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In Buryatia officials offered to personally take shooting of wolves

Despite all the measures, wolves continue to apply a multi-million damage to agriculture in Buryatia. The deputies of the republic offer drastic measures to deal with predators, until the moratorium on hunting of all wild animals, other than wolvesThis proposal was made today, on 22 December at a meeting of the board of the People's Hural, which listened with delight report Burprirodnadzora head Sergei Shchepina on the implementation of the law «On hunting and preservation of hunting resources».Total Buryatia hunting licenses received 25 thousand people – Sergei Schepin estimated Read more [...]
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At the request of the head of the Federal Forestry Agency of the Republic of Buryatia has postponed the start of hunting season

The Federal Forestry Agency say the deterioration of the situation with forest fires in Buryatia and Irkutsk region."Over the weekend in the Baikal region emerged 52 new forest fire"- TASS reported the press service of the Federal Forestry Agency.According Avialesookhrana, from Friday to Sunday in Buryatia appeared 25 new fires in the Irkutsk region - 27. "The cause of 22 new fire was lightning. In the Baikal region, despite the drought, there is a high storm activity. The reason for the rest of the fires is the human factor"- According to the Federal Forestry Agency.In Buryatia Read more [...]
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In Buryatia, an earthquake

Tremors were felt in the Irkutsk region. The epicenter was located 30 kilometers west of the village of Turka Baikal area of ​​Buryatia, the intensity of the tremors reached three points. "Fluctuations in the earth's surface were felt on November 29 villages Turk Gremyachinsk. Tremors small forces were in Ulan-Ude. No casualties or damage, "reported the press service of EMERCOM of Russia in the Republic of Buryatia. In the Irkutsk region tremors were felt in the village Elantsy. Distance from the epicenter of the village was 60 kilometers. As reported in the EMERCOM of Russia in the Irkutsk Read more [...]
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In Ulan-Ude record warmer

Atlantic cyclone brought on Thursday in the capital of Buryatia, Ulan-Ude record warm temperatures for this day - minus 3 degrees, it is almost one degree above the previous high, recorded January 28, 2002. "Warmed far eastern Atlantic territory of Russia - it still sends its heat through the basin of the Arctic seas to the east," - says the weatherman. Cyclone brought to Lake Baikal is not only warm, but also a hurricane, the report said. In the near future temperature in Buryatia decreases by about 10 degrees, but the wind is still strong, according to the website. Source: Eye of the world Read more [...]
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Horinskaya (Kotvitskiy) Elena E.

Horinskaya (Kotvitskiy) Elena E. (17 (30) .01.1909, s.Bichura, Buryatia), eq. poet. Hon. Worker of Culture of the Russian Federation. Rod. family servant. In 1920, after graduating from high school second stage worked head. paragraph literacy, sat. Khorinsky teacher in the district of Buryatia (titles. district was subsequently used for the alias of the poet). In 1935 moved to Sverdl., Where the head worked. Lita. Residential sector is thin. parenting, was ed. Sverdl. State. publishing house. In 1940 she graduated from the Lit. Inst. Maxim Gorky at the Writers' Union. The first book (surf. Per Read more [...]
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On the Angara River and other rivers in Buryatia poachers are active fishing

Their seized more than 15 tons of illegally caught fish. January 15, 2013 police Buryatia finished conducting operational and preventive measures aimed at protecting the fall-spawning fish "Putin 2012". In accordance with the Decree of the Government of the Republic of Buryatia from 07.08.2006 year №248 «On measures to strengthen the protection of fish during the spawning period," the police together with the inspectors of the Angara-Baikal Territorial Administration Rosrybolovstva GIMS, Rospotrebnadzora and the public have carried out activities aimed at preventing and combating illegal harvest, Read more [...]
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Magnetudoy 4.5 earthquake in Buryatia

On July on the territory of the Oka region of Buryatia, an earthquake with an intensity in the epicenter was 4.5 points, according to the fifth of July of Siberian Regional Emergency Center — The epicenter was located 38 km north-east of the settlement Orlik. Earthquake in the Orlik not felt - he said. Working group composed of members of the IF-44, the administration and the police department have been surveyed area of ​​buildings and structures — casualties or damage have been identified. Source: Tayga.info Read more [...]
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The government of Buryatia because of the drought enter emergency mode

A state of emergency due to drought is introduced Monday in Buryatia, where the intense heat had affected more than half of the territory of the Republic, reported «Interfax-Siberia» press Secretary of the President of Buryatia Alexander Druzhinin. According to him, from 30-degree heat were the most affected 12 from 20 areas, significant losses are 58 agricultural farms. «On some reseeding forage crops that have suffered most, you need at least 200 million rubles», — said the Agency interlocutor. Source: INTERFAX-SIBERIA Read more [...]
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Earthquake magnitude of 6.7 occurred in Buryatia

Photo: EMSC Earthquake magnitude of 6.7 happened Monday night in Buryatia. The epicenter of earthquake was 45 km from the village of Ust-Barguzin in the waters of lake Baikal, said Tuesday the press service of the main Department of EMERCOM of Russia in the Republic of Buryatia. According to her, in the 50-kilometer zone of the underground elements were settlements of Maksimikha, Ust-Barguzin Barguzin district of Buryatia, ITAR-TASS reported. However, hitting them was not felt. Victims and destructions. According to the emergencies Ministry, for examination traveled joint working groups, Read more [...]
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In Muya region of Buryatia earthquake

PHOTO: newsru.comOctober 18 at 23:25 local time received a message from the duty Geophysics Central seismic station of Irkutsk BF GS SB RAS that in 13:20 (grins.) registered seysmosovete. The epicenter of the earthquake was located 11.5 km South-West of the settlement of the North Muya region. The intensity in the epicenter was 2 points, the magnitude of 2.9. In the village of North tremors were felt, victims and destructions, all objects are in normal mode. Source: New Buryatia Read more [...]
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In Buryatia an earthquake of 5.9

KRASNOYARSK, December 9. /Corr. ITAR-TASS Victor Ranges/. On-site Muya region of Buryatia an earthquake 5,9 . Victims and destructions. As reported by the ITAR-TASS in the press service of the Siberian regional emergency center, located in Krasnoyarsk, the seismic station recorded its 40 km to the North of the settlement of the North. «In the North the quake was not felt. On the performance of North railway tunnel earthquake has not affected», noted the press service. Source: ITAR-TASS Siberia Read more [...]
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In Buryatia earthquake of a magnitude of 4.4

Its force 4,4 happened on Saturday afternoon Okinsky district of Buryatia. This reports the press service of EMERCOM of Buryatia.

«The epicenter was 70 miles East of the village. Orlik, victims and destructions», — the report says. Tremors in the locality was not felt, all objects are in normal mode, reports \»Interfax\».

Source: The Young Guard

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An earthquake measuring 5.3 points registered in the Republic of Buryatia

ULAN-UDE, 26 Jan — RIA Novosti. An earthquake measuring 5.3 points registered in the North of Buryatia, tremors in the settlements was not felt, told RIA Novosti on Wednesday, an employee of the Main Department of EMERCOM of Russia. Seismic event registered 19.48 (14.48 GMT) on Tuesday, he said. The intensity of the earthquake at the epicenter — 5.3 grade, the epicenter was located 15 kilometers North of the village of Ust-Barguzin Barguzin district. In the 50-kilometer zone gets five settlements of the Barguzin district. «Tremors in the settlements was not felt, Read more [...]
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In Buryatia happened environmental disaster

Photo: Reader \"inform the Policy was sent to the wording of these shocking pictures depicting several thousand dead fish April 27. All the animals that lived in the lake Hathor muhorshibirskii district of the Republic, suffocated beneath the ice. According to eyewitnesses, it was because the water from the artificial lake was lowered before he melted the ice. - On the days we went fishing on Hathor and could not without tears, a look at what happened, \" he said in his letter to \"inform Policy\" Galina, a resident muhorshibirskii district of Buryatia. - On the lake has lowered the water when Read more [...]
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The hurricane passed in Buryatia: wounded girl, damaged roofs

ULAN-UDE, 17 may — RIA Novosti. A strong wind had blown down fences, damaged roofs, tore decking with garages in Buryatia, in the hospital got a resident Ulan-Ude, on which fell the banner; damage from the elements is calculated, said on Tuesday, RIA Novosti the representative of the mayor of Ulan-Ude. Strong gusty winds, up to 23 meters per second, and dust storm swept in Buryatia on Monday evening. Because of the overlap of wires, according to preliminary data, in three rural districts and in some neighborhoods in Ulan-Ude were marked by interruptions in the supply of electricity. Could Read more [...]
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In Buryatia due to drought declared a state of emergency

In 9 districts of the Republic of Buryatia due to abnormal heat and drought declared a state of emergency. The most serious situation in muhorshibirskii, bikercom, kurumkansk, Pribaikalsky, Yeravinsky, horinskom, Kizhinginsky, Selenga and Zaigraevskom areas. — There is a very large deficit moisture reserves in the soil, — according to the Ministry of agriculture of the Republic of Buryatia. Serious drought threatens to destroy the crops. Last month dry hot weather pulled moisture from the soil. While weather forecasts are disappointing: this week is expected sharp rise in air Read more [...]
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In Buryatia more than 70 000 people were left without electricity

November 1. Due to the bad weather in the three districts was cut off electricity. Due to hit Buryatia cyclone three districts were left without electricity — Barguzin, kurumkansk and Baikal. According to preliminary estimates, the population in the area off amounted to more than 70 thousand people. Now we are emergency repair work. — The cause of the power outage was the accident on the line segment Kotokel — Turk due to heavy snowfall, squally wind gusts reaching 20 meters per second, — told Life News in the press service of the emergencies Ministry of Read more [...]
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In Buryatia earthquake measuring 5.6

on may 30. In the Republic of Buryatia in the afternoon on may 30, after a strong earthquake — a magnitude of 5.6. The epicenter of the earthquake was located 35 km South-West of the village Taksimo; as well as Muya region of the Republic, told RBC in the press service of EMERCOM in the region. The seismic event was recorded in 15:33 GMT. According to MSC, the disaster victims and destructions, objects of housing and communal services and power operate in the normal mode, the traffic on the road is not violated. Note that today in the district of Sochi were recorded earthquakes of Read more [...]
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In Irkutsk aircraft emergency landing with the head of Buryatia

A new twist in the story of the emergency landing of the plane, which was about to take off Sunday afternoon fromIrkutsk in Phuket. It appears, on board an aircraft, among other passengers, was President Republic of Buryatia Vyacheslav Nagovitsyn with his wife. He, like others, was not able to fly to Thailand in time. Prokruzhiv hour overIrkutsk and work out all of the fuel, the plane landed safely. All on board were 287 passengers, including two children, and 10 crew members. None of the passengers was injured. A few hours later the same day after the inspection of the aircraft still flew Read more [...]
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In Buryatia, due to theft of metal fell 200-meter long bridge. Updated.

On Friday night, November 30, Buryatia collapsed a 200-meter bridge over the river Khilok - tributary of the Selenga in the Baikal basin.It is known that in the incident no one was hurt.It is now set up special commission to investigate the incident.According to ITAR-TASS administration official Bichursky region of Buryatia, "While the basic version of the incident - the excess of the carrying capacity: a truck drove over the bridge 50 tons of coal at full load of 40 tonnes."However, it is possible that the destruction of the bridge involved vandals. According to local residents, the Read more [...]
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