experts on this issue, the Chinese media do not lead. Ditch with Read more [...]
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Hot land in Turkey and South America

October 28, 2011. Arges, in the province of van, shortly before the earthquake was a very interesting place. In a field flame burned soil and continued so for several days. All Turkey was surprised by this event. However, it was a precursor of strong earthquakes that have given rise to new questions.10 days before the earthquake in this area began to burn the earth. Before the earthquake, the authorities informed about this situation. And as reported, firefighters extinguished the burning of the earth, but soon began again fire. It seems that the authorities have failed to understand the Read more [...]
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Natalia Evstigneeva beginning of the end epoch

Head of TV projects in Moscow. Participant in Season 8 of "The Battle of psychics." Recognizing that no rituals uses: "I just ask myself the question internally and pictures appear before your eyes. I see the entrance, and I understand that there will soon kill a man. Though it has been, and I just think about it. " Of predicted came true: attacks in the Moscow metro on March 29 2010 with the exact number of victims ("VAT", 24.12.2009). - I would next year called "The beginning of the end of the age." Something with a crunch turned, and everything that Read more [...]
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